The type of personal accident insurance

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					The type of personal accident insurance
 The type of personal accident insurance

   1, according to mode of implementation
   1. Voluntary personal accident insurance. Voluntary personal accident insurance is
insured in accordance with their wishes and needs of the various insurance personal
accident insurance. For example, primary and secondary students in China are run by
the FPA, personal accident insurance, passenger accommodations is one of the
insurance. These types of insurance to parents or visitors are in the form of voluntary
insurance, the premium collection from schools or hotels, and then pay the insurance
company summary.
   2. Compulsory personal accident insurance. Compulsory personal accident
insurance is mandatory by the government concerned must participate in a personal
accident insurance, which is based on the effectiveness of the National Insurance Act
constituted the insured and the insurer's rights and obligations.
   Second, the allocation of risk by underwriting
   1. Ordinary personal accident insurance. Such personal accident insurance is
underwritten by the general risk of causing a variety of personal accident incidents. In
the personal accident insurance, general insurance, general provisions drawn up in
advance by insurance companies, insured parties simply make a
"yes" or "no" to satisfy the. In actual
operations, many of the specific types of insurance are such personal accident
insurance, such as China are run by the group personal accident insurance, personal
accident insurance and so on.
   2. Special personal accident insurance. Such personal accident insurance is
underwritten at a specific time, specific location or by a specific reason or cause of the
occurrence of personal accident incidents. As the "three
specific", as opposed to ordinary personal accident insurance, which
insurance risk probability of occurrence of larger, so called special personal accident
insurance. For example, in the pool or playground for personal accident occurred,
river rafting, mountain climbing, skiing and other vigorous sports or activities such as
personal accident occurred. Actual start this kind of business, mostly taken by the
insured party and the insurance side, after the consensus method to sign the agreement
   Third, the object divided by the insurance
   1. Individual Personal Accident Insurance. Individual personal accident insurance
on an individual basis as the insured all personal accident insurance. Motor vehicle
occupants personal accident insurance, personal accident insurance, aviation,
passenger personal accident insurance and personal accident travel insurance is an
individual personal accident insurance, the main types of insurance. Individual
personal accident insurance features are: ① the most part voluntary insurance, but
some insurance is compulsory insurance. If my passenger personal accident insurance,
with a mandatory feature on. ② shorter period of insurance most insurance. ③
insurance conditions relatively loose. General personal injury insurance personal
accident insurance are not eligible ** object, all good health and able to work or
regular employees will be as insured. ④ low premium, while the larger scope of
protection. As a general personal accident injury insurance do not have savings, and
so was the amount of the insurance premium is only a few per thousand, or even of a
few extreme.
   2. Group Personal Accident Insurance. Group Personal Accident insurance is a
group personal accident insurance of various objects. As the personal accident
insurance premium rate and the insured person's age and health status has
nothing to do, but on the insured's profession, so personal accident
insurance, group insurance is best suited. In China, a major insurance group personal
accident insurance with Chinese People's Insurance Company in 1982 and
offered group personal accident insurance, in 1992 offered group personal accident
insurance, long-term repayment of principal.
   Group Personal Accident Insurance features: First, the insured and the insured is
not a person, the insured is an insured unit had existed before, such as offices, schools,
social organizations, enterprises, public institutions, the insured is unit personnel, such
as schools, businesses employees. The second is insurance primary responsibility is
death to the insured person died as a condition of payment of insurance money, so the
insured when entering into insurance contracts, shall be approved by the written
consent of the insured and the insurance amount approved. Third, the insurance fee is
usually no cap, only the minimum amount. Fourth, low insurance, group personal
accident insurance coverage as a unit, reducing management costs, the
insurer's costs, thereby reducing insurance rates. Fifth, under normal
circumstances, the insurance premium paid in the beginning period of the day
Yicijiaoqing, premium pay policy to enter into force after the Qing.
