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                                    Post-Polio Clinics

                              Health Professionals

                                          Support Groups

4207 Lindell Boulevard, #110
Saint Louis, MO 63108-2930 USA
314-534-0475, 314-534-5070 fax,
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4 Post-Polio Clinics
  Physicians and facilities providing specialized
  and comprehensive treatment for polio survivors.

10 Health Professionals
   Individual health professionals, with their areas of medical
   specialties, who have expertise in treating polio survivors.

19 Support Groups
   Support groups and resource contacts.

34 Other Useful Contacts
    Professional organizations of medical specialties, governmental agencies
    and other organizations and associations.

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4207 Lindell Boulevard, #110
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314-534-0475, 314-534-5070 fax,

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                                                                 Post-Polio Clinics
The physicians and hospitals listed have a special interest in post-polio problems. Post-
Polio Health International (PHI) surveyed the post-polio clinics to provide more information
about their approach and experience.
Clinic models often depend on the personnel available in a community. A single physician
may be interested in post-polio problems, seeing survivors on a triage (l) basis, referring
them to a physical therapist, occupational therapist, nutritionist, psychologist, social worker
or orthotist, etc., and following them as the need arises.
A multidisciplinary (n) clinic in a rehabilitation setting can save people time and travel by
having the various therapists present to examine and recommend on the same day. The
multidisciplinary treatment team is usually directed by a physiatrist and includes a physical
therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, recreational therapist, rehabilitation
psychologist, rehabilitation social worker, rehabilitation nurse, a dietitian, orthotist (brace
fabricator) and a vocational counselor. There usually is access to specialists in pulmonary
medicine, orthopedic surgery and neurology. However, it should be noted that neurologists
direct several post-polio clinics.
Some clinics require a physician's referral(s).
KEY: s Requires Physician's Referral      l Triage      n Multidisciplinary

International                          Late Effects of Disability/            Post-Polio Network of
                                          Neuro-Surgery Rehabiltation             Western Australia Clinic l
Listing is arranged in alphabetical
                                          sn                                  John S. Niblett, FRACR, FACHPM
order, first by country, then by
                                       Dade Fletcher, MD, FAFRM               Tessa Jupp, RN
province or state, then by city.
                                       Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist     Brenda Lake, PT
                                       G. Jegasothy, PT, Senior               PO Box 257
AUSTRALIA                                  Physiotherapist                    Subiaco, Western Australia
                                       Royal Perth Hospital                       (Floreat)
Polio Services Victoria,               Shenton Park Campus                    +61 8 9383 9050
    Melbourne n                        Shenton Park, Western Australia        +61 8 9383 9075 fax
Simon Mathieson, Service               +61 8 9382-7117              
    Coordinator/Physiotherapist        +61 8 9382-7307              
St. Vincent's Hospital Melbourne       Clinic established 2000                Clinic established 1990
PO Box 2900                            Initial assessment: 2-3 hrs            Initial evaluation: 2-3 hrs
Bolte Wing, Nicholson St               Medical specialty of director:         Medical specialty of director:
Fitzroy, Victoria 3065                     Acquired brain injury rehab,           Radiation Oncology
+61 3 9288 3845                            orthotics, botox clinic,           Clinic coordinator: RN
+61 3 9288 3900                            neurology rehabilitation
+61 3 9288 3808 fax                    Clinic coordinator: PT Dept
Clinic established 1998
Initial evaluation: < 2 hrs
Medical specialty of director:

        4    Post-Polio Directory 2010© |
BRAZIL                             GERMANY                              Tel-Hashomer Chaim Sheba
                                                                           Medical Center
Federal University of              Polio-Zentrum am                     Yeheskell Shemesh, MD
    Sao Paulo’s Medical School        Katholisches Klinikum             Neurological Rehabilitation
Dr. Acary Oliveira, Chief             Koblenz                           Post-Polio Clinic
    of Neurology Dept              Dr. med. Axel Ruetz                  Ramat Gan
Tatiana Mesquita E. Silva,         Kardinal-Krementz-Str. 1-5           +972 3 530-3725
    Physiotherapist                D-56073 Koblenz                      +972 3 535-2888 fax
Abrahão Quadros, Physiotherapist      (Rheinland-Pfalz)       
Rua Estado de Israel               +45 49 261 4960            
899 - VL. Clementino     
Sao Paulo, SP                               MEXICO
+11 5571-3324
+11 5083-1051                        poliozentrum
                                                                        Clínica de Atención Integral                                                       en Síndrome Post Polio
                                   Klinik Hoher Meißner,
                                      Bad Sooden-Allendorf              Instituto Nacional
CANADA                                Neurologische Abteilung              de Rehabilitación
                               Calzada México-Xochimilco
Montreal Neurological Institute                                            No. 289
   & Hospital s n                                                       Col. Arenal de Guadalupe
Daria A. Trojan, MD, Director      Klinik Miriquidi, Thermalbad         México, D.F., C.P. 14389
Diane Diorio, MD, Neurology           Wiesenbad               
3801 University St                            Dra. Alejandra Castillo Millán
Montreal, Quebec H3A 2B4                                                Jefa de Consulta Externa
514-398-8911, 514-398-2745 fax     Neurologisches
                                                                        +59 99 10 00, ext. 11 125
Diorio: 514-398-5034                 Rehabilitationszentrum
                                                                           y 11 126
Clinic established 1986              Quellenhof Bad Wildbad
                                                                        Dra. Teresa de Jesús
Medical specialty of director:
                                                                           Baños Mendoza
   Physical Medicine &                                                  Coordinadora Médica de
                                   Rehaklinik Raupennest,
   Rehabilitation                                                          la Clínica
                                             +59 99 10 00, ext. 13 115
DENMARK                                                                 Clinic established 2008

PTU, The Danish Society of         ISRAEL
   Polio & Accident Victims n
                                   Hadassah Medical Organization
Fjeldhammervej 8
                                   Isabella Schwartz, MD
2610 Rodovre
                                   Rehabilitation Clinic – Post-Polio
+45 36 73 90 00
                                   Mount Scopus Hospital
+45 36 73 90 01 fax
                                   POB 24035
                                   +972 2 584-4111
                                   +972 2 582-3515 fax

                                    |Post-Polio Directory 2010©      5
Post-Polio                            UNITED KINGDOM                   United States
Clinics                               Respiratory Support &            Listing is arranged in alphabetical
                                         Sleep Centre s                order, first by state, then by city.
                                      J.M. Shneerson, MA, DM, FRCP,
NETHERLANDS                              FCCP
                                      Consultant Physician
University of Amsterdam s l           Papworth Hospital/               Wanda Merrill HealthSouth
Prof. Marianne de Visser,                Papworth Everard                 Lakeshore l
    MD, PhD                           Cambridge England CB23 3RE       Post-Polio Clinic
Prof. Frans Nollet, MD, PhD           +44 1480 830541                  Jack D. Denver, MD
Academic Medical Centre               +44 1480 364558 fax              HealthSouth Lakeshore
Meibergdreef 9                    Rehab Hospital
1015 AZ Amsterdam                     Clinic established 1981          3800 Ridgeway Dr Magnolia Hall
de Visser : +31 20 566 3445
                                      Lane-Fox Respiratory             Birmingham, AL 35209
+31 20 697 1438 fax
                                         Saint Thomas' Hospital        205-868-2096, 205-868-2097 fax
Nollet : +31 20 566 4049              Craig Davidson, MA, MD, FRCP
+31 20 566 9154 fax                   PPS Rehabilitation Programme     CALIFORNIA                   Guys & St Thomas'
                                                                       Rancho Los Amigos National
                                         Foundation Trust
                                                                          Rehabilitation Center n l
                                      Lambeth Palace Rd
SWEDEN                                                                 Post-Polio Service
                                      London, England SE1 7EH
Karolinska Institutet s l                                              Sophia Chun, MD, Chief
                                      +44 207 188 3447
Prof. Kristian Borg, MD, PhD                                           Jacquelin Perry, MD, DSC (HON)
                                      +44 207 188 3449 fax
Dept of Rehabilitation Medicine                                        Medical Consultant,
Danderyd University Hospital                                           7601 E Imperial Highway
    Bldg 39                                                            Downey, CA 90242
S-182 88 Stockholm Danderyd                                            562-401-6260, 562-401-6247 fax
+46 8 6555255                                                    Casa Colina Centers for
Medical speciality of director:                                            Rehabilitation
    Neurology and Rehabilitation                                       Richard Shubin, MD, Neurology
    Medicine                                                           Kathy SanMartino, PT, NCS,
                                                                           ATP, CLT
Sahlgrenska University                                                 255 E Bonita Ave
    Hospital s l                                                       PO Box 6001
Katharina Stibrant Sunnerhagen,                                        Pomona, CA 91769-6001
    MD, PhD                                                            909-596-7733, 909-392-9152 fax
Rehabilitation Medicine                                                or 909-450-0391 fax
SE-41345 Gôteborg                                            
+46 31 3422803                                                         Clinic established 2009
+46 31 415433 fax                                                      Initial evaluation: 1-2 hours
Clinic established 1994                                                Medical specialty of director:
Initial evaluation: >2 hours                                               Neurology
Medical specialty of director:                                         Clinic coordinator: PT

        6   Post-Polio Directory 2010© |
University of California-Davis      FLORIDA                              GEORGIA
    Medical Center l
Carol B. Vandenakker, MD            Halifax Medical Center/              Palmyra Post-Polio Clinic n
4860 Y St Ste 1700                     Neuroscience Center n             Paul E. Peach, MD
Sacramento, CA 95817                Carolyn Geis, MD                     810 13th Ave Ste 105
916-734-7041, 916-734-6695 fax      201 N Clyde Morris Blvd Ste 300      Albany, GA 31701-1333
carol.vandenakker-                  Daytona Beach, FL 32114-2732         229-446-8960      386-947-4641, 386-947-4647 fax       800-443-4476 appts
Clinic established 2002.               229-439-8861 fax
Initial visit: <2 hours             Medical specialty of director:
Medical specialty of director:         Physical Medicine &               Medical specialty of director:
    Physical Medicine &                Rehabilitation                       Physical Medicine &
    Rehabilitation                                                          Rehabilitation
                                    University of Miami Miller
Clinic coordinator: RN
                                       School of Medicine n              The Shepherd Center
Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation    Post-Polio Treatment, Education      Post-Polio Outpatient Clinic
    Center & Hospital s l              and Research Center               Donald Leslie, MD
Mary Elizabeth Sandel, MD           Khema Sharma, MD                     2020 Peachtree Rd NW
975 Sereno Dr                       Associate Professor of Neurology     Atlanta, GA 30309
Vallejo, CA 95689                   Dept of Neurology                    404-350-7355
707-651-1044, 707-651-2315 fax      1120 NW 14 Street, 1317    
707-651-1044 clinic                 Miami, FL 33136
                                                                         Emory University School
707-651-3936 office                 305-243-7400, 305-243-1249 fax
                                                                            of Medicine l
Initial evaluation: <2 hrs
                                                                         Dale C. Strasser, MD
Medical specialty of director:
                                    Tamar S. Ference, MD                 Associate Professor
    Physical Medicine &
                                    Assistant Professor                  Center for Rehabilitation Medicine
                                    Dept of Rehabilitation Medicine      1441 Clifton Rd NE Ste 118
                                    1120 NW 14 Street, 952               Atlanta, GA 30322
COLORADO                            PO Box 0169060 (C-206)               404-712-3837
                                    Miami, FL 33136                      404-778-5770 appts
St. Anthony's Family Medical
                                    305-243-4569                         404-712-5668 fax
   Center n
                                    305-243-6605 appts                   Dale.Strasser@
Marny K. Eulberg, MD
                                    305-243-4650 fax              
8510 N Bryant St #200
Westminster, CO 80031
303-899-5369, 303-430-5565 fax                                           Roosevelt Warm Springs                Southeastern Rehabilitation              Institute for Rehabilitation n
Clinic established 1985                Medicine                          Kathryn A. Hoffman, MD
                                    Post-Polio Evaluation Team           Polio Clinic Medical Director
                                       of North Central Florida          6135 Roosevelt Highway
                                    Amy E. Clunn, MD                     Warm Springs, GA 31830
National Rehabilitation             Diana Kornetti, MA, PT               706-655-5251, 706-655-5432 fax
    Hospital n                      3305 SW 34th Cir Ste 101   
Post-Polio Program                  Ocala, FL 34474                      Initial evaluation: >1 day
Lauro S. Halstead, MD               352-732-3110                         Medical speciality of director:
Judith Glaser, DO                   352-373-4321 appts                       Physical Medicine &
102 Irving St NW                    866-346-8677 toll-free                   Rehabilitation
Washington, DC 20010-2949                                                Clinic coordinator: RN
202-877-1661, 202-722-0019 fax                                 
Clinic established 1986
Initial visit: Typically 1.5 days

