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Manhattan, New York Broadway Road extension south to the East River from a large
street name, full third of a mile, however, Kuanjin 11 meters, is in English,
"Wall Street" in the transliteration. Narrow and short streets
from Broadway to the East River just seven block. 1792 Dutch colonists against the
British invasion to building a wall walls have been built from the East River to the
Hudson River, along the wall after the formation of a street, hence the name Wall
Street. After the removal of the wall, but "Wall Street" whose
name is retained. However, it has to "America's financial
center" is famous for. Morgan zaibatsu, the Rockefeller Foundation and
other oil barons and DuPont to open the banking, insurance, shipping, railway
manager of the company with a central here. The famous New York Stock Exchange
is here.
Wall Street (Wall Street)
Dutch rule, the building was constructed over a defensive wall. After the British
forced the Dutch, tearing down walls built Street, hence the name. This is the major
U.S. monopolies and financial institutions located, concentrated in New York Stock
Exchange, American Stock Exchange, investment banks, government and municipal
securities dealers to do, trust companies, the Federal Reserve banks, utilities and
insurance companies Headquarters and the Rockefeller, Morgan and other consortia to
open banking, insurance, railways, shipping, mining, manufacturing and other general
management of large companies, to become the United States and the world of
finance, securities trading centers, often to Wall Street as a general monopoly capital
synonymous. Monopoly capital dominated the United States from where the political,
economic. Wall Street became a U.S. monopoly capital, finance and investment
symbol of high concentration. In the northeast corner stands the old library building
sub-treasury (now gallery), is the inaugural speech in Washington to build up the

I've been to two of Wall Street, the first is as tourists. That evening, the sky,
under the pouring rain, rain kept intrusion into the Wall Street subway station, even
the railways are full of water. Fortunately, heavy rain soon stopped, and I took care to
bypass the water slowly onto the junction of Broadway and Wall Street, looked up to
see the famous Trinity Church (Trinity Church); back in Wall Street or the dilapidated
wall wall when it is already near the landmark this building.

Now, in front of Trinity Church in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), behind the
American Stock Exchange (AMEX), the right and left are the high-rise office
buildings, only a small area around the 17th century is also preserved in the garden
and cemetery. Across Broadway from the church door, even if the formal entry into
the Wall Street ─ ─ The street was short and narrow blocks set up numerous
roadblocks, middle of the street being renovated, full of potholes of water. Several
heavily armed police stood guard in front of the New York Stock Exchange, their head
is a huge American flag. In addition, this street seem to have been tourists, from their
dress and demeanor on the look out. The window does not read street Goldman Sachs,
Morgan Stanley or Merrill Lynch and other Ruleiguaner name, but close to the coffee
shop and fitness club ads. In addition to Deutsche Bank, I did not find here the names
of any investment bank, not to mention mutual funds or hedge fund.

All in all, Wall Street is now just a tourist destination, often in groups of foreigners
with a visit to this expression of awe, hope to see "the world's
financial center," What is it like; but they see only a deserted business
district, a few old buildings of skyscrapers, and many open-air cafe or coffee shop.
New York Stock Exchange now does not allow visitors to enter, so Wall Street had
little residual value of tourism.

Then I went to a Wall Street, this is not to go sightseeing, but to the Trinity church
sermon. The church building is unique, all brick and stone should be careful to watch
the garden outside the famous first U.S. Treasury Secretary Hamilton's
tomb. A few steps away is the bustling street outside, through the ceaseless day and
night all kinds of vehicles, but more to bring out the church itself, the sacred and quiet.
It is said that Wall Street has not degenerated into a tourist destination, when bankers
and fund managers often use break to come here to pray, and then back to the stock
market in the bloody strangulation.

As early as 20 years ago, many financial institutions have left the geographical sense,
Wall Street, moved to convenient, broad vision of Manhattan in the city went. Wall
Street near the old building full of history and culture district, roads are the same as
the spider web is difficult to identify, it is not consistent with the needs of financial
institutions to expand their business. "911" incident is a
fundamental change in the pattern around Wall Street, some agencies simply leave
this dangerous city in New York and moved to the quiet security of New Jersey. Now,
in addition to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, there is no any bank or fund the
headquarters on Wall Street. In the famous "Wall Street giant",
only Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch also stick in a place not far from Wall Street
and other giants have been moved to Rockefeller Center, Times Square or Grand
Central Station around the downtown business district; even if Goldman Sachs and
Merrill Lynch , also has purchased a new midtown Manhattan luxury offices, will
soon be completely left the old "Wall Street" was.

