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									Virtual Agriculture and virtual reality
Virtual Agriculture and virtual reality Published :2009-11-27 03:07

- Science database of potential applications
Chen Shen Bin Sun Jiulin (Chinese Academy of Sciences committee for
comprehensive survey of natural resources, Beijing 100101, China)

Abstract In this paper, the concept of virtual agriculture, virtual agricultural
technology system in general structure, composition and application of ideas,
particularly that of virtual agriculture and the difference between virtual reality and
contacts, and conduct virtual meaning and value of agricultural research, agricultural
science database in the virtual role.
Keywords Virtual reality Virtual Agricultural Sciences Database
1. Introduction
In the S-863 high-tech planning, agriculture, agricultural information technology
group in the course of the discussion put forward the concept of virtual agriculture
(November 1996), after many arguments have been included in the S-863 early start
Shi Yuanchun [1] President in the "meet the new technological revolution
in agriculture," pointed out, computer and information technology will
"engage in the biological production of the dispersion of agricultural,
regional, variability, empirical, and degree of stability and controllability the impact
of poor self-development industry be an overall improvement of the vulnerable.
"Information Technology and other technology," opened a new
agricultural technology revolution of the prelude. " Virtual agriculture is
based on Mr. Shi Yuanchun that some of the characteristics of traditional agriculture
proposed by the reform of agricultural research methods, it can fully play to the
wisdom of agricultural scientists and imagination, improve the efficiency of research
in the field of agriculture, promotion of the development of agriculture.
Implementation of virtual agriculture requires a lot of background data, such as soil,
water, weather and other scientific databases can fully play its role. Virtual reality
technology in recent years, information technology, a hot topic in the virtual
agriculture and virtual reality (according to present some of the definitions) are linked,
but also different, in order to clarify its characteristics, start talking about virtual
2. Virtual Reality (VR, Virtual Reality)
U.S. influence in the selection of a magazine ten factors the level of future technology,
Internet ranked No. 1, virtual reality technology in second, VR may be one of the
most important future technologies may be in education, engineering, business,
medical, ... ..., play an important role in various fields, comparatively speaking, VR
not as familiar to Internet for everyone. First give an example:
In August 1990 after Iraq's blitz of Kuwait, the United States immediately
implement the "Desert Shield" plan, has mobilized to the Gulf
region, sea and air combat aircraft 950, the United States by virtue of computer virtual
reality technology to simulate air raid drills repeatedly, the pilots are very familiar
with the situation in-theater for the U.S. air and sea pilots in the "Desert
Storm" operation in the successful foundation.
In the operation of computer virtual reality theater was taken by reconnaissance
satellites and military objectives terrain data map made of virtual reality, simulation of
aircraft pilots sitting in driving cabin (all instruments, and real fighter joystick are
exactly the same) Faced with a virtual theater environment, training, and the results
are known.
The system is called virtual reality flight simulation system, which consists of four
major parts [2]: ① the pilot's control module system; ② Display
external images of the visual system, but also by the "Ministry of images
generated" and "Visual Display Division," composed
of ; ③ sense of movement is movement system; ④ calculation and control the
flight movement of computer systems.
②, ③ constitute a pilot virtual reality feeling. The development of such systems
have important economic value, is also currently developing a more complete virtual
reality technology. Modern fighter planes and aircraft are extremely complex
electronic devices, navigation systems, power systems, as well as labor-intensive
assembly technology, special materials, durable computer, reliable communications,
automatic landing, security and many other requirements, the aircraft than the
50's more complex, the use of such aircraft or create this trainer aircraft is
very uneconomical, so there will be a simulation, virtual reality demands.
2.1 The definition of virtual reality and simulation
So far, no one accepted definition of virtual reality, where a few references:
* Computer generated three-dimensional space, people are like on the ground, can be
manipulated, and communicate with each other [3].
* Is a human and computer-generated virtual environment interaction techniques [4].
For man - machine (computer) interactive tool to create or design of this tool is based
on real-world people interact with the surrounding form of [2].
Although the definition of virtual reality technology is different, but its main feature is
a human core, people on the ground, and can communicate with each other, real-time
operation, like in the real world feel.
Simulation (Simulation), often called "simulation", today, a
rather popular in engineering technology sector is defined as: the system model
through experiments to study an existing system or design (and possibly other
definition). Here refers to the system in a broad sense, that is, the composition of the
various parts of mutual restraint must function with the overall [5].
Virtual reality and simulation can be seen that are both different, virtual reality
requires simulation, simulation is not necessarily based on human-centered, with
immersive feel, such as three-dimensional topography simulation.
2.2 The general structure of virtual reality
The application of virtual reality technology scope, according to different objectives,
different systems can be generated, human-centered virtual reality technology, the
general structure shown in Figure 1.
Can see from Figure 1, a key part of virtual reality sensor, interactive control systems
and virtual environments. Sensor is to make a feel sensation related equipment, the
current study focused on the visual (such as head mounted stereoscopic display),
touch (such as data gloves), bodily sensations (such as data clothes) sensors, relatively
speaking, language, hearing Some relatively mature technology, while the sense of
smell and foot sensor is relatively weak.

