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					This season
   Chengdu weather in June this year different from previous years, the next day with
the rhythm of rain, in this season have been very easy addition of a somewhat
sentimental sentimental. As the day with a joke with the TY brother, saying that under
the rain for me, represents my heart. Do not want to think about the day of departure,
not to think of the scenes were more reluctant to think back to all after. Want the
memory to stop here, as long as possible.
   Last Friday I went to IKEA, which things are so beautiful, beautiful I wish in
Chengdu have their own home, and then follow their own ideas to the layout.
Suddenly really want to get married ah, but only an idea of the idea, because the
feeling is I do not want to reach the most now.
   Chunxi yesterday to shoot a photo, although they are very suitable for camera body
is really feeling the effect of how the commercials are not very good, but in order to
stay in Chengdu for more good memories, he is still a gift its such a gift, good or bad,
I would equally like treasure collection O (∩ _ ∩) O ~
  ?Alarm clock rang this morning, the moment is really rather get up, busy this week,
this will really feel tired. Next Saturday on the exam, only half of the
heart's grasp half of it, but as long as their efforts to do the on OK, so I
have no regrets.
   Universities, this will really come full stop, and the rest of it can only graduation
ceremony, while that for me is still a just form. All farewell, all kinds of feelings, and
finally we each go their own direction. I hope everyone can Ruyuan stuck to their
original dream, take our utmost effort to ↖ (^ ω ^) ↗
  ?MBA, sometimes feel close to me, sometimes feel like it as like a dream. However,
as I like Cai Yun Jie stronger personality and ability. All things have two sides, when
one can do enough, we should also know that some things will be very far away from
us, as to what my heart is clear. Most of the girls or the pursuit of stability is the living,
but I do not know that he can not do so.
   Do not want to, and would like to also make their sleep more. Happily is the most
important reason that I decided on another day I want to run to the sun room, to find
the kind of heart the most pure, the most comfortable feeling.

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