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					                                                                               Relieving Disaster
                                                                        Promoting Community

      2010 Volunteer Application
        and Information Packet

       - Letter to Applicants                                              -    Expectations & Rules
     - Application Guidelines                                                       - Travel Tips
            - Fees & Summer                                                                 -   FAQ
                  Information                                                       -       Packing List
        - Summer Application                                                   -    Exploratory Trip
               - Packing List                                                           -    Wish List
           - Covenant Sheet
                         Bahamas Methodist Habitat - GHB
                           Agape Flights – Acct # 18693
                                 100 Airport Avenue
                                  Venice, FL 34285    615-469-7974

Formatting for Volunteer Packets 2007 courtesy of the Volunteer Department, Appalachia Service Project, Johnson City, TN
Dear Volunteer Applicants:

       Bahamas Methodist Habitat is a disaster relief and emergency home repair
outreach ministry of the Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church through which
volunteers work together to repair and build homes for low-income families in the Bahamas.
Our goal is to improve the living conditions and lifestyle for families in need in the Bahamas,
while offering transforming experiences for volunteers and homeowners alike by sharing
and receiving the Love of Christ. The hope is that volunteers will return home with an
expanded view of the world and an inspiration for creating ways to be involved in their own
community. Home owners will come through the experience with safe living conditions and
renewed motivation. We would like to invite you to participate in this exciting and
unique opportunity to put your Faith into action this year.

       We encourage you to review the service opportunities in this packet. Facilitated by
an administrative staff, volunteers give of their time, resources, and talents to serve citizens
in need of home repairs and new home construction. Giving with love, volunteers focus on
remedying the substandard living conditions for individuals caught in economic distress and
unable to complete these repairs themselves.

       We have a wonderful staff that is willing to work with you to cater to the specific
needs of your group. We want this to be the best experience possible and are dedicated to
that end.

Things to know:
    It is highly recommended and helpful if some members of your group have
      construction knowledge, but the staff will teach you everything you need to know.
      You just have to be willing to learn…and to work!
    Volunteers Arrive on Sunday afternoon and Depart the following Saturday morning.
    Volunteer fees cover: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Lodging, On-Island Transportation,
      Building Materials, Administration costs, and Tools needed for the duration of your
      stay (but we are always in need of donated tools).
    Air-fare is not included in the cost.
    BMH is open to all people from all walks of life; this is not just for Methodists!

Our goal is to address inferior housing by helping volunteers to find the place where their
gifts and talents intersect with the needs of the world. In 2009, BMH is hoping to connect
750 volunteers to the housing needs of the Bahamas. We look forward to seeing you
here when you join us in this exciting opportunity to serve.
And always remember while serving…

Blessed are the Flexible, for They will Not be Bent Out of Shape…

Peace and Love.
Abraham McIntyre
Abraham “Abe” McIntyre
Executive Director
Bahamas Methodist Habitat

          BMH Application Guidelines
     Many questions that you have will be answered in this packet or on our website. If you have
                       additional questions, please feel free to contact us at:
                        (615) 469-7974 or

  1. Complete the Application Form included in this packet.

  2. Each member of your group should be given a copy of “Expectations, Rules, and
     Regulations” found in this packet. These must be read and understood before signing the
     Covenant Sheet.

  3. Make a copy of everything that you send to BMH and keep in your files! Share the
     completed application with new group members who did not participate in the initial meeting.

  4. Mail in your completed Application as soon as possible to reserve your week:

       Teams are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, so get your Application Packet
                         in ASAP. Your Application Packet should include:
       a) Application Form (completed)                Send Application and Deposits to:
       b) $100 Group Registration Deposit and         Bahamas Methodist Habitat – GHB
          $100 Per Person Deposit:                    Agape Flights – Acct. # 18693
          Make Checks payable to:                     100 Airport Avenue
          “Bahamas Methodist Habitat”                 Venice, FL 34285
       c) Covenant signed by group leader             (Agape Flights is a partner ministry that brings
                                                                    our mail and supplies weekly)

   All 3 parts of the application (a, b & c) must be enclosed before BMH will accept your group.
        Incomplete applications will be held until all three parts are received into the Volunteer
   Department. No date will be reserved for the applying group until the application is complete.