                                     |Post-Polio Directory 2010©      7
                                      Center for PM&R, PC s l            NEW YORK
Post-Polio                            Daniel M. Ryan, MD
                                                                         SUNY Upstate Medical
                                      13850 E 12 Mile Rd Ste 2B
Clinics                               Warren, MI 48088-3730                  University n
continued                             586-778-4505, 586-552-4878 fax     Burk Jubelt, MD
                                      Clinic established 2001            Dept of Neurology
                                      Medical specialty of director:     750 E Adams St Ste 6421A
ILLINOIS                                                                 Syracuse, NY 13210-1834
                                         Physical Medicine &
University of Chicago                    Rehabilitation                  315-464-4243, 315-464-5355 fax
   Medical Center                                              
Raymond P. Roos, MD                   MINNESOTA                          Cliic established 1989
Director, MDA/ALS Neurology                                              Medical specialty of director:
5841 S Maryland Ave                   Gillette Children's Specialty          Neurology
   Ste MC 2030                             Healthcare n
Chicago, IL 60637                     Jill Gettings, MD                  NORTH CAROLINA
773-702-6390, 773-702-9076 fax        Peter Karachunski, MD
                                      435 Phalen Blvd                    Carolinas Rehabilitation
773-702-5546 appts
                                      Saint Paul, MN 55130-5302          William L. Bockenek, MD
MDA 773-702-9089
                                      651-636-9443, 651-628-4484 fax     1100 Blythe Blvd
                                Charlotte, NC 28203
                                      704-355-9330, 704-355-0709 fax
                                      A multidisciplinary provider of    Medical specialty of director:
MASSACHUSETTS                                                               Physical Medicine &
                                           specialty services for
International Rehabilitation               adolescents and adults with      Rehabilitation
    Center for Polio (IRCP) at             childhood-onset conditions.
    Spaulding-Framingham n                                               OHIO
Darren Rosenberg, DO                  MISSOURI
                                                                         Cleveland Clinic Foundation l
    Medical Director
                                      St. John's Mercy Rehabilitation    Robert W. Shields, Jr., MD
Stephanie T. Machell, PsyD,
    Rehabilitation Psychology            Hospital l                      9500 Euclid Ave Ste S90
                                      Martin B. Wice, MD                 Cleveland, OH 44195
                                      Medical Director                   216-444-0855, 216-445-4653 fax
    Outpatient Center
                                      14561 North Outer Forty Ste 201    Initial evaluation: 1 hour
570 Worcester Rd
                                      Chesterfield, MO 63017             Medical specialty of director:
Framingham, MA 01702
                                      314-881-4290, 314-881-4295 fax         Neurology
                                      Clinic established 1987.           Clinic coordinator: Clerical                   Medical specialty of director:
Clinic established 1995                  Physical Medicine &             PENNSYLVANIA
Initial evaluation: > 3 hrs,             Rehabilitation
                                                                         Conemaugh Health System n
    varies by need
                                      NEW HAMPSHIRE                      William M. DeMayo, MD
Medical speciality of director:
                                                                         1450 Scalp Ave Ste 003A
    Physical Medicine &
                                      Granite Physiatry, PLLC s l        Johnstown, PA 15904
                                      Stuart J. Glassman, MD,            814-269-5061, 814-269-5060 fax
Clinic coordinator: Clerical
                                      60 Commercial St Ste 303 
MICHIGAN                              Concord, NH 03301                  Clinic established 2002
                                      603-223-8145, 603-223-8146 fax     Initial evaluation: >4 hrs
University of Michigan Health
                                       Medical speciality of director:
   Systems l
                                      Medical specialty of director:         Physical Medicine &
Ann T. Laidlaw, MD
                                         Physical Medicine &                 Rehabilitation
Clinical Lecturer, Physical
                                         Rehabilitation                  Clinic coordinator: RN
   Medicine & Rehabilitation
325 E Eisenhower Ste 100              Clinic coordinator: PT
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
734-936-7210, 734-615-6713 fax
Clinic established 1984

        8   Post-Polio Directory 2010© |
Thomas Jefferson University        The Institute for Rehabilitation
Marinos C. Dalakas, MD, FAAN           & Research (TIRR s n
Professor of Neurology             Carlos Vallbona, MD
Director, Neuromuscular Division   Baylor College of Medicine
900 Walnut St Suite 200            Family Community and Medicine
Philadelphia, PA 19107             3701 Kirby Dr Ste 600
215-955-9427, 215-955-1390 fax     Houston, TX 77098-3926      713-798-4906
Medical specialty of director:     713-797-5929 appts
   Neurology                       713-798-3644 fax
HealthSouth Rehab Hospital-
   Reading n                       Clinic established 1985
Patti J. Brown, MD                 Initial evaluation: >2 hours
1623 Morgantown Rd                 Medical specialty of director:
Reading, PA 19607-9455                 Physical Medicine &
610-796-6354, 610-796-6470 fax         Rehabilitation
Medical specialty of director:         and Pediatrics
   Physical Medicine &
   Rehabilitation                  WASHINGTON
                                   University of Washington
SOUTH CAROLINA                         Medical Center l
Coastal Post-Polio Clinic          Thomas McNalley, MD
Kerri A. Kolehma, MS, MD           Rehabilitation Medicine
3185 Azalea Dr                     Box 356490
Charleston, SC 29405               1959 NE Pacific St BB919
843-762-2274, 843-762-2278 fax     Seattle, WA 98195-6490
Medical specialty of director:     206-543-3600, 206-685-3244 fax
   Physical Medicine &             Clinic established 1982
   Rehabilitation                  Initial evaluation: 2 hours,
                                       followed as needed
                                   Medical specialty of director:
                                       Physical Medicine &
                                   Clnic coordinator: RN

                                   |Post-Polio Directory 2010©   9
                                                   Health Professionals
Medical Specialties
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Physiatry) specializes in a branch of medicine
which, in addition to the broad practice of medicine, uses physical agents such as heat,
light, water, electricity, therapeutic exercise and mechanical agents in the prevention,
diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of neuro-musculoskeletal, cardiovascular,
pulmonary and other disorders which produce temporary or permanent disability.
Physicians specializing in the field are called physiatrists (not to be confused with
psychiatrists). The specialty is referred to as physiatry and pronounced “fizz-eye-a-tree.”
Neurology specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of organic diseases and disorders
of the nervous systems.
Orthopedics specializes in the treatment of diseases of deformities of the spine, bones,
joints, muscles or other parts of the skeletal system, through the use of medical, surgical
and physical therapy procedures.
Orthotics specializes in making and fitting orthopedic braces to support or correct
weakened body parts.
Psychiatry specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental and
emotional disorders.
Pulmonology specializes in the treatment of breathing related disorders.
Physical Therapy is responsible for evaluation of physical capacities and limitations
and for administering treatment designed to alleviate pain, minimize deformity, increase
strength and mobility, and improve general health.
Occupational Therapy has the primary purpose of assisting individuals to achieve or
maintain their capacities to function in daily living activities at a level which allows as
much independence as possible.

Key to Abbreviations
MD        Doctor of Medicine
DO        Doctor of Osteopathy
PhD       Doctor of Philosophy
PT        Physical Therapist
RN        Registered Nurse
MSW       Masters, Social Work
(L)CSW        Licensed Clinical Social Work
(R)RT     (Registered) Respiratory Therapist
OT(R)     Occupational Therapist (Registered)
C(P)O     Certified (Prosthetist &) Orthotist (Bracemaker)
SLP       Speech and Language Pathologist
LAC       Acupuncturist

     10   Post-Polio Directory 2010© |
                                      CANADA                               DENMARK
                                      K. Ming Chan, MD, FRCPC              Merete Bertelsen
International                         Associate Professor                  PTU, The Danish Society of Polio
Listing is arranged in alphabetical   University of Alberta                   and Accident Victims
order, first by country, then by      Centre for Neuroscience              Fjeldhammervej 8
province or state, then by city.      Division of Physical Medicine        2610 Rodøvre
                                         & Rehabilitation                  +45 36739071,
                                      513, Heritage Medical Res Centre
AUSTRALIA                             Edmonton, AB T6G 2S2                 GERMANY
                                      780-492-1614, 780-492-1617 fax
Stephen de Graaff, MB, BS,                  Dr. Friedemann Steinfeldt
   FRACM, FAFRM                                                            Polio – Spezialambulanz Dresden
Director of Pain Services             Elizabeth Dean, DipPT, BA,           Goetheallee 28
Epworth Rehabilitation                    MS, PhD                          Dresden, Saxony 01309
888 Toorak Rd                         Dept of Physical Therapy             +49 0357 3767979
Camberwell, Victoria 3124             University of British Columbia       +49 3505 6305777 fax
+61 3 9809 2444                       2211 Westbrook Mall                  friedemann.steinfeldt@
+61 3 9889 6756 fax                   Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3          
Nigel Quadros, MD                     Dr. W. Rink
Director of Rehabilitation Medicine                                        Chefarzt Neurologie &
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital          Julian Lo, MD                            Geriatrie
28 Woodville Road                     Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation   Reha-Zentrum Passauer Wolf
Woodville South                       Toronto Rehabilitation Institute     Bgm.-Hartl.-Platz 1
South Australia 5011                  47 Austin Terrace                    94086 Bad Griesbach – Therme
+61 8 8222 7322                       Toronto, ON M54 1Y8                  +49 0853 2274511
+61 8 8222 8593 fax                   416-597-3422               
                                      Raj Winston
Dr. John S. Niblett, FRACR,           Registered Orthopaedic               ISRAEL
   FACLPM                                Technologist
                                                                           Alex Shapiro, MD
Tessa Jupp, RN                        Orthopaedics Unlimited
                                                                           Rehabilitation Medicine
Brenda Lake, PT                       Toronto East General Hospital
                                                                           Assaf Harofeh Hospital
Polio Clinic of the Post-Polio           Medical Centre
                                                                           Kfar Sabba
   Network of Western Australia       840 Coxwell Ave #108
                                                                           +972 8 977-9999
PO Box 257                            Toronto, ON M4C 5T2
Subiaco, Western Australia            416-465-0362, 416-463-2100 fax       Shoshana Meyer-Goldberg
+61 8 9383 9050                                                            Milbat – The Israel Center for
+61 8 9383 9075 fax                   CHINA                                   Technology & Accessibility                                                     Tel-Hashomer 52621           C.M. Chu, MD, MSc,                   +972 3 530-3739
                                         FRCP, FCCP                        +972 3 535-7812 fax
                                      United Christian Hospital
BRAZIL                                Dept of Medicine & Geriatrics        ITALY
                                      Division of Respiratory Care
Sergio Silva de Mello
                                      130 Hip Wo Street, Kwun Tong         Antonio Toniolo, MD
                                      Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR               Professor of Medical Microbiology
Rua Rio de Janeiro n 1881 / 1301
                                      +852 3513 4822                       University of Insubria
belo Horizonte – MG Brazil
                                      +852 3513 5548 fax                   Department of Clinical and
                                                     Biological Sciences,
                                                                           Viale Borri, 57
                                                                           21100 Varese
                                                                           +39 0332 278.309
                                                                           +39 0332 260.517 fax

                                       |Post-Polio Directory 2010©       11
Health                                United States                          Craig R. Johnson
                                                                             Royal Orthopedic Company
Professionals                         Listing is arranged in alphabetical    5102 Canterbury Dr
continued                                                                    PO Box 2441
                                      order, first by state, then by city.
                                                                             Cypress, CA 90630
                                                                             714-821-8410, 714-209-7708 fax
NORWAY                                ARIZONA
                                                                             Christine Phan, MD
Prof. Nils Erik Gilhus
                                      Fredy Toiber, MD                       Chief of Physicial Medicine
                                      Pulmonary Associates-Southern             Rehabilitation
University of Bergen
                                         Arizona                             Kaiser Permanente
N-5021 Bergen
                                      1951 N Wilmot Rd                       Dept of Physical Medicine
                                      Tucson, AZ 85712-8000                  Imperial/Orchard Medical Office
Elisabeth Farbu, MD                   520-318-1114                           9449 E Imperial Hwy
Department of Neurology                              Downey, CA 90242
Stavanger University Hospital                                                562-657-2418
                                      Colin Bamford, MD
N-4068 Stavanger                                                   
                                      University Physicians
                                         (Neurology/Sleep)                   Andrea L. Wilcox, MD
                                      2800 E Ajo Way Ste 102                 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
SPAIN                                 Tucson, AZ 85713                       Kaiser Permanente – East Bay
                                      520-626-7664                           280 W McArthur Blvd
Jesús Sancho, MD                                                             Oakland, CA 94611
Respiratory Care Unit,                                                       510-752-1000, 510-752-7446 fax
   Respiratory Medicine Dept          ARKANSAS
Hospital Clínico Universitario                                                  andreawilcox
                                      Mary Essert, BA, ATRIC
Avd. Blasco Ibañez 17
                                      Aquatic Therapy
46010 Valencia                                                               Geoffrey L. Sheean, MBBS, MD
                                      3635 Irby Dr
+34 96 3862600                                                               Clinical Professor, Neurosciences
                                      Conway, AR 72034
+34 96 3862657 fax                                                           ALS Center & Neuromuscular
                                      501-505-8601 (tel & fax)                                                        University of California San Diego
                                                                             9500 Gilman Dr # MC0662
SWEDEN                                Kevin Collins, MD                      La Jolla, CA 92093
                                      Rehabilitation Medicine      
Prof. Arne Sandberg                   Consultants
                                                                             Susan L. Perlman, MD
Dept of Neurophysiology                  of Arkansas, PA
                                                                             Clinical Professor, Neurology
University Hospital                   Springhill Medical Plaza
                                                                             Director, Ataxia Center &
S-75185 Uppsala                       3401 Springhill Dr Ste 240
                                                                                HD Center of Excellence           North Little Rock, AR 72117
                                                                             300 UCLA Medical Plz Ste B200
                                      501-945-1888, 501-945-4102 fax
                                                                             Los Angeles, CA 90095-8346
SWITZERLAND                                                                  310-794-1195, 310-794-7491 fax
Thomas Chr Lehmann, MD,                                                      Margaret Portwood, MD
    GP, FMH                           Helen A. Kent, BS, RRT                 Physical Medicine
Blinzernstrasse 53                    Progressive Medical                    3701 J St Ste 105
CH-3098 Koeniz                        2720 Loker Ave W Ste P                 Sacramento, CA 95816-5542
+41 31 972 17 09                      Carlsbad, CA 92010-6606                916-453-0292, 916-453-8675 fax                   800-491-2292, 760-448-4448 (German/French)          760-448-4449 fax                       Marmaduke D.R. Loke, CPO
                                           DynamicBracingSolutions, Inc.
                                             4373 Viewridge Ave Ste A
                                                                             San Diego, CA 92123

