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					Sword execution
Why do so many times to plan, but implementation is poor?
Sword ~ ~ ~ ~ knowing that loss also show your sword
Jianfeng referred to invincible
With soul force, undefeated!
The incompetence of leaders is the biggest crime followers
Why not train with, because no live ammunition for practicing defeat the enemy
Do not be afraid of injuries, injury trunk and a few bones and muscles stronger than
death on the battlefield
Eat more bitter, stronger than make money
Actual state practice should assassinate
The best way to resolve differences is to the market exchange of punches, the way to
resolve disputes is, when you look at the gripped when the battlefield is the closest
Heart, the enemy, fighting for the life and death
I want the troops to fight a hard battle, the team will be trained to take the sheath your
Progress will not be eliminated

A culture of team building wolf hero soil. First minister of the spirit of the character
of deciding the soul!
If the products and strategies are no problems, staff do not want you to grab my gun
since you get
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Execution (Execution)
An execution (Execution)
2 business executive power
3, the meaning of executive power [1]
4 How to strengthen business execution
5 business execution of the five key words
6 to upgrade several key executive power [1]
7 enhance the execution of measures [2]
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[Edit] Execution (Execution)
The so-called Executive Force, referring to the implementation of strategic intent, the
operational capacity to complete the intended target. It is the core competitiveness of
enterprises, is the corporate strategy, planning translated into effective outcomes.
[Edit] business execution
Business execution is a system, organization and team. An enterprise is an
organization, a complete body, business execution should also be a system,
organization and team execution. Execution is the key to the success of enterprise
management. As long as there are good business management, management system, a
good leader, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all staff, management, execution
will certainly be the biggest play, companies will create a century enterprise.
Enterprises to achieve the "do first-class enterprise, first-class products,
first-class efficiency" business purposes, to solve management problems,
we must build a first-class enterprise employees in execution. A strong business
execution, there must be a high-quality staff, and staff of enterprises with high-quality,
enterprise must be full of hope.
To improve business execution, not only to improve the business from top to bottom
of everyone's execution, but also to enhance each unit, each
department's overall execution, the only way companies will form a system
execution, to line into a business execution and competitiveness.
Everything is a process, not to step in place, and flew effective. Chinese enterprises is
the lack of such a state of mind, to do one thing, it should be down to earth, step by
step, not quick success. As to create brand, to create well-known enterprises in foreign
countries, it is a long-term project in the United States, a brand, advertising each year
at least 30 million U.S. dollars, at least three to five years, while in China, have Few
companies have started doing this when the brand-name awareness and attitude, it
seems to do for some time, voted in so much money, brand awareness has not reached
a certain height, the wait, but do come out a certain well-known, is more often than
not long, it has no trace of the. Execution of business is the same, this is the work of
man, but man's work is most difficult to do, take longer and longer process,
so companies improve business process execution, be sure to This has a clear
understanding. As a business, then great goals and vision, and then perfect the
operation of the program, if not strong implementation, the end can only exist on
paper. To strengthen the implementation capacity of the construction business, we
must set up in the organization, staffing and operating procedures on the effective
combination of corporate status, business integration will be a safe, effective and
overall control and management using the system to reduce vulnerability, in
objectives set standards in the implementation of the effective supervision, to the
enterprise implementation efforts will naturally be improved effectively.
Poor execution is the largest enterprise internal friction will not only consume a lot of
business people, financial resources, but also missed opportunities to influence
strategic planning and business development. To improve business execution, first of
all be reflected from the management, the management methods used to form the
overall style and atmosphere of enterprises, the last to make the entire enterprise and
personnel have this capability.
In this world, people have good reason for the differences in general is excellent idea
that more and more to achieve the capacity, which is execution of a person, not even
thinking; company also true that a good company with other enterprises doing the
same thing, just do better than others, to implement more in place, the implementation
of more effective
[Edit] Significance of execution [1]
Execution, usually refers to internal staff and implementing the operators of strategic
thinking, policies and programs to plan the operation and practical abilities. It is the
intent of the specific implementation of the plan into reality the embodiment of good
and bad effects, the degree of its strength directly restricts the company's
business objectives can be smoothly achieved.
