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									UMTDBA Admissions Centre, Beijing, China
Advisory Teacher: He Yan teacher teacher
Tel :010-63142480 01084673142
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Advisory QQ: 429809964 971692496
Advisory Teacher: He Yan teacher teacher
Tel :010-63142480 01084673142
Mobile: 13718717015 13146524568 strict teacher `HE teachers
Fax :010-84673835
Official Website:
Advisory QQ: 429809964 971692496
UMT DBA Project Profile (Introduction of UMT DBA Program):
UMT DBA is an innovative, high-level project, aimed at senior practitioners and
senior management to provide an extremely high degree of consultation and depth of
applied management research and education, goal is to train a group of Chinese
enterprises for Administration of senior personnel .
UMT DBA full account of participants in the project design to facilitate coordination
of work, life and job learning research. Teaching is flexible, full services Gengrang
students to concentrate on study and research, without the need for learning trivial
?UMT DBA project completed two years in three phases. The first stage of course is
to learn, a total of nine courses and three thematic courses (all foreign teacher), within
a year; the second phase of doctoral thesis and defense, in the period of enrollment,
and teaching topics, in the completion of the course study completed within one year
after the writing; third stage stage abroad, mainly to study tours abroad, to participate
in the graduation ceremony and the degree of international legalization.
?【UMT DBA project will provide participants with the core values】:
u forefront of learning and studying international management ideas and share
practical experience in innovation management, new vision to expand business
management, new ideas, new methods, research into management problems solution.
u build a high-level contacts Resources Network. School students have the
opportunity to close with the Chinese and foreign top professors, learn together,
improve the skills of senior business management, DBA interaction between students
have the opportunity to achieve high-quality business cooperation, gained valuable
contacts business resources.
u both work and study at the same time, issued by the U.S. prestigious internationally
recognized Doctor of Business Administration, to build a new milestone in your life
and create a new starting point of your life. You create a system for the training,
theory enhanced high-level platform for the exchange of actual combat.
Object】 【Admission:
◆ core decision-making and senior management;
◆ business management senior consultant or trainer;
◆ Senior Management staff and senior management educators.
?【Course】 Curricula of Program:
9 Course 9 Special Courses (33 credits)
MGT 355 Management of Behavioral Science (Management as a Behavioral Science)
6 credits
MGT 358 Ethics in Management (Current Issues in Management) 3 credits
MGT 359 Management of modern business operations (Managing Modern Business)
3 credits
MGT 360 International Management (International Management) 3 credits
MGT 365 Economics and Financial Theory (Economic and Financial Theory) 3
MGT 366 Leadership and Ethics (Leadership and Ethics) 3 credits
MGT 368 Business and Government Relations (Business-Government Relations) 3
MGT 395 Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Technology Innovation and
Entrepreneurship) 3 credits
MGT 399 Advanced Research Methods (Advanced Research Methods) 6 credits
Three thematic courses 3 Issue Courses (12 credits)
MGT 310 Research and Analysis (Analytical Techniques in Research) 6 credits
MGT 320 The philosophical foundation of knowledge and research (Philosophical
Foundations of knowledge and Research) 3 credits
MGT 350 Management Thoughts and evolution (Evolution of Management thought)
3 credits
Opening title reports and dissertation phase of The sis of DBA (15 credits)
Dissertation research methods and writing Doctoral Research & Thesis
Students design their own opening report, signed by the instructor agreed to start
writing. Papers after several changes recommended by supervisors to "PhD
dissertation committees" before the respondent.
?【Teaching method: small classes, one class to participate in the Forum, under the
guidance of instructors in doctoral dissertation. European and American doctoral
students using the latest training methods, their work for students to conduct
systematic research problems. Classroom teachers, targeted instruction, focusing on
case studies and seminars to help students improve strategic thinking, systems
thinking and integrated management of quality.
?Professor】 【Course: This project is from China, the United States and Hong Kong,
the three senior professors and lecturers, while inviting successful entrepreneurs,
economists and celebrities who set up the Forum, the Western management theory and
practice of China's management of the integration broaden horizons and
depth combined. The medium of instruction in Chinese, English courses provide
Chinese translation of the classroom.