       12   Post-Polio Directory 2010© |
Michaele E. O'Leary-Reiff, RN         Andrew Sherman, MD                   Carolyn Podolski, OTR/L, MA
Individual & Family Health &          Associate Professor of               Southland Health and
   Wellness Consultation                 Clinical Medicine                    Rehabilitation
849 Bridge Rd                         University of Miami School           Wisdom Rd
San Leandro, CA 94577                    of Medicine                       Peachtree City, GA 30269
510-798-9381                          PO Box 016960                        770-631-9000 ext 127            Miami, FL 33101            
                                      305-585-1320, 305-585-1340 fax
Mary Elizabeth Sandel, MD                  IDAHO
Chief, Physical Medicine &            and 1475 NW 12th Ave, Miami, FL
   Rehabilitation                     33136, 305-243-6605                  Robert H. Friedman, MD
Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation                                           Idaho Physical Medicine
   Center & Hospital                  Aldo Alvarez, MS, LPO, CPO
                                                                              & Rehabilitation
Physical Medicine                     Ortho Pro Associates
                                                                           600 N Robbins Rd Ste 300
975 Sereno Dr                         9150 SW 87 Ave #B100
                                                                           Boise, ID 83702
Vallejo, CA 95689                     Miami, FL 33176
707-651-1044, 707-651-2315 fax        305-598-9688
707-651-1044 clinic                    Shelley Thomas, RPT
707-651-3936 office                                                        Director, Physical Therapy
                                      Mitchell J. Freed, MD PL
                                                                           Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Hospital
Rhoda Olkin, PhD                      2501 N Orange Ave Ste 505
                                                                           600 N Robbins Rd
California School of Professional     Orlando, FL 32804-4674
                                                                           Boise, ID 83702
Psychology at Alliant International   407-898-2924, 407-894-5387 fax
                                                                           208-489-4774, 208-489-4052 fax
                                      Cynthia Henley, PT
3000 Citrus Cir Ste 120
                                      7655 SW 142 St                       ILLINOIS
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
                                      Palmetto Bay, FL 33158
925-939-1332, 925-944-1859 fax                                             Dreher Jouett, CPO
                                      305-733-8809                                                       Scheck and Siress
                                                                           2551 N Clark St # 200
COLORADO                                                                   Chicago, IL 60614
                                      GEORGIA                              773-472-3663
Terry H. Struck, MD, MA, MS
                                      Dale C. Strasser, MD
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation                                         Kristi L. Kirschner, MD
                                      Associate Professor
Union Medical Campus                                                       Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
                                      Emory University School
1633 Medical Center Point                                                  750 N Lake Shore Dr #623
                                         of Medicine
   Ste 123                                                                 Chicago, IL 60611
                                      Center for Rehabilitation Medicine
Colorado Springs, CO 80907                                                 312-238-4744, 312-238-4516 fax
                                      1441 Clifton Rd NE Rm 236 C
719-577-9090, 719-577-4549 fax                                   
                                      Atlanta, GA 30322
                                      404-712-3837                         Matthew N. Meriggioli, MD
                                      404-778-5770 appts                   Dept of Neurology and Rehab
FLORIDA                               404-712-5668 fax                        Medicine
                                                University of Illinois College of
Michelle Guevin, PT,
                                              Medicine at Chicago
   MHSc, MTC
Bay Area Physical Therapy, PA                                              912 S Wood St Rm 855N
                                      Ken Collier, CO, BOCO, LO
3637 Cortez Rd W Ste 103                                                   Chicago, IL 60612
                                      Augusta Orthotics &
Bradenton, FL 34210-3145                                                   312-996-4780, 312-413-2869 fax
                                         Proshetics, Inc.
941-739-7828, 941-739-7838 fax                                   
                                      2068 Wrightsboro Rd                         Augusta, GA 30904                    Rehabilitation Institute of
Kathryn Wollam, PT                    706-733-8878, 866-365-3674              Chicago Gait Disorders
Functional Rehabilitation Inc.        706-733-4434 fax                     345 E Superior St
12132 NW 24 St                               Chicago, IL 60611
Coral Springs, FL 33065                      800-354-7342

                                       |Post-Polio Directory 2010©       13
                                      IOWA                                 MAINE
                                      Donna J. Bahls, MD                   Dorothy L. Woods Smith, PHD,
Professionals                         Physical Medicine                       RN, AHN-BC
continued                             Metro Orthopaedic Ctr PC             Houses of Healing
                                      13375 University Ste 100             25 Wakely Ct
Irwin M. Siegel, MD                   Clive, IA 50325                      Portland, ME 04103
Rush University Medical Center        515-327-1555                         207-797-8088
1725 W Harrison St Ste 1106                                      
                                      Karen Kienker, MD          
Chicago, IL 60612-3841
                                      Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
312-942-5936 appts
                                      Iowa Health Physicians & Clinics     John Kelly Sullivan, MD
312-942-2380 fax
                                      1215 Pleasant Ste 600                Maine Neurology, PA
Linda Bieniek, retired CEAP           Des Moines, IA 50309                 49 Spring St
(Certified Employee Assistance        515-241-4646, 515-241-4009 fax       Scarborough, ME 04074
    Professional)                                207-883-1414, 207-883-1010 fax
Life and Career Coach                                            
Assessment & Referral Services        KANSAS
14 S Ashland Ave #402                                                      MARYLAND
La Grange, IL 60525-2370              John Fan, MD
708-354-3640, 708-354-3670 fax        Hutchinson Clinic                    Noah Lechtzin, MD, MHS, FCCP            2107 N Waldron                       Pulmonary & Critical Care
                                      Hutchinson, KS 67502                    Medicine
Chanda R. Mayo-Ford, MD               620-669-2231                         Johns Hopkins University
Co-Medical Director                                                        1830 E Monument St 5th Flr
Westlake Hospital Back & Neck         Sunita Dodani, MD, MSc,                 Rm 525
   Pain Ctr                              PhD, FAHA                         Baltimore, MD 21205
1111 Superior St Lower Level          Director, Center for Outcome         410-502-7044, 410-502-7048 fax
Melrose Park, IL 60160                    Research and Education 
708-938-7111                             (CORE) and
                                      Associate Professor,                 Reginald Nettles, PhD
William A. Adair, MD                  Dept of Internal Medicine            Psychologist and Life
President, Associates in              School of Medicine                   6217 Ironwood Way
    Rehabilitation Medicine           Kansas University Medical Center     Columbia, MD 21045-4466
Advocate Christ Medical Center        3901 Rainbow Blvd                    410-290-7999, 443-583-2353 fax
Medical Director and                  Kansas City, KS 66160      
    Department Chair                  913-588-6000, 913-588-2780 fax
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation                     MASSACHUSETTS
4440 W 95th St
Oak Lawn, IL 60453                    Atul T. Patel, MD                    Nicholas S. Hill, MD
708-684-5451, 708-684-4494 fax        Kansas City Bone &                   Chief, Pulmonary, Critical Care
william.adair@                           Joint Clinic, Inc.                   & Sleep Medicine                Corporate Medical Plaza Bldg         Tufts Medical Center
                                      10701 Nall Ave Ste 200               800 Washington St Ste 257
                                      Overland Park, KS 66211              Boston, MA 02111
                                      913-381-5225, 913-901-0186 fax       617-636-4288, 617-636-5953 fax
Rehabilitation Associates                                        
   of Indiana                         KENTUCKY
7950 N Shadeland Ave Ste 100
Indianapolis, IN 46250                William P. Williamson, II, MD
317-588-7130, 317-588-7133 fax        Rehabilitation Associates, PSC
                                      220 Abraham Flexner Way
Deborah Goodwine, MS                     Ste 300
Certified Nutritionist                Louisville, KY 40202-1887
4905 Seville Ct                       502-584-3376, 502-584-3480 fax
Indianapolis, IN 46228      

       14   Post-Polio Directory 2010© |
Darren Rosenberg, DO                  MINNESOTA                            Oscar A. Schwartz, MD,
Medical Director                                                              FCCP, FAASM
Stephanie T. Machell, PsyD,           Jennine Speier, MS, MD               Advantage Pulmonary &
    Rehabilitation Psychology         Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation      Sleep Medicine
International Rehabilitation Center   Sister Kenny Rehabilitation          969 Mason Rd Ste 250
    for Polio (IRCP) at Spaulding-       Associates                        Saint Louis, MO 63141
    Framingham                        800 E 28th St                        314-878-4699, 314-878-3558 fax
Spaulding-Framingham                  Minneapolis, MN 55407
    Outpatient Center                 612-863-4495, 612-863-8942 fax       Keith Smith, CO
570 Worcester Rd                     Orthotic & Prosthetic Lab, Inc.
Framingham, MA 01702                                                       West County Patient Care Center
                                      Marilyn Thompson, MD                 777 S New Ballas, Ste 116 West
                                      Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation   Saint Louis, MO 63141
                                      Sister Kenny Rehabilitation          314-567-7775, 314-567-3792 fax
Albert Loerinc, MD                    800 E 28th St                        MONTANA
New Bedford Rehabilitation            Minneapolis, MN 55407
   Hospital                           612-863-8947                         Patricia Lahaie, MD
Pulmonary Medicine                   Medical Director
4499 Acushnet Ave                                                          Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
New Bedford, MA 02745                 MISSOURI                             St. Vincent Healthcare
508-995-6900, 508-998-9365 fax                                             PO Box 35200          Martin B. Wice, MD                   2900 12th Ave N Ste 400E
                                      Medical Director                     Billings, MT 59101
MICHIGAN                              St. John's Mercy Rehabilitation      406-237-7125
Mark K. Taylor, MLS,                  14561 North Outer 40 Ste 201         NEW HAMPSHIRE
   CPO, FAAOP                         Chesterfield, MO 63017
Senior CPO Practitioner               314-881-4290, 314-881-4295 fax       Martha Torrey, PT
Orthotics & Prosthetics Center                                             Foothills PT
                                      Jennifer L.K. Clark, MD, PC          28 Commercial St
University of Michigan
                                      Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation   Concord, NH 03301
2850 S Industrial Hwy Ste 400
                                      Columbia Orthopaedic Group           603-225-5132
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
                                      1 South Keene St           
734-975-3111, 734-973-3124 fax
                                      Columbia, MO 65201
                                      573-443-2402, 573-876-8647 fax
                                                                           NEW JERSEY
Michael Andary, MD          
MSU Rehabilitation Medicine                                                Jerald Zimmerman, MD
                                      Karl J. Haake, MD
2727 S Pennsylvania Ave                                                    370 Grand Ave Ste 102
                                      1445 Christy Dr
Lansing, MI 48910                                                          Englewood, NJ 07631
                                      Jefferson City, MO 65109
517-377-8252                                                               201-567-3370 (Press 6)
Frederick M. Maynard, MD    
427 E Michigan St                                                          John R. Bach, MD
                                      Melvin Karges, MD
Marquette, MI 49855                                                        Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
                                      Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
906-228-8217                                                               University Hospital
                                      702 E 34th St Ste 100                                                    150 Bergen St Rm B403
                                      Joplin, MO 64804
Resource only                                                              Newark, NJ 07103
                                      417-782-1700, 417-782-1747 fax
                                                                           973-972-7195, 973-972-5725 fax
Rod McComber, CO
Active Brace & Limb
5222 N Royal Dr
Traverse City, MI 49684
(also in Petosky, Cadillac
    and Kalkaska)
231-932-8702, 231-932-8762

