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					Contrary to / / expect ..
Half-day examination period
It's that a stop
Under this first contempt
The six-course
Actually test two and half days
Really ...
Our Mind and Body Day ah

I'm used to
Start from a nightmare every time the College Entrance Examination
About my language exam
"Glorious history"
Is not to say
What a cold heart
I reported that the mortal mind
Into the examination room
Ready to begin a nightmare
Then came the chemical
Unprecedented calm answer
Is an unprecedented examination of the 30-minute
On the complete answer I Anshuang the
So ended the first day
Also happy to despise it numb
Pleased that the chemical test was good
Despise the school day for test 2
Numb is that the language
Read more books at home a little
The next day the mathematical
Should continue to get full marks?
The subjects to be the most adept
Examination into the sophomore has not had double-digit ...
I want this to continue this glorious a
This state of mind
Wrong ... big mistake ... especially wrong
Seven school entrance exam, after all, not a pediatrician
Papers were full of articles looking at the calculation
This is ultimately most ultimately most far the most annoying gadgets
Shaking ...
The more intense the more test
Half an hour of inspection time
No detect an error even
I began to imagine ...
Is it not wrong?
Wrong again ... big mistake ... especially wrong
Habit of returning to the classroom on the answer
Watched 16 minutes into the hell ...
I told myself
Proud of it ...
Failure of the bar ...
Ha ha ha ha ...
It feels right ...
Test here
Exactly half of the
Look at the strengths mercilessly hang
Looked weak whereabouts are still unknown
Bio exam immediately
Sleepwalking half an hour
Another exam begins
I had not the state
Can not stop and
Serious answer
Vacantly 忽忽
Answer a question with a biological point of these worthless stuff
With a 2 / 3 of the time answered the
Cursory examination of the once
I started waiting for the bell
Quickly to end this nightmare the morning of general
Physical pm
I have no way out
I can not afford to have under
Indefinite item multiple-choice questions that 4 of a bet the
Not sure of all the radio bar
Examination of the time is always very ample
Unfortunately, there are still a mistake
Slip through the net into
Ah ... the end of the nightmare it quickly
English was next door only
So far the five test
2 Yes
Two missing
1 confirmed hang
At home
Can not wait to surf the net searching for answers
I read the multiple-choice questions all of the modern
Soon moved to tears
I seemed to see a washed up 70 points in the hope
District fraction
Seems to me there has been a good ranking in the year with the hope of
I seem to forget how math is tragic
Forget the biological may be a mess ...
Finally one of the
Excitement began with the English language exam
Not sure of the title
Countless ...
But this does not matter
Exam is finally over
I told myself
If this crash
Next up again
I'm sorry teacher Zhu
I should not have class and do not listen carefully
I should not have the contents of your class so dismissive terms
I have let themselves
I should not so proud
I should not so self-righteous
Last math class
Zhu teacher you see I do not listen carefully
I asked how many points Midterm exam plan
I was so disdain
I actually dazzled by those who win
Completely blacked out
This is really wrong ...
Went to the office to see results
Also good to see a few doors
When the Chinese in the classroom, spreading the Good news
HoHo .. out of my chemistry

Language examinations ...
This time really
I'm shocked
Even so
Basic knowledge of the previous six
We were all wrong
Nothing .. 3 only
Then the modern culture of reading
Gambling ...
4 Select 12 points
Guess it ..
Guess ah ..
Last bad luck
It hangs with 67 points
The luck of the
Leave it with 77 points
This is also called the exam?
The composition is also quite sad
But I can accept the
Simply do not know what to write essays
Can get 22 points
So .. on 77 points come
It is unbelievable
The thought is the collapse of
Like gambling ...
But this time I won
Burst of laughter
Physics 97
I am content to
Unlike a person
The test to give me 96 months
I entered the Mathematics Office
Tremble with fear
I know
Score of 80 is far far from satisfied
I know
I reflect on this ... I should not be under ...
The midterm come to an end
I need to forget about it two days
Play with me ... play with me ...
I have just heard the sad news English
Well .. I think the
Once again, I stumble in math and English at the foot of ...
Had to tell myself
Next time ...

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