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My poems from High School

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Jackie Paulson



                          Jackie Paulson

                 My Daughter Jorden Joan Smith

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    There is beauty in his native world.
Where broad-winged eagles fly.
    The fences that encircle him
Are mountains, streams and sky.
    There is beauty I his regal stance
And I his gentle face.
    And in the swiftness that embines.
Such power, porse and grace.
    There is beauty in his nobile heart.
For it will always be.
    A part of all that untamed realm.
So open, wild, and free.


    A Horse Needs His Freedom

    The graceful arc of his neck,
His muscles all straining,
    The wind at his back,
While it’s pouring down raining.
    The lose of his mate,
Those humans he hates,
    For they caught her with a string.
He had seen it before,
    Much to his dismay,
He knew it was in store,
    For his pretty blood bay.
The saddle and harsh bit,
    The large men breaking her in,
Jostling about on her back where they sat,
    To him it was a sad, cruel sin.
Her spirit would be broken,
    She would lose all her fight ,
Nothing to hope in,
    No freedom in sight.
A neigh was heard in the distance,
    His answer coveyed dignity,
He resumed a proud stance,
    For on the horizon it was she, Free!


   My Best Friend

    Whenever I need a friend
You always seem to be there.
    You help me with my problems,
And our joys together we share.
    I cannot imagine life
Without a friend like you.
    Once we get together
We are an indivisible two!
    All the fun I have shared with you,
Can never be replaced.
    Together we have had many good times,
And conquered the problems we have had to face.
    So I want you to know,
That I am alawys here,
    If ever you need a friend,
To make your thoughts clear.
    And when I must leave you,
As many good friends sometimes do part,
    I leave you with good memories
And an imporatnat place within my heart.


    My Path

    I shall not follow my brothers path in life,
Nor my sisiters,
    I shall make my own path.
My life may not seem right for you,
but it is what I want.
    My brother had his chance,
To make his own mistakes, and now
    I deserve the right to make mine.
My life is always planned,
    It is full of security,
And friendships,
    I shall run it in open light,
Instead of running in the shadow of others.


    A Wasted Attempt

     Why do I waste my time on you?
A wave surging forward,
     I try to express how I feel,
But you do not absorb it;
     You are a rock.
My emotions are like the water,
     They cascade into the ocean spary.
Sometimes they creep back in
I take you by surpise
     But it is wasted, weak.
Why do I waste my time on you?
     Because you really are my rock.
I approach, then retreat,
     Never to be forgotten as once again
I to let you into my heart, my time on you
     Is yet not wasted, I am free.



Natures brush has painted the trees,
    Yellow, Orange, and all shades of brown and
    Autumn Decorates the ground as it makes it’s
Another season ends,
As soft winds blow-
    And all the trees become bare,
Witing for winers touch of cold air.



    Babe, you are my only love
Sent to me from heaven above.
    Oh hon, sometimes things are bad
You touch my emotions and make me sad.
    I need you to hold me tight
And love me with all of your might.
    If only you knew the distance between us
Will keep us strong and build a trust.
    I have got you on my mind,
Only God gave us each other as He assigned.


Our Kind of Love
    Our love’s not the kind you see in the movies,
Or find in a book
    Or hear in a song.
Our love is the kind you hold in your heart
    And keep in your thoughts,
And cherish in your life.


What Love Can Do

Our love can make a simple song a symphony,
    A conversaton poetry.
Our love an make a simple wink

I am yours and because you are mine.


Outside Shoveling

Shoveling the sidewalk, to clear the path,
    For people to go walking on.
The brisk wind shrivels through the walls of my skin,
    Only to make me shiver,
And feel like a piece of cold tin.
    Snow, and icecles are shoved
To the wayside of the of the raod
    And when the cold wind blows
    Ends up smack up in your face, cold.
Pushing the snow over
    Hoping there wont be anoter interference.


Love is like a Rose

Love is like a rose,
     When it opens
It’s a new beginning,
     It’s tender like the buds,
Its sweet like the smell,
     Its gentle like when it tickles your nose,
It’s strong and lives forever.


    Love is

Love is like a fire,
     It burns forever.
It lives in our hearts,
     Like a aching desire.
It runs through your veins,
     Like A burning sensation,
And leaves behind its passion.


Missing You

I miss you so much,
    Stairing at our picture brings,
Tears to my eyes.
    Only a few more weeks,
And we can feel each others touch,
    Our live will never die,
For with our love,
We will laat forever.



