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									                                                 THE FORGE
                                                 Shaping the future, one design at a time!
                                                Newsletter of the Birmingham Branch of ASCE

        President          Vice President         Secretary/Treasurer                   March 2010
        John Clark          Karen Phillips          Lori Beth Kearley

                     Birmingham Branch- ASCE, P.O. Box 190366, Birmingham, AL 35219

                                Meeting Information
                                Our monthly meetings are the first Thursday of each month at
                                the Altadena Valley Golf and Country Club off of the Acton
                                Road exit on I-459. March’s meeting will take place on March
                                4th. The meetings start at 11:30 am.
                                The Club’s address is 2651 Alta Vista Drive, Birmingham,
INSIDE THIS ISSUE               Alabama 35243 and can be reached from the Acton Road exit
1 Meeting Information           just west of Highway 280 on I-459. The club’s phone number is
                                205-967-5322. Please visit the website for maps and directions
    Mark Your Calendars         from your location.
2 President’s Article           The price is $14.00 per person, which you can pay to the
                                Branch Secretary/Treasurer at the meeting or online at our
    March’s Lunchtime           website. We request that if you plan to attend the meeting,
    Presenter                   please contact Lori Beth Kearley at 205-940-6420 or through
3   UAB Student Chapter         the Branch’s e-mail at and indicate
    Update                      your plans to attend no later than 5:00 pm on March 2nd.
    Pre-College Outreach
4 Younger Member Group          Mark Your Calendars
5   Newsletter Sponsors            •    March 11, 2010 - Younger Member Group Meeting at Hatch
    Branch Contact                      Mott MacDonald
    Information                    •    March 19 -20, 2010 – ASCE Sectional Competition at
                                        Auburn University
                                   •    April 26, 2010 - 1st Annual Joint CSI/ASCE Birmingham
                                        Chapter Golf Tournament at Pine Tree Country Club

                               Shaping the future, one design at a time!
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President’s Article
By John Clark
                                                                       The Forge
The nominating committee for this year will consist of Jonathan Byrd, Christy Cahalan and Pat
Chumbley. Jonathan Byrd, the Branch’s Nominating Committee Chair, will start in February to
solicit names as possible candidates for the slate of officers to be presented at the May
meeting. Please contact Jonathan at to offer your recommendations or
to volunteer.

Susan Goertz will soon begin receiving applications for the scholarships that the Branch will
award this year from last year’s tournament proceeds.

Also, it is the end of February, if you have not paid your branch’s dues you may want to pay
them. The dues help keep our branch operating and they are only $20.

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                            Shaping the future, one design at a time!
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UAB Student Chapter Update
By Shelia Montgomery

CONGRATULATIONS to the UAB Student Chapter who successfully raised the $5,000 needed to
meet Dr Kirby’s challenge. Now Dr Kirby will be dining on a plate of pickled pig’s lips. Do not
be surprised if the stakes are set much higher next year!

Thanks again to all those who donated and attended events held by the Student Chapter. A
special thanks to Vulcan Materials Corporation who matched the generous donation of one of
their managers, putting the group over the top to exceed the challenge issued by Dr Kirby.

The students spent January and February preparing for sectionals. A large CNC machine was
utilized to form a mold for the canoe out of Styrofoam. The canoe pour was completed on
February 26, 2010 with the help of roughly 20 students and volunteers.

The UAB Student Chapter is in great need of your assistance. You are guaranteed to have a
canoe-load of FUN. If you are available to travel to Auburn University during the ASCE
Sectionals on March 19th or 20th, then please contact Shelia Montgomery at or Jason Kirby at Judges are needed for
competitions under UAB’s prevue, which are: Mystery, School Spirit, Structural and Yearbook

The students would greatly appreciate your support and will pay you back with tons of
gratitude and, who knows, you might even learn something!

Pre-College Outreach
By Shelia Montgomery

The Pre-College Outreach Committee is tasked with creating a new program to replace the
Coloring Book Competition. Initially the organizational tasks include developing a mission
statement, selecting an age group to target, and determining potential partners.

