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Education is a cause for the future. "China's Educational
Reform and Development" states: "In today's
ever-changing world politics, international competition, competition in
comprehensive national strength, in fact, of science and technology competition, the
national quality competition. From this sense, one who has mastered the 21st century
education, who will in the 21st century, international competition in the strategic
initiative. "decades of socialist construction, the Chinese experience and
lessons from a consensus, that is: the hope of revitalizing the nation in education, the
revitalization of education, like teachers. The task is to develop China's
education ideals, morality, culture, discipline and moral, intellectual, physical, the
United States, labor-round development of cross-century talents, so the quality of
teacher education in the future be the key to development, the quality of education in
the future depends on the quality of teachers. National Teachers Conference in 1980
clearly made the three requirements for teachers: learning and mastering profound
knowledge; research, study and education in science, education law; have high moral
and spiritual realm. I think this is the contemporary quality of teachers should have.
Han Yang Xiong said: "Teacher, one of the model"; Czech
educator Comenius that teachers are the sun's most noble profession, the
Russian teacher educators Ushinski said, "all of human history, the
beautiful and noble career and a bridge between the younger generation.
"Kalinin to teacher educators the former Soviet Union as"
engineers of human souls. " All this reflects the different times, different
countries and people highly valued the work of teachers and teacher respect. I am
more in favor of the Russian educator Ushinski evaluation of teachers. Teachers must
have high moral, good personality, to be worthy of "teacher" of
this glorious title. The work is inspired teachers, educate students. The working
process is the teacher of teachers in their morals, knowledge, ability, studying the role
of the student, causing the students to actively reflect the process leading to the
healthy growth of students.
Teachers work is supported by the people - teachers, my ethics, knowledge, ability,
learning; teacher's object is not to die of natural materials, not ordinary
animals and plants, but has some thought, will, emotion, ability, character and other
personal qualities of a living person. These people is growing in the young people,
their physical and mental condition is constantly mature development. In this stage of
life from all aspects of young people will have an enormous effect. Which impact
more directly from the teachers, more focused, more of an impact. A primary school
homework at home, my mother pointed out the mistake to his work, but the child said:
the teacher is saying, my mother had to shut up. Teachers to guide students to
understand the world around them, he himself as an important component of the
world around them appear in front of students, to participate in the process of student
understanding. Is the development of youngsters, anytime, anywhere with their own
pair of eyes watching the sensitive teacher's words and deeds. Teachers in
pursuit of ideals, ethics, manners, consciously or unconsciously, they are directly
affected, as students imitate and learn from. This effect is the means of any other test
can not be replaced, because it is a most realistic and vivid, the most obvious and
most effective means of education. He not only plays a prolonged exposure to
students, a subtle effect, but also directly verify the authenticity and reliability of a
teacher lecturing. This is a silence speaks for education. Because of this, the German
educator once said: "I am a school teacher the most important Biao, a
visual model of the most instructive, is the most vivid example of the
students." Famous educator 苏霍姆林斯 the former Soviet Union base
also said: "only by people who contribute," added:
"Our work targets the emerging personality of the spiritual life of the most
delicate areas, namely intelligence, emotions, will, faith, self-awareness. These areas
are also only with the same thing that is wisdom, feelings, will, faith, self-awareness
to influence. "Omission of a student" continuing
"after the word the teacher said, again continued to write"
special time. " Teachers do not get angry just kindly tell him to look at,
there is no mistake. The third handed the job, write a "hold
time." The teacher asked him to look up again, fourth, and finally to write
right. This really makes people admire the patience of the teacher. Often incorrigible
and strict punishment for students, or responsible for their incompetence, or the heart
is tired of ------ this, is because we lack patience. Some students of the error, repeat
offenders punished repeatedly, repeatedly fine repeat offenders is that teachers due to
lack of patience and love. We are accustomed to the students of "high
standards and strict requirements," after all, is not considered students
students. Failed to consider that their own, sometimes a mistake, also forgot to bring
something. In fact, the quality of the performance of its patience, it is a virtue, asking
you not urgent but not dry, cool to act. Patience is an understanding, it requires you to
reflect on, and more for other people think. Patience is a tolerant, it requires you full
of love, to guide students, help and education. Patience is a hope, it requires you like a
sow the seeds, wait for the mature as ------。 We have patience, they will not easily
punishment students, the students will not lose confidence. With patience, we will
treat the students calm kinds of problems arise, and properly addressed. Familiar paths
for the opening. Students from the teacher, learning gradually becoming infected, to
learn life criteria. They will be impressed by the patience of the teachers to strive to
overcome its own deficiencies, efforts to improve themselves. More importantly, as
we have patience, and also makes its own every day, have a good feeling to
experience the joy of educational success.
