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									Site architecture collection
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DBA notes on a lot of really good stuff
Many large (only visits, rather than company size) of the web 2.0 website architecture
Above all
Now collected information about the Web site architecture, many of which come from
DBA notes
Such information. Always be luck ah
WikiPedia technology architecture to learn to share
The structure of extension YouTube
Internet Archive's massive storage of
LinkedIn Architecture Notes
Tailrank Sitemap
Twitter's architecture extensions: 100 times performance increase
Financial help children ( website architecture
Yupoo! Site technical architecture
37Signals structure
Flickr's visit and other statistical realization
PlentyOfFish site structure learning
Yahoo! Community Architecture
Alexa and AOL about the deployment of cluster file system
eBay store Glance
eBay's data
expansion of the database distribution structure eBay
extended experience of eBay's data layer
size of eBay's application server
Properties expand the problem to as early as possible
Scaling an early stage startup
Facebook's PHP performance and scalability
Skype users with PostgreSQL support mass
Chat Web image server
Beijing Olympic ticket system to talk about this thing paralysis
Architectures You've Always Wondered About
eBay's Architectural Principles
Building a large scale SaaS app
Scaling an early stage startup
Megaupload podcast architecture (the original blog, in Chang feast, but the article was
taken down, unfortunately. This is a reprint)
QQ games while millions of people online server infrastructure
Construction technology of large-scale Web2.0 site
Web site Database distributed storage of
QQ discuss the structure of
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Notes from Scaling MySQL - Up or Out
Yapache-Yahoo! Apache's secret
LinkedIn architecture and development process
Scalability Best Practices: Lessons from eBay
Discussion about the structure of extension to see the problem Twitter
Facebook massive data processing
web 2.0 massive cluster of small files cache
Cocolog migration from PostgreSQL to MySQL experience
Crazy code: Large site structure series (to be continued) Collection
Amazon Architecture
Scaling Twitter
37signals Architecture
Digg Architecture
Flickr Architecture
YouTube Architecture
Google Architecture
LiveJournal's Backend
LiveJournal Architecture
eBay Architecture
LinkedIn Architecture

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