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Took the two.
Relax it?
A few days before the recall examination, are still a little nervous it - teachers, parents
still own.
No matter how tense time, but really into the examination room, took the paper that
could not bear to open when the heart is heavy or uneasy calm down.
Probably because there is no room for it.
Always this way, things are always excited before, but really came, but peace of mind.
I remember quite a while before the fire, "2012." I remember a
clip - when the surging waves over Mount Everest, a Temple of the old abbot hand
and gently twist the prayer beads and closed his eyes, his face filled with calm and
collected - the background of great momentum and the elderly in stark calm Contrast -
silence - shocked.
I am deeply touched by the - one could be so calm in the face of death the soul, a ray
can be so calm and face the reality of the mind, which is Chan Yu's
"quiet" it.
So, the night before the exam, the teacher let me write on the blackboard,
"Keep the test center health", I did not write, but passionately
written in large letters - "clean heart, to a clean. - Started this (1) class
declaration. "
Colleges to sit I feel that it is not ideal.
Yesterday evening, I and its pleasure to read, "Avatar" out of the
theater, they received a cold generally bad news - my English exam, 147 points (/
150). In others it seems to be pretty good, but I was very upset - out of the midterm
exam, but, ah! Moreover, total loss of 3 points in the hearing on the ah!
I heard my three main subject of scores, I do not want to say - I exam and midterm
exam but the tree was the first of 44 city blocks and eight school entrance exam the
first one of the signs there ah, but the three main subject Some 150 × 2 and 130, I 8
points lower than others! Where discharged to a few did not know!
Fortunately, the next day I learned that, because my politics and history better than
others, I struggled to keep my first, I sighed with relief.
But! What is my first quality is there?
I have to sit up.
No, not yet. Who knows how many lives the way we test it on?
I relax it?
About it.
It is probably this winter.

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