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Software Engineering Master ☆ FAQ


									Software Engineering Master ☆ FAQ
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Software Engineering Master ☆ FAQ ☆ [7.29 Update] ☆

 Temporarily to some friends asked a question more briefly to answer.

Q: MSE for that?

A: MSE, the MSE. And MBA, LL.M. were all introduced from abroad a strong
degree. Training to develop the country's type and size, speed up the
training of social much-needed interdisciplinary and application oriented high-level
expertise, You Set the State Council approved the Commission's
professional graduate master's degree.

Q: software engineering, computer engineering master's degree and
master's degree in general What is the difference?

A: Both state formal postgraduate training, Software Engineering focuses on meeting
the market needs to strengthen bilingual education and business practices and joint
training cooperation.
  ?From the learning point of view, the former bilingual education teacher general
three-three system, namely, the school teacher, enterprise technology backbone, the
composition of foreign teachers. And Master of Engineering is different from learning
in school during the course instructor. In software engineering practice / thesis writing
stage, the software engineering master instructor to implement dual system: one for
school teachers, one for school instructor.
View from the training mode, the former focus on applications, which focus on
academic research.
Training objectives of view, the former cultivating talent, mainly computers +
administration. The latter train academic vanguard.

Q: MSE entry way?

A: There are three:
                          ?1, through the National Graduate Entrance Examination in
January enrollment.
                        ?2, by October the National Engineering Entrance
Examination Admission to master degree.
                        ?3, self-enrollment.

Q:    What      is    "double                 certificates"        and
A: MSE are divided into two certificates and documents.
Double Certificate: From the January part of the national postgraduate exam
candidates admitted, Xiuman 40 credits, pass all courses presented ****** Software
Engineering graduate diploma, graduate design by, and comply with the conditions of
the grant degrees awarded * ***** University of Software Engineering Master of
Engineering degree certificate.
   Document: From the January part of the national postgraduate exam candidates
taking the entrance examination, and by the other candidates, Xiuman 40 credits, all
courses designed by qualified and graduate to meet the conditions of the grant
******* degree granting University Software Engineering Engineering Master

Q: if some software college degrees than MSE?

A: Software Institute itself was not only the training MSE, also the second degree in
computer software training students, undergraduates. Now know that Northeastern
University and Shandong University Software Engineering Institute also trained
Master (Software and theoretical orientation).

Q: How do software engineering master's treatment?

A: the same treatment and the general master.

Q: Can read MSE loans?

A: each school situation is different. Rough understanding, can generally be.

Q: Tuition?

A: usually a credit 1000. 40 credits is 40K. There is a credit of 800 schools, special
circumstances determined by the school.

Q: can further study it?

A: and the general master, as you can.

Q: MSE's prospects?

A: MSE and MBA, LL.M., as is the introduction of these two years abroad, a strong
degree. India in the past 10 years as software export country, the main reason is the
establishment of a number of "Information Technology",
"Software Technology", "Advanced Information
Technology Institute" to train and bring up a large number of senior
software professionals and software engineer. The end of 2001, Premier Zhu came
back from India visit, immediately instructed the establishment of the Software
Institute, the CPC Central Committee has made a commitment to take them out of
China's software industry. It is understood that software sales in China in
2002 is expected to reach 35.7 billion yuan, while the development objectives of sales
in 2005 reached 250 billion yuan, of which 60% localization rate. The face of
fast-growing software industry opportunities, the state policy is very clear, but the key
also on our common efforts.

Q: Software College training and college training MSE and non-software distinction
between software engineering master

A: Software Institute is a state strong support from the state's
Appropriations and Joint Management with large companies, the course is tracking
the introduction of foreign universities MSE courses.
Software industry to develop the country's industry, domestic software
talent shortage, in addition to software, college, some colleges may also grant MSE
degree, Yi Ban is the Engineering Master Computer Science category, nor for the
fresh students. Policies and programs and on to the school's computer
system with focus on the degree awarding certificate generally.

Q: What is the GCT-ME?

A: Through Oct. Engineering Master Degree entrance examination for admission are
required by GCT-ME test.
Engineering Master Degree Admission Examination (English name for the Graduate
Candidate Test for Master of Engineering, called "GCT-ME")
for the closed book written examination, to implement a unified national entrance
exam. Examination is organized by the China Academic Degrees &
Graduate Education Development Centre.
"GCT-ME" paper consists of four parts: language proficiency,
math proficiency test, logical reasoning test, foreign language (available in English,
Russian, German and Japanese) proficiency test. "GCT-ME"
papers out of 400 points each 100 points per section. Exam time is 3 hours, 45
minutes per part. Resource materials for the "Project Master Degree
Admission Examination Guide", by the Scientific and Technical
Documents Publishing House.
Candidates "GCT-ME" result is valid provisional two years.

Q behind in these, as well as unknown, can see the essence of the article area.
Particular problems can keep abreast of.

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