However, people prefer to put all known as "Wall Street."
Office in Rockefeller Center, people are still reading "The Wall Street
Journal"; at a Congressional hearing, Federal Reserve Chairman is still
concerned about the "Wall Street's attitude"; in the
ocean on the other side, entrepreneurs have the highest dream is still " Wall
Street financing. " No matter how far apart geographically, there in spirit
still belong to the same street ─ ─ in this street, Salomon Brothers was the basket
to the securities brokers to sell bonds, Morgan had held a secret meeting to save the
U.S. financial crisis, the young Rivenburg was trembling, Goldman Sachs struck the
door (after he became president of Goldman Sachs, the legendary history), Milken has
been distributed to the entire world his junk bonds; in these mythological figures who
died several years later, their souls are still Dragon over New York, possessed in any
of a young banker, analysts, traders, brokers or fund managers who, at any time to
produce the latest financial myths. This is Wall Street.


Last night, I and a mutual fund director to dinner. He has nearly three decades on Wall
Street, temples are not a white hair, the same words in young people, also reveals a
passion and confidence. He drank white wine, while happily recalled his experiences
in China ─ ─ "When I first time to Shanghai, Pudong, not a tower, now
it has become like this it!" Then he said their mission in Taipei, when the
New York securities analyst conference call at the time, or 4:00 in Taiwan, the
typhoon window comes up, the hotel seems to have fallen, "it can really
cause will never forget the taste!" he big concludes with a smile.

On the topic of a lot of work and political topics, I asked him: "You are a
Wall Street addicts (The Street Addicted)?" I ask, is referred to, CNBC has
a well-known securities analysis program, hosted by a very successful hedge fund
managers, he wrote a very arrogant of the book is called "Wall Street, drug
addicts," that is one of Wall Street addiction. Every time I see his TV show,
we think he is a savage, holding a banana jumping up and down in roaring, with a
sharp and even vulgar language shouted his views on the stock market, just kind of
expression can Hollywood comedy star eclipsed all. Many people told me that this
guy is a complete madman ─ ─ but we still like to watch his program, analysts in
particular, like to watch, they think this is really a remarkable Wall Street addicts
super wise. Here, addicts whether commendatory or derogatory term? I do not know.

Surprisingly, the fund managers in front of me very happy and said: "Yes, I
was a Wall Street addicts. Wall Street really strong enough. You know, where so many
talented people to deal with such great wealth, They create the efficiency, but also to
earn the money; but the most important thing is, I feel it all very enjoyable.
"cup he drank alcohol in an agitated tone continued:" Every
morning, what is the support People get up to work, to manage the assets of those
endless to those corporate finance? If you do not love Wall Street, you do not stick
with it! so the only way to make the great cause of the addiction of people on Wall
Street, Wall Street doing all the work, in terms of such people are so interesting, so no
matter how heavy the work, do not feel tired. I do not know how other people look at,
anyway, I am willing to do the Wall Street addicts. I am proud of it. "

This is what I heard the highest praise on Wall Street. In the past, I have heard many
people talked about their Wall Street's attitude: the attitude of praise, vision
of the attitude, the attitude of disdain and even hatred attitude. I have listened to a
description of his elders that the eyes of Wall Street: "Wall Street, even the
most junior financial professionals, can receive an annual salary of more than 60,000
U.S. dollars, which is where it is admiration." Oh, perhaps is that, in many,
awe-inspiring salary is the only factor. I still remember the answer to the recruitment
of an investment bank questions when a friend did not hesitate to write: "I
would like to join the Bank, mainly because I want to make a lot of
money." She certainly was not joking! That time, who ever heard of
"addicts on Wall Street," the commendatory it? Who
would've thought anyone would be so from the heart to love Wall Street?

