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									UCB School of Business DBA Management Ph.D.
UCB School of Business DBA Management doctoral brochures
Course Description

Advantages】 【UBI Courses
1. UBI for the top ten business schools in Europe and academic standing.
(Www.best-education.org) ranked ninth in Europe
2. UBI for the Belgian national best business schools, academic flourishing.
(Belgium, EU headquarters in Brussels, is Europe's political, economic,
educational center)
3. UBI is a highly international business school, curriculum leader in advanced
(From around 72 countries of international students, so the exchange of experience)
4. UBI Business School agreed to the second foreign language as medium of
(Chinese language courses within the context of its recognition, help domestic
entrepreneurs continued access study)
5. UBI vast majority of professors to direct industrial elite, educated experience this
(85% of the professors and industry has a tight match, Case, and internship
6. UBI Business School students a high level and wide, alumni organizations around
the world
(Co-educational institutions Alumni Club of more than 50 countries worldwide,
contact frequency)
7. UBI Business School graduate employment rates, business competition for
(The world's 500 largest companies in the recruitment of more than 120
graduates to register)
8. UBI Business School's DBA Doctor of Business Administration
entrepreneurial training course is the most popular high degree courses
(MBA master more and more, Ph.D. is the true symbol of high education)
9. UBI Business School's DBA Doctor of Business Administration of the
social value
(Greatly enhance the image has a doctorate in the promotion offering job-change
increase the competitive advantage for themselves, a symbol of power and wealth)
10.UBI Business School's DBA Doctor of Business Administration is a
highly intelligent platform for a network of high-wealth
(Knowledge, make friends, practical strong, comprehensive integration of social
resources, build healthy ecosystem of high-level)
UBI Business School in Europe Su-renowned, award-winning
Top 10 European Business School: the best of the top ten European Business School
(www.mbainfo.com / ranking.htm)
Top 20 European MBAs: European top 20 largest MBA Business School
Top 10 European MBAs: the top ten best colleges in Europe Master (By IEC)
(www.best_education.org) ninth

Enrollment object

1. Foreign university approved by the school of Business Administration degree
(MBA) or more.
2. More than five years experience from top management positions.
Reference conditions:
1. Firm size in more than one thousand head and regional head.
2. More than medium-sized business owners and general manager.
3. Higher than ten years experience of professional managers and business related


The first stage - the main course to entities
Strategic Marketing Management Marketing Strategic Management
Multinational financial Multinational Corporation Finance
Research Management Methods Management Methods
Paper Writing Method Methodology of Dissertation Writing
Senior Economics Advanced Economics Theory
Multi-cultural management Multinational Cultural Management
Organizational behavior leadership skills Organizational Behavior &
High-Tech and Venture Capital High-Tech Development & Risk
The second stage - the main guide to doctoral
Research proposal submitted by domestic and foreign entrepreneurs to exchange
research progress report
To visit the world top 500 enterprises to submit graduation papers
Students enrolled, the first recommendation of a UBI Management Institute
commissioned by the Chinese tutor.
Contact with the Chinese teachers can meet, phone and e-mail and other methods,

Teaching staff

Experienced by the domestic business teacher, university professor well-known, KBC
Business School professor and senior fellow of the International Professor of external
served. "In school professors yes really to take care of us, they cause their
outstanding background and reputation of pride, but also to students of Wei Qi UBI
proud. That is how, and he will urge you, challenge you and, most importantly, help
you. "

Tuition and academic

School system: two to five years
Learning style: at least once every 2 months, 2 days each
Tuition: Tuition: 12.8 million; Registration fee: 3,000

Other Help

Course mode:
1. Training components: (in-service training, 1-2 years)
A. Special training, supported by corporate professional planning, guided by a
full-time doctoral.
B. Paper training, presented over 100 papers.
2. Fixed Courses: (at least once every 2 months, each time 2 days)
A. Court appointed director of elite schools and doctoral-level instructors personally
B. Designated areas of the school a professional master instructors, international
curriculum about 2 to 3 times.
3. Intensive course: international and national designated school master of business
administration program.
Course Fee:
1. Registration fee: RMB 3,000
2. Tuition dollars 128 thousand yuan (including course fees, certification fees, Ph.D.
fees, graduation fees).
3. During the course room and board, books, fees, miscellaneous support their own
4. Overseas courses, the graduation ceremony of the ticket costs themselves.
Degree Application Process:
I. Qualification:
Prepare information -
1. MBA Certificate (copy)
2. The school credits, certification information (copy)
3. Three letters of recommendation (references needed to have a Ph.D. or community
leaders who teach more than academic qualifications, such as the Association, Dean,
Second, degree application:
1. Completed graduate application form (see attached), after completing the
application form, together with the application procedures cost 800 yuan should be
paid the school office.
2. To pay the two-inch photos 6 (with a ballpoint pen to write on the back of Chinese
and English names).
3. Interview by interview after interview, to attend to obtain a doctorate qualification
time DBA.
4. Submission outline / study plan (which can be decided with the instructor)
Third, for admission:
1. School will determine the qualifications of applicants, the 14 working days, the
issuance of letter of admission (Acceptance Letter); disqualified from applying for
documents will not be returned.
2. For admission, and submit Registration fee: RMB 3,000 (non-refundable for any
reason, two weeks later received an e-learning online English registration card /
3. Within one month, the school will arrange and notify the official class time and
Students enrolled, UBI School of Management, a Ph.D. from the University
commissioned by the Chinese tutor. With the Chinese doctoral counseling classes can
be met, telephone and e-mail and other methods; Ph.D. contact primarily through
e-mail and fax.
Location Campus Location:
United Business Institutes in the Belgian capital city of Brussels (Brussels), is one of
the oldest style of nineteenth-century buildings, but with complete modern facilities,
located in the city center, convenient transportation, near the train station and bus
Language school Language:
School campus-based courses in English tailor; international course on the courses,
language as a second language throughout. Repair of local English students should
add other second language.
Advanced Business Curriculum advanced business courses:
Course of the design focus Fan Yingzai indicated that the community of the need to
consider, Xueshenggebie the knowledge gap, Jiu, as the employer of Yaoqiuyiban
Zhong Yao Qi Ye; Bulun yes classroom Shanghai Shi Ketangzhiwai, students at 我们
rich management system and Te Bie's Shequn in can learn from personal
experience to the organization, from communication skills to encourage ways,
whether related or other areas of economic useful knowledge.

Tel: 5,230,390,329,262,519
QQ: 34025367

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