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I understand the temperature
Turning to temperature, we are not unfamiliar. Although the temperature is
everywhere, and always affect our daily lives, but for most people, it is just a
meteorological concept, only to be concerned only when the weather forecast. The
temperature in maintaining our health in what role to play in the end, how to
determine the temperature of our illness and death, how should we use temperature to
prevent and treat disease, I am afraid very few people to think, to explore the. So let
me take you on the wonderful adventure of life, to find the temperature a decisive role,
to use the temperature to ensure the health and response to disease, improve the
quality of our lives it.
Human existence on Earth, with annual average temperature of 17 ℃, for things to
grow to provide the best growing conditions. Because of the right temperature, only
the beautiful mountains, rivers ... ... only the birth of life, so the temperature
determines the existence of all things on earth. The solar system, there is no sign of
life on other planets, and not just water, there is lack of suitable temperature. Closer
from the sun as Mercury, Venus, the surface temperature reaches 400 degrees, water is
evaporated; farther from the sun, Jupiter, Saturn, etc., due to the temperature at minus
100 degrees, the water formed ice.
Only the right temperature to make lifeless ice into dynamic, nourish all things,
continually flowing water, is the temperature of water turned to steam, so that our air
is more fresh and moist. Temperature not only changes the shape of the water, but also
it's functionality has changed.
This water is our body in terms of blood, nutrients and moisture it is our body. The
same temperature, only the blood surging forward with the strength and the blood in
the body chain and to maintain the physiological activity of various organs, only the
protection of life. Temperature decreases, blood flow will slow down, there Zhise,
clogging and other changes; temperature to further reduce the blood will be solidified,
and they face death.
Temperature too high or too low are not conducive to human survival. When the body
temperature at 35 ℃ ~ 41 ℃, the human consciousness is still clear; when the
temperature is above 41 ℃, the human liver, kidney, brain and other organs will
undergo functional disability, 42 ℃ of high fever for several days, enough to make
adults die; and when the body temperature dropped to 35 ℃, the mortality rate of
about 30% of the people; below 25 ℃ degrees, very slim hope of survival. In the
course of human evolution, the formation of a body temperature around 37 ℃
maintained relatively constant rule. Human struggle with nature, also summed up the
methods of maintaining body temperature: when the weather is cold, by adding
clothes, eat some high calorie food and active movement to generate heat, and the use
of heating devices; when When hot, it by reducing the clothes, eat the food and the
cool sweat to regulate body temperature. This offers the best of life temperatures.
Temperature measurement in clinical routine, mainly measured several parts, one is
the armpit, the other is the mouth and rectum. In general, the highest rectal
temperature, about 36.9 ℃ ~ 37.9 ℃, the temperature slightly lower oral, axillary
temperature minimum; but armpit because it was easier to measure, it is most used,
normal axillary temperature is usually is 36 ℃ ~ 37.2 ℃.
Section 2: Introduction? I understand the temperature Introduction (2)
Shows that the temperature in different parts of the body is different. Representative
of the internal organs of human body temperature, such as real kidney, heart, brain
temperature, etc., until now, no clinical measurement. Because we can not measure
the actual major organs inside the body temperature, routine measurement of internal
body temperature does not reflect the real situation. As the highest cause of human
mortality, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, both the early
onset of life-threatening or serious enough to keep the time, routine measurement of
body temperature will not change significantly. So it is hard to let us detect the body
temperature of the enormous impact, not to think of temperature to determine a
person's illness and death.
To have a deep understanding of this, we can observe around the first crop. Although
fertilization, watering and tillage is to ensure the basic conditions for crop growth, but
farmers can not expect a year of hard labor down, certainly vigorous growth of crops,
certainly harvest, because no one can guarantee that every day is sunny, good weather
every year. A cold front down, and a robust crop will suffer. Winter is coming, no
matter how watered, fertilizer, loose soil, plants will not grow; only until the recovery
of all things spring, seeds will germinate.
The temperature determines the nature of growth and harvest crops. Therefore, only
the temperature required to ensure the crop, coupled with the diligent work of farmers,
to see the vibrant field scene.
For the people, the equivalent of diet on crop irrigation, fertilization, is the basic
guarantee of human survival; physical exercise and clear the meridians the same as
for the crop cultivation, to promote digestion and absorption of nutrients, to ensure all
body the free flow of species, so that the body's waste promptly excreted.