Figure 1 Virtual Reality Chart
Fig. Structural frame of virtual reality

2.3 Virtual reality applications
In recent years, as a "virtual" phrase more and more virtual in
medical diagnosis, virtual anatomy; in the field of architecture, virtual home, virtual
cities; in the art, virtual art exhibition; in the market, virtual stock trading; In
education, virtual classrooms, virtual libraries; in the engineering field, the new
aircraft Boeing -777 is the first technical design and testing with virtual aircraft; in the
entertainment industry, virtual entertainment, video gallery into a "virtual
center"; in Religious, Christian masters and virtual reality developers talk
about the background to create a virtual Bible; in the military field, the development
of more rapid. In some areas of virtual reality technology has been an effective
development of ideas in other areas is to nurture its development, according to
existing, already implemented technology and virtual reality technology under study,
can be said that as long as we can imaginable, can virtual reality technology,
I'm afraid we have a limited imagination.
2.4 The significance of virtual reality
Virtual reality technology is clearly important economic value, such as flight
simulation virtual reality system, which can shorten the research and testing time,
increase efficiency, and even affect the future of human life.
Creation of virtual reality, we must first understand the true reality, then a better
understanding of reality, and to improve the reality or transform the reality.
3. Virtual Agriculture (Virtural Agriculture, VA)
Hort Research in New Zealand, a team of computer screen, a few-dimensional fruit
(Actinidia chinensis) tree sprout, grow, leaf unfolding, blooming flowers, fruit begins
to grow - a full year's growth cycle has been shortened to less than 1
minute time [6]. The research group is studying several Vigo sweetness of the fruits of
the relationship with the distances between leaves, fruit experts know, fruit sweetness
and its distance from the leaves, because leaves are the main source of fruit sugar [7 ].
In the virtual screen, a few vines slowly Vigo to different shades of red, in the most
thick canopy below, nursery stock issued within the most red color - it said the most
sweet fruit of several dimensions [6], while can also be calculated on a percentage of
the leaf area by insect bites, after which the amount of sugar to fruit delivery will be
what kind of impact. The system known as the virtual dimension of several fruit trees.
They also actively looking for a present that can deal with pests without pollution of
the environment method, and attempt to change the shape or leaf shape crops ways to
eliminate pests hiding place or a way to reduce pest invasion feeding is beneficial to
humans and the environment Virtual Crop implementation, and then find the
corresponding gene, transfer them to go to a real crop.
Implementation of virtual crops will change the way the cultivation of crops, bear the
fruit of ideal quality, it will become an essential tool of agriculture to compete, and
even change the way sales. The New Zealand Council for several Vigo sell 1.6 million
to Hort NZ Institute of contributions for the development of virtual crops issue.
According to the current agricultural technology and information technology,
generalized virtual agriculture can be achieved.
3.1 The definition of virtual agriculture
Study the agricultural fields (crops, livestock, poultry, fish, agricultural markets,
efficient use of resources, etc.) as the core, the use of advanced information
technology tools to achieve in order to study the computer as a platform for
interaction with environmental factors, to the varieties and the environment
improvement, adaptation, technology systems for the purpose of increasing
production, and its results should be accepted practice.
3.2 The general structure of virtual agriculture (in crops, for example)
① general structure
Virtual agriculture in the light of the different objects can have different system
structure, virtual crop structure shown in Figure 2. Other systems with virtual objects
and the interaction between the environment and their relationship to change.
② composition
Here you can see who is involved as an external factor and the process of virtual
agriculture, the expectations of humans on the crop (fruit quality, yield, etc.) and
people on the environment, forecasting, improvement and transformation. On
livestock, poultry, fish had a similar situation, summed up the virtual agriculture
should be the following components:
a. Acquisition of agricultural real information (scientific database environment,
agriculture and the corresponding data);
b. 3D plant model (virtual object model) and the 3D environment model;
c. crops (virtual object) sensor (root, stem, leaf);
d. crops (virtual objects) and virtual environment interaction - expert system, model,
e. people use on crops as an external factor (the virtual object) expectations of change,
the prediction of natural change to participate in virtual agriculture.

