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									To thank Mr. Yang Rong
  Two days ago, the web search myself to Mr. Yang Rong accidentally found the
comments on my novel, my heart burst of joy. I do not know Mr. Yang, now I do not
know in the end he is still in the Sun Yat-sen in Guangxi Yulin Teachers work.
Therefore, I would like to know Mr. Yang's friends told me the situation,
Yang also expected to contact me, I must call to thank him!
      Mr. Yang Rong in the article entitled "The pain of life behind the
absurd --- Yao CD Fiction Writers" comments, the comments of all my
work before 2003, the paper published in the "national
literature" 09 In the second period on. I guess, Mr. Yang article was written
in by the end of 2003 or 2004, and in the "national literature"
where "queue" four or five years. According to some of my
friends said a professor, and sometimes there such a paper in the publication in 2035
is normal.
      Thanks again Mr. Yang Rong!

    ?Yang's comments attached

09 / 2 Ethnic Literature

The pain of life behind the absurd
                                 ?--- Yao CD Fiction Writers
                          ?Yang Rong
      Summary: Yao CD writer is following the "Guangxi Three
Musketeers", the recent rise of one of the important writers. He specializes
in Smart strokes, humorous account of the story, not without absurdity perspective the
evolution of characters hidden depths of the soul trauma, extreme absurdity of the
story seems hidden behind the fact of the plight of human existence and the depth of
spiritual pain thinking.
      Keywords: CD absurd plight of trauma survival
      Author: Department of Chinese Zhongshan University (PhD), Yulin Teachers
College Department of Chinese

    CD-ROM, whose real name is the text wave plate, is following the
"Guangxi Three Musketeers" after the rise in recent years, one
of the important writers. To date, the CD has published three novels:
"touch my chin," "please shoot me",
"Wang gangbanger's desire"; and in the
"Flower City", "Shanghai Literature",
"Zhongshan", "Guangxi Literature "and
has published dozens of short stories, a total of more than 200 million words. One
short story "The cow talk" of the "Guangxi
Literature" First Youth Literary Award; novel "King
ruffian's desire" in the literary world in particular the impact of
large, was the sixth Kim Guilin People's Award for literary and artistic
creation, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People's literary and
artistic creation Bronze Award for the fifth and sixth Literature Award nominated the
top 40. Broadly speaking, the CD dimension of the novel concerns focused on two
aspects: one is the general character of modern city living condition, ways of thinking
and values of the in-depth analysis and questioning; the other is on a post-Yao Jia the
identity of the Palestinian people against Yao Da historical changes in the living
condition of the description and Yao Jia Culture in Modern Thought. As a cultural
context of modernism novelist grew up, CD-ROM strokes at using the Smart,
humorous account of the story, not without absurd perspective of the evolution of
characters hidden depths of the soul trauma, extreme absurdity of the story in the
seemingly But lurking behind the survival of the human predicament and the depth of
pain thinking mind. Now I start to be discussed from two aspects.

              First, the "root" Writing: Based on the survival
of Pakistan Guicheng narrative with Da