                                       |Post-Polio Directory 2010©      15
Health                                Norma M.T. Braun, MD,                Ernest W. Johnson, MD
                                          FACP, FCCP                       O.S.U. Physical Medicine
Professionals                         Professor of Medicine (Retired)         & Rehabilitation LLC
continued                             Columbia University                  The Ohio State University/
                                      College of Physicians & Surgeons        Dodd Hall
Arthur J. Sakowitz, MD                St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospitals       480 Medical Center Dr Rm 1025
Pulmonary Medicine Assoc PA           Dept of Med Pulmonary/               Columbus, OH 43210-1245
1 W Ridgewood Ave Ste 206                 Critical Care/Sleep Division     614-293-4837
Paramus, NJ 07652-2361                1111 Amsterdam Ave Plant 5           614-293-7604 appts
201-493-0366, 201-493-0379 fax            Rm 2501                          614-293-3809 fax
                                      New York, NY 10025         
NEW MEXICO                                                                 Susan L. Hubbell, MD
                                      212-523-4477 clinic
                                      212-523-2812 fax                     Physical Medicine Associates
Kimberly Encapera, MD
                                                   of NW Ohio Inc
Rehabilitation Hospital of
                                                                           658 W Market Ste 106
   Southern New Mexico
                                      Susan L. Fish, MA, PT                Lima, OH 45801
4441 E Lohman Ave
                                      Murray Hill Physical Therapy, PC     419-228-5434, 419-228-4620 fax
Las Cruces, NM 88011
                                      211 E 43rd St Ste 402
                                      New York, NY 10017                   OKLAHOMA
                                      212-686-2826, 212-689-8424 fax
NEW YORK                                   Linda Johnson, MD, FACS
                                                                           Southern Plains Medical Ctr, PC
Jonathan E. Cooper, MD                Robert Biaggi, CPO                   2222 W Iowa Ste W
Physical Medicine (part-time)         North Shore Orthotics-               Chickasha, OK 73018-2738
ALS Regional Center of                   Prosthetics Ltd.                  405-224-8111, 405-222-9579
   St Peter's Hospital                591 Bicycle Path Ste D     
19 Warehouse Row                      Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776
Albany, NY 12205                      631-928-3040, 631-474-8020 fax       Thomas L. Keith, PT,
518-525-1629, 518-451-2417 fax             Eric Browning, MPT                         Keith Physical Therapy Inc
Available for email consultations                                          13301 N Meridian Ave Ste 200
   re: PPS                                                                 Oklahoma City, OK 73120-8357
                                      NORTH CAROLINA
Jonathan Breux, CO, CPED                                                   405-843-5710, 405-843-5720 fax
Creative Orthotics &                  William L. Bockenek, MD    
    Prosthetics Inc                   Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
                                      Carolinas Rehabilitation             Keith L. Stanley
310 Pennsylvania Ave
                                      1100 Blythe Blvd                     Tulsa Bone & Joint Associates
Elmira, NY 14904                                                           4802 S 109th East Ave
607-734-7215, 607-734-7750 fax        Charlotte, NC 28203
                                      704-355-9330, 704-355-0709 fax       Tulsa, OK 74146-5822
                                                                           918-392-1400, 918-392-1481 fax
Margaret E. Backman, PhD              Henry Tellez, MD
Clinical Health Psychology            Sandhills Neurologists PA            PENNSYLVANIA
1601 Third Ave Ste 30CW               295 Olmsted Blvd Ste 12
                                      Pinehurst, NC 28374                  Glenn A. Mackin, MD
New York, NY 10128
                                      910-235-0595, 910-235-0546 fax       Lehigh Valley Health Network
                                                                           1210 S Cedar Crest Blvd
                                      OHIO                                     Ste 405
                                                                           Allentown, PA 18103
                                      Gregory Nemunaitis, MD               610-402-8420, 610-402-1689 fax
                                      Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
                                      MetroHealth Medical Center
                                      2500 MetroHealth Dr
                                      Cleveland, OH 44109-1998

       16   Post-Polio Directory 2010© |
                                     Brenda Jo Butka, MD                  Carolyn Kelley, PT, DSc, NCS
SOUTH CAROLINA                       Respiratory Care, Pulmonology        School of Physical Therapy
                                     Vanderbilt Stallworth                Texas Woman’s University
Holly H. Wise, PT, PhD               Rehabilitation Hospital              6700 Fannin St
PT Ed Program, Rehabilitation        2201 Capers Ave                      Houston, TX 77030
Medical University of                Nashville, TN 37212                  713-794-2087, 713-794-2071 fax
   South Carolina                    615-963-4488               
151 Rutledge Ave B312                615-322-2386 appts
PO Box 250700                        615-963-4002 fax                     Bradley S. Merritt, MD
Charleston, SC 29425                 Physical Medicine &
843-792-4051, 843-792-0710 fax                                               Rehabilitation                      Robert J. Serro, MD                  Trinity Rehabilitation Center
                                     Skyline Rehabilitation Services      3131 Troup Highway
Charleston Physical Therapy          Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation   Tyler, TX 75701-8350
349 Folly Rd Ste C                   3443 Dickerson Pike Ste 520          903-510-7006, 903-510-7010 fax
Charleston, SC 29412                 Nashville, TN 37207
843-762-0147, 843-762-0421 fax       615-868-4600, 615-868-4001 fax       UTAH

SOUTH DAKOTA                         TEXAS                                Reva P. Rauk, PT, PhD,
                                                                             MMSc, NCS
Jerry Blow, MD                       Robert McMichael, MD                 Director of Clinical Education
Sioux Falls Physical Medicine        Neurology Associates-Arlington          and Asst Professor (Clinical)
   & Rehabilitation                  1001 N Waldrop Dr Ste 816            University of Utah, College of
101 W 69th St Ste 103                Arlington, TX 76012                     Health
Sioux Falls, SD 57108-2440           817-795-5566, 817-261-7315 fax       Dept of Physical Therapy
605-988-0910, 605-988-0911 fax                                            520 Wakara Way Ste 302
                                     Robert Emerson, MD                   Salt Lake City, UT 84108-1213
                                     The Austin Diagnostic Clinic
TENNESSEE                                                                 801-581-8665, 801-585-5629 fax
                                     Pulmonary Disease/         
Patricia A. Abbarno, LCSW               Sleep Disorders
111 Center Park Dr Ste 1300          12221 MoPac Expressway N             Hallie J. Robbins, DO
Knoxville, TN 37922-2124             1st Floor, South Entrance            Physical Medicine & Medicine
865-693-9997, 865-531-0994 fax       Austin, TX 78758                     Integral Rehabilitation, LLC
pabbarno@knoxville-social-           512-901-4017                         1925 S Wasatch Dr                                                             Salt Lake City, UT 84108
                                     Hooman Sedighi, MD                   801-631-6288, 801-485-2729 fax
Jeffrey S. Hecht, MD                 Medical Director           
Physical Medicine                    Adult Rehabilitation Services
University of Tennessee              6161 Harry Hines Blvd Ste 100
    Medical Ctr                      Dallas, TX 75235-5369
1932 Alcoa Highway Ste C580          214-267-0101, 214-267-8787 fax       Peter A. Caprise, MD
Knoxville, TN 37920                                                       Orthopaedic Surgeon
                                     Joseph Viroslav, MD
865-544-6333, 865-544-6364 fax                                            2405 Atherhold Rd
                                     Pulmonary Medicine                                                      Lynchburg, VA 24501
                                     5939 Harry Hines Blvd Ste 731                                          434-485-8500, 434-485-8599 fax
                                     Dallas, TX 75235
                                     214-645-5337, 469-916-0087
Robert W. Greene, Jr., MD            469-916-0089 fax                     Robert T. Mackie, DDS, DDS
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation                                        12396 Warwick Blvd
                                     Thomas DiBello, CO, FAAOP,
220 S Claybrook Ste 500                                                   Newport News, VA 23606-3861
Memphis, TN 38104-3585                                                    757-596-7344, 757-596-7344 fax
                                     Dynamic Orthotics &
901-722-5833, 901-722-5837 fax
                                        Prosthetics LP                    Henry D. Holland, MD
                                     11155 S Main                         Psychiatry
                                     Houston, TX 77025                    301 Westham Pkwy
                                     713-747-4171, 888-814-0711           Richmond, VA 23229
                                     713-747-4249 fax                     804-288-8295, 804-288-0892 fax

                                      |Post-Polio Directory 2010©     17
Health                                Michael Shramowiat, MD
                                      Board Certified Rehabilitation
Professionals                            & Pain Medicine
continued                             Mountaineer Pain Relief &
                                         Rehabilitation Centers
                                      1158 46th St
                                      Vienna, WV 26105-9409
Joshua Benditt, MD, FCCP              304-295-3131, 304-295-0700 fax
Professor of Medicine
University of Washington              WISCONSIN
   Medical Center
Medical Director, Respiratory         Beth Kowall, MS,OTR
   Care Services                      Post-Polio Resource Group
1959 NE Pacific St                       of Southeastern Wisconsin
Campus Box 356522                     4056 S 43rd St Apt 1
Seattle, WA 98195                     Greenfield, WI 53220-2701
206-543-3166, 206-685-3678 fax        414-329-0601,
                                      William Waring, III, MD
Louie J. Boitano, MS, RRT,            Medical College of Wisconsin
   RPFT                               Rehabilitation Medicine
Pulmonary Clinic                         Clinic - West
Northwest Assisted-Breathing          9200 W Wisconsin Ave
   Center                             Milwaukee, WI 53226
University of Washington              414-805-7342, 414-805-7919 fax
   Medical Center
1959 NE Pacific St, Box 356166

Vivian Moise, MD, PC
Rehabilitation Medicine Spokane
511 S Pine St Ste D
Spokane, WA 99202-1347
509-747-5242, 509-747-5430 fax

Philip F. Fisher,
Huntington Spine Rehab
   & Pain Center
3554 US Route 60 E
Barboursville, WV 25504-1639
304-736-2981, 304-736-2985 fax

       18   Post-Polio Directory 2010© |
                                                                          Support Groups
            Listings include support groups, with their usual meeting schedules, and resource persons.

Excerpt from PHI’s Handbook on the Late Effects of Poliomyelitis for Physicians and Survivors (1999)

The goal of a support group is to empower                       Support groups provide a forum for people to
its Members with the tools necessary to make                    learn from each other about how to enhance the
adjustments needed to continue a life of                        quality of their lives (Koop, 1992). Historically,
dignity and independence. Contrary to the                       support groups related to a common health
image sometimes portrayed in the popular media,                 condition developed to help people resolve
healthy support groups are not “pity-parties”                   problems with bureaucracies. For this reason,
and do not promote the idea that “misery loves                  groups are encouraged to operate with minimal
company.”                                                       structures and rules. Spending excessive time on
                                                                organizational details detracts from the primary
During the original illness, many polio survivors
                                                                goals of providing personal support and
were hospitalized for extended periods of time and
                                                                advocating for systems’ change.
established an esprit de corps. After successful
rehabilitation, the same survivors lived active,
                                                                Successful support groups promote “personal
integrated lives. Many of today’s successful
                                                                empowerment to overcome personal
support groups have rekindled this sense of
                                                                adversity” (Koop, 1992) by encouraging
belonging to a unique group. Also contributing
                                                                members to become active, assertive managers
their perspective to support groups, however with
                                                                of their health care, challenging attitudes of
some hesitation or even resistance, are individuals
                                                                helplessness, hopelessness and victimization.
who never were a part of a group based on having
                                                                Successful groups create a confidential
polio or a disability.
                                                                environment for people to share their feelings
                                                                safely. Healthy groups balance a time for “me,”
Support group(s):
                                                                a time for “us” and time for “you” (Koop, 1992).
u Share a common health concern.
u Govern themselves and their agenda with
                                                                Communication is vital in a support group.
success dependent on each member’s feelings of
                                                                Members should be encouraged to own their ideas
                                                                and reactions by using “I” statements, such as “I
u May use professionals as resource persons but
                                                                think … I feel … I suggest … .” Participants should
not as leaders.
                                                                avoid speaking for the group without consultation,
u Provide non-judgmental emotional support.
                                                                generalizing by stating, “all polio survivors …” or
u Gather and share accurate and specialized
                                                                telling others what to do, such as “you should … .”
u Have membership which is fluid; newcomers
                                                                Equally important is listening to whoever is
are helped by veterans and become veterans who
                                                                speaking by not interrupting or engaging in
may outgrow the need for a group.
                                                                cross-talk (Ziegler, 1996). Sometimes distressed
u Have a cause and actively promote that cause.
                                                                members digress on tangents and tell detailed
Increase public awareness and knowledge by
                                                                stories rather than staying focused on the topic.
sharing their unique and relevant information.
u Charge small or no dues for involvement and                   To minimize these situations, groups should
typically struggle to survive (Laurie & Headley,                develop ground rules for the meeting time and
1988).                                                          recognize the limits of the group’s role by
                                                                encouraging persons who experience continuous
                                                                or intense distress to seek professional

                                            |Post-Polio Directory 2010©       19
Effective leadership is also vital. Many groups            u Offer feedback, but avoid authoritative directives
function successfully with co-leaders or a                 by using “I suggest ...” statements, and intervene
committed core team.                                       competently when appropriate.