Deep-seated reasons for the lack of patience is the lack of teachers, students love and
respect, not the students put in an equal position with his treat. Every student
regardless of age, are people, he and the teachers, the personality and dignity as adults.
He needs to be and teachers, and respect as adults. And why in the obsessive Internet
cafes? In addition to a variety of online content, suitable for young curiosity but also
because of the Internet, children may please, without scruple to speak freely; the
Internet, anyone can be equal to communicate with others, regardless of gender, status
age. I remember someone said: love their children are people, love other
people's children is God. In the earthquake performance of teachers in most
of us would qualify as a god.
Results of the work of teachers is the people - both red and expert, comprehensive
development of a new generation. This means that teachers are the various
components of the work, teachers are people working throughout the process of
interaction. Teachers in the profession on the impact on society and the role of view,
teachers in this profession is different from other industry specific social and
professional. Pursuit of a noble ideal, good quality teachers thought students easy
access to the respect of students willing to accept his education, the quality of his
thinking, the ideal pursuit of the students also should influence the formation of
personality. Conversely, a lack of pursuit of ideals, mental poor quality teachers, it is
difficult to get the respect and affection of students, the requirements and guidance
even though he is correct, but also to students who tend to despise, his education
naturally pale. Is called "the body is not so and, their body is not correct,
although that is not from." Now advocate a "success"
of education is to enable students to successfully experience, and thus stimulate
positive, and for more and greater willingness to succeed. If the evaluation of our
students are negative, critical, then students will lose confidence, 破罐子破摔 even
have a reverse psychology. Students generate many problems, can not but say that
with our education methods.
Teachers, teachers, and teachers should teach students to improve their political,
cultural and business level, with good quality. This is one of the key is the need for
deep knowledge. In peacetime, people's level of education of teachers
request, used this analogy: a glass of water to give students, teachers must have a
bucket of water. This requires teachers to read, to enrich their knowledge. Bacon had a
famous saying: "Histories make men wise; poets witty; mathematics makes
subtle; museum makes deep; moral grave; logic of people able to contend."
We need to train students in both ability and integrity, Teachers must work hard to
accumulate knowledge, and strive to rigorous scholarship, to be a teacher of proven
ability to train students in both ability and integrity.
The role of professional knowledge of teachers in the target's capital, is an
essential teaching and educating teachers and professional quality. If teachers lack
expertise in educating students, the teaching process can not proceed smoothly. As a
teaching teachers who master the pool only a few thousand years of human
civilization and knowledge in order to internalize the psychological structure of the
students and going, into the spiritual wealth owned by the students, giving students a
new quality, all this depends on Professional knowledge of the quantity and quality.
Professional knowledge, is the source of the influence of teachers.
Teacher's influence come from? In addition to character, ability, emotional
factors, the most important thing is knowledge, knowledge is the intermediary
between teachers and students to connect and link. Teachers erudite, professional
knowledge and skills high, speaks good lectures, but also cater for individual needs,
theory and practical solution to difficult problems the students can gain the trust of
students, teachers and students can be so much closer psychologically to gain higher
Influence of teachers on students in many aspects, students are able to change the old
patterns of behavior. Teachers not only impart knowledge to students, while teachers
thinking style, behavioral habits, hobbies, all of the students were influenced.
Therefore, teachers who teach the completion of tasks, often in the teaching of
specialized courses not only enable students to get some kind of natural, social, and
thinking in the field of law knowledge, but also to give people inspiration and moral
aspects beautiful. Historically, the teacher most of both ability and integrity.
Professional knowledge is the basis for creative teachers. Teachers in the spirit of the
production is not simple, but creative intellectual labor. Teacher creativity is different,
because the impact of teacher creativity complex, but its basic business knowledge of
the factors. Structure of expertise the more generous the more reasonable. The greater
the possibility of creativity development. In a sense, the creativity comes from
knowledge, and knowledge in certain conditions, into creativity.
Teacher professional knowledge or self-improvement factor. Teachers in
self-improvement is specific to the overall high standard, and it directly determines
the ability of teachers to meet the requirements of the times, cultivate a new
generation of comprehensive development. Moral quality of teachers, intelligent
quality, physical quality, etc. constitute the organic structure system, of which the
quality of teachers professional knowledge is an integral part of the most basic, is
because of the availability of expertise, before deciding on a person to take on
teachers responsibilities.
