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Video sharing sites have is time to ponder what is truly effective business model - the
cash flow is always the most hard truth, not just stare at the popularity and traffic.
Three years ago, when Google astronomical 1.65 billion when the acquisition of
Youtube, the video sharing site a domestic cheered.
However, the subsequent days were not as perfect, though Google on YouTube a
series of "reform," but sharing model is still difficult to find
business expectations. Recently, the U.S. "Business Week" or
even pointedly, Google should take that video Wangzhan transformation into a video
search engine, not only its own video search site, also should be able to search for
external video.
Year, Youtube, myth gave its Chinese video sharing sites such as the growth sprung up,
but the billions of dollars in venture capital, does not create a profitable line of
business: The site is still in "burn" period. Youtube aura
subsided, the charm began to be replaced by, which is a genuine film and
television programs for free viewing of Internet sites, through the authorized
on-demand model to provide video resources.
In the world's largest network of video-on-demand platform, CEO Luo
Jiangchun popular opinion, including the Youtube video sites, including global
network have been realized only by UGC (video sharing) content, is difficult to
support a video on the future, to the video on demand Transformation is inevitable.
Because of very low viscosity video sharing users, the users are generally low
switching costs. Video on demand has become the mainstream video, how to play the
main value of the entire industry to do next.
China's video site also have been aware of this crisis, Tudou CEO Wang
Wei and even dished out the "video sharing traffic is 'industrial
waste'," the self-deprecating, and began to self-revolutionary
transformation. Quietly between the gathered traffic pattern has been to share the
video sharing site, have started turning. Youku television network said it would
cooperate and marketing as the future focus, and television, film and television
production sector and other content providers alliance.
Even Thunder also join the camp of video on demand. Two months ago, to download
the software for the main business of the Thunder said trying to transition to the
online video portal, Thunder CEO Zousheng Long said, "Thunderbolt of
the idea is that video content providers to place their products to the Thunder of the
channel to sell, As a channel platform is the payment of advertising into Thunder.
Effective business model
Everyone knows that the video site is "burn" in industry,
Tencent CEO Pony Ma said, the network video bandwidth, servers, content and
resources required are very high, invested huge, two million U.S. dollars a month to
burn, so, Tencent not massive investment in this area will be rashly.
In fact, in addition to the high cost of bandwidth and server, the most distress to video
sharing sites, they have not been able to find a good path to profitability. As the film
off the contents of the concern about uncertainty, and a number of copyright-free
content mixed up, Youtube to face similar confusion. Up to now, Youtube, only 3% of
the traffic can be advertising, and newcomer Hulu FOX and NBC due to proximity to
two major television stations, all of its HD content can be genuine ads.
"We need to do under the new broadband video lifestyle trends. In the user
level, we hope to guide new Internet TV lifestyle; used to TV ads for advertisers, this
means no more additional advertising creative and production costs.
"Luojiang Chun said," In fact, advertisers are most concerned
about the effect of advertising, they are more willing to add a 90-minute film
broadcast advertising, which is more consistent with the psychological acceptance of
the audience, rather than Advertising inserted into a shoot-off by a small video
uploaded. because small video regardless of the content or expression is concerned,
are difficult to carry brand advertising. "
He said: "Customer experience is essential, browser-based video sharing
model is a fragmented user experience, fragmented view, plot and difficult to form
lasting attention and sticky."
In Cisco Systems as Web conferencing technology architect and project leader of the
Luo Jiangchun founded in 2005, the popularity of the company from the outset to
determine the route of video on demand, even when the rage in the sharing site has
not changed . "Video sites are a long distance, direction must think about
and then to focus, persist to outperform." Luojiang Chun said. Currently,
the company has become the world's largest video-on-demand platform, in
2008, as has the world's leading P2P technology, and excellent operating
performance, popular name in the world's leading wind investment
magazine "Red Herring" global hundred on the list.
This is a technology oriented company. Three years ago, it launched the
world's first look under the edge of P2P on-demand software.