】 【Teaching materials: American Management and Technology University senior
management recognized the Chinese teaching materials, reference materials for each
course are more than two, the instructor will provide appropriate information or notes
【Venue】 Beijing most of the courses selected classes at Peking University, Tsinghua
University, 5A grade teaching building multimedia classroom or conference center, a
small amount of course will also arrange the outskirts of Beijing or elsewhere,
including visits to local typical enterprises, and entrepreneurs, round-table dialogue
with the government people, and ask participants to self-organize a variety of
activities to enhance exchanges and cooperation between students.
?【Academic and teaching Arrangement: two-year. Curriculum the first year of study,
monthly use of one or two weekend classes; the second year of PhD thesis writing and
defense. Each participant with a PhD supervisor.
?Investment】 【study: registration fee of 2,000 yuan, the paper counseling defense
costs 18,000 yuan (including thesis guidance, defense and other learning materials,
assessment fees), fees 108,000 yuan, including textbooks, handouts, lecture fees,
educational facilities, user fees, degree certificate fee, tea break refreshments and
other expenses. Accommodation, transport costs and overseas study tours by the
participants themselves.
Note: the first time in after-school students within a week of non-school reasons
without refund.
】 【Overseas study: a period of 10 days of overseas study or business visit (voluntary
participation, not credits) student organization in the United States and
Europe's top business school, to visit the United States and Europe, leading
enterprises and institutions, to develop an international perspective.
?】 【Application Conditions: UMT DBA will be taken into account the basic quality
of applicants, educational background, work experience, team spirit and leadership
ability, merit. To ensure that students in the learning process UMT DBA benefits the
most, all applicants must meet the following basic requirements: a master's
degree or equivalent postgraduate diploma or graduate certificate; with more than
eight years experience and no less than five years or more Senior level management
experience in management of enterprises and policy makers; with more than five
years experience in senior management educators and consultants, senior management
of the project is also suitable for newspaper readers.
【Application Procedure】:
★ Please immediately to the UMT DBA Project Management Center of China
Beijing University Teaching obtain the application forms submitted before the
prescribed date a complete application data;
★ UMT DBA program admissions committee will be based on preliminary data of
the applicant's application. After qualifying and preliminary comments on
the referee after a comprehensive review, and ultimately decided to accept the list;
★ UMT DBA will provide for strict confidentiality of all information, if you are
hired, your application materials will become part of Archive, without being admitted,
a full set of application materials will not be returned.
?【Admission Information】: Fill Application Form, two letters of recommendation
(see application form), submitted to diploma / degree / qualification certificate
original and copy, copy of ID; large 6 inch color photograph hat (behind the
signature ); application fee of 2,000 yuan (non-refundable because of the body), after
passing the examination given by the Technical University of Management Admission
?【Certificate issued】: those who have completed all the courses, and PhD thesis (at
least 50 000 words) review compliance by "PhD thesis defense
committee" to reply, before students apply to the American Management
and Technology University and a doctorate in business administration, the
internationally recognized degree in U.S. law, if students attend the graduation
ceremony or to go abroad to participate in overseas business trip, excluding cost
(voluntary participants, including the cost to go abroad to participate in the graduation
ceremony of the visa fees, accommodation fees).
【Master, Bo tonal】: no master's degree, Master of graduation certificate
only students can apply for Shuoboliandu. Master of a conversion 6 to submit a
30,000 word thesis. Passed, granting a master's degree. Master's
and doctoral programs can cross at the same time, the academic structure to increase
six months, that is, two and a half years. No degree, no Master graduation certificate,
bachelor's certificates, and long-term management staff may also apply
Shuoboliandu. A conversion of 12 different courses, write a 30,000 word dissertation.
【Opening time and place】:
◆ opening time: in October 2009 8-11
◆ Venue: Beijing most of the courses selected classes at Peking University, Tsinghua
University, 5A grade teaching building multimedia classroom or conference center,
will also arrange small number of courses or field in the suburb of Beijing, including
visits to local typical enterprises, and entrepreneurs, government to round-table
dialogue, and ask participants to self-organize a variety of activities to enhance
exchanges and cooperation between students.