Wall Street, I saw over sixty years of investment managers still cherish the spirit of
full new industries, new markets; I saw a senior analyst at the side eating a simple
lunch, while reading the report, as thick as a brick even forget swallowing; I saw the
young trader's Party after work is still in the heated discussion of trading
strategies, so their natural smile. Domestic financial sector is not the case.
Asia's financial sector is not the case. My best friend told me that his
greatest wish is working hard and making a few years in the financial sector, earn
enough money, then "do something you enjoy." "Do
not you like things financial?" I asked him puzzled. "Of course
not!" He replied without hesitation, "and everyone else, I
learned finance, and would like to finance, just to earn a lot of money. Are not you

No wonder Wall Street can maintain its domination of the world's financial
community. No wonder Wall Street bankers, analysts, traders and fund managers who
has represented the highest level of financial innovation. Because here, bankers
working 14 hours a day, not only because of the pressure to complete tasks, but also
because enthusiasm; analysts read hundreds of pages of reports every day not only to
get his salary, but also because interest; traders each days playing dozens of calls,
enter the hundreds of orders not only to meet the boss, but also because they like the
deal. In short, people here on Wall Street on the addiction. I remember my teacher, a
former director of a famous general manager of the New York investment bank who
say: "When I first started, when bond traders, 12 hours a day staring at the
screen, tracking changes in interest rates as bond track. I know for a people who do
not like bonds, how boring job; but I like. so I do not think this is a torture!
"There is no doubt that he is a Wall Street addicts.

From 7:00 to 0:00, in Wall Street (of course, this is a general name) of each financial
institution building, the lights will not go out, the computer will not shut down. All
have been asleep at the time of Enron, foreign exchange traders to concentrate on
doing some distant market, large transactions; not get up in all the time, analysts have
been sipping strong coffee, the morning routine at the beginning Council; in all the
time with his family to spend the weekend, investment bankers are being rushed to the
cabin altitude of 30,000 feet of a new nation, ready to issue IPO on Monday and they
negotiate ─ ─ For them, this is not only the work it is life and love. Wall
Street's flagship hedge fund managers facing the shouting scenes CNBC:
"I am all hooked!"

Incidentally, when I finished the last glass of wine, ready to go home when the fund
managers who told me one of his favorite way to say goodbye (and can also be used
to meet the time): two people their right hand fists firmly hit each other, so repeated
several times, and then waved away. "Previously, this action on behalf of
'contract'; now, its meaning is 'I agree with you, our
firm'!" Before parting, he said, smiling.


I agree with his views on Wall Street, but also hope that a number of years, our view
of the same firm. Many people on Wall Street addictive form of wealth financial ─
─ numerous integration of communication here, where many of the asset allocation
transactions, where the hard work of countless people, in whom they are addicted to
the world. In any case, like Wall Street to make the world a better place, not the

Wall Street was first Dutch colony, they prevent the Indians attack, where repair of the
wall wooden wall, then the Americans came here, pulled down the wall, built Finance
Street, but Wall Street in the early period of the translated English name or
"Wall Street."
?Wall Street Bronze Bull
Wall Street's bronze cow statue has been the most important symbols of
American capitalism, is one of the attractions to foreign tourists, is one. This bronze
statue of a cow designed by the Italian artist Dimodika, copper cow nearly 5 meters in
length and weighs 6300 kilograms, many tourists come to have pictures taken like
cattle and copper, and copper to touch the horns of cattle to pray for good luck.

Dimodika New York in 1987 after the stock market crash, with the inspiration. He
said: "When I see people lose everything, I feel very sad, so I started
writing for young Americans a beautiful work of art." In order to finance,
he sold the home as part of Sicily Zu Chuannong field, raising a total of funds are
spent 360,000 U.S. dollars. One midnight in 1989, he was the New York Stock
Exchange, will become this world-famous bronze statue erected cattle, claiming it is
"American strength and courage" symbol. As Dimodika not get
permission, a few days later, copper and cattle in the December 20, 1989 was moved
to Bowling Green Park, a few blocks from the site.
?"Wall Street" movie
Region: United States

Category: Crime / Drama


Trade War movie classics, but also made no secret of the times in the money-grabbing
greed of human desire for the defense of a mainstream movie. Film to a global
financial center on Wall Street as the background, description of blowing hot and cold
in the stock market 亨戈登盖柯 greed, unscrupulous stock market in the behind the
scenes, only to be defeated by a young and still have a conscience salesperson hands.
As a stock broker son Oliver. Stone, with his usual strong way of drama to shoot in
the stock market insider trading insider, while covered by the act of Ke money to
question the modern face of the temptation to betray the soul and universal ethics.
Michael. Douglas momentum compelling performances, won the Best Actor Award.
Martin. Sheehan and Charlie. Father and son have wonderful partner Sheehan

Word comment:
  This is not so, if not the Bard the company where his father, then the results will not
be like that? Film in the so-called justice, that is emotional nonsense, at least this film
will be any reasoning person would think so !
  - Track willing
Every dream has a price.

