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					Sino-Vietnamese War in 1979, Soviet adviser to decrypt
China's self-defense war in Vietnam over the past 25 years, and then
consultant to assist the Vietnamese troops had to fight the Soviet People's
Liberation Army. Russian "Red Star" newspaper, published a
press Pocta Korolev 2001.1.16 Colonel article entitled: Vietnam to flowers greet.
Article is an interview with the former Soviet armed forces of the Vietnamese
People's Army General Staff in member Advisory Panel written.

In 1978, the Vietnamese Communist Party Politburo decided against attacking
China's policy of Cambodia, thus greatly strengthening the relationship
between the Soviet Union, Soviet Union, arrived in Vietnam in military technology
and equipment continuously. In August, to prevent the Soviet Union, led by Air Force
Lieutenant General Vorobijev technical advisory group of 120 military transport
equipment, along with two security -22 military transport aircraft by Pakistan, India,
arrived in Hanoi. 11.3, Le Duan and Brezhnev in Moscow signed a "Suyue
You Good Cooperation Treaty." In December, the Vietnamese troops
invaded Cambodia.

The Soviet Union and Vietnam in November 3, 1978 signed in Moscow the same year
on December 13 shall remain in force for 25 years. Treaties, including the preamble
and the body 9. Main contents: ① The two sides will continue the development of
political relations and deepening comprehensive cooperation, give full support to each
other. ② the two will work together to strengthen and expand mutually beneficial
economic and scientific and technical cooperation. ③ state power bodies and to
promote cooperation among social groups. ④ two parties will involve the interests
of both countries to consult on all important international issues. ⑤ Once the parties
in the party to become the offensive threat or attack the goal, the Parties will
immediately consult in order to eliminate this threat and take appropriate effective
measures to ensure peace and security in both countries. After the signing of the
Treaty, the Soviet Union made use of Cam Ranh Bay, Da Nang and other naval and
air base rights; Vietnam with the Soviet Union provided military and economic
assistance, actively implement the "Indochina Federation"
program, and in December 25, 1978 to Cambodia war of aggression.

1979.2.17 morning, after a 30 - 35 minutes of artillery preparation, the Chinese army
crossed the 1460 km long border line to enter Vietnam. From 3:30-5:20, the
Vietnamese People's Army attacked across the board. China mobilized 60
million people, into seven infantry troops, wanted to "lessons
learned" in Vietnam. China's first with two military attack from
the north of Cao Bang, ready-depth 80-100 km along the Red River Valley; main
direction is to Lang Son, the land 19 kilometers from the Sino-Vietnamese border, 141
km from Hanoi. China has three military attack from the northeast direction, the
purpose is to cut off the salient Cao Bang, Lang Son Group's right to
protect the safety of attack and opened up the road leading to Hanoi; northwest
direction is minor in this direction has two military offensive Street. Chinese people
believe that fighting in Vietnam at this time is beneficial because 85% of the
Vietnamese main force at the moment is about 10 million people in Cambodia
operations, responsible for more tasks in the border defense forces of only one main
teacher and an agricultural division, the other for the local forces, border forces and
the militia. However, due to high mountain terrain and dense forests, and other
climatic factors, the war hit the next day, the Chinese armed forces in Vietnam to
promote the 15-20 km only.

At this time in Moscow, the Soviet government received the Vietnamese
government's emergency request to immediately implement the Soviet
Union, "Suyue You better cooperation treaty" obligations.
Soviet Union after consideration, decided to send the Vietnamese People's
Army General Staff military command consultants to assist operations.

Soviet Chief of General Staff Marshal selection Ogarkov the Soviet Union had just
been awarded the rank of general, first deputy director of Department of Defense
Obaturov as Soviet military adviser in Vietnam total.

