Training Course Description: Efficient Execution by fdjerue7eeu


									Training Course Description: Efficient Execution
                     Training Course Description: Efficient Execution
                      ?Speaker: Liu Chengxi teacher
Course Aims
Executive power - currently the most popular topic, in the end what is the
"executive power" mean? Is generally more popular
understanding is "the ability to complete tasks," saying that
more academic definition of "enterprise ability to set strategic
goals." Each business will have a strategy, each manager will also have
demands on subordinates, regardless of whether the right or grand strategy,
requirements are clear, effective, and will bring their respective results. Enterprises
and managers have to face reality: between policy and reality is often a large gap,
there is a good plan, has not been implemented, there is no goal to reach, this is a
logical inference, but in fact "execution" is a very broad concept,
embracing the concept of strong often blurred many had specific things, if we simply
reverse to understand, or just to see the results without the cause, and map the level of
the organization concerned, "executive power" should refer to
the system through an effective, system, organization, culture, or the formation of
decision-making methods, technical operations and decision-making ability into the
results, just as "executive power" said the author of the book
"Execution is a specific set of behaviors and methods", cause
for concern, he used the unit is "group", every part of the match
to be successful, failure just a part of the misconduct, we must First, differential level
to understand the "executive power" meaning, one is the
individual's execution, and the other is to organize the execution.
    Speaking before, individuals showed overall execution, "and mandate
the implementation of" capability, Ying begs, Dan Duiyuqiye Zhong Ren
Yao finished with different for different tasks, the specific needs of different ability, in
the school's argument Guan Li , related to the ability of many definitions,
but generally nothing more than to experience, responsibility, knowledge and skills
combined, on the one hand refers to the ability to fulfill its mandate, on the other hand,
is judged whether the competency criteria and conditions of their work For an
organization, capable members of the higher quality and more quantity, in theory, the
stronger the ability of its implementation, but the practice of business, but not
necessarily so.
    Executive power of the whole enterprise is to implement and reflect the business
objectives of the enterprise's ability to set strategy, corporate behavior is
organizational behavior, organization of each member with a strong executive power
does not mean that the entire organization to have strong executive power, That does
not mean business enterprise execution by individual members of the cumulative
execution, it can be far less than or greater than the individual execution of
accumulation, the difference lies in whether or form a team of internal friction, the
reason it is because of organizational behavior also contains other information such as
delivery, coordination of division of labor and other features. Business execution must
be from an organizational point of view of only enough to comprehend the whole
picture, the concept of executive power, if widely extended, its wide enough to cover
most areas of management, limited time, just from personal experience of decades of
business, for creating enterprise execution of several key points, the formation of the
course content structure.