Effective leaders:                                         Survivors join a support group for different
u Acknowledge members’ ideas and seek                      reasons, voluntarily attend events and leave the
suggestions and feedback.                                  group when they choose.
u Consult with the group about major decisions
and respect the group’s consensus.                         Post-Polio Health International
u Request assistance from members.                         has many resources available at
u Refer to the group as “our” not “my.”          
u Maintain an atmosphere of respect and order.
u Arrange for reputable, skilled speakers to
                                                           Check out the “Leadership” Series
present topics of interest.
                                                           previously distributed to Association
u Obtain and offer names of ethical,
knowledgeable professionals and service                    Members.
u Model self-acceptance and responsibility for
their own health and well-being.                           Nancy Baldwin Carter and Joan L. Headley are
u Ensure that individuals who want to speak have           co-authors of the chapter “Support Groups:
an opportunity.                                            Keeping Them Active and Useful” in Lauro
u Respond to the expression of emotion, tension            Halstead, MD’s new book Managing Post-Polio
and conflict openly and with sympathy.                     Syndrome. The book is available online at

                                                                     Support Groups
International                          Post-Polio Network -                    Polio Network Victoria
                                          Tasmania, Inc.                       Independence Australia –
Listing is arranged in alphabetical
                                       Arthur L. Dobson,                           Community Solutions
order, first by country, then by
                                          Honorary Secretary                   208 Wellington St
province or state, then by city
                                       PO Box 84                               Collingwood, Victoria 3066
                                       Legana Tasmania 7277                    +61 3 1300 704 456
AUSTRALIA                              +61 3 63302961                          +61 3 1300 704 451 fax
                                        +61 3 63302901 fax           
Post-Polio Network (NSW) Inc.       
Gillian Thomas                  
PO Box 888                                                                     Resource only, oversees 20
Kensington, New South Wales            Polio Australia Incorporated                support groups in Victoria
     1465 (Floreat area)               PO Box 500                                  including Mornington Peninsula
+61 2 9663 2402                        Kew East, Victoria 3102                     Post-Polio Support Group       Ste 119C, Level 1           89 High Street
Saturday PM, quarterly seminars        Kew, Victoria 3101
     regional support groups           +61 3 9016 7678

       20    Post-Polio Directory 2010© |
Post-Polio Network of            CAMEROON                             Post-Polio Awareness &
   Western Australia                                                     Support Society of British
Tessa Jupp, RN                   Georges Valentin Nkeme                  Columbia (PPASS BC)
PO Box 257                       President, Handicap Espoir Africa    Joan Toone
Subiaco, Western Australia       BP 7304 Bassa Douala                 102 - 9775 Fourth St
   (Floreat area)                00237 77 40 63 69                    Sidney, British Columbia V8L 5X8
+61 8 9383 9050                             250-655-8849, 250-655-8859 fax
+61 8 9383 9075 fax                                                 CANADA                               Second Wednesday PM
Quarterly meetings, phone                                                (board meeting)
   consultations with RN         OMOD/Oshawa-Durham
                                     Post-Polio Chapter               Post-Polio Network
                                 Jeannette Birkbeck                      (Manitoba) Inc
                                 905-697-3648                         Charlene Craig
PostPolio België                     c/o SMD Self-Help Clearinghouse
Johan Bijttebier                                                      204-825 Sherbrook St
                                 Southern Alberta Post-Polio          Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 1M5
Nachtegaalstraat 47
                                    Support Society                   204-975-3037, 204-975-3027 fax
2060 Antwerpen
                                 Remy de Jong               
+32 3 288 7794
                                 # 7-11 St NE               
+32 3 226 2315 fax
                                 Calgary, Alberta T2E 4Z2             Tuesday early PM, Mar, Apr,
                                 403-813-9583                            June, Sept, Oct
Quarterly meetings                                                    Polio New Brunswick
                                                                      268 Montreal Ave
European Polio Union             Juanita Takahashi
                                                                      St. John, New Brunswick
Johan Bijttebier, Chairman       2722 – 7A Ave
                                                                          E2M 3K6
Walvisstraat 11                  Lethbridge, Alberta T1H 1A4
                                                                      Peter Hefferman
B-2090 Antwerpen                 403-329-9453                         506-635-8932
+32 3 2887794
                                                                         Polio Northern New Brunswick
                                 First Saturday PM, Feb, Apr,
                                                                      Claudia LeBlanc
Association Francophone Polio        June, Aug (annual reunion),
   & Post-polio (AFPPP)              Oct, Dec (AGM)
Chaussée de Liège 477
                                 Wildrose Polio Support Society
5100 Jambes                                                           Polio Nova Scotia
                                 Glyn Smith
04/252 81 87, 081/58 86 19 fax                                        Faye Joudrey
                                 132 Warwick Road                                                c/o Abilities Foundation
                                 Edmonton, Alberta T5X 4P8                                                             of Nova Scotia
                                 780-428-8842, 780-481-0344
                                                                      3670 Kempt Rd
                                 780-475-7968 fax
BRAZIL                                                                Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 4X8
Associação Brasileira de                                    
    Síndrome Pós-Pólio                                      
                                 Second Saturday, Sept-May
    (ABRASPP)                                                         May and Sept
Adauto Ferreira Campos           PPASS British Columbia,
Rua Pedro de Toledo                                                   OMOD/Northumberland Chapter
                                    VP Mainland
377-CEP 04039 031                                                     Barbara A. Dowds
                                 David Holland
Vila Clementino                                                       28 Burningham Cres
                                 20152 - 37th Ave
Sao Paulo/SP                                                          Ajax, Ontario L1S 6A2
                                 Langley, BC V3A 7K5
+55 11 2992 8912                                                      905-231-1322
+55 11 6965 5861                                            

                                  |Post-Polio Directory 2010©       21
Support Groups                        Polio PEI                          CZECH REPUBLIC
                                      Stephen Pate
                                      47 Westwood Crescent               Asociace Polio
                                      Charlottetown, Prince Edward       Polio Association of the
OMOD/Barrie Post-Polio                   Island C1A 8X4                     Czech Republic
   Chapter                            902-566-4518                       Ludvika Bradová
Pat McLeod                             Na. dolinách 4
57 Henry St                                                              147 00 Praha 4
Barrie, Ontario L4N 1C6               Association Polio Quebec           +420 222962074
705-728-4775                          Gilles Besner            ,                  3500 Decarie Ste 263               Last Saturday AM & annual
                                      Montreal, Quebec H4A 3J5              meeting in Sept
OMOD/Hamilton-Brant                   514-489-1143, 514-489-7678 fax
   Post-Polio Chapter                 877-765-4672 tollfree outside
Nelly Lee
                                                                         DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC
50 King St. E. 3rd Floor              associationpolioquebec@
                                                                         OF THE CONGO
Hamilton-Brant, Ontario L8N 1A6                      l´Association Congolaise
905-528-9432, 905.528.6585 fax                    "Debout et Fier" (ACDF)                  Spring meeting (Montreal)          StandProud
                                      Polio Regina Inc.                  10250 Harrison Rd
OMOD/London & Area                    Carole Tiefenbach                  Loveland, OH 45140
   Post-Polio Chapter                 825 McDonald St          
Heather MacAdam                       Regina, Saskatchewan S4N 2X5
London, Ontario                       306-761-1020             
519-764-2481                           DENMARK    
Third Saturday, Feb, Apr, June,           polio                          PTU (Landsforeningen af Polio-,
   Aug, Oct, Dec                      Last Thursday PM, Jan-May,            Trafik- og Ulykkeskadede)
                                          Sept-Dec                       Fjeldhammervej 8
                                                                         2610 Rødovre
   Post-Polio Chapter                 Saskatchewan Awareness
                                                                         36 73 90 00
Anne Marie Bovair                        of Post-Polio
Peterborough, Ontario                 Ron Johnson
705-748-6625                          2310 Louise Ave
Once yearly, June or October          Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
                                         S7J 2C7                         Suomen Polioliitto Ry
OMOD/Thunder Bay
                                      306-477-7002, 306-373-2665         Luotsikatu 6 E 28
   Post-Polio Chapter
                                          00160 Helsinki
Sandy Rutherford
                                   (90) 686 0990
Thunder Bay, Ontario                                       
OMOD/Toronto/Peel & York                                                 FRANCE
   Post-Polio Chapter                 Dr. Pedro Luis Gonzalez
Jan Nichols                           Director, ACUFIN                   Groupe de Liaison et
Toronto, Ontario                      Calle 8#10 Entre 17 y m.torres        d'Information Post-Polio
416-284-7248                          Reparto Libertad                      (GLIP)                Holguin                            31, bis rue de la Barre
                                                                         59147 Gondecourt
Polio Canada                                                             +33
A Division of March of                                         
   Dimes Canada                                                
Sue Jones
10 Overlea Blvd Ste 209
Toronto, Ontario M4H 1A4
416-425-3463, 416-425-1920 fax

       22   Post-Polio Directory 2010© |
GERMANY                          Self-help and Support Group          Organización Mexicana Para el
                                    Associazione Nazionale               Conocimiento de los Efectos
Juliana Stolle                      Polio e Sindrome Post-polio          Tardiós de la Polio, AC
Kaninchenbergweg 63              Aurelio Sugliani                        (OMCETPAC)
23564 Lübeck                     Via Einstein 4                       Sergio Augusto Vistrain Diaz
+49 541 601361                   20059 Vimercate Milano               Lago Ontario No. 3-G,            +39 6 851380 cell                       Col. Tacuba
Resource only                    +39 3397484492 fax                   Mexico City, DF
                                         +52 55-55-27-63-89 (tel & fax)
Bundesverband Polio e.V.
Hans-Joachim Woebbeking
Freiberger Strasse 33            Associazione Interregionale          Resource only
Thermalbad Wiesenbad,                Disabili Motori
   Sachsen 09488                 Ospedale – Via Gardesana
+49 3733 504 1187
                                 57 – 37018 Malcesine
+49 3733 504 1188 fax            Verona                               Postpolio Support Group of           +39 045 6584293                          the Dutch Association for                                    Neuromuscular Diseases
First Monday PM; 50 regional                                              (VSN)
   self-support                  JAPAN                                Lt. Gen. van Heutzlaan 6
                                                                      3743 JN Baarn
IRELAND                          Japanese Network of                  +31 35 5480480
                                    Polio Survivors                   +31 30 5480499 fax
Post-Polio Support Group         Masakuni Mukoyama, MD      ,
    of Ireland                   3 Kuromoncho, Higashiku              Annual meeting
Eamonn Farrell                   Nagoya, Japan 461-0035
Unit 319, Capel Building         +81 52-932-1854 (tel & fax)
Mary's Abbey
                                                                      NEW ZEALAND
Dublin 7                                                              Post Polio Support Society
+353 1 8898920                   The Polio Association Japan
                                                                         of New Zealand Inc
+353 1 8898924 fax               Mariko Koyama
                                                                      Edith Morris,        1-6-5-602 Minowa
                                                                      PO Box 12357
                                 Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0011
                                                                      Hamilton P/c 3248
                                 +81 3 3872 7359 (tel & fax)
ISRAEL                                                                +64 07 853 8285 or 0800-476-546
The Polio Handicap Association
    in Israel                    Three regular meetings per year
                                                                      23 branches nationwide
Jacob Surany
PO Box 8186                      MEXICO                               Post Polio Support Society
Ramat Gan 52181                                                          of New Zealand Inc
+972 35755660                    Post-Polio Litaff AC                 J.B. Munro
+972 507754415 cell                  Association                      PO Box 249
+972 35757770 fax                E. Liliana Marasco Garrido           Oamaru 9444               Iztaccihuatl 53-303                  +64 34891995 fax
                                 Col. Hipodromo Condesa     
                                 CP06100 Mexico City
                                 +52 55-55-74-29-26 (tel & fax)       23 branches nationwide
Associazione Nazionale Polio
   e Sindrome Postpolio         Auckland Post Polio Support
Louise Read, Deputy President                 Group
via della Lungara 3                  Doreen Chandler, QSO
00165 Roma                                                            36 Eastern Beach Rd
+39 065895895 (tel & fax)                                             Bucklands Beach, 2012                                            +64 9 534-6151                                                      +64 9 537-3104 fax
+39 3395773796 cell                                         
                                                                      Mar, June, Sept (AGM), Dec