However, when the supply of adequate nutrition for your body, metabolism is good,
you will not get sick is not, is not able to delay aging, is not able to hundred years old
is still full of dynamic? Absolutely not. Because as with crops and other things, who is
also a product of nature, the exclusion of the accident, the people also need an
appropriate, year-round spring temperature of the body to protect it.
This is from our traditional medicine can also get a glimpse. Chinese medicine that
the health of two major factors: adequate blood flow and the meridians. More simply,
blood flow in blood vessels is the red liquid, nutrition, nourish the body; meridian is a
variety of channels throughout the body, which are well understood. But what is gas?
What is the role of gas in the end?
Chinese medicine holds that the body of the gas from the "innate essence
of the air", "Water Valley, the essence" and the
inhalation of nature's "clean air" is composed. Gas
main function is to promote, warmth, proactive defense and solid, that is, with the
promotion of blood, body fluid formation and operation, and maintenance of various
physiological organs organize activities. In other words, the medical gas and
temperature functions the same purpose. Therefore, in addition to inhalation of natural
gas to clear, the rest of the innate essence of the essence of air and water on the valley
can be easily explained with the temperature.
Congenital essence of the gas actually represent the "birth of
the" kidney. Kidney is one of the sun, like the body of a ball of fire,
warmth, shining body. The body of a child is known as Shun Yeung is because kidney
foot. Kidney temperature to high enough, children prosperous firepower, Metabolism
on strong, so always in a state of growth and development; the elderly kidney failure,
and temperature on the low side, lack of firepower, Metabolism also slows, and
physical     condition      deteriorates   . Chinese classic            "Yellow
Emperor", said, "yang, if they days and days, missing the by, is
shortening his life and therefore made little", meaning "sun in
the sky like yang, as to nature of light and warm, if they lose it, things will not survive.
the human body without yang, lost energy metabolism, the body can not supply heat
and energy, so that life would stop. "
Section 3: Introduction? I understand the temperature Introduction (3)
Kidney is the root of people, such as tree roots, as only the root fertilization,
cultivation, plant to grow strong. As long as the roots can continue to absorb nutrients,
the tree will continue strong, while its deeper roots will the earth, farther elongation,
can withstand sandstorms and other natural disasters. Even if the broken trunk to blow,
blow off, and as long as the root in the tree will also issue new branches, long leaves.
As long as keep the roots, a tree will last forever.
The same is true of people, only to keep the root of life - kidney, can always healthy,
always full of energy. Kidney enough, our body on the day sunny and full of life,
blood running freely, the organs in an adequate blood supply, the operating normally.
When the kidney qi deficiency, kidney shortage of time, the body will appear cloudy,
temperature will be lower, cloudy day the longer the duration, the more body
temperature will drop low, the direct consequence of stagnant blood, speed slow. Cold
and wet they are linked, when the temperature dropped, the water easily evaporates
moisture on the big, heavy wet in turn, increased the blood stagnation, the speed of
the blood to run more slowly, so that the organs will reduce blood supply and organ
function will decline. Coupled with a long upper body clouds can easily lead to
bacterial growth, so that the body "mold", ulceration, lead to
chronic inflammation of various organs. If the kidney can not be added in time, the
body has never seen the light, all kinds of organ ischemia, chronic inflammation will
be long treatment. Finally, from quantity to quality, blood vessels are severely blocked,
the organ failure, chronic inflammation of the development of a variety of tumors.
Solve all human body is simply looking forward to re-rising sun, which is so vibrant
renal re-make our bodies in the kidney of the illuminated sufficient rise in temperature,
moisture evaporation, so the natural flow of blood on fun, and dirty resumed feeding
device, "rotten" in the local dry up ... ...
And give the "root" continues to nutrition, to add fuel to the fire
immortal kidney is known as "postnatal" in the stomach. It is
the stomach to eat the water Valley and other high-quality food produced heat and
converted into blood. Only to ensure an adequate blood to ensure the body has
sufficient energy, will have temperature and melting temperature, in turn, the blood,
the blood flowing forward power is greater. This is the Chinese often say
"blood is the mother of qi, blood gas as the commander", the
"gas" is a calorie is the temperature.