Fall semester classes Venue: Peking University Overseas Exchange Center
Conference Room 1
Deadline: for application from the limit of 30, until full.
UMT DBA Resource Education Project Management Centre of Beijing University in
Address: Resources Building, Peking University
Tel :0086-10-63142480 Fax :0086-10-84673835
Contact: HE teacher: teacher 13,146,524,568 13,718,717,015 Yen
Website: Http: / /
Appendix 1: Overview of Management University of Technology
American Management and Technology University (referred to as
"UMT" URL: in the U.S. capital
Washington, is a modern city university. School in the world-renowned management
expert, the main Xiweilianmu Council. Wales Ph.D. (of the former director of the
Technology Committee, U.S. President Bush, the U.S. House of Representatives,
former Secretary-General) and the world's leading project management
experts, academic principal, Dr. Frame ( Former President Bush and former Clinton
White House Executive Office adviser, who is also IBM, Lucent, Morgan Foundation
and other well-known management consultancy business has) led to the modern
project management is known the world's leading universities. The school
has all kinds of bachelor, master and doctoral education, but also set up professional
education program certificate. So far, UMT training of students has reached 50,000.
Many graduates have become the political, academic and business dignitaries.
UMT in the United States Commission on Higher Education, Virginia, regular
institutions of higher learning duly authorized, by the United States Commission on
Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA, WWW.CHEA.ORG) recognition, UMT is
authorized by the U.S. Department of Education Distance Education Accreditation
Council (DETC.http: / / certification approval, may legally carry in the
world of higher education and formal degree-granting universities (Note: U.S.
Regional Certification Commission for the Certification undertaken outside the
university master's degree, doctorate of education, strict limitations) . The
school also won the 2006 U.S. Department of Education certification authority for
their PMI (Project Management Institute and Project Management Global
Certification) certification: This has greatly enhanced its academic status.
In the United States Department of Education's Web site can easily be
found in UMT is one of the U.S. Department of Education recognized university
( The People's Republic of
China Embassy in the Education Department has a written confirmation [U.S.
teaching permit word 2001 (029)], that the school has awarded Master of Science,
Master of Business Administration, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) status.
UMT in China has successively with Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing
Normal University, Yunnan University in cooperation with dozens of institutions of
higher education, organized project management master's degree and MBA,
DBA program, its curriculum introduced by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly
Exchange, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Jiangsu Provincial Education
Department, Education Department of Guangdong Province, Yunnan Province
Department of Education, Beijing Municipal Education Commission and other
regulatory approval or filing.
Starting from May 2001, UMT introduced by the Chinese Foreign Experts Bureau,
and more than a dozen well-known Peking University Cooperation, held in China,
Master of Project Management. UMT first batch of trainees come from IBM, AT
& T, Lucent Technologic, Mogen Stanley, United Nations, the China
Aerospace Group, the World Bank. China's Shenzhou spacecraft
commander Yuan Jiajun, and other more than 40 CEOs and senior aerospace group
are batch student designers.
Appendix 2: Certification Authority
· UMT is the American Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) members of
the school, degree awarded certification by the Commission. American Distance
Education and Training Committee is the U.S. subsidiary of the Federal Ministry of
Education, Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) of the subordinate member of the
regular U.S. national higher education accreditation agencies.
In the United States, after a major certification body accredited university, where in
the CHEA database can be searched.
Click to enter # VA
u school certified by the following authority:
* Federal Ministry of Education, USDE:
* United States Commission on Higher Education Accreditation CHEA
* Education and Training Council DETC U.S.