                                  |Post-Polio Directory 2010©    23
Support Groups                        SOUTH KOREA                          THAILAND
                                      Korea Polio Association              Foundation to Encourage the
                                      Jeongnip Center for Rehabilitation      Potential of Disabled
NIGERIA                               16-3 Guei-2dong                         Persons
                                      Gwangjin-gu                          Donald & Sunan Willcox
Ayuba Gufwan                          Seoul                                195/197 Ban Tanawan, Moo 8
Wheelchairs for Nigeria               +82 2-446-1237, +82 2-454-2144       Tambon Sanpheeseu
#17 JCMI Drive              ,                   Amphur Muang
Kattan Rikos                ,                      Chaing Mai 50300
by Jos North LGC Housing Layout                   +66 53 852172
off Liberty Dam Road                                                       +66 53 240935 fax
Jos, Plateau State                    SPAIN                      
+234 8035 985123                                                                  Associatión Afectados de Polio          y Sindrome Postpolio   
                                      Lola Corrales, Presidenta            Resource only
SIERRA LEONE                          C/Luis de Hoyos Sainz 18
                                      28030 Madrid                         UNITED KINGDOM
Syvanus Bandu                         +34 686 000 1714
Polio Challenge Association        Polio Survivors Network
113 Fourah Bay Road                        PO Box 954
Freetown                                                                   Lincoln, Lincolnshire,
                                      Associats de Polio I Postpolio           England LN5 5ER
                                          de Catalunya (APPCAT)            +44 1522 888601
                                      Juli Sellés Linares, President       +44 870 1600840 fax
                                      Av. De Preixana n° 80      
SLOVENIA                              Bellpuig, Lleida 25250     
Paras, Društvo Paralitikov                         AGM and periodically PM
    Slovenije                         Poliocyl, es la associacion          British Polio Fellowship
Cesta 24. junija 23                       des los afectados de polio       Support Services Manager
1231 Ljubljana                            y syndrome de postpolio          Eagle Office Centre, The Runway
(01) 563-34-68                            de castilla y León               South Ruislip HA4 6SE England
(01) 561-27-10 fax                             +44 800 0180586          +44 20 8842 0555 fax
SOUTH AFRICA                                                               Network of local branches
                                      Riksforbundet for Trafik-,
Astrid Gorvett                                                                 and groups
                                          Olycksfails – och
274 Amberglen Private Bag X004            Polioskadade (RT)
Howick 3200                                                                British Polio Fellowship
                                      Vintergatan 2
Kwa-Zulu Natal                                                                Wales Region
                                      172 69 Sundbyberg
+27 033-239-4474                                                           Joan Deverell
                                      08-629 27 80, 08-28 15 60 fax                                                     10 Sandown Rd
Resource only                                                              Bangor is y coed
                                                                           Wrexham LL13 0JA Wales
Post-Polio Network RSA                SWITZERLAND                          +44 1978 780473
Ron Steynberg                                                    
                                      Schweiz. Interesseng für
10 Scottburgh Ct                                                           Resource only
154 Scott St
                                      c/o Assn Suisse des Paralyses
                                      3 Rue de Locarno, PO Box 9
Kwa Zulu-Natal
                                      CH-1701 Fribourg
+27 39 976 2155
                                      +41 26 322 9433
+27 86 954 7817 mobile
                                      +41 26 323 2700 fax
+27 86 219 8216 fax

       24   Post-Polio Directory 2010© |
United States                         Polio Epic Inc.
                                      Micki Minner
                                                                          San Francisco Bay Area Polio
                                                                             Survivors (SFBAPS)
Listing is arranged in alphabetical   PO Box 17556                        Stella R. Cade
order, first by country, then by      Tucson, AZ 85731-7556               PO Box 272175
province or state, then by city.      520-750-8608, 520-743-1556          Concord, CA 94527-2175
                                           510-223-4772, 650-368-8185,
                                             925-934-6103, 925-926-0110
                                      Second Saturday AM, Sept-June
Birmingham Post-Polio
    Support Group
                                      ARKANSAS                   (Phyllis Hartke)
James Jarrell
                                                                          Third Saturday AM, Jan-June,
425 N Lake Rd                         Central Arkansas Polio                 Sept-Nov
Birmingham, AL 35242-7025                Survivors (CAPS)
205-980-0050                          Betty S. Schmidt                    Joan O. Wright, RN, MS               1299 Cove Creek Rd                  Psychiatric Nursing
Third Saturday AM, Jan, Mar,          Quitman, AR 72131-8703              1720 S Bethesda Way
    May, July, Sept, Nov              501-589-3555                        Crescent City, CA 95531-8368
Tennessee Valley Post-Polio
    Support Group
                                                                          Resource only
Janie C. Carter                       CALIFORNIA
105 Bedford Ln                                                            Polio Survivors Association
                                      Sierra Hills Post-Polio
Harvest, AL 35749 (Huntsville)                                            Richard L. Daggett
                                         Syndrome Group
256-837-1985                                                              12720 La Reina Ave
                                      Auburn, CA                                                       Downey, CA 90242-4243
                                      Barbara Childress:                                                  562-862-4508, 562-862-5018 fax
Third Saturday AM                                               
                                      Carolyne Reed:
Mobile Area Post-Polio         
   Support Group            
Vera Moore                                                                Rancho Los Amigos Post-Polio
                                      Mary Correia
6650 Cottage Hill Rd Apt 701                                                 Support Group
                                      3709 Kennedy Ave
Mobile, AL 36695-3793                                                     Diane Ekonen
                                      Bakersfield, CA 93309-6029
251-639-2189, 888-248-1680 fax                                            Downey, CA
                                      661-836-9220,                                                      562-861-8128
                                      Lynn Hall: 661-588-1099,                                             
Fourth Saturday PM                                                        Fourth Saturday PM
                                      Resource only

ARIZONA                                                                   Post-Polio Support Group
                                      San Gabriel & Pomona Valley
                                                                             of Orange County
                                         Polio Support Group
Polio Echo, Inc.                                                          M. Priscilla Hiers
                                      Mary Ellen Stan
Pamela Harper                                                             18552 Cork St
                                      4076 Kennedy Ct
PO Box 61024                                                              Fountain Valley, CA 92708-6408
                                      Chino, CA 91710-3190
Phoenix, AZ 85082-1024                                                    714-968-1675,
602-376-7581 voicemail                Second Saturday PM              Sacramento Post-Polio               PPS Manager                         Support Group                   Richard E. Van Der Linden
                                      Leslie D. Smith                     34711 Lyn Ave
                                      PO Box 3043                         Hemet, CA 92545-3471
                                      Citrus Heights, CA 95611-3043       951-926-5492
                                      800-215-0318, 916-725-4077
                                    Third Tuesday AM
                                      First Saturday AM, Sept-June

                                      |Post-Polio Directory 2010©    25
Support Groups                        Post-Polio Group/California     Grand Junction Post-Polio
                                         North Coast                      Support Group
                                      Janet Johnson                   Gail Saunders
                                      PO Box 9397                     PO Box 845
Polio Survivors Plus                  Santa Rosa, CA 95405-1397       Montrose, CO 81402
William Schwied, MD                   707-524-7865                    970-249-3218
Laguna Woods Village          
PO Box 645                                                            Millie Derksen: 970-434-4281
Lake Forest, CA 92609-0645            High Desert Post-Polio          Second Saturday, Mar, June,
Dean Eastman: 949-859-7372               Support Group                    Sept, Dec
Pepe Motola:                          Ardath Kay Mears                 14000 El Evado Rd Base 45       Jeane Dille
Fourth Wednesday PM, Jan-Nov          Victorville, CA 92392           Easter Seals/Pueblo
                                      760-985-2579 cell               719-545-0162
Pasadena Post-Polio Support 
   Group                                                              Barbara Lundstrom
Carol Mutchnik                                                        Easter Seals/Thornton
2215 Crescent St                                                      303-451-6241
Montrose, CA 91020-1208               Easter Seals Post-Polio         or Paul Puma: 303-453-9552
818-957-4160                             Support Group
                                      Lisa E. Haft Robison            CONNECTICUT
East Ventura County Post-Polio
                                      12044 E Maple Ave
   Support Group                                                      The Polio Outreach
                                      Aurora, CO 80012-1267
Sharon L. Ertel                                                          of Connecticut
950 Janetwood Dr                                                      75 Tallwood Rd
Oxnard, CA 93030-3419                                                 Southbury, CT 06488-2751
                                      Third Wednesday AM
805-485-9664                                                          203-481-5606                 Linda Groth           
First Saturday PM, Jan-June,          Easter Seals/Colorado Springs
   Sept-Dec                           719-633-1497                    Saturdays PM, Mar, May, July,
                                                                         Sept, Dec
Coachella Valley Polio                Jim Oxley
   Survivors Group                    Easter Seals/
Lois & Bob Jackman
                                                                      DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA
                                         Fort Collins; Loveland
8 Via Elegante                        970-377-0117                    The Polio Society
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270-1969          Romola Fritz: 970-225-9573      PMB 106-273
760-324-0333, 760-321-7780 fax                                        4200 Wisconsin Ave NW                     Easter Seals Colorado
                                                                      Washington, DC 20016
Kent Sipolski:                        5755 W Alameda Ave
                                                                      301-897-8180                  Lakewood, CO 80226
Second Friday                         303-233-1666 ext 237
                                      Marlene Harmon
San Diego Polio Survivors                                             Special events and quarterly
Rick E. Kneeshaw, MA                                                     board meetings
                                      Margaret Hinman
11541 Sweet Willow Way                303-460-1454
San Diego, CA 92131               FLORIDA
                                                                      Boca Area Post-Polio Group
Gladys: 858-271-9288
                                                                      Maureen A. Sinkule
                                                                      Carolyn DeMasi
                                                                      11660 Timbers Way
Second Saturday, Jan, Mar, May,
                                                                      Boca Raton, FL 33428
    July, Sept, Nov
                                                                      561-488-4473, 561-558-1215 fax
                                                                      Carolyn: 352-245-8129,
                                                                      Second Wednesday AM except

       26   Post-Polio Directory 2010© |
Marge C. Torre                     First Coast Post Polio              GEORGIA
Plantation Grove                      Support Group
4703 9th Street Ct E # 4           Jacksonville, FL                    Atlanta Post-Polio Association
Bradenton, FL 34203-2603           Jim Powell, President:                  (APPA)
941-756-3883                          904-504-8925                     Linda Priest                     Janice Askwith, Vice President:     PO Box 250566
Resource only                         904-333-3457                     Atlanta, GA 30325-1042
                                   Frances Powell, 2 Vice              404-350-7631
North Central Florida Post-Polio   President: 904-571-9410   
   Support Group         
Carolyn P. Raville       
7180 SW 182nd Ct                                                       Coastal Empire Polio Survivors
Dunnellon, FL 34432 (Ocala)        Post-Polio Support Group               Assn Inc.
352-489-1731, 352-465-3825 fax        of Brevard                       Diane L. Davis       Karen Pessarp                       7610 Peridot Ln              333 N Tropical Trl                  Savannah, GA 31406           Merritt Island, FL 32953            912-355-1221
Second Sunday PM and special       321-452-5414              
   programs on Saturdays,              www.coastalempire
   annual seminar                  Jan, Mar, Sept, Nov          
                                                                       Fourth Saturday AM, Jan-June,
Post Polio Resource Group          Naples Post-Polio Support              Sept-Nov
    of Central Florida                Group
J. Ann Singleton                   Barbara Mayberry
481 Meadowood Blvd                 2410 19th St SW
Fern Park, FL 32730-2942           Naples, FL 34117-4718               Hawaii Post-Polio Network
407-260-9238                       239-353-2410                        Jane E. Marcum                    Honolulu area
Quarterly meetings; Fern Park to   First Saturday AM, Oct-May          808-261-8752
    Orlando area                                             
                                   Florida East Coast Post-Polio
                                                                       Second Saturday AM, Jan, Apr,
Gulf Coast Post-Polio                  Support Group
                                                                          July, Oct
   Support Group                   Barbara S. Goldstein
Virginia Katramados                12 Eclipse Trl
514 Boca Ciega Point Blvd N        Ormond Beach, FL 32174-4936
Madeira Beach, FL 33708            386-676-2435                        Polio Survivors & Friends of
727-319-0648                                       East Central Illinois               Annamaria T, Barber, RN
Third Tuesday PM, Jan-June,        Third Sunday PM, Jan, Mar, May,     708 Taft Ave
   Sept-Dec                            Sept, Nov                       Charleston, IL 61920-4135
Post-Polio Association             Post-Polio Support Group            217-345-1549 after 4 pm
   of South Florida                   of Charlotte County    
Barbara Gratzke                    Darlene Mudd                        Second Thursday, conference call
11901 SW 177th Terrace             941-625-4059                           capability for those who cannot
Miami, FL 33177-2354                        attend
305-230-0687                       Second Thursday PM, Jan-May,        Linda Bieniek, CEAP
Sima Gebell: 305-652-6216             Oct-Nov                          14 S Ashland Ave                                                      La Grange, IL 60525-2370               Southern Hillsborough County
                                      Post-Polio Support Group         708-354-3640, 708-354-3670 fax
Meet monthly                                                 
                                   Pam Vogelsang
                                   2322 Lancaster Dr                   Resource only
                                   Sun City Center, FL 33573-6504
                                   Third Thursday, Jan-May,

