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					Supply Chain Management Professional MBA
Supply Chain Management Professional MBA
Liu Baohong, graduated from Arizona State University MBA, specializing in supply
chain management, supply chain management is now engaged in Silicon Valley. He is
a Certified Purchasing Managers (CPM), Six Sigma Black Belt, and certification
through production and inventory management (CPIM). Contact: bob.liu @
For more articles, see the column of its management, "Silicon Valley
off" and "supply chain management
A reader asked what the United States, supply chain management professional
graduate programs. Here on the MBA with supply chain management of several
schools to make a brief introduction. If you readers have more information, please
share. U.S. News (US News) baked each year ranked U.S. business schools (of course,
engineering, law, medicine, etc.). Business Week (Business Week), the Financial
Times (Financial Times) and other agencies have similar rankings. Here mainly to
U.S. News rankings.
From large academic perspective, supply chain management previously attached to
the production and operations management (Production and Operations Management).
After about five years (author is a time when business schools), supply chain
management as a separate discipline, with accounting, finance, information systems,
management, international management, marketing, non-profit operation, business,
and manufacturing operations tied . U.S. News ranking in 2007, supply chain
management (logistics management, together with ranking) were the top three
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Michigan State University (Michigan
State University) and Arizona State University (Arizona State University ). After the
top three have to pay to see the U.S. News. The three schools, the MIT tradition to
transportation management, manufacturing operations known, the appropriate
management of its supply chain is still very strong logistics and production
background. Michigan and Arizona State University are biased towards the
procurement and supply management, supply management is the nation's
best two schools. Of course, Michigan State University is also very strong in logistics
management, such as academic leading authority 鲍尔索克斯 (Donald J. Bowersox)
and Claus (David J. Closs) are the school's professors, their logistics
management of materials is popular.
The three schools, the Institute for Supply Management MBA University of
Tennessee there (University of Tennessee) (focusing on logistics management),
Pennsylvania State University (Penn State University) (focusing on logistics
management), Ohio State University (Ohio State University) ( focus on logistics
management), University of Maryland (University of Maryland), Northwestern
University (Northwestern University), Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia
Institute of Technology), Wisconsin-Madison, Syracuse and other universities. Must
pay attention to some schools have multiple campuses, each campus is not always as
strong. Carnegie - Mellon (Carnegie Mellon), Purdue (Purdue), Case Western Reserve
University, George Washington University, Indiana University, Iowa State University,
Lehigh University, University of Minnesota, University of North Carolina, North
Carolina State University, Rutgers University, University of Texas at Austin,
University of Virginia and other operational management is also a strong tradition of
school, have created a large supply chain management MBA. There are also a number
of regional universities, such as Bowling Green State University, also has supply
chain management MBA, but the overall strength can not be compared with the
university. Of course, because the supply chain management professionals in the
United States is also very popular, many schools have opened, mixed, school choice
must pay attention to.
Note: Business Week (Business Week) can be search for MBA professionals.
Supply chain management books
A friend asked about the book supply chain management, the following is what I
know of some widely read books in North America.
Supply Chain Management consists of three parts: Purchasing and Supply
Management (Purchasing and Supply Management), Production and Operations
Management (Production and Operations Management), Logistics Management
(Logistics Management). Accordingly, the book also by the three parts.
Purchasing and Supply Management:
1, the most widely used American University is David Burt, Donald Dobler, and
Stephen Starling with the World Class Supply Management: The Key to Supply Chain
Management. The book is now published the seventh edition (2002), the title has
changed. David Burt is a San Diego University, Director of the Institute for Supply
Management Professor, received his Ph.D. at Stanford University. Donald Dobler is a
professor at Colorado State University (retired), received his Ph.D. from Stanford
University. Stephen Starling received his Ph.D. at the University of Pittsburgh,
formerly at the California State University Professor of Supply Chain Management
Heywood Campus (near the school in Silicon Valley, I have a friend who read their
supply chain management service MBA), University of San Diego after the turn to
The book is the purchasing and supply management, the authority of the teaching
materials. I used this book on the main (Sixth Edition) CPM Exam preparation (other
materials, including ISM published syllabus and sample tests). I was mainly along the
outline of the order of examination, experience does not understand the concept of
this book went to check. Book after book with a detailed Index, the main concepts can
be found.