According to the characteristics of today's information age, knowledge
structure, qualified teachers should be three parts: the basic cultural knowledge,
relevant subject knowledge, subject expertise. Determines the basic cultural
knowledge, teacher knowledge perspective, it is the foundation of teachers specialized
in business and determine the overall quality and capacity of teachers. Basic cultural
knowledge of a person more rich, then he thought the more spacious, more active
thinking. General cultural knowledge includes basic human knowledge, practical
knowledge of school education and general basic knowledge.
Teachers should possess subject expertise, which is to determine the main aspects of
the teaching profession is a sign of professionalism of teachers. All teachers in the
profession as different from their professional knowledge is vastly different.
Professional knowledge of teachers here said the structure can be broken down into
three elements, namely, basic professional knowledge, professional knowledge and
expertise of the main frontiers of knowledge.
The existence of three elements of professional knowledge and development, as well
as between them, imbued, mutual promotion and skills are also very important
condition in which only professional knowledge in the course of play, to get skills. At
the same time, only to master skills in the process, we can deepen the understanding
of professional knowledge.
Teachers have high moral character, with rich professional knowledge, but also
understand educational methods, educational sciences, education law. Understand
education and science, education, law teachers are not good teachers. Teachers work
is people, the thousand of a thousand faces, each with a different personality,
temperament, loving. Teachers can not be a thousand times, only with discipline,
school rules to restrain the students. Can not discriminate, be punished for. Some
children extroverted, Datailielie, criticized a few, passed quickly. However, some
sensitive and introverted child, so will his teachers greatly influence mood. For some
people even leave a lifetime impact. Children's song is not sang:
"As a boy, I thought you were so amazing that words are
earth-shaking." Admiration for the teacher, the child can be seen,
especially primary school students. Teacher ah, never, under the mouth,
"mercy", do not hurt children's self-esteem. One high
and one female student was sentenced to teachers as "not mathematical
mind," chose above Coban. To a high school senior and had a weary.
However, on the American high school soon, too frequently out of the chemical on.
When applying for college math teachers are "often elegant and creative
way to solve problems, complete mathematical proof." Recommended
reviews of other teachers also praised Canada. Over the past three or four months
alone, the eyes of the teachers in the United States, "there is no
mathematical mind" as much mathematical expertise of students. And it
seems is full access to the development, even a little outstanding, just like a new
person. What is the catalyst for starting such a wonderful? Different evaluation
criteria 使然. If a child is always subject to negative evaluation, they will lose faith in
themselves, give up on themselves. Students in the learning process not just as a glass
of water glass full. Teachers here in China, often see the "half
empty", while in the United States, where the teacher, but always see the
"half full" - the former in the negative, the latter certainly,
which should stimulate the students will do ? Of course the latter.
Mankind enters the 21st century, people's quality problems had been
widespread attention, the quality of education by the people's attention.
This is the law of human beings for their own education, a higher level of
understanding. We have been promoting the moral, intellectual, physical, the United
States, labor-round development, but the process of practice in education is often a
strong sense of pragmatism color. Or re-"only" light
"person", or ignore the personal, one-sided development. There
are many reasons, but the teachers are one of the reasons, but again the key concept of
teachers. And update the concept of teacher education is the key to the key.
Sichuan, a small town in a secondary school teacher Wang was the only one won the
title of national excellent teachers who taught the class studies the rate is always
among the best. Entrance on the eve of that year, Wang got liver cancer by the late
Charles. He took the Middle School student and daughter know the truth at the end of
college entrance examination, he passed away it has been 13 days. Student of his
death, reflecting the very calm, even a little indifferent, as if talking is not a get along
with them for two years, to death for their painstaking teacher. Recalls the
circumstances of teachers, mostly learning to learn, if addition to no longer contact
with other teachers.
Colleagues are, alas, said Wang is exhausted of. Other classes than his students to get
up early at least an hour late at night to sleep for an hour. He spent 17 hours in school
each day. Rate and the results of his studies are so forced out. But many kids secretly
hate him in mind, even his head was grafted to the nude photos online last. He is the
highest transition rate of each class, but back to school after graduation to see his
students are few. Wang told his wife often sent to the classroom for students to
steamed buns, but each time after the students have finished the pot smashed, above a
hundred thousand holes Cang poignant. His daughter was asked: Why is fall through?
His daughter said with a sigh: the students make up classes are not hate pot but hate.
10 hours a day of learning, to engage us almost crazy. I have been hit several times. I
feel sad for the Wang.