                                   |Post-Polio Directory 2010©     27
Support Groups                        IOWA                                  Topeka Post-Polio Support
continued                                                                      Group
                                      Tri-State Post-Polio                  William D. Kvicala
                                          Support Group                     2707 SW Burnett Rd
Valerie Brew-Parrish                  Joan D. Bellmann                      Topeka, KS 66614-2226
2617 Ruth Fitzgerald Dr
                                      1000 Richards Rd                      785-272-5138
Plainfield, IL 60586
                                      Dubuque, IA 52003                     Third Saturday AM, Mar, May,
815-609-9464 (tel & fax)
                                      563-588-1692, 563-588-9833 fax           July, Sept
Resource only
                                      Second Thursday PM every other        KENTUCKY
Polio Survivors of Springfield            month at a restaurant
   Area                                                                     Polio Survivors
                                      Iowa Polio Survivors Group               Organization, Inc.
Ann R. Hughes
                                      Janice Hawkins                        Frances Brown
7442 Rolling Oaks Dr
                                      5326 E Oakwood Dr                     6203 Fegenbush Ln
Riverton, IL 62561-9302               Pleasant Hill, IA 50327
217-629-8881                                                                Louisville, KY 40228-1125
                                      515-263-1823                          502-239-9792
                                      515-263-1823 TDD            
Third Saturday AM, Jan, Mar,
   May, July, Sept, Nov
                                      Info meetings in Apr & Oct, July
Mary Ann Buckingham                       picnic, Dec holiday celebration
7335 W 109th Pl                                                             Northeast Louisiana Polio
Worth, IL 60482-1113                  KANSAS                                   Support Group
708-448-7237                                                                Frances B. Bullington
                                      Wichita Post-Polio Support            2218 Valencia St
Resource only
                                          Group                             Monroe, LA 71201-2366
                                      Elva M. Suderman                      318-387-2991
INDIANA                               218 S Lincoln St                      Quarterly Saturday AM meetings
Ellen Crim                            Hillsboro, KS 67063-1713
3205 Morton St                        620-947-3560                          Easter Seals LA Polio Support
Anderson, IN 46016-5088                             Network
765-649-3648, same, call first fax    Wayne Larsen, President:              Janet Pepperman                       316-524-4408                      1010 Common St Ste 2000
Resource only                         Third Saturday AM, Mar-Nov            New Orleans, LA 70112
                                                                            504-523-7325, 504-523-3465 fax
Meg Magnan                            Manhattan Area Post-Polio   
434 John St                              Support Group
Decatur, IN 46733                     Donna Lee Alexander
260-724-2960, 260-701-2960            222 Oak Valley Dr                Manhattan, KS 66502-6914              Portland Region Post-Polio
Monthly luncheons, Apr-Nov            785-537-7822,              Support Group
                                      Fourth Wednesday AM, Feb,             Sharon J. Antoniuc
Jerome S. Grady                          Apr, June, Aug, Oct                29 Smith Farm Rd
8509 Sweet Blossom Ct                                                       Durham, ME 04222-5253
Fort Wayne, IN 46835-9624             Central Kansas Polio Survivors
260-485-1935 (tel and fax,                Support Group
   call first)                        Jean Graber
                                                                            Last Saturday AM Jan-Aug,                       5008 W Parallel Rd
Resource only                         Pretty Prairie, KS 67570
                                      620-459-6355                          Post-Polio Support Group
                                               of Maine
                                      Lois Wooten:                          Ann B. Crocker
                                      centralkansaspoliosurvivors@          674 Hallowell-Litchfield Rd
                                                           West Gardiner, ME 04345-3462
                                      First Saturday AM           

       28   Post-Polio Directory 2010© |
MARYLAND                        Michigan Polio Network Inc          MISSISSIPPI
                                   Southeast Michigan Post-
Polio Support Group of             Polio Support Group              Jackson Polio Survivors
   Central Maryland             Bonnie E. Levitan                      Support Group
Jean E. Williams                311 Lothrop Rd                      JPSSG Coordinator/Webmaster
Columbia, MD                    Grosse Pointe, MI 48236-3407        PO Box 680
410-312-0606                    313-885-7855                        Florence, MS 39073-0680                    601-939-4882
Fay Baker, 301-596-4156,,             Fourth Saturday AM, Mar-Oct         Fourth Saturday PM, Jan-Oct
Second Saturday AM, Sept-June      (Meets in Troy)
                                                                    Mississippi Polio Survivors
MASSACHUSETTS                   Mid Michigan Post-Polio                Association
                                   Support Group                    Dianne N. Wade
Amherst Post-Polio Support      Ethel Jean Iutzi                    PO Box 619
   Group                        5754 N Rodgers Ave                  Florence, MS 39073-0619
Philippe G. Galaski             Harrison, MI 48625-9677             601-847-4539
Amherst, MA                     989-539-3781              
413-253-3508                        Quarterly             Two group meetings per year
Third Sunday PM                                                     MISSOURI
                                Lansing Area Post-Polio
North Shore Area Post-Polio         Support Group                   SEMO Alliance for Disability
   Support Group                Alice Mailhot                          Independence, Inc.
Barbara Mintz                   2518 Lake Lansing Rd Apt 1          Maryann Gudermuth
32 Longfellow Dr                Lansing, MI 48912-3681              1913 Rusmar Ave
Newburyport, MA 01950-3360      Anita Hallas: 517-339-1039          Cape Girardeau, MO 63703
978-465-1059 (tel & fax)                   800-898-7234, 573-651-6464                                               573-651-6464 TDD
Biannual meetings               Northeastern Michigan
                                                                    573-651-0441 fax
                                   Post-Polio Support Group
The Greater Boston Post-Polio   Ruth Nisniewski
                                                                    One-on-one peer support
   Association                  989-354-4038
Linda W. Dobkin                          Greater Kansas City Post-Polio
1 Grove St                      Meeting 3rd Wed Mar-Oct                Support Group
PO Box 812726                                                       Judith Wilson
Wellesley, MA 02482-0024        MINNESOTA                           5622 N Strathbury
781-596-8245,                                         Kansas City, MO 64151-2646
Two-four meetings/year          Twin Ports Post Polio Network       816-741-1620
Third Tuesday, Aug & Dec        Leo F. Plewa              
                                4238 Stebner Rd                     Last Saturday AM, Feb, Apr,
MICHIGAN                        Hermantown, MN 55811-1435              June, Aug, Oct
Post-Polio Connection                    Mid-Missouri Post-Polio
Sunny Roller, MA                                                       Support Group
Liina Paasuke, MA                                                   Alvin G. Cook, Sr.
Ann Arbor, MI                                                       1601 W 16th St
734-971-1715 (tel & fax),                                           Sedalia, MO 65301                                              660-829-0441 (tel & fax)
Post-Polio Support Group
Rita Wall
c/o Blue Water Center for
   Independent Living
1184 Cleaver Rd Ste 1000
Caro, MI 48723
Last Tuesday in PM

                                |Post-Polio Directory 2010©    29
Support Groups                        PNNJ/Monmouth Post-Polio          Triad Post Polio Group
continued                                Support Group                  Sharon Bowden
                                      Antoinette (Toni) S. Wilczewski   4830-C Tower Rd
                                      294 W End Ave                     Greensboro, NC 27410-5831
MONTANA                               Long Branch, NJ 07740-5234        336-851-9182
Polio Survivors of Montana
                                      Third Monday PM, April-Nov        Second Thursday and
205 9th Ave S Ste 101
                                                                            Fourth Monday
Great Falls, MT 59405-4011            Polio Network of New
406-454-7715                             Jersey (PNNJ)                  Catawba Valley Post-Polio
Ann Tuss 406-452-0722                 PO Box 537                        Lincoln County Senior Center
Juanita Tschetters 406-761-6737       Martinsville, NJ 08836-0537       514 S Academy St             201-845-6860, 201-843-2903 fax    Lincolnton< NC 28092
www.poliosurvivorsofmontana.             Pamm Rose                         704-922-6709
Third Saturday AM, Sept-May           Statewide network, annual         Second Monday PM
                                         conference in Apr
NEBRASKA                                                                Sandhills Post-Polio Health
                                      PNNJ/Bergen County Polio          Ray Taylor
Nebraska Polio Survivors                 Support Group                  590 Central Dr # 403
  Association                         Heather Broad                     Southern Pines, NC 28387
PO Box 6076                           275 Eccleston Pl                  910-692-2566
Omaha, NE 68106                       Maywood, NJ 07607-1112  
                                      201-845-6317                      Ashley Atkinson, FirstHealth
NEVADA                                         of the Carolinas:
                                      First Saturday AM                 910-715-5266, 910-715-3090 fax
South Nevada Association of                                      
    Polio Survivors (SNAPS)           PNNJ/Ocean County Polio           Ginnie Richmond:
Dianne M. Resetar,                       Support Group           
6417 Cosmo Ln                         Susan Payne Gato, RN              First Saturday AM
Las Vegas, NV 89130                   PO Box 4515
702-644-5091, 702-651-3380 fax        Toms River, NJ 08754-4515         Land of the Sky Post-Polio                 732-330-2431                         Resource/Support Group
http://communitylink.                 Lynn Young
Third Saturday PM                     Four Saturdays per year,          131 Shannon Dr
                                         Periodic social events         Spruce Pine, NC 28777
NEW JERSEY                                                              Jane Broadbrooks, Chairperson:
                                      NORTH CAROLINA                       828-254-5723
PNNJ/Raritan Valley Post-Polio                                          Bev Cobb, Volunteer Coordinator:
   Support Group                      Post-Polio Support Group             828-883-9873
Arthur P. Siegfried                      of the High Country  
1272 Oxford Rd                        Watauga Medical Center            2nd Saturday PM
Bridgewater, NJ 08807-1424            New Auditorium
908-722-7212, 908-429-1045 fax        336 Deerfield Rd                  NORTH DAKOTA                    Boone, NC 28607                Kathryn Pennell: 336-877-1154     F-M Post-Polio Support Group
                                      Shelby Duane: 828-324-4223        Ervin E. Heim
Morris County Polio Network           Third Sunday PM                   4027 32nd St S
1 St. Mary’s Place                                                      Fargo, ND 58104-6649
Denville, NJ 07834                    Charlotte Area Post Polio         701-232-8417
973-769-0075                          Carolinas Rehabilitation          Third Wednesday PM                   1100 Blythe Blvd
Third Saturday AM, Jan, Feb, Apr,     Charlotte, NC 28203
   May, June, Sept, Oct, Nov          Dan Honeycutt
                                      Second Sunday PM

       30   Post-Polio Directory 2010© |
OHIO                           HELPS Post-Polio Support            Roseburg Post-Polio Resource
                                  Group                            Barbara Strickland
Akron Post-Polio Support       Winifred Walker                     2310 SW La Canada Dr
    Group                      132 9th St SW                       Roseburg, OR 97471-5700
Ruth McCort                    New Philadelphia, OH                541-679-1316
1048 Austin Ave                   44663-2074             
Akron, OH 44306-2956           330-339-6910
330-724-8302                           PENNSYLVANIA
Brenda Ferguson:               Lorain County Post-Polio            Delaware Valley Polio
    330-867-5507                   Support Group, Ohio                Survivors Association         Dave Livingston                     Judy Young
Patricia A. Harding:           33001 Fern Tree Ln                  PO Box 159
    330-867-5507               N. Ridgeville, Ohio 44039-2305      Chalfont, PA 18914-0159       440-327-0366                        215-822-6342
Second Saturday PM        
                               First Tuesday PM, Apr-Nov
Polio Connection                                                   Bunny Schneider
Bill Renz, President           Miami Valley Post-Polio             118 Firetower Rd
PO Box 9575                       Connection                       Milford, PA 18337-9340
Cincinnati, OH 45209           Edgar L. Baker                      570-296-4080
513-563-9032 (tel & fax)       2256 Shawnee Ave                       Springfield, OH 45506-3232          Resource only
Sylvia Meek: 513-521-3407      937-325-8384
Earl Laycock:                                                      Post-Polio Support Group
    513-891-7662               OKLAHOMA                               of the Lehigh Valley
Call for meeting schedule.                                         Phyllis Kennedy
                               Polio Survivors of Oklahoma         524 New York Ave
Polio Survivors of                 Association                     Whitehall, PA 18052
   Stark County Ohio           W. Yvonne Leard                     610-435-7639
Linda K. Conrad                2723 NW 36th Terr                   Resource only
1886 Gingerich St NE           Oklahoma City, OK 73112-7432
Hartville, OH 44632-9600       405-946-1460                        SOUTH CAROLINA
First Saturday AM, Feb, Apr,   Fourth Saturday PM, Jan-Oct         Palmetto Polio & Neuropathy
   June, Aug, Oct, Dec                                                Support Group (PPN)
                               OREGON                              Patsy H. Young
Ohio Polio Network
                                                                   301 Cooper Dr
Patrick C. Kelly               Beaverton Post-Polio Support        Greer, SC 29651-5891
104 Iroquois Dr                   Group                            864-877-0702
Marietta, OH 45750-1219        Ann Satterfield           
740-374-0538                   Elsie Stuhr Center                   5550 SW Hall Blvd                   Second Thursday PM       Beaverton, OR 97005-3919
                               503-629-6343, 503-629-5347 fax      TENNESSEE
Greater Cleveland Post-Polio
    Support Group
                               Second Tuesday AM, Jan-Aug,         Polio Heroes of Tennessee/
Alice M. Sporar
                                  Oct-Dec                             Nashville Area
7251 Olde Farm Ln
Mentor, OH 44060                                                   Nickie L. Lancaster, RN
                               International Post-Polio
440-942-1557                                                       529 Albany Dr
                                   Support Org (IPPSO)                                            Hermitage, TN 37076-1422
                               Shari Clement Fiksdal
                                                                   615-889-3007, 615-874-9550 fax
                               2252 Table Rock Rd #40
                               Medford, OR 97501

