Thanksgiving by fdjerue7eeu


Up a long time ago, before the ~
Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day ...
With the U.S. Thanksgiving with the customs, and INSEEC students spent a pleasant
evening, eating a turkey, although the taste is not so suitable, but still eat belly full
of ...
Students so far, although minor illnesses small disaster, it has been safely; despite
bumps, has been a smooth operator. Thank God that I have all the normal people.
Limbs, although not perfect, however strong, bright eyes, though myopic, however,
while not working together stable temperament, however, happy life, although not
complete, however.

Thank the parents for giving me life, give me flesh and blood of the hand, foot and
gave me a mature lonely childhood, however, given the opportunity I have been

Thanks sister, to help guide me healthy growth in support of my innocent years passed,
enabling me to school, in my difficult times, they stretched out a loving hand.

Thank the teachers, hurt me warm me, taught me the knowledge and life, I have the
ability to pay of others, have considered the idea of considerate of others.

Thanks friends, growing me a lot tears and laughter, study in a number of
self-confidence and my temper, life gave me a lot of help, and she would help provide
me the opportunity.

Thanks love, give me a lot of painful memories, the feelings of a near-perfect, and an
incomplete but always warm and harmonious family. Let me in later years, aftertaste
and revisit again and again, happy that wanted to come bit by bit.

Thank life for giving me the suffering has also given me great wealth. Let me in their
own lives, always face the wind and rain can smile, calmly deal with setbacks,
Rongrubujing, gains and losses Going.

Let us cherish a grateful heart to live!

(Oh, though ... but like copy of)
Years of life, blurring the line of sight to see two people look like is unclear, but
clearly visible on the table and every corner of the living cup compared to showcase
your beautiful silhouette picture ...

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