  5. Please remember that applying groups will be scheduled when Applications are received on
     a first come-first serve basis. This acceptance is dependent on all 3 parts of the
     application being complete.
   6. Please feel free to communicate with us through email or phone. However, no applications
      will be accepted by fax or phone call.
                                          Payment Information
                                                                                 1 Month Out
                                             Registration        3 Months
           Week:         Registration*                                                Final             Total
                                              Deposit*             Out
                          (for group)                                               Payment           (person)
                                              (person)           (person)
         Volunteer            $100*             $100*              $200*              $200              $500

Your fees will be used to pay for building materials, housing, meals, on-island transportation and administrative expenses.
                       *Non-refundable. A deposit may be transferable only to a substitute participant.

                                            2010 Payment Schedule CHANGE
                                ++ Final Payment due One (1) Month prior to Arrival date ++

                                      BMH Cancellation Policy
Due to deposits and up-front costs of the ministry, BMH adheres to the following Cancellation Policy.
Teams can add/drop participants from their roster up to 1 day before their arrival date. However,
refunds of costs paid, are contingent upon the following scale:

- 1st and 2nd Deposits are non-refundable but transferable and must be paid for the total # applied for.
- Groups that Cancel forfeit their deposits.
- Groups that drop their final # of volunteers have a Grace Waiver which refunds half of the final
payment for 10% of the total # of original volunteers and will be reimbursed at our next check cut.

20 V’s Applied, 5 V’s Cancel = 2 V’s (10%) $500 Refunded, 3 V’s No Refund, $500 Donation
38 V’s Applied, 7 V’s Cancel = 3.8 V’s (10%) $950 Refunded, 3.2 V’s No Refund, $1,600 Donation

Volunteer Numbers:
When registering your team we recommend that you give the most conservative headcount possible.
It is much easier for us to add participants than it is to remove them. However, remember that space
is limited at each of our sites and an accurate head count will ensure your first choice selection for

Refundable Deposits:
We understand that emergencies and illnesses unfortunately happen. We will be more than willing to
refund fees for participants in cases of EXTREME or SEVERE emergencies and illnesses. (BMH’s
Director will determine refund cases.)

Please NOTE:
Payment dates are very important to get in, on or before, the date that they are due. We hate that we
have to have a Cancellation Policy but BMH depends on our volunteer fees to fund our year-round
ministry and must enforce this policy. If you must cancel, your funds will become a donation and will
be used to cover our ministry costs and help us grow for the future.

Please read Cancellation Policy, share with your senior pastor/advisor and sign off if you agree on
your Application.

Thank you for your understanding of our financial responsibilities and policy.

          BMH Volunteer Application – 2010
Church or Group Name______________________________________________________________

Contact Address____________________________________________________________________
                                                 (Street or box number)

               (City)                                               (State)                                           (Zip)

Phone (_____)____________________ Fax (_____)___________________

Contact Person_____________________________________________________________________

Home Phone (_____)_____________________ Daytime Phone (_____)_______________________

Email Address______________________________________________________________________

    *All correspondence will be sent to the church/group address in the attention of the contact person unless indicated otherwise.