Therefore, eat three meals a day to ensure the body temperature of the food has
become the most important source is the most direct method. And eating hot food in
the property, but also cold and cool properties. Such as winter drink a bowl of
steaming mutton soup, you will feel all warm from the inside and outside, have a
stretch; drank a bottle of iced drinks, that will make your body fat and cool winter,
curl up. Warm foods warm the body and also in the Warming of the kidney, but there
is only ever make up the kidney, from diarrhea to say no. What is up? Warm is up.
What is diarrhea? Cold and cool is diarrhea. The cold and cool to eat into the cold and
cool, but also by the cold and cool the body. Fear of cold and cool kidney, kidney can
not be spilled, you can not withdraw fire to it and can not splashed cold water in the
above, only through constant, moderate to add fuel to the fire burned for kidney Wang,
burned for a long time.
Section 4: Introduction? I understand the temperature Introduction (4)
But now a large number of people eating in-season fruits and vegetables, especially in
the cold of winter, still eat too much before the original growth in the summer for the
heat, summer heat cooling of food; in the human body heat is most needed The most
that can store heat in the season Fandao cooled significantly. Also, widespread use of
air conditioning in summer, not only will add to the body of the alpine, but also
directly reduces the body temperature.
Since God has arranged seasons, so we only adapt to seasonal changes in the flow,
can be good for you. The role of temperature in summer as the most suitable for
plants of farmyard manure fermentation, retting of the same, being treated in soil
fertilized fertilizer, fertilizer not only long-term stability, but also make the soil loose,
to prevent hardening. Summer is also available to the body undigested in the other
seasons, no discharge of metabolic products of fermentation and after retting of the
use of use, no use to pass a lot of sweat excreted, so that the waste heap Buzhi Yu
blood vessels caused by arterial wall thickening increased atherosclerosis, and will not
pile on the meridian where the probability of causing significant increase in cancer. So,
summer is the best season of alpine discharge people, cleaning up the human body is
the best time within the environment. But now, people afraid of sweating, hiding in
air-conditioned room, but not the summer people sweat pores are closed in winter, are
open, so much easier to directly invade the body alpine, the direct The result is the
declining body temperature, body waste increasing.
When you eat at any time in-season fruits and vegetables, when you hide in a closed
room all year round, enjoying the cool air brought to you, you are being contrary to
the laws of nature. Were only modest dust universe, as ignorant to the tiny body to
confront with nature, just like the eggs hit the stone, only to be suicidal.
Therefore, the factors that directly affect the body temperature and diet, and the
temperature of the external environment, but also with body movement. Eat
high-calorie, high-energy food to body temperature can be directly, long-term eating a
variety of cold and cool the food is to the body cool. The outside temperature drops to
add clothing to the body heat in time, can have a lot of people wear fewer clothes to
the United States and let the body cold. Summer range of cooling facilities are widely
used, is also an important way to cause the temperature drops. Physical training, labor,
physical activity allows the body heat, warm up, and the better conditions of modern
life, the less activity, the body has less heat.
Now it is cool the body by various means, causing the body naturally all day raining.
Long-term dark, brought us is feeling depressed, do not stretch, and heavy, fatigue,
frequent illness and other issues.
Although we still can use instruments to detect changes in body temperature and the
actual kidney adequacy, but we can infer the performance of the external body
temperature of the body, of which the adequacy of the blood is the most direct way.
Because blood can not only ensure the body temperature, and delivery to the kidney
has sufficient energy, so that kidney is not bad, so I use 13 kinds of books to teach you
the simplest, most intuitive way to determine if they are sufficient blood. As long as
the body with the performance of the blood shortage, you have to use the book in time
to teach you the therapeutic blood, kidney methods, in a timely manner to fill the
energy body, renal fire will not decline. Also, the same body weight will lower the
body temperature alpine affect blood circulation, so I described in detail in the book
have a concrete manifestation of alpine heavy, and a variety of methods eliminate cold
and dampness, fire, aim remains to ensure that no decline in renal .
When we emerged according to the body through a variety of measures of various
warnings in a timely manner, when the body heat, is escorting the body of our, that is,
our body's blood vessels, organs provide the most suitable for their growth
and work environment. In this way, determine our body's kidney illness
and death can never fire without renal failure, kidney never enough, we can full of
vitality, have a long life on the foundation.