If you can not be put into words, then careful planning is worthless, you can say that
our company is studying the implementation of the force, in trying to build and
upgrade their execution. Because we recognize that execution is an important
deciding factor in the success or failure is the core competitiveness of enterprises
forming the key.
Big business, and the corresponding institutions, departments and processes is even
more cumbersome and complex, and thus its Zhixing power often appear weaker,
especially in the corporate and division level, the following I will combine my work
experience, on how companies enhance the branch execution to talk about their
experience and views.
Division and branch companies of subsidiary bodies, usually to sell its main activities
and tasks. Although essentially subordinate branch headquarters, but in many ways,
but interrelated, closely related, but also mutual restraint, inevitably there are some
contradictions and conflicts (Biru short-term benefits and long-term goals, local
interests and the overall objectives of processing, etc.). Therefore, to improve the
company's execution, we must rationalize the branch, division and
headquarters in the process of communication and coordination following obstacle.
[Edit] How to strengthen business execution
System is a standard and not a network, the system alone is not effective to create an
institutional culture of the system can not germinal derivative responsible awareness
of how a mandatory system to cultural aspects of sublimation, so that employees in
general awareness, recognition accept in order to achieve self-conscious auto-regulate
their behavior according to system requirements, the completion of his law to the
transformation of self-discipline, build system culture is the real meaning.
"Knowledge and Action." "Knowing" is
the "line" premise, in order to stimulate the interests of
employees and self-discipline oriented. Today's era of rapid development
of knowledge-based economy makes increasing staff quality, more mature sense of
self-realization, "Use the People, not to the" traditional concept
of democracy is difficult to adapt to the trend of business management now, staff of
concern not only immersed suffering "dry", more concerned
that the "dry" the purpose, benefits, have been seeking for the
true driving force. Individual staff interests and the interests of business as a whole
not the same, so do not rely on the overall interests of the company motivate
employees, such as "corporate profits increased by several
times," and more focus on "specific commitments to benefit the
individual       employee"          incentives.      "Driven        by
Benefits," is a universal human psychology, the enterprise should make
employees understand the overall interests of the enterprise system, individual
interests and employee values and interests in the form of conversion, a mandatory
system of binding interest implies desirable, as long as there is pay Return to
stimulate awareness of staff groups responsible.
Both civil and military. Ancient Chinese Military Strategists "first sense of
honor and then the criminal law, first law of its body and then from my
dear," the military concept for today's culture of building
enterprise     system     of     positive    reference.     Man       and      of    the
"mandatory" is determined by the intrinsic property of the
system but also that the value orientation of the enterprise itself contains a wealth of
educational, corporate employees right through awareness, self-awareness education,
guidance, through the framework of respect for human , caring for, believe in the
human environment to increase awareness of the staff responsible, in order to enhance
the implementation of the speed and intensity.

[Edit] Execution of business in five key words
Communication is the prerequisite.
Here is a very popular concept, both the SMART principle. The so-called SMART
principle, that is:
Goal must be specific (Specific);
Goal must be measurable (Measurable);
Goal must be attainable (Attainable);
Objectives and other goals must be relevant (Relevant);
Objectives must have clear deadlines (Time-based).
Have a good understanding, will have good execution. Good communication is half
the battle. Through communication, to bring collective wisdom to distinguish in the
implementation of the strategy rules, and the right is the best. Top-down effort by up
to enable enterprises to perform more smoothly!
Coordination is the means.
Coordination of internal resources. Good execution often requires a
company's resources into at least 80%; while those companies in the
implementation of inefficient investment of resources and even less than 20%. Is the
gap between the middle 60 percent. Not just in writing these shows. A stone in the
ground on just a dead, fallen from the cliff, you can break out the powerful ability.
This is the set of potential, coordinated mobilization of resources in strategy, from top
to bottom in one direction, to achieve a multiplier effect!
Feedback is the guarantee.
