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Values than business model

A typical MBA graduate in time to hear a business plan, the first thing is usually
asked: "how your business model?" Then, he learned in
business school with a number of strategic models, marketing models and financial
model to this "business model" a pass, as the values behind this
business model and entrepreneurial passion is often neglected.

This is a typical business school thinking that most professional managers are doing.
But this is not always a way to work, especially for those who have created a new
market, especially for enterprises.

This somehow explains why most of the most innovative companies - such as Intel,
Microsoft, Apple, Southwest Airlines, Nike and Starbucks - are not the founder or
CEO MBA graduates. They usually create a case study rather than the case, their
"business model" are summed up after the prior plan, rather
than out.

When the 28-year-old Howard Schultz, Starbucks first entered the store in Seattle
when he was lured away the aroma of Starbucks coffee beans. Then Starbucks has
four stores, the boss is only doing this because I like coffee business. They claim to
provide the United States the best coffee beans, make no money would become
secondary, and do not sell coffee beverages at Starbucks.

If Schultz was just graduated from business school, he probably not going to give up a
well-paid job to work in Starbucks. In accordance with the conventional thinking
business school point of view, Starbucks was "business model"
is not attractive. He is the founder of Starbucks to attract the core values and passion
from the heart, and he wanted to convey these values to others.

Because the values, Schultz went to Starbucks as director of marketing work; because
of values, Schultz left Starbucks own company, acquired a few years after Starbucks;
as values, Schultz has created a new business model and on behalf of life method of
coffee culture; as values, Starbucks grew to as an "honorable"
and "cute" brands.

In Schultz's autobiography, "will be injected into
heart", he also describes the story of the development of many Starbucks.
After reading this book impressed me the most is not the Starbucks
"business model", but those in the commercial real people
behind them with enthusiasm, to dream, dare to try some of the unknown, upholding
the core values, and thus achievement of the a brand.
Schultz is on direct experience from his earlier this month at the Shanghai National
Accounting Institute in a speech. In that speech, he talked about his father because of
injury, loss of a child welfare protection for example, mentioned that he created in
Starbucks every employee shares have set a precedent. Many of Starbucks business
model in his personal values, found the answer.

That speech touched all the people present. Because they see more than just a
successful businessman, but a respectable person, his personal charm and even charm
part of the Starbucks brand. Starbucks story illustrates a truth, those concerned with
the individual companies will not only make people more like it, financially it can be
completely successful.

"Shoes are real, but the profit is only a result." Drucker once
said. Great value in the interests of shareholders today, which is worth serious
consideration for all businesses - "profit" behind the
"shoes" and "shoes" at the back is a
"person." These people harbor dreams, adhere to a certain value,
which is all the hidden forces behind the success of the brand.

In "the heart into the" inside the book saying: "If you
come under the aerodynamics of a butterfly, it can not fly up. This is because the
butterflies do not understand this truth, so it flies." Phrase If interested in
research for the business logic were equally inspiring - is the practice created a lot of
things, not out of planning and analysis.

We need to learn the heart into
Two days after reading the Howard Schultz's "will be injected
into heart," that also happens to see in the Group Chairman Huang Kun
angry wave of "China Entrepreneur" magazine in 2007 3-4 on
the combined issue of the "CEO Life" in He also cited a passage
from the book, it seems we share: When we were small businesses, we had to turn tail
life, begging, was best viewed with his verbal skills. When we put big business, made
brands, but experience is the social aspects of the blame, conflict and attacks, and
even the accusations and attacks around the world. Although I take into account social
responsibility, many people still do not trust.

Yes, we often complain about the enterprise, the society, who would really go to
another point of thinking? - The success of our business life and social progress today.
Many of us are always inaccurate to this dissatisfaction are not optimistic on that, but
really to do the job when their only hope other people to understand you. Into the
original complaint to the appreciation of the understanding, so why was that? But this
is real, because when someone better than you, the imbalance is always twisted your
mind, and when you are good than others, perhaps other people also think so. Fine
think what people are multi-faceted.
Indeed, those who are truly successful entrepreneurs come from a strong sense of
natural pride, but into a less proud of the business managers. The only way is to
experience and practice. Entrepreneurs must be trained in life and business in the face
of adversity, not down, but stood up, know your own insignificance, to understand the
fear of others. So really want to become big entrepreneurs should learn to look up
people who despise you, learn from looking over your trip, including looking up your
subordinates, when you actually look up at them with humility, you will find these
people is chasing you, and Only this time you will run faster.

Spring Airlines for Wang Zhenghua most clearly such a difficult life in the cracks: you
know, a real strong, no one can put you to death, ruin your only you. Familiar with
Wang Zhenghua know that he suffered along the way Spring Airlines compression
and injury, but did not spit Wang Zhenghua smashed teeth to the ground, but the
pharynx to his stomach, his intense feelings are not indigestion, but cry. Only from the
client closer to the competition pull distance. Wang Zhenghua's opponent
elephants in ants - Duoduojia, all see the dead bodies of ants, small ants, but the
Spring and Autumn this group began to gnaw the bones from the elephant, which is
how the heroic and tragic. Live or die, Wang Zhenghua choice every day. We are not
the same? We do not also give up the daily selection and find their own goals and

Duan Yongping are saying: do not make mistakes is lifeless. Perhaps we need this
kind of dedication on the target.

A person, a business, do things need a way to inject the spirit of the mind, we turn tail
life, begging, was best viewed with his verbal skills more likely to encounter later
blame, conflict and attacks, although there are many, many more people do not trust,
but as long as we believe, the "impossible" to
"may", sooner or later change the attitude of those who have
humble and inconsistent behavior.

There is a saying I remember Annan: no one (including a business) to delusions and
status with the advantage of others to maintain their own security without the threat of
natural disasters. Only we all focus on other people's safety and happiness
of other people to get long-term security and well-being.

Believe in yourself and have to trust others, a truly great person or company first and
foremost a strong heart. When the mind is strong, nothing can stop