Preferred Weeks: 1) _____________________ 2) _______________________ 3) _____________________
                  (Sunday Afternoon to Saturday Morning unless cleared with Director)

(Give total numbers in each category)

Youth: _______ Young Adults: ________ Adults: _______ Total: _______
       Ages: 14-18                      Ages: 19-24              25+ years

1. A work crew is 6 to 8 people- no more! 6 youths + 2 adults = 1 work crew. Smaller teams can be facilitated.
       (Some projects will need more than 1 work crew during the week)

2. Each work crew must have at least 2 adults.
       (We ask that at least one adult has some construction experience!)

           Bahamas Methodist Habitat covenants to facilitate a unique work experience for you.
                             We ask the following of you, the Volunteers:

     We will come to BMH with a willingness to serve and be open to a flexible schedule that will allow for
      incidences out of BMH’s control.
     We will abide by BMH’s rules and guidelines. (Be sure to save a copy of this registration and the
     We have included the $100 Registration Fee (non-refundable fee)
     We have included the $100 per person Deposit check (non-refundable fee)
     We have read and agree to the Cancellation Process.

Signature of Senior Pastor/Advisor: _________________________________ ____________________

Signature of Contact Person: _______________________________________ _____________________
                                     Covenant Sheet for the 2010
                             Bahamas Methodist Habitat

A covenant is a promise between two parties. BMH promises to facilitate a special service
opportunity for your group. Our “sign” will be providing a center facility, staff, and all the details
that go into making a service event a success. We will house and feed volunteers during their stay
with us. We will do our best to help ensure safe working and living conditions. We also covenant to
work with volunteers in making this mission a valid and meaningful part of their faith and life
journey. Volunteers are asked to enter into a covenant with BMH. Because communal living and
cooperative working require agreements in behavior and expectations, volunteers are asked to read,
understand, respect, and abide by the stated Expectations, Rules and Regulations of BMH found in
this packet. Be sure that each of your volunteers reads these and signs this covenant sheet.

For the 2009 BMH Mission Trip of:

Group Name                                   City           State                 Week of Service

Please have your group sign their names and date their signature in the space provided below. (This
needs to at least be signed by the contact person when you turn in your application)

I covenant with my Bahamas Methodist Habitat volunteers and with the BMH staff to responsibly prepare
for the BMH service experience. I have read BMH’s Expectations, Rules and Regulations and agree to
abide by them during my BMH mission trip.

   By signing your name, you are making an official covenant with your group and with Bahamas
                                 Methodist Habitat. Thank you!

Signature                            Date              Signature                             Date
_____________________________                          _____________________________
_____________________________                          _____________________________
_____________________________                          _____________________________
_____________________________                          _____________________________
_____________________________                          _____________________________
_____________________________                          _____________________________
_____________________________                          _____________________________
_____________________________                          _____________________________
_____________________________                          _____________________________
_____________________________                          _____________________________
_____________________________                          ________________________________
_____________________________                          ________________________________
_____________________________                          ________________________________
_____________________________                          ________________________________
                                                           Use a separate sheet of paper if needed.
                        Expectations, Rules and Regulations
Bahamas Methodist Habitat is a disaster relief and home repair service and all activities and energies should be focused to
this end. You have made a commitment to BMH, and on the basis of that commitment we have committed to the housing
needs in the Bahamas. We expect all volunteers to participate fully in each aspect of the BMH experience.
                     These Expectations, Rules and Regulations apply to all BMH volunteers.

        BMH staff has overall responsibility for all                   The center staff will inform you of any specific
        activities. Directions given by the staff are to be            center or community guidelines prior to or upon
        strictly observed.                                             your arrival.