Thousands of Chinese traditional concept of education is deeply rooted,
"Dignity" remains. Pressure to score students, movable point
corporal punishment on students, even lashed out at the phenomenon of students, is its
performance. Responsibilities of teachers - "Missionary Tuition Dispelling
the" understanding is: to teach the knowledge left by their predecessors,
solution knowledge, students do not understand the confusion. Different concepts of
education have different evaluation criteria. Such a student, the surface looks a bit
undisciplined, sometimes self late morning. The teacher that he do not work hard to
learn. He likes football, there is a weekly semester, half of which is written by football.
From teacher to remind him not to affect their learning. And in the class under the
"no ball order" to see the football on the confiscation of the
students. But despite being banned, the students you a dollar, I binary, then buy one.
Secretly hidden. Entrance on the eve of the period of 11 school entrance exam review,
the school canceled the physical education like "Vice Division."
But he slipped away, and students in physical education time, playground, football,
caught by the teacher, led the visit to the Middle School all classes, to see how hard
people are reviewing for a test of. In the class teacher's eyes, this poor
student discipline and learning do not work hard, not motivated. From his high school
on the application of a piece of self-School Youth League organization and to
participate in the examination. Four test series, has been test to the Middle School last
semester, still can not join the league. He is a class not to join the league. In college,
the teacher recommended him for the Mission branch secretary, because he is not a
member, were dropped. The students really thinking behind the performance
disappointing? He learned from the television's per capita water resources
in China than in the Sahara desert of Israel, less time washing his feet, the use of red
foot-washing water urinals. From the "China Youth Daily" see
Zhongguo Qingnian Bao and "China Youth Development
Foundation," co-sponsored manufacturing plant in Shaanxi, "in
Qinglin." He never spend money indiscriminately to "China
Youth Development Foundation" accumulated pocket money sent 200
yuan, growing "in Qinglin," mu. Veteran Japanese invasion of
the Japanese court, to collect evidence of the Nanjing Massacre, Shiro to China. In the
Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall before kneeling down to repent, apologize to the
Chinese people. His classmates listened to the news, disapproval and said: What Road
apology. He immediately retorted: Why not apologize? The Japanese Government is
to apologize to the Chinese people. Their argument on the up and angrily told her
mother this, he told his mother not to take any more of that student. Winter ridge
patriotism, right? ! But he often made comments: China is not as good as the U.S.
advanced; capitalism is better than socialism and so on. Many contradictions Yeah!
Our teacher how to evaluate such students? Is it simply a "good"
or "poor" evaluation of the can it? We are young people who
should have shown: both the pursuit of truth, justice, hope that a strong country, then
there is the reality behind the phenomenon of some disgruntled, easy to extreme; both
the demand for progress, I hope good results, sometimes they could not control
himself themselves, act with love; the performance of its various contradictions to see
its positive side, to be proper guidance. To promote the entrepreneurial spirit to
overcome the negative backward thinking, to maturity? Or just stare at their eyes, not
the side, blindly criticize, simply in order to discipline, limit a piece of self? Modern
young people have received the knowledge not just in school. Them through a variety
of modern media, to accept a variety of information, active and broad perspective and
extensive knowledge. They are thinking, not blind obedience, of social phenomena
have their own point of view. Fast development of the times, we teachers can not just
buried his study, teach. We should strengthen the study and, often, continuously
update the knowledge we possess. To accept modern ideas, modern knowledge,
understanding of the students love, the pursuit of, and guide their students to progress
together. In today's era of quality education, we teachers can not just
preference "would read," "obedient," the
good boy the teacher Shuiyibuer ; also should appreciate the thinking, personality and
dare to pursue students. Not only to assess student achievement, and to assess student
diversity. To change educational ideas, knowledge and ability both to provide for
every educated students to develop education, and never to allow education to select
students. Teachers should understand and care about individual students, the students
use and play a character this is the quality of the education director of the essence. In
the era of personalization, intelligence often is to determine a person's
success is no longer the first factor, mental quality, including feelings, interests,
personality and so the impact of life has become increasingly prominent. We need to
care about student achievement, but also take care of their psychological training and
exercise, so they were trained to have a strong sense of innovation. Distinctive
character of the students, the future may be the most career development, the most
promising; and lack of personality of students, although small mistakes, excellent
results, and even show a "precocious", but once into the society,
but mediocre performance. Such instances we see there? Chinese pain with 5 years of
civilization, China has created a remarkable ancient civilization, which fully
demonstrates the Chinese nation's outstanding wisdom and remarkable
innovation can be. However, popular in the modern world, many scientific inventions
and discoveries, the Chinese once again just missed it. Although our students to
repeated Orsay winning, but unfortunately they save for a few people after graduation,
the majority of people's creative ability is obviously not as good as
American students. The causes of difference with our education, especially primary
and secondary education are not unrelated. Of course, more relationships with our