* Project Management Institute (PMI) awarded UMT "educational
institutions, the global project management authority" certificate
u UMT School license:
* Virginia State Council of Higher Education grant UMT PhD, MS degree-granting
* Virginia Commission on Higher Education granted the MBA degree-granting UMT
* U.S. agencies awarded UMT GRE exam test agency code book
* U.S. agencies awarded UMT GMAT exam test agency code book
* U.S. agencies awarded UMT TOFEL exam examination authority code book
* Virginia, on the credit certificate of UMT
* Chinese Embassy in Washington on the evidence of UMT
u Related links:
1. UMT is the Federal Ministry of Education of the United States Commission on
Higher Education (CHEA) authorized by the American Distance Education and
Training Certification Commission for Certification of a research university. Specific
page, please see the U.S. Accreditation Council for Distance Education and Training
on the UMT DETC accreditation:
2. UMT is the U.S. Project Management Institute (PMI) authorized a
"global        project     management     authority of        the educational
institutions." Project Management Association of the United States about
10 million members worldwide, is the world's one of the leading project
management association.
PMI on the American Management Association awarded UMT "global
project management authority of the educational institution" and that:
(Project Management Institute and Project Management Certification special approval
of the world
American Management and Technology University the right to grant the following
degrees: Doctor of Management, MBA, Master of computer, information technology
master's degree and Master in Management.
Duration: August 1, 2006 to July 31, 2013)
Project Management Institute and Project Management Global Certification Centre
(PMI) is a U.S. certification authority for the Ministry of Education.
It certification, including Boston University, University of Maryland, including a
number of well-known institutions.
The PMI's certification documents are available in English or Chinese web
Please check these two websites:
PMI Chinese website published:
PMI            English      and         published        on         the       website:
3. UMT participated in the federal Department of Defense for military personnel on
the job training of non-traditional learning scheme, please see the website
4. UMT School License:
5. The People's Republic of China Embassy in the U.S. on
UMT's proof:
6. UMT Virginia Higher Education Commission awarded a doctorate and
master's degree in recognition of MS:
Please check this page:
7, the Chinese Ministry of Education Service Center for Scholarly evidence
8, UMT has been the introduction of China's ratification of the relevant
educational authorities and the record:
l Department of Education Degree Office of Yunnan Province approved by the joint
school record 【<2003 "01】
l Chinese Ministry of Education Service Center for Scholarly qualification documents
【<2004> 001】
l Shanghai Education Commission approval of the record 【cooperative education
(high)】 No. 113 words
l Provincial Education Department approval for Joint filing: 03001
l Department of Education of Guangdong Province approval of the record
【<2004> 63】
l Beijing Municipal Education Commission approval of joint schools in the
record ... ...
Appendix III: Some teachers will be invited to introduce
Principal description:
Dr.J. Davidson Frame is the United States, founder of the project management
profession and academic discipline one of the leaders, the current U.S. Project
Management Institute (PMI) Board of Directors, American Management and
Technology University (UMT) academic principals, the United States Yang Collip
Group ( YCG) Vice President, American Management and Technology University
Project Director of the Centre of excellence.
In addition to coaching at the university, the Dr. Frame also led the academic experts
and professors active in the White House, federal and local governments, the World
Bank and other international organizations, and large enterprises in the United States
and the European project management guidance.
He worked in George. Washington University and American Management and
Technology University to create a project management master's and
doctoral education. He served as Project Management Institute (PMI) Accreditation
Committee chairman, to establish and implement a project management professional
qualification (PMP) certification system, presided over revised PMBOK Guide. His
monograph, "project management", "project
management         in     organizations",      "new       project
management", "project competitiveness" such as
project management discipline has become an authoritative book.
Promotion of project management in China, Dr. Frame to China for academic
exchanges on many occasions, free hold project management training and lectures.
J. Davidson Frame, Ph.D., PMP:
The current president of the American Management and Technology University and
Professor of Academic and current Project Management Institute (PMI) Board of
Executive Directors, served as Project Management Institute (PMI) Accreditation
Committee Director 6, 1994, PMI received a special contribution award in 1995 by
PMI Best contributor award. Two former presidents, former U.S. Executive Office
adviser, who is also AT & T, IBM, Lucent, Morgan Stanley consortium
known total enterprise management consultant.