In the film, you can see the evil of capital drive.

- Washington Post

Oliver Stone's "Wall Street" is the capital of
capitalism radical criticism of trade conditions.

- Chicago Sun-Times

"Greed is good stuff." Phrase has become a classic famous lines,
seen the film, you will be impressed: Greed may be good things, but if
you're not careful, it can be fatal.
- REEL Film Reviews

Behind the scenes by:

Trade War movie classics, but also made no secret of the times in the money-grabbing
greed of human desire for the defense of a mainstream movie. Film to a global
financial center on Wall Street as the background, description of blowing hot and cold
in the stock market 亨戈登盖柯 greed, unscrupulous stock market in the behind the
scenes, only to be defeated by a young and still have a conscience salesperson hands.
As a stock broker son of Oliver Stone, with his usual strong way of drama to shoot in
the stock market insider trading insider, while covered by the act of Ke money to
question the modern face of the temptation to betray the soul and universal ethics .
Michael Douglas's performance is compelling momentum, was the best
actor Academy Award. Mading Xin and his son Charlie Sheen have wonderful partner

Following is the director Oliver Stone film "Platoon" after
anti-war theme, with a white-collar stock novice visual as the starting point shooting
attack and expose the greed of the capitalist economic system, crime movies.
Obviously the timing of the film is a choice, it picked the bonds in the U.S. financial
markets after the scandal emerged, Wall Street appeared particularly vulnerable to
attack when in public.

Film that most small investors is very easy to be fooled, like Gordon such a big
market killers, they are always the same as birds of prey, suddenly diving down, from
shareholders under the nose of the whole company and then grab fly away, relentless.
Gordon their behavior is immoral and illegal, but they always like to use a few words
let their conscience condone their behavior, such as "no one will get
hurt," "Everybody did," "The Trading in
part to everyone, "" apart from us, who know? "

Traditional plot of the film: hungry desire to close the older generation of young
people are successful, the results were lured to deceive, the last attempt to comeback.
In fact, the actual details are less important. Eighties rare screen role as the ruthless
Gordon has so convincing. If any film defects, it may set a corner of a problem with
Charlie Sheen. Because he looks greedy and ruthless enough, not easy to make people
think he finally did have the courage to drag under Gordon Malay.

Oliver Stone film's greatest success is recognized by his unscrupulous
financial market interpreted complex and credible, while it is extremely meaningful.
Any person may be attracted because the details of stock manipulation and spill the
beans described very real, most of the time we know what will happen next, and from
start to finish, we know what all this is to happen.

Although Gordon's illegal most people opposed to Wall Street, but his large
values will be endorsed and legitimate fraud can bring money, they certainly will do.
Candidates may be nominated as the overall major financier Donald Trump, once said
in his autobiography: very simple, money is not his appeal has been great, and he
more motivated to participate in this challenge and a winner. His appreciation of
honest people. But the key people to be alert to such values sides, one side is the
money side is winning, and did not mention any of the production of goods and
services, manufactured products, the invention of some equipment, the construction of
factories and other industrial areas in some means of wealth creation.

In fact, the real purpose of the film is not a criticism of Wall Street crimes. Oliver
Stone attack is to place the pursuit of profit and wealth values above any other thing.
His films reflect a brutal financial climate of the world, that regardless of moral life
and death, all the money. Followed the law, should be only part of the punishment

* This story is in the United States after the age of 80 after the incident, security bond
scandal written in.

* Gordon, a movie lines: "Greed is not nice, but it is a good
thing." Has been selected as 2007's "100 greatest
movie lines" in the first 70.

* By 2007, this is the only one received both Oscar also Golden Raspberry Award for
the film. Are the Oscar for Best Actor: Michael Douglas, worst supporting actress
Golden Raspberry: 达里尔汉娜.

? In the end the film, Bud Fox off, walked a long step of the way to court, he passed
the newspaper is posted on the door, "Fortune"
magazine's poster.

* The film has a company called "Anacott Steel", this is another
one in the 1974 film The Longest Yard has appeared in the company name. It is not a
real company.