Joost's video about the U.S. than the popular demand for 6 months later,
Hulu is 15 months late.
In Luojiang Chun seems to find an effective business model is more important than
traffic. Video advertising, brand advertising will remain the mainstream, effective
type of advertising and advertising long tail (hundreds of millions of small and
medium enterprises represent a huge long tail advertising market) is a tributary.
"A Web site page can be inserted 23 10 ad, in fact, can not cause the
user's attention. But on the other hand the majority of advertisers do not
want to brand advertising attached to an unknown audience, copyright absence of
UGC content, the quality of the content , copyright, clarity, has increasingly become
the decisive competitive factor. "
"The logic of commercial development must first be a good product, then
there is a large volume and multi-user, and then is a good business model and revenue.
As good products to put in the human, material and financial resources more,
therefore the product well The company, broke out after the point they may rely on,
but in contrast, the outbreak of the period will be longer, power will be even greater.
The quality and innovative products, and building products focused on sustainability
and degree, determine business model is good or bad, and the amount of revenue.
"Luojiang Chun said.
Competition with the mainstream values of crossing
"In fact, the competition between the video sharing site, like a race to cross
the river, the beginning, we can only fight traffic, in fact, they fight is behind the VC.
As long as the money, enough money." 1 for the sector once said
"Into the video industry, like competition 'Super Girl'.
In 2006, the video industry has hundreds of companies involved in 'sea
election'. After 2007 and 2008, the 'promotion event'
after 2009, large-scale Internet only a dozen or video company. "Luojiang
Chun joked," Internet video is hot the last few years great cold, very
normal, large hot, hundreds of companies will swarm a lot of burn; large cold when
they have laid off or even close down. This phenomenon is neglected innovation of
domestic enterprises, blindly follow the trend closely related. "
In fact, the greater the flow the greater the mean cost, but on the other hand, traffic
and advertising revenue is not directly proportional. Proved this point, the number of
users on the huge gap between Hulu and YouTube, but Hulu's advertising
revenue growth is far more than rivals. For example, Hulu launched its first year made
90 million U.S. dollars in revenue, it is actually a network TV station. Youtube is
clearly aware of this, recently, Youtube 已经 operating costs in large, under pressure
from weakening the beginning of that original UGC Moshi, Yu CBS (CBS) He Zuo
version of TV-on-demand service launched Wan Zheng, and begin service by
Dianzishangwu selling music, movies, TV shows, video games, books, concert tickets.
YouTube is trying to play some of the longer, the potential appeal of video
programming, so that each program can make YouTube play more advertising.
"Now a lot of video sites do not make money, on the one hand is the new
media takes time to be accepted, on the other hand, video ads immature, standards are
not uniform, is a great constraint." Luo Jiangchun that, "To the
early online video profit, they must dig out the marketing value of the mainstream, we
must meet three conditions: the application of the mainstream, the mainstream crowd
and mainstream forms of advertising. Now we have more than 90 million users,
average daily number of 27 million players, the major user groups 25-year-old to
40-year-old highly educated, high-value people, who have the ability to brand
advertising pays the bill. "
"At the same time, the video site has first been related technologies and
products related to attract a mainstream high-value, such as popular AdVideo is a
'TV ads on the Internet', with large video box, in a television
program before the start of Play 3 45 seconds ad placement, clarity and performance
of vitality. That is to say, video ads only to approach the clarity of television media
and expression, to go beyond advertising or long-tail effect of the level of advertising,
carrying the mainstream brand advertising. only do these video sites can usher in the
spring of profit. "Luo think.
Yes, when YouTube booming, the country sharing sites springing up, the emergence
of hundreds of large and small, YouTube mode can not bring about real money, they
all began to change school Hulu mode, but this gorgeous turn behind extremely
expensive tuition fees. Luojiang Chun said: "The nature of online video
industry, some firms that are large and or fast and the whole superstition flow first,
ignore the essential issues: the establishment of business models and technical
direction of insight." Jing

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