William Wells, Ph. D, PMP
Professor UMT. U.S. Apollo moon program director of the project, he also served as
former U.S. President Bush's science and technology policy adviser, and
former U.S. President Bill Clinton's science and technology policy adviser.
Dr. Wells served in the United States, George Washington University Graduate
Director of Project Management, Project Management Association, American
professional publication "Project Management Journal" editor.
Thomas Block, Ph.D., PMP
Professor UMT. Guide the establishment and management of "project
management office," the authorities, he and Dr. Frame co-edited the
"project management office - the key to effective management of the
project," a book. Mr. Block served as EDS and other well-known project
management consulting director.
John Ronald Carey, Ph.D., PMP
Professor UMT. Retired U.S. Army Brigadier General. Excellent project manager
twice won the Army Award. George Washington University and has taught at the
University of Texas. On project management published research papers. Current U.S.
Department of Defense, the Army and the Federal Bureau of Small Business
Xiabin Guo Department of State Development Research Center, Institute of Finance,
the State Council think-tank researcher
Contemporary well-known economist Mao Yushi registered a visiting scholar at
Harvard University, the Asian Development Bank registered consultancy
Wei Jie Associate Dean of Tsinghua SEM-known economist
Zhongming SASAC research center director, Dr. of Economics
Chun-Guang Ma International Business and Economics International Business School
Dean, Professor, Doctoral Advisor
Ju Yu Peking University, China Professor, Peking University Economic Research
Wong Heng science professor at Peking University, management doctoral tutor, Head
of the Department of Public Economics experts enjoying special government subsidy
Zhang, Peking University, Peking University Dr. Jin Rongxue the same time as the
Society of Investment Banking
Meng Qingxuan Visiting Professor of Peking University Stanford University finance
Ph.D. Senior Research Fellow leading financial experts
Jiang Xuping Tsinghua University Professor of the authority of the domestic
e-commerce and Internet marketing expert
Zhan-Ming Jin Tsinghua University PhD supervisor strategic management experts
Chen Zhan Yun Shanghai famous economist, Shanghai University, Professor, doctor
of economics, specializes in investment and capital operation
Sun Mao Zhu Renmin University of China School of Business PhD supervisor,
Paul Body Business School of Renmin University of China, Professor,
Appendix IV: Evaluation of the authority of the media UMT
1, "after a long exploration in Western developed countries, modern project
management gradually developed into an independent scientific system has become
an important branch of modern management, project management professionals in
short supply, to achieve project management has become the professional degree
Master of Business Administration After another hot spot. ""
introduced American scientific system of the project management profession, choose
to project management Master of Science, Doctor of education and professional
certification training and the famous Technical University of Management as partners.
"" fill the Subject of Management Education a blank.
- Excerpt from "Daily" February 21, 2001 article
2, "the former Associate Dean of Tsinghua University Chen
Chih-introduction of Management and Technology University in the United States to
the high degree of project management education and professional certification
training is known, the school principal, Dr. Frame is a world-renowned project
management expert," "To and the world's most
advanced management education, integration, filling gaps in the field of management
education in China, to welcome the accession to WTO international cooperation and
competition after the challenges, to help Chinese entrepreneurs, managers, managers
of world-class ranks of the economic body, Zhongguancun ... ... and the United States
Management Technical University has decided to start this year in China, jointly
organized by project management in postgraduate courses. "
- Excerpt from the Guangming Daily, June 7, 2001, February 15 article
3, "Technical University of Management Education in China cooperation
projects have been highly praised by the Ministry of Education." Today
"My first professional project management graduate class of 91
graduates" were well-known economist from Beijing University, Professor
Yan of China and the discipline of modern project management veteran, chairman of
American Management and Technology University Professor in the hands of Wales,
took over in U.S. universities awarded two postgraduate certificates. "
- Excerpt from the Ministry of Information Office February 19, 2003 article
Appendix 5: UMT in China
Advisory Teacher: He Yan teacher teacher
Tel :010-63142480 01084673142
Mobile: 13718717015 13146524568 strict teacher `HE teachers
Fax :010-84673835
Official Website:
Advisory QQ: 429809964 971692496

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