? In Teldar Paper shareholder meeting, over Gedenggaike shoulder, you can see there
is a name card that read "Sean Stone."

Gordon Gekko: When I get a hold of the son of a bitch who leaked this, I'm
gonna tear his eyeballs out and I'm gonna suck his [content to be filtered,
please note that the Forum Civilization] ing skull.

Gordon: catch this son of a bitch who leaked, I plucked out his eyes, and then suck his


Carl Fox: Stop going for the easy buck and start producing something with your life.
Create, instead of living off the buying and selling of others.

Carl Fox: Stop this "easily jump" in your life to start production
of something more, to create, rather than trading other people's stuff.


Gordon Gekko: The richest one percent of this country owns half our
country's wealth, five trillion dollars. One third of that comes from hard
work, two thirds comes from inheritance, interest on interest accumulating to widows
and idiot sons and what I do, stock and real estate speculation. It's bullshit.
You got ninety percent of the American public out there with little or no net worth. I
create nothing. I own. We make the rules, pal. The news, war, peace, famine, upheaval,
the price per paper clip. Now you're not naive enough to think
we're living in a democracy, are you buddy? It's the free market.
And you're a part of it. You've got that killer instinct. Stick
around pal, I've still got a lot to teach you.

Gordon: the top 1% of rich country, with half of the wealth of this country .5 trillion
(5 trillion). One-third from his job; two-thirds comes from inheritance, under the
compound interest, and even the widow and son of an idiot can make a fortune; and I
do it? Speculation speculative real estate stocks. Nonsense. 90% of debt on the
American public is not very lucky. I did not create, but I can have, rules that I set.
Friend. News, war, peace, famine, upheaval, the price of the paperclip. We changed
the rabbit from the hat, we can only sit in wonder, you will not be so naive as to think
that we live in a democratic country, right? This is a free market, and you in it. Yes!
You have that killer instinct. Do not rush away, you have to learn a lot to me.


Gordon Gekko: You're walking around blind without a cane, pal. A fool
and his money are lucky enough to get together in the first place.

Gordon: You are blind circular motion, man. First of all, a fool and his money to be
lucky enough to conspire together.


Bud Fox: How much is enough?

Gordon Gekko: It's not a question of enough, pal. It's a zero sum
game, somebody wins, somebody loses. Money itself isn't lost or made,
it's simply transferred from one perception to another.

Bud: How much is enough?

Gordon: This is not the question how much is enough, man. This is a zero sum game.
Some win, some lose. Money itself will not change more or fewer, it is just simply
from one person to another, from the hands.

Reminds me of these words: Today's Wall Street into a tomb of the ocean
anyway, like Wall Street to make the world a better place, not the contrary. Sure, the
ocean has become a tomb!
When Mr. Budd told a Man and let him call all the customers buy Blue Star company,
guaranteed to go up, Man: I do not know where this information came from, but I do
not like money, the biggest charm of Bard is to let you do what you do not like to do
Marvin laughed and said: wonderful, every day That's all!
?Wall Street wisdom | Wall Street Wisdom
Domestic company focused on the U.S. stock market website (,
Nasdaq, NYSE, etc.. Reported that the U.S. economy and the stock market and other
information, is suitable for investors who invest in U.S. stocks and U.S. stock day
trading (DayTrader).
?The Wall Street Journal | The Wall Street Journal
The influence of the United States and the world's largest, focusing on
finance, business daily reported, was founded in 1889. Japanese circulation of two
million copies. Also published in Asia, Europe Edition, online version, readers every
day about more than 2,000 people. "The Wall Street Journal,"
the news media through the sharp Bifeng purification of a commercial market, is it the
public opinion so that commercial companies can not do whatever they want.
?Owner of the club of modern Wall Street
Owner of the club of modern Wall Street WALL STREET MODERN BOSSES CLUB
founder is May 17, 1792 in front of 68 Wall Street under a Kewutongshu discussed
securities trading conditions and rules of stock trading by 24 people. The result is that
they signed the world-famous "Buttonwood Agreement", in
English called ButtonwoodAgreement. This 24-bit in the Buttonwood Agreement was
signed by the words formed an independent broker, enjoys the privileges of the
securities trading transactions alliance that cartels - are closed the richest, most
innovative club owner broker. And was also the prototype of the New York Stock
Exchange, therefore, May 17, 1792 this day became the New York Stock Exchange
was born.

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