After two meetings the committee is well on the way to completing these tasks. The misson
statement reads as follows:

The mission of the Pre-College Outreach Program is to inform the Birmingham
Metropolitan Area's educators and students about the civil engineering profession, and
support the educators teaching efforts by providing various educational tools, mentoring
support, and creating a competitive venue that challenges students and encourages their
interest in civil engineering.

                        Shaping the future, one design at a time!
Page 4                                                                           The Forge

  The committee is focusing efforts on 9th graders and is pursuing educators to learn about
                                                                    The preliminary briefing
  which events they would support and the best method of execution. A Forge
  with Dr Fouad of UAB’s Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
  was very successful and a partnership with UAB is likely. Dr Fouad expressed great interest
  and offered to assist in the development of the program. A follow-up meeting will be held
  later in March.

  The long term goal is to create a competition for area students and have the schools
  compete at UAB introducing students to the civil engineering profession and to UAB’s CCEE
  Department. In the near term, the committee plans to work with a small group beginning
  with the new school year for 2010-2011 to refine and adjust the program as needed before
  launching on a larger scale.

  If anyone has any suggestions for the committee or wishes to participate, please contact the
  committee chair, Shelia Montgomery, at The chair would like to
  express immense gratitude to the committee volunteers - David Henderson, Les Kearley,
  Lanka Desilva, and Kyle Wood. A sincere thank you to those who have offered suggestions
  and support for the committee and to Lori Beth Kearley who, although quite busy as the
  Secretary/Treasurer of the Branch, has committed to assist the committee as needed.

Younger Member Group
  By Maggie Weems

  The Younger Members Group (YMG) of the Birmingham Branch of ASCE is now official! The
  vote was held at the Alabama section meeting on February 4 in Huntsville. Preliminary
  elections were recently completed to nominate members for officer and committee chair
  positions within the group. Ms. Lindsey Sanders of Aerotek, Inc. was nominated as president.
  Mr. Kyle Wood of Hatch Mott MacDonald, Inc. was nominated as vice president/president
  elect. Ms. Maggie Weems of Gallet/Terracon was nominated as secretary/treasurer.
  Committee chairs are as follows: Ms. Heather Carroll of Gallet/Terracon for the social
  committee and Ms. Julia Bower of MACTEC Engineering and Consulting, Inc. for the
  membership committee. Due to National Engineers Week, the February YMG meeting was
  postponed to March, and a social meeting was held in its place. Eleven members met at
  Vestavia Bowl on Highway 31 on February 17 for a fun bowling gathering. A couple new faces
  were even present! Kyle Wood and Lindsey Sanders attended the Eastern Region Younger
  Member Conference in Atlanta on February 11-13, 2010. They attended an Outreach
  Workshop and brought back educational and interactive activity ideas to share with the
  Birmingham Branch Outreach Committee. They were able to participate in leadership
  meetings and also to network with other Younger Member Groups. This was a great

                          Shaping the future, one design at a time!
Page 5                                                                                   The Forge

  opportunity for our group, and we appreciate Kyle and Lindsey taking time out of their busy
                                                                  The Forge
  schedules to attend! The March YMG meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 11 at the
  office of Hatch Mott MacDonald, Inc. The guest speakers are representatives of Northwestern
  Mutual and will be presenting on the topic of financial planning. We’re trying to build our
  membership base, so please pass the word along to all “young” engineers at your offices!
  Feel free to contact Lindsey at (205) 986-7676 or with any questions
  regarding the YMG!

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 Branch Contact Information
                 President                 Vice President          Secretary/Treasurer

                                                                     Lori Beth Kearley
                                               Karen Phillips
                John Clark                                            Sain Associates
                                             City of Talladega
           Volkert and Associates                                      205-940-6420
          DUES: ASCE Birmingham Branch (2009-2010) Total Due: $20.00
          MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO: ASCE-Birmingham Branch
          P.O. Box 190366, Birmingham, AL 35219
          Interested in volunteering your time?_______________________________

                             Shaping the future, one design at a time!

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