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Those who may regard the story of you and me


									Those who may regard the story of you and me
  Our MBA life (1)
Jiu Ge said that every MBA who choose to read are stories of people. I think everyone
in select MBA displaced people to read this clear, it is definitely not a coincidence or
an accident ... ... that our story?
  Seems to be the reason for the Jiu Ge, want to fight off those days, still fighting the
next day I write. Hands touch the keyboard, and his soul began to panic, fearing that
their own Talking about these stories, then hesitates at the beginning.
  "We have more than the number of candidates in 1000, the passed written
test, go with the re-testing, and now we can walk together into the Chinese University
of days, then we as a class of students, perhaps we will be at the same table, you said
that was a doomed? at least it is fate. "
  I think it must be the ... ...
  That was April 2, 2010, Weather: rain. Mood: good and.
  In preparation for the re-testing, specifically to join the re-testing pro forma group,
from the first sentence, "Hello" to the now far apart. Did not
think we actually know the first two of four male beauty. Retest the torrential rain that
day, they met a male beauty in the third four, really Yanfu greatly. Now think about
what to barely disguised pleasure. Although I do not lust, how is brilliant men of
beauty can not?
  You may refuse beautiful, it would only need to play the fool; and wisdom if you
refuse, that is silly. So, it all talent + handsome appearance, and more will be
something I relish. I may refuse beautiful, and I have to admit that I refuse to not
  In this way, the international classes in English plus Examination day, handsome +
beautiful + talented woman, one by one appearance in the line of sight.
  The number of people, green is my "pick up" - and I Ching
Ching said: Note the time, to encourage myself, I have downloaded from the Internet
specifically the North Gate of the photos as your computer desktop, determined to
stand the most stupid position, shoot a picture of me. Green wrote: that we should not
start here for a photo, so we admitted the future, I'll join you after school
now! At that moment, I felt that I picked up the fate green.
  Four re-testing all over, night and brothers and several classmates to take
photographs, take the street to eat. During the reception, the usual few words of the
head loss, actually lot of fun, hilarious audience. Original: a man's silence
is not enough wine ... ...
  To go back, we separately become separated, then come with Yingwei said: This is a
scandal-prone night ... ...

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