English version of the book can be purchased at Price higher, at
100 U.S. dollars (books are relatively cheap). Amazon can sell books to many of
China's domestic mail. You need to have internationally accepted credit
card or Paypal, etc.. 7th edition of the book has the Chinese version, published by the
Electronics Industry, He Mingke such translation can be purchased online at
Dangdang: (Thank you
VESTEL Inc. Gary Jia provide the corresponding information).
2, "Purchasing and Supply Management Learning Guide" (7th
Edition) - ISM purchasing and supply management of core resources (Supply
Management Guide). This is the ISM mentioned above, published in the outline for
the CPM examination. A Chinese version, the electronics industry published by
Xiao-Ping Wang, Wei Qiaoping, Lu Hua other translations, can be purchased online at
Dangdang (, Price: 37.15
yuan .
3, "Purchasing and Supply Management" (No. 12). The book by
the University of Western Ontario professor Liendesi (Leenders) and retired professor
from Arizona State University Phelan (Fearon) co-author of North America in
addition to David Burt's book is another of the widely used outside the
procurement and supply management materials. I read the book. David Burt does not
feel the book comprehensive, authoritative, it is still a very good textbook. A Chinese
version of the book, published by the machinery industry, on Two translation, can be
purchased                    online                       at                  Dangdang
(, Price: 54.4 yuan.
Liendesi received his Ph.D. at Harvard University, is the authority of the Canadian
supply management profession. I once saw at an academic conference that he is a
gentleman demeanor winter ridge.
Phelan is a U.S. procurement and supply management industry veteran, is the
American Association of Purchasing Management (Institute for Supply
Management's predecessor) former chairman, founded the American
Research Center for Advanced Purchasing (CAPS Research, Center for Advanced
Purchasing Studies, www.capsresearch. org). Author when he was studying at the
Arizona State University, has worked two summers in the CAPS research assistant, is
very emotional about this organization.
In addition, the Liendesi published in 2005, such as Purchasing and Supply
Management's 13th edition. English can be bought at
Production and Operations Management:
American Chase (Chase), Aquilano (Aquilano) and Jacobs (Jacobs) the writings of
Operations Management for Competitive Advantages (11th edition) is the authority on
this book and teaching materials. Chase and Aquilano had taught at the University of
Arizona. Jacobs taught at Indiana University.
The author has systematically studied the 8th edition of this book Production and
Operations Management: Manufacturing and Service. China has 9 versions of
translation, published by the machinery industry, construction standard and so any
translation       can       be       purchased           online       at      Dangdang
( Price: 65.08 yuan.
This book was written a very practical, there are many practical small case. If you
want to test CPM, you do not see this book. But the book is worth reading. Because
the production and operation management is the mother of modern industrial
management. Supply chain management is sometimes attached to the Department of
Operations Management.
Logistics Management:
Authority on this book is 鲍尔索克斯 (Donald J. Bowersox) and Claus (David J.
Closs) of Logistical Management: The Integrated Supply Chain Process. The two
professors have taught at Michigan State University, is the godfather of the logistics
management-level figures. The book is relatively old (published in 1996), but this
does not affect its authority. I have read the book. Not found is a Chinese version.
Query Dangdang, some updates can be found 鲍尔索克斯 the works should be good,
but because there is no read, not to make improper comments.
Another good book is the Fundamentals of Logistics Management (2005 edition). The
author, Professor at Arizona State University, Lisa Ellram is one of the authors. Not
found is a Chinese version.
These two books can be bought at More Chinese logistics
management books can be found online at Dangdang.