   Group personal accident insurance and personal accident injury insurance
comparison, both in the insurance, payment methods of the same, the difference is
obvious: the effectiveness of different policy. In the group personal accident insurance,
the insured if the insured from the group insurance policy that is the failure of the
insured, the insured unit may apply for insured persons specifically for the surrender
procedures, insurance policies, on the other the insured is still valid .
   4, divided by the insurance period
   1. Very short-term personal accident insurance. Insurance period is often only a few
days, hours or even less. China's current run of road passenger personal
accident insurance, personal accident insurance, passenger accommodation, travel
insurance, personal accident insurance, cable visitors, swimming pools, personal
accident insurance, a large electric toy visitors personal accident insurance, all are
very short-term personal accident injury insurance. Among them, the road passenger
personal accident insurance generally managed by local government or the relevant
local regulations or local authorities issued administrative regulations to take the bus
passengers must be insured. Accommodation passenger personal accident insurance
cover to passengers in the hotel accommodation for the insured, underwritten by the
hotel agency procedures, but visitors are free to choose insurance. Travel insurance
travel agencies to organize tour groups (or institutions, schools, enterprises,
institutions, mass organizations, etc.) for the insured to participate in tourist groups of
tourists to the insured, the insured person by the travel agency to apply for insurance
   2. One-year personal accident insurance. Personal accident insurance, most
insurance insurance for one year. At present, China set up the group personal accident
insurance, group life insurance, student groups Ping An Insurance, additional personal
accident insurance belong to the one-year personal accident insurance. Among them,
group personal accident insurance and group life insurance is to have the legal
personality of the organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions for the
policyholders, employees in these units is insured by the insurer to the insured to the
insurer group handling insurance procedures. As in groups and insurance, the
insurance if the insured person to leave the service as from the date of separation, loss
of insurance, the insurance contract on their effectiveness, the insurer return unearned
   Student groups Ping An Insurance is underwritten in-school students targeted by
schools for students to apply to the insurer group insurance procedures.
   3. Multi-year personal accident insurance. Insurance for a period exceeding one
year, but basically no more than five years. If China's current offer expires
repayment of principal of personal accident insurance, the insurance period may be
three to five years. Personal accident insurance, insurance principal repayment of
principal is based on group personal accident insurance premium rate and interest rate
corresponding period set. Insured policyholders to pay personal accident injury
insurance, the insurance capital repayment of principal is much larger than personal
accident insurance group insurance premiums paid, but because of the insurer in the
insurance end of the period to repay the principal, the insured loss of interest only.
   5, according to insurance structures and
   1. Purely personal accident insurance. Insurance liability is limited to personal
accident. China's current run of the group personal accident insurance, road
passenger personal accident insurance, student groups, personal accident insurance,
personal accident insurance, the driver, are all purely personal accident insurance.
   2. Optional Personal Accident Insurance. This insurance covers two situations: First,
attach the other insurance, personal accident insurance. The other is the personal
accident insurance to any other insurance. Such as our simple life insurance currently
offered to life insurance, the insurance period expires or death as the basic insurance,
additional personal accident caused by disability, are life and death, endowment
insurance, additional personal accident insurance. Again, stay travelers personal
accident insurance, liability insurance, personal accident, including passengers
because of deaths, disability and passengers carry luggage loss, personal accident
insurance is an additional property insurance.
   6, according to whether the division of insurance legislation
   1. A single casualty. It is the insurance policy must be established out of the
personal accident insurance. 1-year and multi-year personal accident insurance, the
insurance must be a stand alone, such as group personal accident insurance, accident
insurance and other student groups.
   2. Not a single casualty. It is not established when the insurance coverage to other
relevant documents as proof of insurance personal accident insurance. No more than
one personal accident insurance for a very short-term personal accident insurance.
Such as road passenger personal accident insurance to bus ticket as proof of insurance,
without the need to separate out the established policy of insurance in writing.