The quality of the implementation of feedback to go through that. Passive feedback
market research or market initiative. The effectiveness of feedback obtained can be
specific and detailed data to show. And from the data we form the curve in
understanding sales trends or market share, so as to profit and avoid loss!
Responsibility is the key.
Business strategy should be achieved through the performance appraisal. Not just
come from a purely moral restraint. From the objective form of rewards and penalties
under the sunshine, can not be wasted effort to implement. Agreement on the use of
target HR KPI key performance indicators to manage the execution. To understand the
legal basis of the agreement the parties responsible. From the main performance,
behavior and attitude, ability to evaluate the objective and subjective aspects of
individual execution.
Specific incentives: bonuses, salary adjustments, rotation, selection outstanding,
reserve personnel training, and implementation of a certain percentage of out system.
Using sticks and carrots to enhance the professionalism of the staff to better manage
the execution.
Determination is the cornerstone.
Suspicion hesitated, and finally there must be regret, GU forget the large, post will be
harmful! Focused, adhere to this doctrine also applies to life management of the
implementation of this area!
Success as a door, if the strategy that we have found the right key, so we now need is
the key inserted and in the right direction to rotate the door open.
[Edit] Executive Power to upgrade several key [1]
1, a strong current heart.
Have no sense of responsibility, is a measure of its work or not qualified, competent
or not the primary criterion. Because the work would mean longer term, the work is
not without responsibility. Intention to do their job, not only on business, society, the
state is responsible for the performance, is also on themselves, their families, the
cause responsible for the performance. With a sense of responsibility, effort will focus
on development, the work will dry heart, enthusiasm, dedication and will actively find
ways, ideas, take measures to inject precise grip lean implementation, enforcement
will be no excuse .
2, have the capacity to implement them.
Masterpiece how to complete the implementation of a learning task, not simply a
management problem, but rather a set of questions, analyze problems, take action to
address the problem, objectives of the system processes. In this process, the human
factor comes first. Tasks targeted in the end people need to perform. Organization of
work, the deployment of the task to vary, finding the right people, selected to
implement the ability to work with people, and realize their potential. Therefore, the
quality level of a team, directly determine the strength of executive power.
3, a sound security system.
Implementation of the power generation and develop is realistic to rely on incentive
and restrictive mechanism and the carrier, not a good incentive and restraint
mechanisms, it will cause a lack of execution. Therefore, to establish a scientific and
rational system of work based on the establishment of appropriate incentive systems
and efficient control mechanism.
[Edit] Measures to enhance the implementation of force [2]
Power not only to enhance the entertainment business long-term stability, but also
related to the sustainable development of enterprises. Therefore, we must find
effective measures and ways to enhance the implementation of the force.
1, through enhanced staff accountability and ideological work. Execution of work
actually embodies an attitude, it needs spiritual beliefs, passion and power needs,
requires patience and perseverance. Therefore, to hold people accountable, we must
play to the advantage of the situation and tasks to increase employee education efforts,
so that employees clearly understand the situation faced by enterprises to undertake
the task of improving a sense of crisis and urgency.
2, by enhancing staff skills and professional qualities. The establishment of employee
training system, strengthen vocational and moral education and job skills training, is
to improve the ideological and political quality and effort ability and quality of an
effective way. To adhere to the old and new, combined operation of the actual position,
the preparation of highly targeted training manual to new employees in the shortest
period of time post teaching can be independent. At the same time, from their own,
constantly strengthening the study, new ideas, constantly analyzing, understanding,
enhance their own, change does not perform as bad habits do not consciously do their
3, exemplary cadres inspired by the initiative of employees.
4, twisting through the atmosphere to create a culture and guide the implementation of
the initiative to foster the awareness of staff. Cultivate the implementation of the
culture, is to "implement" the highest standards for all acts and
the ultimate goals of the culture. All the factors conducive to the implementation of
fully and scientific use of science, is not conducive to the implementation of all the
factors that are immediately ruled out.
5, through the establishment of a sound security staff constraints and incentives to
improve the implementation of force. Improve the implementation of the force,
consciousness alone is not enough, but also a sound implementation of the binding
mechanism of the formation of norms, sustained execution

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