        Adult leaders are responsible for the safety                   Smoking or use of tobacco products is
        and conduct of their youth volunteers at all                   prohibited at any BMH facility or work site due
        times (at center, worksite, or community) while                to sensitivity and potential fire hazard.
        your group participates with BMH.                              Underage youth are not permitted to smoke
        The summer youth program is designed for
        senior high youth (ages 14 and older AND                       No pets are permitted at the center.
        having completed the 8th grade). If you have
        younger youth that want to come, their parent                  Females are not permitted at any time in the
        or guardian will have to accompany them on                     males’ sleeping area. Males are not
        the trip.                                                      permitted in the females’ sleeping area, at
                                                                       any time.
        Everyone is expected to act responsibly the
        entire time they are in the BMH community.                     A strict 9:30p.m. quiet time and 10:00p.m.
        Since you will all be coming from outside the                  “lights-out” rule applies to all volunteers.
        region, you will be an obvious presence in                     Possible exception will be Friday night, when
        affiliation with BMH. There might be times                     lights out can be extended to 12:00a.m. if
        when you need to modify your lifestyle or                      agreed upon by staff and adult crew leaders.
        habits so as not to be offensive to the
        community as well as being a good                              Center attire-Discretion in clothing must be
        representative of BMH. Take your cues from                     used at the center and in the community.
        the staff.                                                     Shirts must be worn at all times. When leaving
                                                                       the center grounds, modest shorts and T-shirts
        Please use tools, supplies, materials and other                will be acceptable attire. Halter, spaghetti
        resources responsibly and for their intended                   strap and strapless tops, sports bras worn
        home repair purposes. Always keep the safety                   as an outer garment, spandex clothing, bike
        of others a priority, as well as being sensitive to            pants, or shirts and hats expressing
        the family you are serving. If a family requests               alcohol/beer slogans and obscenities are
        that you stop an activity, please respect their                not acceptable.
                                                                       Work attire- Shirts, long pants (light cotton,
        Possession or use of illegal drugs or alcohol is               scrubs, jeans) and sturdy shoes (work boots
        strictly forbidden! Violators will be asked to                 are preferred) must be worn at all times at the
        return home immediately at their group’s                       work site. Sweat pants, shorts, ripped pants,
        expense.                                                       half shirts, sleeveless shirts, sports bras, tank-
                                                                       tops and halter tops are not acceptable.
Because you are visiting an unfamiliar               We expect lunch to be eaten at the worksite.
community, please always go from place to            You may bring extra sandwiches to share with
place in a group of three or more people.            family members. (Some individuals will go out
Never travel alone.                                  of their way to make you feel appreciated-
                                                     even overextending themselves) If a family
All volunteers (youth and adult) are expected to     member insists on showing their appreciation
participate fully in the programs of BMH,            by preparing lunch, accept their offer. If you
including meals, chores, meetings, evening           have any questions or concerns- please check
gatherings and special events. To keep the           with the staff.
center functioning smoothly, volunteers will be
asked to assist in center clean up, tool and         Audio equipment use at the center will be at
supply organization, after meal clean up,            the discretion of the staff.
loading/unloading of building materials.
                                                     BMH does not condone or tolerate sexual
To ensure sensitivity to families we serve,          harassment or abuse of any kind and will take
taping with video equipment is strictly              measures to reconcile the situation.

The use of audio equipment should be limited
at the work site. Audio equipment can be used
if it is approved by the homeowner, non
disruptive to the neighbors, and appropriate in

A work crew is 6-8 people. Groups with 9
participants must be divided into two work
crews (5 & 4). This number limitation ensures
sensitivity to the family as well as maximum
efficiency at the work site. However, the ninth
person may be a helper to the staff at the
center or if highly skilled, could function as a
floater/advisor! Please check with the staff
before your trip.

Fire arms, air rifles, BB guns, any kind of
weaponry (or replicas) or fireworks are not

Working hours are from 8:30am- 4:30pm
Monday - Thursday. There will be sight seeing
and recreational activities on Friday, or your
last full day on the island. This is to ensure the
best possible experience for you, the staff and
the families we serve.

If you must leave the worksite during the day
for any reason, please go in groups of three
and inform your entire crew.
                                Travel Tips
Getting to the Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera Airport (GHB) is not hard but it does take
planning. We are located 70 miles Southeast of Nassau (NAS) which equals 20 minutes of travel
time. Your two best options for getting to Bahamas Methodist Habitat are as follows (costs are
approximate): Ask for group rates from each airline.
Option 1
Fly from your city to Nassau (NAS) then take (19-seater) or (50-seater) directly into GHB. Daily flights for Bahamas Air and Southern
Air leave at 3:30 pm. You will retrieve your luggage and clear customs in Nassau. Then check-in
with either of the two Island Airlines that will fly you to GHB. The BMH staff will pick you up
at GHB and drive you the 10 minutes back to Camp Symonette.
Time: 20 minutes from NAS to GHB
Round Trip Cost: $160
Option 2
Fly from your city to Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) then take or (19-
seater) directly into GHB. The daily flight for Continental leaves at 1:30 pm. Lynx flies Monday
– Sunday at 3:00. You will retrieve your luggage and clear customs at GHB. The BMH staff will
pick you up at GHB and drive you the 10 minutes back to Camp Symonette.
Time: 1 Hour from FLL to GHB
Cost: $300-350

