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?City Overview
Vancouver is the world's most livable places.
Vancouver is Canada's industrial center, population 2.1 million, is
Canada's third largest city in Western Canada's largest city, but
also North America's third largest port and an important transit point for
international trade, is one of the world's leading exporter of wheat. Mainly
depend on forest resources, tourism, fishing and metallurgy.
Vancouver is located in the entrance west coast of Canada, Canada, the United States
north of the border, backing surface ocean, climate is uncertain, but very mild. Other
regions of Canada, the summer temperature about 20 ℃ in winter and rarely lower
than 0 ℃. Vancouver, the most impressive is the foot of the mountains covered by
glaciers is public island dotted bay, trees, the picturesque, is a rich green residential
city, world famous tourist city. Street construction along the coastline and very
characteristic, the city's design focus, walking among them, relaxed feeling
fresh. For the tourists as the local residents, Vancouver is the first city in the air is
fresh, excellent quality of life, incredibly useful, popular sailing, fishing, hiking
campaign. Winter skiing, gardening year round.
Vancouver is full of natural scenery around outside, ride starting from the Avenue, just
30 minutes, will see the Great Plains, riding in the grasslands, really feel our hearts
wide, wide world and the United States. To exposure to busy street, want to get close
to nature, then Vancouver is a good place not less than. In 2006 named the
world's best cities to live in Vancouver for the third in the world. June 8,
2009, "The Economist" Intelligence Unit published the latest in
the world livable cities list, and Vancouver topped the list again.
Education is developed in Vancouver, British Columbia and Simon Fraser University
are in the city. Greater Vancouver Regional District about 10 million ethnic Chinese,
the Chinese community is one of North America's largest Chinese
Vancouver has more than 200 years of history.
Vancouver In the early 19th century, it was a wilderness; only some of the original
indigenous hunting and fishing to live life. In the 19th century, with the rise of
modern industry and the discovery of new mineral resources; therefore start the
Canadian economy has made mound?
1792, British Captain George Vancouver's expedition ship sailing to the
Burrard Inlet area. Since 1862, European immigrants settled in the Gulf Coast,
established a sawmill town called Granville.
In 1867, the nickname "Gassy" Jia Tai Cotton (Jack Deighton)
came here, he Gastown Chinese-Crystal Street (Water Street), the site of Gastown,
Sharon built a wooden bar (Saloons) for all sides to the pioneers rest, this is the first
hotel in Vancouver, the origin. Persons in the city moved westward to the