      I always think that a good creative writer must have a permanent spiritual
fulcrum, and this pivot is undoubtedly the most solid foundation should be the
primary sense of his hometown. Only in this soil grow out of literature, only this is
"root" of the writing, be possible for us to present the most
vivid experience of life and the lives of the most solid texture. Paula With this spirit of
self-conscious writer, then no matter what the future off-site drift, he will naturally in
the literature on inherited home in the blood, which is more accessible and people
world wide. In fact, we can also write back to memory again and again to see a return
to the spirit of the process of territory, in this ongoing journey through time and space
in mind, had residual impression and vivid and clear picture again. It is this sense that
I value writing CD-ROM. Just as Shangzhou of the Jia; Yue of the Li Hang Yu;
density of the Mo Yan; Guicheng, Da Bus, Rose Town, a CD narrative starting point
and destination. This is full of strong "roots" consciousness
writing, so we have reason to believe that he has the potential to become a good
      The creation of the first disc centered mainly Guicheng. Guicheng is a city in
southern China, where there any cities have: the stone forest, economy, institutions,
hospitals, newspapers, factories, hotels, surging crowd, cross-flow of material desires,
human nature, fight, best love ... ... where every moment has a wide range of large and
small every day in the event of the story. As a newspaper editor, CD-ROM into the
city for any place in the story are different from ordinary people with sensitivity. Thus,
under the writer's Magic Pen, a story in Guicheng began. "Good
relations" in the University Zou sen in a non-existent prostitution incident
triggered a series of ironic story. Zou Sen had sent from well-meaning helping
behavior has also led to a police suspicion, interrogation and detention, his wife
attacked verbally, students take the opportunity to retaliate to the original simple event
becomes more complex and ambiguous. So the truth to prove their innocence in order
to make their early resumption of the normal order of life, since life has become Zou
Sen sole purpose. To this end, he conducted a protracted search for a prostitute, to
persuade his overthrow leave for the war, and eventually mental and physical fatigue
in this war. "Compartment glass" is about the engineer Zhou
Xiangli life, work experience, and thus commenced the narrative of the ups and
downs of his life. External separated glass is not only a difference of status, but also
blocked the most basic human warmth and trust and conscience. On the outside by a
pair of lovers, the location of replacement glass, cleverly perspective the modern heart
of the cold, loneliness and trauma. A pair had a loving couple because of the location
of each small displacement has a huge emotional cracks and gaps, the story can start
again, we do not know. If the "good relationship" and
"interlayer glass", the CD-ROM mercilessly ripped the family,
love, beautiful and illusion of representation, exposing their pale and weak inside,
he's another novel, "through the semi- Moon Valley
"is trying to hide the injury from the modern mind, give us a false illusions
of the world survive and why. Chen Shen Xiao-Yang's husband, famous
entrepreneurs Guicheng fish, but everyone's eyes romantic and tender man.
Reunion, he used luxury car transfers wife is amazed endless; away on business, a
warm message from the continuous, so that "happiness" Shen
Xiao-Yang moved inexplicable. But is such a legendary good husband, but was
accidentally encountered Shen and nurturing students, Miss Xu Xingzi embarrassing
situation. At the end, Shen Xiao-Yang Xu Xingzi face looked happy smile, and finally
to fight back under the "big secret", usually drunk fled the scene.
Escape may be a reluctant, but the reality is we can not face the fear and anxiety. Here,
perhaps I should also mention the disc first novel, "touch my
chin." In this work, the story is still in Guicheng. Smooth Zhao Renyi, vice
president of electronics and communication in the West, Shek Yam, Meng son, Tong
four women on the dealings of its capability has always been difficult to obtain inner
filling and satisfying. Finally, he finally return home with his wife, the love letters of
old contacts rediscovered the joy that simple to meet. Living in a void, the spirit of the
era of pale, CD-ROM is still hope, in a light that had been gathering dust for
Humanity has been cold in our emotional world.
      As a modern city of writers, CD-ROM does not desire in the city lost in a flood
of its own direction, but always in a unique way of expressing their feelings for and
understanding of the world. Objectively speaking, a period of time, our desire in the
city novels have been bogged down in mud. Bars, clubs, race course, coffee does not
seem to be our common characterization of the developed country, while the vulgar
imagination and groans of pleasure became their only means of attracting spectators.
Sensual lost cause flooding and human literature of our time inside the weakness and
anemia, which is a soul Dunqu after the writing. CD-ROM creation of such clear
insight into the drawbacks and false, and thus effectively prevent the appearance in
the city on the coast of the shallow and mediocre, he directed the modern hard strokes
like heart disease, difficult to carry out a kind of a soul, depth of the writing.
Therefore, we clearly see the city in the CD-ROM only characters in the novel
activities of a set of spiritual exploration and questioning people will constitute the
ultimate meaning of the work point. It is no exaggeration to say that CD is an
intelligent writer, the absurdity of his life behind the pain of the
"root" is not only based on Guicheng, more importantly, the
people. Because of this, I think the CD writing is cruel, because he strokes with a
sharp modern stripped the veil of the last vestiges of modesty, were exposed naked
and dirty soul background, so we have no escape fear and shock. On the other hand,
CD is kind of, in the survival of anxiety and Degradation of Human Nature, he still
placed in the world with bright colors and hope. "Good
relations" of the prostitute in the last conscience, to overthrow the perjury;
"compartment glass" in Zhouxiang Li went to the other side of
the glass to start a new life; "through the half Valley" Xu Xingzi
final choice Shen Xiao-yang in the happiness of the let the dream of sidewalks. CD is
