The Raiders PC3000 Maxtor by fdjerue7eeu


									The Raiders PC3000 Maxtor

   This article will show you details of Maxtor hard drives (mainly diamonds,
DiamondMax) series repair methods (including the tapping plate) but not for a
specific example to illustrate. . . . . Well, nonsense is not said, that is entered. (This
article is all things such as no special instructions are used DSP1. 22

   ?We get PC3K, the main purpose is firmware and P forms. I start I start the

   ?First of all, we need to clear: the firmware (FIREWARE) located before the hard
disk 0, which is the existence of hard disc, not in the disk body in a chip. Therefore,
we write the firmware, the first negative Road to ensure that the hard disk (storage
firmware the track, UBA) no bad sectors. How identify it, get a hard drive, power as
soon listen carefully, to see the hard disk at boot time (when the seeker self-test) has
no "rustle" sound of a class of friction, and if so, that required a
hard drive is not. Then we entered the main interface to the PC3K, jump to safe mode
the hard disk access. Here I have to mention the so-called security (factory) mode, in
fact, on a role: the hard disk does not automatically play after power transfer must be
by the AT command to wake up.

 ?Connect the hard disk into the DSP module, this time from the hard drive will
automatically switch to start self-test. If normal, then the parameters of the system
will find the hard drive and displayed on the screen top. If not, then the hard drive
definitely wrong with me.

I have to deal with the following steps:

   1. Panels normally not? Try for board

    2. LDR and RAM load try. Here I would like to stress an issue of hard disk
firmware version consists of three parts

  ?For example: 2B020H1110522-CMBA-A5FBA. The first of these is the hard drive
model (1 bar), the second cell from a comma to open the four letters. This one with
the firmware version, please try to look the same. The third electric plate number and
RAM, and if the hands of the firmware does not need to call your number plate will
be replaced with hard panels are also consistent with the firmware line. (Of course,
there can be common to see luck). Please do not underestimate power board number,
to repair the hard disk knock, this is one of attention point. LDR and RAM after
loading into the basic repair menu. If normal access, then took time out to see the
firmware list, write what went missing. If everything they do look on reset module 4,
are generally OK. If you can not normally enter, then there are many cases of:
  ?Only after entering the hard disk argument, no model, not allowed to deliver
firmware table. Can then load a RAM and LDR, attention is first loaded RAM. If the
RAM loaded successfully, there will be a short loading process (1 --- 2 seconds), and
if not, then the load fails, put the hard disk off your energy, try to have the operation.
If not, exit the DSP, and then drive off into a battery, you will find. If the above two
methods is not feasible, what it would do heat exchange.

Method 1: First find a good hard drive the same model (safe mode) into the DSP,
stops and drives, does not pull the power cable and data lines, the electricity board to
wait for body repair disk, read the firmware list. This trick is more effective on the
diamonds, would not succeed on the DiamondMax

Method 2: Method 1 done after the repair the hard disk to be loaded RAM, if 1 --- 3
seconds after the loading process was green tips, it succeeded. At this time the hard
disk will be "slightly" a sound. Then load the LDR, so basically
you can successfully read and write firmware friends. Here I must note that the
success rate of load the RAM number associated with the electricity board, so try to
look the same. If not, the electricity board for the good to make a RAM disk body and
LDR! ! ! !

   What? Not yet, or knock plate? TMD, see my nirvana. In the heat exchange and
load the RAM and LDR, the exit DSP, hard drive off after the first call into the DSP,
load the LDR and RAM (DiamondMax only load LDR, the basic fixed menu and then
loaded into RAM, and LDR). Should be fixating? ? ? Not yet on only two of the: A B
threw for firmware try

  Here important to note that the text in the loading order of appearance in
accordance with the order paper. Whether at any time to listen hard,
"slightly" bang, as long as there, you can read the firmware list,
no further steps behind.

