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									               Steel detailing process and Importance of Steel structure detailing

Structural steel detailing is the critical process of generating highly elaborated drawings for
steel fabricators, erectors and contractors. These drawings involve plans, elevations,
sections, estimates, reports and preliminary documents that are required for fabricating and
installing steel members. Steel components such as steel joists, roof trusses, beams,
columns, girders, stairs and metal decks thoroughly detailed in this process.

Structural steel detailing work plays an important role in various industries like building
construction, industrial plants, refineries, malls, commercial construction amid others.
Anything that is big enough to require structural steel will likewise employ structural steel
detailing work. Moreover, the inputs of architects, engineers and contractors are seamlessly
integrated into steel detailing process. Since detailers are not the only ones who are
responsible for the efficiency of design, it is mandatory for engineers and architects to
review each detailing work before it is used for fabrication purpose.

The process involves two types of drawings: Shop drawings and erection drawings.

Shop drawings are generally used by the fabricator to construct steel members and contain
specific information on dimensions, sizes, standards and materials needed among others.

Erection drawings, on the other hand, explain the contractor the right way and site of
placing fabricated steel members. These include details and guidelines for various processes
involved such as anchor setting, bolting and welding.

Nowadays Structural steel detailing is performed using advance computer aided design
technologies such as AutoCAD and Tekla allowing detailer to visualize the member in 3D
environment to detect potential interferences and reduce coordination errors significantly.

Structural steel detailing is a complex yet very critical procedure. It requires intelligence,
right perception, powerful analysis of geometry, drafting and communication in order to
deliver precise drawings on time, in compliance with AISC, CISC, BS and other international

However, you can think of outsourcing steel structure detailing work to companies having
skilled steel detailers, latest technologies and established infrastructure to live up to your
expectations on consistent basis along with offshore economies.

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