                               |Post-Polio Directory 2010©      31
Support Groups                        South Plains Post-Polio         WASHINGTON
continued                                 Support Network &
                                          Project Blue Whale          Polio Outreach of Washington
                                      Carol J. Thompson               Lois Barber
Deborah Cunningham                                                    PO Box 165
                                      1316 7th St
1633 Madison Ave
                                      Shallowater, TX 79363           Bickleton, WA 99322-0165
Memphis, TN 38104
                                      806-832-5683                    800-609-5538
901-726-6404, 901-726-6521 fax
                                      Internet and phone support
Resource only                                                         Everett Post-Polio Support
                                      with periodic meetings
                                                                         Group of Washington State
TEXAS                                                                 Rhonda G. Whitehead
                                      UTAH                            15913 119th Ave NE
Texas Bay Area Polio Survivors                                        Bothell, WA 98011-4120
                                      Utah Post-Polio Support Group
   Group                                                              425-488-0219
                                      Ruth Ann Smith
John Hartman                                                
                                      8955 Quail Hollow Dr
713-502-7679                                                          Second Saturday PM
                                      Sandy, UT 84093
                                      801-943-7665                    Bremerton & Kitsap County
Doris Scarborough: |
                                               Post-Polio Support Group
                                      Carol Held: cmhkatleidoscope@   Bob Miller
                                                     4867 NW Eldorado Blvd
                                                                      Bremerton, WA 98312-1123
Top of Texas Post-Polio               VIRGINIA                        360-692-1381
   Support Group                                            
Aldine Manning                        Northern Virginia Post-Polio
                                                                      Third Saturday PM, odd months
2200 W 7th St # 417                      Support Group
Amarillo, TX 79106-6789               Col. Charles E. Preble, Jr.,    Tri-State Polio Pals
806-373-7582                             USA Ret                      James L. Huetson
Third Saturday PM, Apr, June          8027 Garlot Dr                  1120 22nd Ave
   Sept, Nov                          Annandale, VA 22003             Clarkston, WA 99403-3185
                                      703-560-8852                    509-758-2187
Fort Worth Area Polio Survivor     
   Support Group                      Second Saturday, Jan, Mar,      Fourth Saturday PM
Marilyn Foster                           May, July, Sept, Nov
PO Box 471109                                                         Polio Outreach/North Central
Fort Worth, TX 76147-1109             Central Virginia Post-Polio        Washington
817-336-1769,          Support Group                Jim & Sandee Thornton
Second Saturday PM                    Carol Kennedy                   484 N Kent Terrace
                                      1803 Aston Ln                   East Wenatchee, WA 98802
Texas Polio Survivors'                Richmond, VA 23238-3066         509-884-8856
   Association (TPSA)                 804-740-6833          
800 Wilcrest Ste 201                    Third Monday PM
Houston, TX 77042           
713-690-0695, 713-690-0696 fax        First Saturday PM, Aug-June     Bellingham Post-Polio                                                           Support Group                                                    Patrick Ewing
11 groups and 4 phone link                                            3561 Sorenson Rd
   groups in Texas                                                    Everson, WA 98247-8212
                                                                      Last Saturday

       32   Post-Polio Directory 2010© |
Olympia Polio Support Group       Bev Nading                          Paul Garness
Ursula Schmidt                    1726 Gregory Ave, PMB315            1160 Shorewood Dr
6528 Alder Glen Dr SE             Sunnyside, WA 98944-1660            La Crosse, WI 54601-7020
Olympia, WA 98513-4353            509-837-4265                        608-788-5331
360-456-8097                                  Resource only                       Resource only
PM meetings on demand
                                  Vancouver Post-Polio                Post-Polio Resource Group
Olympic Peninsula Post-Polio         Support Group                       of Southeastern Wisconsin
   Support Group                  Susie Koeser                        Harvey Padek
Paul D. Tucker                    1112 NW Westridge St                PO Box 13841
517 E 7th St
                                  Vancouver, WA 98665                 Milwaukee, WI 53213-0841
Port Angeles, WA 98362-6214
360-452-6487                      360-574-4523                        414-297-9093, 262-782-0506              360-892-5314 (Stan)       
Third Friday PM, Jan, Mar, May,          
   July, Aug, Nov                 Third Saturday PM                   Third Saturday PM, Spring & Fall
                                                                         discussion web at
Polio Outreach/Tri-Cities
                                  WEST VIRGINIA                
   Post-Polio Support Group
                                                                         com/ group/pprg_list/
Norma Peters
                                  Mid Ohio Valley Post-Polio
712 Swift Ste 1
                                     Support Group
Richland, WA 99352
                                  Becky A. White
                                  2807 11th Ave
                                  Vienna, WV 26105-2674
Third Saturday PM
Polio Outreach/Renton,  
   South Seattle & South King     Second Monday PM, Apr-Jun,
   County Cities                     Sept-Nov
Mimi Sangder
Seattle, WA                       WISCONSIN
206-725-8937                Gail A. Genereau
Third Saturday noon potluck       910 E Sylvan Ave
                                  Appleton, WI 54915-2615
Larry Julius, CPA,CGFM            Fox Cities/Northern Wisconsin
261 SE Weston Rd                  920-734-1452, 920-734-0015 fax
Shelton, WA 98584-7634  
360-426-0100                      715-546-4408                Resource only
Resource Only
                                  Madison (WI) Area Post-Polio
Sharman R. Collins                    Support Group
12811 S Fairway Ridge Ln          Gail Kempfer
Spokane, WA 99224-8416            6838 Parkside Cir
509-448-8517                      DeForest, WI 53532 
Call for meeting information      Second Saturday PM, Mar, May,
                                     July, Sept, Nov
Tacoma/Pierce County
   Post-Polio Support Group       Linda A. Tomter
Marlys Tron                       3219 Chasewood Ln
419 Alder Ave                     Eau Claire, WI 54701-6024
Sumner, WA 98390-1321             715-834-8837
First Monday PM usually,          Resource only
   Feb-June, Aug-Dec

                                  |Post-Polio Directory 2010©     33
                                               Other Useful Contacts
                                       Professional organizations of medical specialties, governmental
                                                   agencies and other organizations and associations.

Professional                          American Orthopaedic Foot          USA Governmental
                                         and Ankle Society
Medical                               6300 N River Rd Ste 510            Centers for Disease Control
                                      Rosemont, IL 60018-4262               and Prevention (CDC)
American Academy of                   800-235-4855, 847-698-4654         1600 Clifton Rd
   Neurology                          847-692-3315 fax                   Atlanta, GA 30333
1080 Montreal Ave           ,     800-311-3435
Saint Paul, MN 55116
                                                                         404-498-1515 public inquiries
800-879-1960, 651-695-2717            Association of Rehabilitation
651-695-2791 fax                          Nurses,               4700 W Lake Ave                    National Institutes of Health                           Glenview, IL 60025-1485               (NIH)
                                      800-229-7530, 847-375-4710         9200 Rockville Pike
American Academy of                   877-734-9384 fax                   Bethesda, MD 20892
   Orthopaedic Surgeons®    ,               301-496-4000, 301-402-9612 TTY
6300 N River Rd                    ,
Rosemont, Illinois 60018-4262
847-823-7186, 800-346-AAOS            American Physical Therapy          National Institute of
847-823-8125 fax                         Association (APTA)                 Neurological Disorders
800-999-2939 AAOS                     1111 N Fairfax St                     & Stroke (NINDS)
   fax-on-demand                      Alexandria, VA 22314-1488          (part of NIH)                          703-684-2782, 800-999-2782         PO Box 5801
                                      703-683-6748 TDD                   Bethesda, MD 20824
American Academy of Physical          703-684-7343 fax                   800-352-9424, 301-496-5751
    Medicine and Rehabilitation                       301-468-5981 TTY,
330 N Wabash Ave Ste 2500                                      
Chicago, IL 60611-7617                The American Occupational
312-464-9700, 312-464-0227 fax           Therapy Association, Inc.       Social Security Administration,            (AOTA)                          Office of Public Inquiries
                                      4720 Montgomery Ln, PO Box         Windsor Park Bldg
American Board for                    31220 Bethesda MD 20824-1220       6401 Security Blvd
    Certification in Orthotics        301-652-2682                       Baltimore, MD 21235
    and Prosthetics                   800-377-8555 TDD                   800-772-1213, 800-325-0778 TTY
330 John Carlyle St Ste 210           301-652-7711 fax         
Alexandria, VA 22314        
703-836-7114, 703-836-0838 fax,

American College of
   Chest Physicians
3300 Dundee Rd
Northbrook, IL 60062-2348
Products and registration:
800-343-2227 (toll-free in US)
847-498-5460 fax

      34    Post-Polio Directory 2010© |
Associations/                        World Health Organization           National Organization on
Organizations                            (WHO)                              Disability (NOD)
                                     Avenue Appia 20, 121                910 Sixteenth St NW Ste 600
                                     Geneva 27, Switzerland              Washington, DC 20006
American Chronic Pain
                                     +41 22 791 2111                     202-293-5960, 202-293-5968 TTY
   Association (ACPA)
                                     +41 22 791 3111 fax                 202-293-7999 fax
PO Box 850
                           , ,
Rocklin, CA 95677
800-533-3231, 916-632-3208 fax
                                                                         Rehabilitation International,                      Disability Rights/                  25 E 21 St 4th Floor
                                     Independent Living                  New York, NY 10010
                                                                         212-420-1500, 212-505-0871 fax
Chronic Pain Association
   of Canada (CPAC)                  American Association of People
PO Box 66017                           with Disabilities (AAPD)
Heritage Postal Station # 130        1629 K St NW Ste 503
2323-111 Street                      Washington, DC 20006                Assistive
Edmonton, Alberta T6J 6T4            800-840-8844                        Technology
Canada                               202-457-0046 voice/TTY              (Equipment)
780-482-6727, 780-433-3128 fax,
                                                                         Abledata            Independent Living Research
                                                                         8630 Fenton St Ste 930
                                     Utilization (ILRU)
                                                                         Silver Spring, MD 20910
Easter Seals                         2323 S Shepherd Ste 1000
                                                                         800-227-0216, 301-608-8912 TTY
233 S Wacker Dr Ste 2400             Houston, TX 77019
                                                                         301-608-8958 fax
Chicago, IL 60606                    713-520-0232 voice/ TTY
800-221-6827, 312-726-6200,          713-520-5785 fax
312-726-4258 TTY           ,
312-726-1494 fax
                                                                         Enabling Mobility Center                 Mobility International USA
                                                                         (Saint Louis, MO)
                                     132 E Broadway Ste 343
                                                                         5240 Oakland Ave
March of Dimes Birth Defects         Eugene, Oregon 97401
                                                                         Saint Louis, MO 63110
   Foundation (National Office)      541-343-1284 voice/TTY
1275 Mamaroneck Ave                  541-343-6812 fax
                                                                         314-289-4252 TTY
White Plains, NY 10605     ,
                                                                         314-289-4201 fax
                                     National Council of Independent
Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)              Living (NCIL)
                                                                         Recycled DME program,
    Foundation                       1710 Rhode Island Ave NW,
                                                                             wheelchair cleaning and repair
1610 14th St NW Ste 300                  5th floor
                                                                             (for Saint Louis residents only)
Rochester, MN 55901                  Washington, DC 20036
877-463-6757, 507-287-6465           877-525-3400, 202-207-0340 TTY
                                                                         Technical Assistance Project
507-287-6312 fax                     202-207-0334, 202-207-0341 fax
                                                                         1700 N Moore St Ste 1540,,
                                                                         Arlington, VA 22209-1903
                                                                         703-524-6686, 703-524-6639 TTY
Rotary International                 National Council on Disability
                                                                         703-524-6630 fax
1 Rotary Center                         (NCD)
1560 Sherman Ave                     1331 F St NW Ste 850
Evanston, IL 60201                   Washington, DC 20004
847-866-3000, 847-328-8554 fax       202-272-2004, 202-272-2074 TTY
847-328-8281 fax                     202-272-2022 fax,   ,

                                     |Post-Polio Directory 2010©       35
                                      Shoes of
Other Useful                          Different Sizes
Contacts                              National Odd Shoe Exchange
                                      PO Box 1120
                                      Chandler, AZ 85244-1120
Topical Resources
                                      The One Shoe Crew
SCOLIOSIS                             PO Box 285
(curvature of the spine)              Rio Linda, CA 95673
National Scoliosis Foundation
5 Cabot Place                             programs/
Stoughton, MA 02072                       pOneShoeCrew-2349.html
   (800-673-6922)                     Nordstrom’s
781-341-8333 fax                      888-282-6060                      
                                      Will sell a pair of mismatched
Scoliosis Research Society               New Balance shoes for the
555 E Wells St Ste 1100                  price of one.
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3823
414-289-9107, 414-276-3349 fax        OneShoe TwoShoe                          106 NJ Route 70 East # 3065                           Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

       36   Post-Polio Directory 2010© | |Post-Polio Directory 2010©   37
Post-Polio Directory 2010©

4207 Lindell Boulevard, #110
Saint Louis, MO 63108-2930 USA
314-534-0475, 314-534-5070 fax,

       38    Post-Polio Directory 2010© |