 ?Also, add that to the poor hard drive plus a fan it.
c ⑴ repair Maxtor time, SELFSCAN detailed methodology used:

1, set the security mode.

       2, load the LDR and RAM files into standard mode.

      3, check the structure, note the module can not correctly read the code, other
modules will be recorded, including 33 #.

       4, write module (provided that there is good prior backup module).
       5, clear the G-LIST and the P-LIST (likely unsuccessful).

        6, select the start Selfscan, off the power, the jump set to open in normal mode
power supply. View Selfscan state, appeared in 0000 about a minute, if no 0000, may
be written in front of the module or the SA does not completely bad (no save).

       7, select Stop Selfscan.

       8, off the power, and set the jumper in normal mode; turn the power on,
normal, OK!

  Principle: Start Selfscan, the hard disk's internal management procedures
of many internal parameters are automatically initialized and written to SA, so you
can solve some external program can not solve the problem
Brand Model: DiamondMax

Failure phenomenon: the normal recognition site can not partition format, much like
the kind of damage is 0.

Determine the problem: The PC3000at scan will find all the sectors not normally visit.
View G-LIST find many 000 records.

Workaround: Clear G-LIST, and then correct the 1-2-4-11-2-4-2 1-2-4-31-2-4-4

It did not show a lot of code inside the firmware version number, it's best
to start with ldr and ram. Firmware update, there may not be compatible. Otherwise
no saved it!

makebad these two commands, used to deal with under certain circumstances, for
example, a situation that is immediately place the hard disk bad sectors, especially
diamonds, hard drive, disk experience a ticking sound, but the use and installation
systems normal, then you can use makebad, there will be strange effect! ! These
volatile sector and then by writing zero, just as good as new, I handled hundreds of
such problems, for other cases, not described in detail! This command is very short of
cattle, but millions of Freeze used, if the hard disk damage conditions shall be! ! !
Failure: The hard disk is very slow start when the recognition, after waiting for about
1 minute to enter, and Smart report errors, according to F1 to continue. Can not use
Fdisk partition software partition for exclusive use of DM programs, area to complete,
but not formatted. On the overall use MHDD scan, found fault with 1489 UNC errors,
ANMF error fault 78, 3% -4% and 97% -99% of the region is slow to read and write,
a lot of red mark blocks, and other regional literacy Fault error in addition to all
normal. View the disc using the PC3000 Glist, showing 33 789, apparently to retain
value over 636, there may be compressed by the software processing, or any unusual
error module firmware area.

Maintenance process:
   ?Operate using the PC3000 on the hard drive to hard drive Glist table empty. Then,
use the MHDD on a total scan the hard disk, and open the write zero function,
recording the wrong area and region of LBA to read and write slow initial value. Start
PC3000 on the whole a bad area to be scanned and added to the Plist table, 4 times the
default time to change it 90ms. After treatment with Fdisk and Format to partition
format, format error was found, but there are some geographical areas is slow. To this
end, on the whole they were a low-level format, then use the MHDD scan again,
record the reading and writing slower areas, also found six deficiencies UNC errors,
estimated time of PC3000 scan scan of the defect leakage error. Use THDD
automatically repair defects in the drain sweep Glist added to the table. View the
previous record of slow reading and writing area, and are now comparing the situation
found in essentially the same record, thus locking range of 2% -5% and 96% -100%,
scan, and the Remap function of open loop several times repeated , red marker block
disappeared into the gray and black, read and write speed of normal. However, there
are some red blocks, there's an indeterminate time after the cycle a dozen
times and found that there are eight red marker block is there from time to time, and
very unstable. But this time use the Fdisk and Format on the overall format and
partition have been normal, startup testing speed is also very block, F1 error condition
disappear. I for safety reasons, but also use PC3000 accurate scanning, slow reading
and writing area on the scan, record defects error 378, the withdrawal of defects
generated documentation, and then write it Plist table, the end of this maintenance,
consumption 6 hours when

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