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Hypnotist & hypnotherapist

Hypnosis at this time began to be known among people in Indonesia. Even the negative
stigma that has been attached to all things related to the word "hypnosis" is slowly
beginning to change.

Start hypnosis is recognized as a highly effective technique for self-empowerment.

Hipnotis.Net a rubric hypnosis directly handled by Yan Nurindra, a Hypnosis Trainer of
the most prominent in this country.

Most of the content of this rubric is an understanding of hypnosis experience teaches a
variety of materials in public classes and corporate classes since 2002, as well as
experience in handling various cases in the clinic and self-empowerment centers to apply
hypnotherapy techniques.

To enrich the discourse about hypnotism, so in this column also appears in articles from
experts and practitioners of hypnotism Indonesia and outside Indonesia are sourced from
various print media and from various sites.

Hipnotis.Net is information about the world of hypnotism in various formats and themes,
ranging from popular knowledge, various tips, through practical techniques to perform
direct hypnosis can be learned and practiced by the readers, and are arranged in columns
as follows:

This column contains a variety of basic knowledge of hypnotism and related matters with
hypnotism, and grouped specifically for beginners, practitioners, professionals (Stage
Hypnotist, hypnotherapist, trainer), also a general potpourri, and practical knowledge of

Contains various articles written by experts hypnotic Indonesia, p @?: 2?? H? Ǭ ?[????
non hypnosis community, and also articles from journals cited NGH, NGH considering a
major orientation towards the world of hypnotism.

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