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									The highest level of marketing - Cultural Marketing
The highest level of marketing - Cultural Marketing
(Fiber high June 11, 2009 in Beijing Continental Grand Hotel North Star lectures)
First, the basic concept of cultural marketing
Innovative in marketing and corporate culture will be combined, or is to give the
marketing of cultural content, or ideas in the culture under the guidance of marketing
for business Gong, the end is to achieve much better than the general to the effect of
marketing activities.
Second, the role of marketing culture
1, culture is the soft power, cultural marketing is hard power;
2, cultural marketing is the backbone of enterprise culture;
3, cultural marketing to create the basis for cultural management;
4, cultural marketing and business management Cultural management is the highest
Third, cultural marketing, the five commonly used in innovative ways to
1, a comprehensive law or induction;
2, graft;
3, analogy;
4, extension law or by analogy;
5, Converse Thinking
Fourth, cultural marketing, the five principles should be followed
1, have cultural connotation of the principles of cultural branding.
2, concerned about the degree of praise degree, participation to a higher principle.
3, to be different from the peer culture of marketing principles.
4, marketing activities, input-output ratio to a higher principle.
Five, to have a systematic, coherent principle.
5, fiber high culture of marketing planning and implementation of case
1,1994 highlights of the International Chemical Industry Fair;
2, Beijing Military Museum will be the recruitment of the most popular booth;
3, a four star hotel in Suzhou's influence than others over a five-star hotels;
4, Northeast tea carrier amplitudes mall in Dalian, the Sky set sail;
5, anti-electric wall heater Haier rise to a "hot war";
6, the weak liquor delivery company in the 2008 China trip at the bright style;
7, Daqing "Red City windmill line";
8, "Party Day" for boosting sales;
9, Wenzhou, China's car wheel power state is no longer controlled by
10, "cuckoo" blown red Deli door.
6, and cultural marketing should pay attention to handling the major issues in
1, with the normative cultural marketing management, production, services, and
corporate culture construction, good combination.
2, cultural marketing requires innovative and need for effective innovation.
3, and cultural marketing with traditional marketing, Internet marketing, conference
marketing, experience marketing, a good combination.
4, preferred to be good at marketing, intellectual and cultural resources, excellent use
of media resources, do a good job marketing promotion.
5, culture must have a good marketing plan also needs to have good execution.
About the author:
Fine management project founder, draws more than 40 units of the fine management
of its research and innovation projects; "job ownership" new
concept of first person; innovation and practice of "contract
manager" new ways of consultation. Visiting Professor, Wuhan University,
Xiangfan University visiting professor. Appeared in the "reform and
opening up 30 years of meritorious service industry 100 people"; was
recommended as "excellent Chinese private entrepreneurs or the 60th
anniversary of the founding of innovative people." Been named
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