Option 3
If your group is serving at one of our satellite facilities you will be flying into NAS then taking a
local airline to your destination. The BMH staff will direct you on your specific flight details.

           Don’t Forget that You MUST have a
            PASSPORT to enter the Bahamas.
! You are REQUIRED to have a Valid Passport to Enter / Exit the Bahamas !
        If you do not have your Passport as of yet, please do so ASAP because of the
                   amount of time that it takes to process the application.

               Always Check your bags when Transferring airlines in Nassau.
Who is the project sponsor?                           BMH is an Outreach Ministry supported by the Bahamas Conference
of the Methodist Church and their associated churches along with local and foreign supporters who care deeply about serving
others. BMH is also supported by the United Methodist Volunteers in Mission.

Who can participate? BMH is designed to host young and old alike. We host service organizations, church
youth groups, Sunday school classes, groups of friends, corporate teams, and anyone else that has a passion for service. We are
able to accommodate 40 volunteers at one time at Camp Symonette and can host smaller groups, up to 25, at other locations
throughout the Family Islands. Graduated 8th graders and above are welcome but younger youth need parents or guardians to
accompany them on their week of service.

Who supervises participants? Each group participating in BMH is required to have at least one adult
for every four youth (17 and under). We also ask that groups bring skilled leaders to aid in the construction
projects. Adult group leaders are directly responsible for the actions of their group and must adhere to BMH policies.

How much does it cost? The cost is $500 per person per week.
What does BMH provide?
• Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and fresh drinking water
• Lodging at Camp Symonette or local facility
• Construction materials and tools for worksites and projects (it is helpful if you bring your own tools or ones that you can donate
at the end of the week)
• On-Island transportation
 Excursion Day, to see and experience the beauty of the Bahamas
• The opportunity to make an impact and change lives!

What does BMH expect? Volunteers must come with a servant’s heart and mind that is flexible to
change. God may surprise us with new opportunities to serve and we must be willing to follow that calling. Prepare yourself for
conditions that do not include all the comforts of home. Respectfully interact with people who are different from you within
your group and the community.

When can I work? Year-Round. Summer is our busiest season but we have wonderful Fall, Winter, and Spring
Break opportunities which are great ways to beat the cold back home. Work commitments average one week in length. Long
weekend or extended period trips are available as well. Volunteer groups arrive Sunday afternoon and departure Saturday
morning. Reserve your dates early to ensure your desired trip.

Do I need to bring tools? No, we provide tools and materials for you while you are here serving.
However, if you have tools that you would like to bring, we encourage you to bring them. We are in constant need of new or
good used tools and accept donations with open arms. We will be in contact with your group within 1 week of your arrival to tell
you about your projects and a suggested tools list. Past groups have transported them in Rubbermaid containers or plastic

Where do groups stay? Groups will stay together at Camp Symonette on Eleuthera or at another satellite
site close to where your project is located. This will either be on Eleuthera or one of the other Family Islands. We have bunk
beds at Camp Symonette and at most of our other facilities. You will need to bring beach and bath towels, light sheets in the
spring, summer and fall and a light sleeping bag during the “winter”. Pillows are provided. Indoor or outdoor showers will be
available at each facility.