good, he tried to look for the modern mind an effective treatment of disease approach,
the fact that effort will only aggravate the deeper heart of the tear and pain, though, I
still for this contradictions, full of good writing in good faith touched.
       Relative to Guicheng, the Da ba, Yao is the true spirit of the original CD-ROM
Township. As descendants of the Yao, had their own home for care; for long Yaojia
rich culture; for the rivers and mountains of his homeland, the authors have shown a
deep fascination and longing. He always affectionate eyes watching hometown bit
changes; concerned about the Da Ba changes in the market economy in the face of life
difficulties; concerned about Yao Jia cultural impact of modern civilization, the
loneliness and grief. CD-ROM to love his hometown of Da Palestinian state living
insight into the thinking and focus on Yao Jia civilization included in the second novel,
"Please shoot me." Novel set around the infected child hero
editors and painters million Mu, Qiao Luo university teachers commenced the
emotional entanglements of snow. Although the hero disk sophistry that he is often
infected children both love, but in comparison, represents the Da Mu million
Palestinian civilization is his favorite. Common history and culture of the Yao Jia
desire and pursuit of the most faithful form the cornerstone of their love, so when
seeing the essence of ancient Yaojia step by step toward cultural decline, they are
ultimately inescapable tragedy. Da Pakistan ancient civilization not only pregnant
with the original, pure love, but also to retain the bright rich folk culture. Grandfather
as if the novel is an ancient civilization, a symbol of Palestinian Da, he not only will
many skills: weaving rope, weaving bamboo baskets, sewing clothes, but also
proficient in poetry rhyme, with full recourse to the rhythm of the choir has become a
distant memory the history of civilization. In the minds of children infected disk,
Grandpa is the history and culture "living fossil", he symbolizes
the most brilliant civilization Yaojia part. Grandpa home preserved "pure
love, not only extolling the romantic longing for happiness, but also tell the history
and suffering of for Yao, but also the performance of Yao customs and splendid
culture" ①            folk poetry. These are tearful testimony of
Pakistan's oldest civilizations. Sadly, however, the ancient civilization Da
Palestinian market economy but are under the impact of increasing destitution.
Beautiful natural scenery in the tide of tourism development beyond recognition, the
corrosion of human nature even more endless sigh. Staged Authenticity sneak into the
memories of a distant and desolate. On the dirge-like tone with a display of emotion
was Yao Da Ba erosion in the modern civilization to survive under the pain. That is
the way they change is sad, tearful face of such buses, disk can always loved children
infected patch of land? Million Mu's death could again raise awareness for
the true, the good, the conscience of the United States remaining? CD-ROM still in
deep anxiety to leave our trace Weimang hope.
      If you say "please shoot me" is the author of the Da
Pakistan has already disappeared, most affectionately call civilization, the most
poignant of love, then another short story, "Beauty", the author
of rational consciousness Ze Yi Yao Jia sober culture ignorance of the Department to
conduct the most profound examination and criticism. Wang Zhao Feilong five
inadvertently from Ituri to his erotic beauty get a prescription, so thus began his ugly
wife, Amanda's grand reform plans. In order to find herbs, he rain or shine,
gone through hardships; to boil pharmaceutical mud, day and night pondering his
perseverance. When the drug finally stewed successful, day and night he started
practice in his wife's face. Sure enough, not a few days, the five wives of
the king would become white and tender and bright. But only for one day suddenly
Amanda pregnancy bleeding lower body as well as miscarriage. Nevertheless, the
persistence of the king did not give up his five-beauty plan, more frequent dressing
change frequency, more and finally a large number of pharmaceutical ingredients
weak Amanda lost in the distributed to them to die in the bloodshed. If the story ends
here, at best, but a number of new ideas is not the tragedy, the apparent lack of stirring
power. CD-ROM to further push the narrative of this cruel extremes. Five dead
wife's king has not lost the confidence of the great beauty, the second wife
vanilla face and began a new round of experiments. The end result can be imagined,
the blood of herbs to the head of a blood red king 5. Indeed, ancient civilizations have
given birth to da bus so fascinated of glorious history, but also blocking the Yaojia
culture was deeply rooted in latent stupidity and ignorance. Fortunately, the disc does
not indulge in the culture of the Yao Jia endless fascination, but instead in a clear
gesture out of the arrest of this culture limited to a more rational eyes watch intently
the soul of this nation of chronic illness. In this work, I clearly heard a sigh from the
depths of heart: a repeat of the tragedy, ah, when is an end? This is an unusual pain in
writing, in pain, I truly touch to the CD-ROM full of grief that the soul is also a
deeper level, amid conflicting experienced the tension of writing brings shock of my
      Da Guicheng and Pakistan in addition to, "Rose Town" is
also a CD of a novel there should not be ignored. Novel "The king desires
riffraff" and novella "I am a murderer," they rose
together to start against the background of the town. In the novel, Rose Guicheng
town should be a backward than Pakistan to be developed than the Da intermediate
zone, its existence makes Guicheng and Da Pakistan has another level of comparison,
also makes Guicheng and da big gap between Pakistan With the relaxation of a more
adequate space. That burning rose, broad dense River, Basang flowers in full bloom
rose silently witnessed the town's life and death, honor and grief. Not
difficult to see the pen in the CD-ROM, Guicheng, Da Bus, rose the town has a
geographical sense, not just where, it is the soul of Habitat homes. Exactly this kind of
soul backing that with this "root" plants in their native land the
cool, the disc only in the grace of narrative fiction in a rare show of wisdom, profound
and strength.

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