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Tiantonggufen: Soft world leader, QFII favor - Sohu Finance

February 5, 2008 ... Agency: Jiuding Allianz Global Soft in the industry ranked third
in the high-end soft industry, company annual capacity of 1.5 million tons, the largest
soft ferrite manufacturing enterprises one. ...

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_ Baidu Encyclopedia of soft magnetic materials

With low coercivity and high permeability magnetic material. Easy-magnetization
soft magnetic materials, but also easy to demagnetization, widely used in electrical
equipment and electronic devices. Most widely used soft magnetic materials, iron
silicon alloy (silicon steel) and various other soft ferrite. ...

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Enameled wire, soft magnet material, equipment - Ring Album - Shenzhen

Soft Magnetic Materials 9. From one: Geruisite advertising. Soft Magnetic Materials
8. From one: Geruisite advertising. Soft Magnetic Materials 7. From one: Geruisite
advertising ... soft magnetic materials. 1 page. Home; <Previous; 1;
Next>; End ...

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This company produces the rubber soft, magnetic stripe, using German technology,
quality, low price, mainly sold to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Japan and other
countries, well received by many foreign customers., Are: 1, same-sex rubber
magnetic volume Wood and ... ...

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