Where do groups work? Groups will perform their service work at homes referred to BMH by
community contacts and pre-selected by the staff. This will include homes in need of emergency repair, new home construction,
or community events that need service. Our criterion for home selection helps to ensure safe working and living conditions for
volunteers and home owners.
How are work crews arranged? Groups will be divided into work crews by their group leaders,
dependent on the size and difficulty of the project. Work teams range in size between 6-8 people per project. Each work crew
must have at least two adults, with one having construction skills.

What is a typical day like?
7:00 am Wake Up
7:20 am Morning Devotional (Volunteers are asked to share in this responsibility)
7:30 am Breakfast
8:30 am Leave for Work Site
4:00 pm Leave Work Site for Beach
5:30 pm Showers
6:00 pm Dinner
7:15 pm Evening Activity/Free Time/Devotions
10:00 pm Quiet Time
11:00 pm Lights Out

What language do Bahamians speak? Bahamians speak English but with their dialect you
will be able to understand at least 80% of what is said here in the islands. The staff and community members will help you with
the other 20%.

What kind of money do they use? Bahamians have their own currency. Its exchange rate is .005
to the USA so they use it daily at a 1:1 ratio. This is a huge help to tourists and missionaries because there is no need to exchange
money before or after you get here. There is one ATM’s available in Governors Harbour (20 minutes South).

What type of electrical service do they have?                                               We use 110V just like you do in the
USA. There is no need for special adapters.

Can we snorkel? Yes, there are quite a few good places to snorkel here. We unfortunately do not have
equipment for your use but feel free to bring your own and enjoy the gorgeous underwater world that is here. (Donated Snorkel
gear would provide for future groups if you would like to leave yours)

How bad are the bugs? Depending on the time of year they can range from not too bad to annoying. We
suggest cool long pants, socks, and shoes to keep them off your legs during the day and night. They are worse at sunrise and
sunset. We have Mosquitoes and No-see-ums/Sandflies. The latter are more of a nuisance but guarded with plenty of bug spray
you will be okay. It is highly recommended to bring at least three cans of bug spray per person, the more Deet the better.
Hopefully you will not need that much but it is better to be safe than sorry. Brining mosquito nets are not mandatory but are

How safe is the island? The Family Islands are extremely safe. As with any foreign country there is a need
to be respectful of cultural differences. You must use common sense while here (don’t walk around alone, don’t leave valuables
out, etc) but in everyday life there is nothing to be worried about. There is light government turmoil in the Bahamas but it has
not affected our volunteer experience. Crime is very low; there is little drug use and very few acts of violence. Your group will
be safe here at BMH as long as proper precautions are used.

Should I come and serve with BMH?

                 Suggested Packing List
Important Notes:
Check with your airline for number of bags allowed and weight limits per bag.
Remember to pack necessities in a carry-on bag in case luggage gets lost in transit.
When entering the Bahamas, inform Immigration that you will be staying at Camp Symonette, James
Cistern, Eleuthera (or satellite facility)

Paper Work:
Missioner Profile/Release of Claim
Parental Consent Form (You, your team leader, and your church should have a copy)
Passport and Photo I.D.

Medical Documents: immunization records, copies of prescription drugs, and personal medications.
Your personal prescription drugs
Flash Light
Notebook, pen and/or pencil
Bible/Devotional Materials
Camera, film, batteries, charger, USB Cord to Share pictures with Staff before you leave
Cash for souvenirs and recreational activities
Swimsuit, One piece
Beach and Shower towel
Underwear / socks / etc.
Battery operated Alarm Clock with extra batteries
Glasses and/or contacts
Casual clothes/shoes for evening activities (long pants will protect you from hungry mosquitoes)
        Pack less than you think you need. You can wear them more than once.)
Church Clothes (slacks and shirt for guys, knee length skirts or dresses for girls)
Work clothes (For a week: 4 T-shirts, 2 pairs of long pants, closed toed shoes such as athletic shoes)
Work gloves, safety goggles, hat and/or bandana
Linens or sleeping bag

            To save space, the following items should be carried in bulk for use by the whole team,
                             instead of each team member bringing his/her own.