1. Understand the importance of execution? What is the concept of executive power?
2. Development of an effective middle-level cadres to improve the
company's strategic and operational objectives of execution
3. Professional staff development for enterprise development and improve the
execution of
4. Enables organizations to deepen the implementation of the requirements of power
to the departments
5. So that their strategic vision and objectives and requirements can be implemented
to the department and its members
6. Analysis of the reasons to deduct the execution and implementation of the elements
of the force generation and the corresponding charge of methods and techniques that
should be taken to enable students to grasp the decision-making and operational
7. The use of specific operational practices, analysis of execution below the higher
demands of reason.
8. Personnel management, practical skills, as well as on the pre-planning, mid-term
evaluation, final check of the processes and methods, through case presentation, so
that students can easily grasp.
Course Outline
Item number breakdown of hours of content
(Hrs) teaching methods
A thorough overhaul of executive power on
?1. Organizational Development and Execution
2. Neglected subject - the implementation of
3. Strategy and the reality gap between the problem of there
4. The meaning of "implement and complete the mission"
5. What is "the established strategic objectives to achieve
business" capability.
6. The measure of execution
7. Execution is a discipline
8. The implementation of a set of specific actions and methods
?Business implementation procedures and processes
?Leadership development and business execution
?Middle-level cadres and enterprise executives
?Staff team building and corporate execution
?Effective performance evaluation system and the execution
?Incentives and corporate execution
?Enterprise 1.5 implementation of execution culture and teaching methods
?Case study
2 Construction of the important acts of execution 1. The existence of business
purposes - Performance
2. Competent why execution
3. Sectoral shortcomings derived from the lack of execution
4. The competent execution of the four dimensions
5. Construction of the basis of organizational trust
6. To understand your business and employees
7. Is a practical one with merit-
8. Impart experience and training subordinates
9. Use of Personnel and the right man in right
10. Building code of conduct for executive power system
?Results-oriented, goal-oriented management
?Data management, there is no investigation, no right to speak
?Overall operational systems thinking
?Remove obstacles to active participation
?Focus on process control regulation
?Create a crisis
?Out of capacity for action
?Resolutely implement the decision of the matter
?Personally lead by example.
?Selected key personnel
?Active communication, goals and teaching methods and knowledge sharing 1.5
?Case study
3 effective implementation of the personnel process
?1. Go first to the people on the bus
2. Officers and key objectives of the process approach
3. How to make loyalty, solidarity, motivate and change issues are no longer a
4. Strong leadership and effective delegation
5. Reward and punishment mechanism: an accurate and appropriate incentives
6. Stringent personnel policies of the three practical
7. For the people, is the most important assets
8. How have the ability to select personnel
9. To establish the trust of talent
10. Pay attention to value and develop staff
11. And strategy, operational processes, link
12. Management of the operating mechanism of a resource assessment and teaching
?Case study
?Panel discussion
?Group published
4 Efficient implementation of the strategy process
?1. Strategy process strategy and performance management bird's-eye view
2. To communicate with subordinates and departmental objectives - how often do you
communicate with your subordinates to set goals
3. Strategic Management System - Enterprise vision, objectives and strategies - top
management strategy (policy) objectives - the middle level managers of the specific
plan of action - the daily work of grass-roots program
4. Analysis of the positive factors to achieve performance and negative factors
5. Analysis of acceleration factor and the destruction of factor
6. From the implementation of organizational performance to individual performance
7. Get a consensus and support of a team
5 efficient operation of the implementation process
?1. Work plan
?Forward-looking plans, decision-making and goal-oriented
?Plan to achieve the mission of his own department
?Action plan to become the basis for subordinates
?Plan to be able to evaluate the achievements of his subordinates benchmark
?Responsibilities assigned a clear mandate
?Grasp the key elements of success, make a push program
?Express time-table and the control scheme
2. Reasonable and effective decentralization of authority
3. Effective control
?View the plan and its implementation process of the deviation.
?The principle of control - control the status of implementation: through inspection,
testing, investigation, observation status and the standard control difference.
4. The allocation of resources and effective coordination of a
6 development team defines the culture
?1. Team cohesion and integration of consensus
?Shaping a common vision
?Team members agreed to strengthen the values of
?Members to strengthen the consensus
?Improve the operation of the team consensus, understanding and practices
?Individuals and organizations to improve the mobility team
?Elimination of the killer team.
2. An extension and expansion of the team - The power of culture
3. Emphasized a disciplined culture of teaching method
?Case study
?Panel discussion
?Group published
7 Conclusion 1. Practice Sharing
2. Q & A teaching method
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Contact: Shenzhen Maijin Shi, Assistant General Manager of Enterprise Management
Consulting Co., and Lecturer, Special Assistant Zeng Hua (teacher)
Instructor: Liu Chengxi (Taiwan) Special Assistant Lecturer: Zeng Hua (teacher)
Education: National Chengchi University law school graduate, MBA
Background, work experience
Director of the British law firm in Taiwan
Eurasian Law Firm Partnership Law
China International Electronic Co., Ltd. Yung CEO
Spring up, Ltd,
Consultant Co., Ltd. Taiwan Mai Jinshi executive vice president of business
Dragon Logistics Co., Ltd. Guangdong Executive Vice President
Shenzhen Mai Jinshi Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. CEO
Lectures and lecture topics
Corporate strategic planning and management
Annual strategic planning and implementation
Marketing and sales management
MTP Series in senior management
Art of charismatic leadership and governing
Authority and incentives
Situational Leadership
Leadership Strategies
Management advantages of shape
Advantage Business negotiation skills
Non-human resources manager, human resources
Recruitment and interviewing skills
Performance management practices
Training in internal lecturer
The implementation of leading edge sustainable
Account Sales Skills
Construction and management of sales force
Good communication and coordination
Inter-departmental communication skills
Subordinate training and coaching skills
Goal management and performance appraisal
Conflict management and organizational behavior
Speech and presentation skills
Problems and Solutions
Time Management
Emotional and Stress Management
High-performance innovative thinking
High performance team building
Customer service and complaint handling skills
Procurement Negotiation Skills
Communicate with customers, N Tips
Performance coaching and evaluation of interview skills
Enhance creative thinking ability
Leading Change and Innovation Management