Figure 2 The general structure of virtual agriculture
Fif.2 General structure of virtual agriculture
3.3 Virtual Agriculture and differences between virtual reality
① difference
a. virtual reality from the current definition, is people-centered, giving immersive
experience, thus, to achieve this feeling should research data gloves, data suits, data
shoes, helmets and other visual.
Virtual Agriculture is agriculture things (crops, livestock, poultry, fish, resources
utilization, agricultural markets, etc.) as the core (virtual objects) to create their
environment, establish the interaction between them and the environment system,
corresponding to a virtual object of sensory systems.
b. As in the virtual reality system, the people of the felt as the basis for the realization
of man's delicate sense of the degree of difficulty can be imagined, but in
any case people can exchange, and can be used to approximate the continuous
improvement of people's feelings.
Agriculture Agriculture is something for the virtual object, their sense of the external
environment is also fine, because most of them are biological, people themselves and
their environment and their understanding between the indirect, it reflects Scientists
on the cognitive level of the virtual object, from this perspective, virtual agriculture
more difficult.
② Contact
a. Agriculture is to be inspired by the virtual reality ideas put forward;
b. Virtual agriculture should be a branch of virtual reality;
c. whether it is virtual or virtual reality are based on agriculture and information
3.4 Application of the virtual vision of agriculture
In the broad sense as the virtual reality of virtual agriculture, as long as you can
imagine in the agricultural sector can be achieved with a virtual agricultural afraid of
your imagination is limited, but in practice, we should first focus on that are important
and people's livelihood projects to, for example:
① to rice, corn, wheat, soybeans, cotton and other major crops of high yield, quality,
variety for the purpose of the virtual;
② to raise pigs, cattle, sheep, chicken, fish and other major meat product quality,
production for the purpose of the virtual, as well as new varieties of virtual;
③ to improve the efficiency of agricultural use of facilities for the purpose of the
④ to improve the efficiency of resource utilization for the purpose of the virtual;
⑤ targeted at the agricultural market and the virtual, and so on.
3.5 virtual agricultural and scientific databases,
Virtual agriculture covers a very wide range, for different virtual objects, the approach
is different, but the agricultural resources and environment, the demand data is
consistent, scientific database development to meet the needs of virtual agriculture,
can be It's a support system.
3.6 virtual agricultural development
Virtual agriculture is a technical means, will be the same as virtual reality will be a
great development. We believe that early stage, does not require a virtual reality of
agriculture have remained very high. In fact perfect for the authenticity of the current
level of knowledge is unrealistic, so the first response to the virtual object of the
purposes of agriculture cognitive analysis, and as a virtual basis. Adopted by the
coarse to fine, Deep and gradual improvement of the way, while the virtual
agricultural research should form the theory of virtual agricultural technology and
methods of science can be a virtual database of agricultural support systems.
4. Discuss
Overall, the virtual agriculture is the combination of science and information
technology product, opens up new ways of agricultural research method is a new
research direction, has just started.
(1) virtual agriculture is the agricultural knowledge and information technology
integration. According to the different virtual objects can have different systems, but
all involve the virtual object and its environment, agriculture and scientific research in
the cognitive level, the virtual object and its virtual environment, and their interaction
in the information technology and methods, knowledge and comprehensive
integration technology.
(2) virtual agricultural research should be involved in the national economy and the
main crops, mainly livestock, poultry, fish, efficient use of resources and
environmental improvement projects such as the main object of study.
(3) virtual agricultural research is a valuable technology that can reduce the major
projects in agriculture research, saving funds, the promotion of good value.
(4) virtual scientific database to support agricultural needs, and continuously improve
the scientific database in a variety of agricultural data will be the basis for its research.
(5) virtual agriculture can contribute to the basic theory of the agricultural sector,
more emphasis on the test of practice, which in turn promote the development of
virtual agricultural technology, thus promoting the progress of agricultural research.
(6) first proposed the concept of virtual agriculture, require further study, this paper
presents some of the views are not necessarily correct, for research in this area are
interested in science and technology workers.
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