How sad, and lonely I feel empty,
     There is no one here to talk to me.
I need you, and you are not here.
    I stair at your picture and slowly the tears run
Down my face, like drops of water falling off the
leaves after a hard rain.
    I miss you like a baby without a mother
So, you take her place, like the first walking step
    You are waiting for me, with your arms out


    For You

     They say the heart grows fonder
When your loved ones are away.
     But as for my dear sweet friend this much,
I can say
     I feel so alone right now
But it’s only you that I miss,
     And if I concentrate somehow
I can feel your tender kiss
     And hear you sweet voice
I have loved no one like this before
     Though others think I am silly.
I love you more and more
     So be patient with me
And love me none the less,
     Cause maybe you will be surprised
And someday, I will say Yes, “I DO.”


    Love is

Love is not a kiss to say hello,
    Not beneath the mistletoe
Not for any rhyme or reason,
    Anniersary or season
Purposely or for effect
    Love is a kiss you don’t expect.



    What is a friend?
Well, that is hard to define.
    It cannot be easily described
In one simple line.
    But if I were asked
I would rightly contend
    That you are the perfect
     Description of a friend.



There is a wonderful thing
    That gold cannot buy
A blessing that is rare and true
    And that is the gift
Of the friend I have in you.



     Though we don’t see each other very often
Nor do we write to each other as much as we’d like
     Nor do we phone each other,
I could call, write or see you
     At any time.
You would understand everthing I am saying
     And everhting I am thinking
Our friendship does not depend on being
It is always there
     Ready to be shared with each other
Whenever the need arises.
     It is such a comfort feeling to know we have
A life time friendship.



    Everyone needs at least one good friend
One who means a lot
    And who can share secrets and feelings
That might otherwise be
    Locked up for nobody to see
Everyone needs someone
    Who cares and does not hide it
Someone to ease the down moods
    Thank you
For being that one for me
    I hope my friendship has been
    atleast half as good for you because
Friends like you are hard to find.


If you need a Friend I will be there

If you need a friend
     To talk with
Come to me
     I will listen to you speak
If you need a friend
     To walk with
Come to me
     If yu need a friend
     to laugh with
Come t ome
     I will share
In your happiness
     If you need a friend to cry with
Come to me
     I will try
To cure your sadness
     I am here if you need me
I am your true Best Friend.



You have been more to me than a friend
     We have shared more than most people do
Feelings that time won’t erase
     No words can ever let you know
The peace I feel when you are near
     In times of trouble, your eyes express
Exactly wht I need to hear
     In times of joy,
     your smile says
     you are sharing what I feel
In times of doubt
     I always know
I could trust in your loyalty
     We have stood the test of time
Across the miles
     And watched our friendship grow
I have come to learn,
     When it comes to
     There’s no one quite like you.


You and Me

Just knowing that your thoughts are with me,
    Warms me when I am cold.
Remembering your gentle touch,
    Soothes away my tears.
The miles between us,
    Keeps us strong.
A strength that brings visions,
    Of times yet to be shared,
By a special guy like…you.



You have touched somewhere inside of me,
   And helped me believe in my dreams.
You draw them out of their hiding places,
   And gave me the courage to think,
    that you think that they are possible.
You believe in me,
   Encouraged me,
What more can one do for another
   Than to help them learn to believe,
    in themselves?


A Friend Like You

Having a friend like you, who is so much like me
    Makes me think that no two peple could be
As close in spirit as we are.
    You make me appreciate to I am,
More than ever in my life before
    You showed me
Just by being you
    How essential it is to like
One’s Self.



Regardless of whom I meet or
     What I do
Or what I have become
     It is the friends
I grew up with that I feel
     Closet to
And that I have the most in common with
     Though we don’t see each other often
It is as though
     We are always together
So comforatable
     So natural, so honest
I guess old friends
     Who know where you come from
Who know your background
     Who know our families
Have an understanding of who we realy are
     This ~ no new friend can ever have.


Last Night

Last night we held each other
    As close as the air we breathe,
We share each others heartbeat
    Your skin was my skin
And mine was yours
    Last night we took each other
To the brink of a new world
    We looked over the edge


It Had to be with You

When I opened the door of my heart,
     You were standing there
Waiting for a nod from me
     When I dreamed night after night
You were the image I saw there
     You weaved in and out
And into my thoughts
     When I wrote you love letters
Yours were the hands that held them
     Yours were the eyes that read them
I fell in love, it had to be you.


    The Perfect Land

    The perfect land is far away,
    far away to where clouds are white
And everythings alright
    And decisions are easy to make
The perfect land is far away,
far away to where flowers bloom
    And theres plenty of room
For a person to be right there in your sight.
    The perfect land is far away,
Where the air is alawys clear
    And there is no fear
To do what you think is right
    Run away, far away, to
Where the trees are all pines
    And no one cares if you are old
I want to
    Run away, far awy,
Where the confusion is gone,
    And I am not a pawn,
To Emotion.



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