Teaching methods:
Heuristic teaching, interactive teaching, experiential learning, group discussions, case
studies, role playing, simulation, management games,
Instructor for many years of practical experience and professional advisers in case of
an open share with you.
Lecturer in style;
Through the instructor easy to understand, humorous, original ideas on presentation,
so relaxed and happy learning; lecturer industry experience
Can be parsed for the real situation; instructor with a wealth of practical experience in
operating practices so that students can use to learn and use.
For case analysis and research, theory and practice can be fully integrated
Customer Comments: The two sides of famous trainer, teaching style, easy to
understand, humorous, unique ideas, knowledgeable, good at analysis and research for
the cases
Theory and practice to fully integrate good use of various training methods, rapid
deployment and active participation of trainees of rich practical experience and
operating practices Shi Xue is that students can use
, In a relaxed atmosphere to enhance rapid and effective. He accumulated thousands
of hours training course, teaching students accumulated hundreds of thousands of
people, by many enterprises (such as Foxconn, Sinopec,
Thousands of Chinese telecommunications companies) and students the recognition
and praise.

Main expertise and experience:
Strategic planning system to develop and promote, business management planning
system to develop and promote
Human capital system and training system, pay and performance systems,
organizational performance management system development and implementation
Enterprise Culture, business create value
Organizational design and integration of group resources
Corporate public relations crisis
Negotiation strategy formulation and planning
Leadership and Execution System
M & A strategy formulation, financial and tax planning, corporate counsel
Have a wealth of practical experience. The organizational structure of the various
types of enterprises, human resource systems are well known, has coached hundreds
of successful enterprises, with incisive insights, strict and responsible attitude and
unique teaching style has won the praise of many customers.

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Dragon Logistics Consultants annual business planning and general counsel of
Human Resources Project
ASIC Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, annual business planning
consultants and human resource projects
Fuhua Electronic Co., Ltd. Dongguan consultant, general counsel of Human
Resources Management Project
Aluminum Co., Ltd. Foshan Macao and the United States pay management and
performance management consultant general counsel of the project
Construction of New World Department Store Group, corporate culture and extraction
of the total project consultancy
Recent Consulting content:
1, strategic business planning
Strategic plan developed
Strategic Analysis
2, Enterprise Culture
Refinement of the core values and advocacy
Fully into CIS
Construction of complete culture carriers
3, organizational design
Structure Optimization
Departments function description, job description key posts
Post analysis
4, process and performance management system
Reveals the annual management strategy
Establish a performance management system, set key performance indicators for each
unit of (KPI)
Each flow is based on the company measure and specify the process for all of the
process performance.
5, payroll management system
Establishing grades and titles of the system
Set company wage policy
Adjust the salary structure (Compensation Structure)
6, the training system
Planning the annual training program,
To create different grades of staff knowledge and core skills (KSA)
All units self-training should be systematic
System of internal training system and lecturers
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