Tianjin University of Finance and foreign MBA graduates MBA by fdjerue7eeu


									Tianjin University of Finance and foreign MBA graduates MBA
15, 25-year-old American boy from the Tianjin University of Finance and Di Zhang
Fei    Zhang      Jiaxing     president    took    over     degree    certificates,    a
"transnational" mba. Di Zhang Fei is the Tianjin University of
Finance and University of Oklahoma City, organized in cooperation with the Great
Wall International MBA program (mba) students, yesterday graduated with him,
getting a degree, 35 students, including a dozen like him is a
"foreigner" from the United States, Canada, Singapore and
other countries.
"I'm very interested in Chinese, I want to stay in
China." Zhang Di Fei told reporters that he intends to China after
graduation to find a job you like best financial and investment positions. By the
grandfather of the Beijing MBA enrollment, Di Zhang Fei entered the university
began to learn Chinese, came to China in 2005.
"Grandpa had to come to China three times, although I have learned in
high school, 6 years of Spanish, but Grandpa was suggested that I learn
Mandarin."         Zhang       Di     fly     like     the     Chinese       as
"Putonghua", his fluent "Mandarin" to
reporters , in China time mba, in addition to the United States can learn the same
curriculum, but also get to know a lot of Chinese friends, to understand Chinese
culture and history, "Chinese people say 'at home by parents,
Shanghai EMBA enrollment, out to rely on friends', I There are many
friends in China, Chinese people are very good. "
Di Zhang Fei said he hopes to stay with his classmates and brothers live and work in
China, schoolmates together in this beautiful land of China to begin their new life.
"I applied in July to the U.S. Pavilion World Expo in Shanghai to work
volunteer positions, I will first go there, and then in China, looking for a job they
Great Wall International MBA program (mba) is the Tianjin University of Finance and
Oklahoma City University (ocu) co-teaching with the unique characteristics of the
mba program. Project began in 1987, is China's first Sino-foreign
cooperative education program mba one of the project in China has cultivated more
than 700 outstanding graduates. A full course of the project all-English teaching, after
graduation, students will be ocu mba degrees awarded.

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