Basic Toiletries: soap, shampoo, conditioner (Camp Symonette has 3 showers for each gender)
First Aid Supplies (Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment, anti-itch ointment, Benadryl, etc.)
Hand sanitizer/antibacterial hand soap
Insect Repellant (Products with Deet repel mosquitoes, Skin-So-Soft keeps sand fleas off skin)
Anti-itch Cream, Benadryl pills
Small Personal Fan

Snack foods in re-sealable containers or Ziploc bags
Rain poncho
Wide brim hat to keep sun off of face
Caps or t-shirts with your team logo on it
Shower shoes

Excessive hair styling products                            Perfume/cologne (they attract mosquitoes and
Scented lotions                                            other bugs!)
Air mattresses                                             Electrical items such as hair dryer

                             2010 Wish List
General:                                         Chisels
Ice Machine                                      Drill Bit set (wood and metal)
Bicycles                                         Tin snips
Dry Erase markers                                100' Measuring Tape
Flashlights                                      Long Handles for Paint Rollers
Box Fans                                         A/C Window Unit 10,000 BTU
Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Hatchets                                         Fasteners:
Mason Hammer                                     16d to10d Galvanized Nails (50 lb.)
Tarps (of all sizes)                             Drywall Screws 1 ¼”
Axe                                              Cut Nails (concrete) 1.5" and 2.5"
Large Push Broom                                 TapCon Screws
Large Dust Mop                                   Hurricane straps
Vice Grips                                       Wire nuts (red, yellow)
Channel Locks
Skill Saws                                       Recreation:
Variety of Saw Blades (Table, Jig, Sawsall,      Snorkels, Fins, Masks
etc)                                             Balls of all types
Battery Powered 18V Combo Kits                   Basketball net
Paint Brushes/Rollers of all sizes               Board Games, Cards
Pry Bars (variety)
Line Levels                                      A/V:
Speed Squares                                    PA system
Drywall Square                                   LCD Projector and Screen
Hard Rakes                                       Radio/CD/Tape Player
Ladders (all sizes)
Clamps                                           Transportation:
Concrete Floats                                  Bicycles
Needle Nose Pliers                               15 Passenger Van, Diesel Preferred
Hammer Drill                                     Diesel Pick Up Truck
Knee Boards (for concrete)
Lineman Pliers
Hand Saw
Work Lights
Check with the BMH prior to you arrival to see if there are special needs that have arisen.
              Please let us know if you need help transporting Donated goods.

    Thank you for your consideration and support
 We look forward to picking you up at the Airport

   Disaster                                                               Promoting
            Come Explore the Islands
               Exploratory Trips to The Bahamas

        The purpose of an exploratory team is to give potential team leaders and team
members a chance to see how they, along with a team, may be able to meet the needs of the area.
Never been a Team Leader? That’s okay! We will assist you, so you can heed the call.
        While in the Bahamas you will visit and work at on-going projects and look at new areas
of need. There will several opportunities to meet and spend time with local residents and
parishioners, while actively working on local projects.
        Having a first hand experience here at Bahamas Methodist Habitat will help to relieve
stress on you the group leader, team members, parents of team members and your group as a
whole. Each of our past Exploratory Trip participants have had nothing but positive experiences
and highly recommend them to you the group/trip leader!

To See and Do:
Hatchet Bay Caves, Harbour Island, Glass Window Bridge, Banyan Tree Grove, and Plenty of
Beautiful Beaches.

Contact us and let us know when you would like to come.

Airfare, meals ($15/day), rental car ($60/day, optional but highly recommended)
There is no cost for 2 nights lodging at Camp Symonette.

For more information:

     We are here to serve you, so please feel free to call or email any questions you may have.
                             Email the BMH Staff for further Info.

                                           Supported by:

United Methodist Volunteers in Mission
        Christian Love in Action!
hodist Volunteers in Mission
        Christian Love in Action!