Gai Naji. Ivanovic. Obaturov, 1915.1.9 born Viatte provincial peasant family, the
father was killed during the war. Austrian cooking school in 1933 graduated; soon
joined the army, graduated in 1938 with Premium Orlov armored tanks and schools;
1941.7 graduated again with Premium Red Army School of Mechanical motorized; in
1952 by the General Staff Military Academy graduate Gold Medal. The beginning of
the Great Patriotic War the Soviet Union as a tank brigade, deputy chief of staff,
Austria, at the end of any mechanized brigade, took part in the liberation of Romania,
Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary and Slovakia battle. After the war served Mechanized
Division, Infantry Corps, Carpathian Military District Commander, participated in
1956 in Hungary, Czechoslovakia in 1968, military operations in 1973 was appointed
First Deputy Director of Department of Defense. Austria proficient driving tanks,
armored vehicles and other combat vehicles, familiar with the tactical knowledge of
all military branches. He read books, learn the most advanced military thinking and
military dynamics, in the Soviet Army generals known as "the walking
encyclopedia." He and Ogarkov depth conversation, two personal friends
has always been good. Upon receiving the task Houao Ma on the request to the
General Staff 10 Bureau of existing weapons and equipment related to the Vietnamese
troops, including the Vietnamese troops using Soviet-style equipment and American
equipment. Followed to extract the General Staff Reconnaissance Office rival
People's Liberation Army on the situation.

Austrian Advisory Group, led by a total of 20 people are members of the General
Staff Lieutenant General Warfare Bureau of the Mikhailov (1925 years old, served 80
years Turkestan Military chief of staff, the Secretary General Staff operations, the Far
East Military District Chief of Staff from 1987-1991 served as Deputy Chief of Staff
and Director General of reconnaissance, general), Demyanenko will, the General Staff
Reconnaissance Office's 麦 里 尼 琴 科 Major General Major General
Zinchenko, Major General Biernacki, Baldi Scherf, Vasilyev, Butolin, Bulgakov,
Maiorov, 施克拉博夫, Kovari, Rear Admiral Sikewoer Zoff, the General Staff,
Colonel 10 Board Kuminuofu, communications Colonel Klochkov soldiers. Taking
into account the age and physical condition Obaturov, his wife brought their daily
expeditions accompanying medication.

Feb. 19 arrived in Hanoi on the morning consultants, Austria will be the first contact
with Vorobijev, immediately with Vietnamese Defense Minister Wen Jin Yong (sic, as
chief of staff when Van Tien Dung, a year before secretary of defense), the
Vietnamese troops Chief of General Staff Li Zhong Tan (voice, sub-contractors for the
Deputy Chief of Li Zhong Xun) to discuss the front-line war situation, then the
consultants were assigned to the Vietnamese troops counterpart General Staff Council
of the situation, I then take the train to go to Lang Son Austrian front place to
understand the battle situation. Saw along the way down from Lang Son of refugees
fleeing flooded Hanoi, road congestion, stopped, had to transfer to a jeep. As the
"American Z Music" on Feb. 20 reported that Soviet troops
arrived in Hanoi yesterday Advisory Group, which led to close attention to the
Chinese army, the Austrian's car was found, was heavily bombarded, not
actually hit would be a miracle! Frontline command post in front of Austrian know
very uncertain, the Vietnamese troops in the defensive tactics of workshop-style
features hand-rendered completely the nature of guerrilla warfare, this may be their
consultant there from the previous Chinese school came. Considerable part of the
Vietnamese troops have been surrounded by enemies, many of the fighting is the
enemy's rear, the entire line of near collapse, and the Chinese army troops
being coordinated infantry and tanks to open in Hanoi. Urgent situation, we must
immediately take measures to consolidate the direction of Hanoi, Lang Son for the
defense, this part needs to withdraw troops from Cambodia in the establishment of a
new line of defense north of Hanoi. Stake, only the Vietnamese Communist Party
General Secretary Le Duan to make a decision.

Obaturov went to great lengths to find Le Duan, he explained to the front of the grave
situation and recommend: immediately back from Cambodia to strengthen a military
defense line north of Hanoi; with just the weapons delivered to the Soviet Union
urgent formation of a BM-21 rocket division, also added reinforcements to the
direction of Hanoi to Lang Son; immediately try to organize the rescue of a
breakthrough had been surrounded by teachers. Le Duan approved the above

A military withdrawal from Cambodia and security sub-train - 12 military transport
plane starry night rush to the rescue in Hanoi. At the same time to strengthen the
advisory group and the front line of communications, from the Moscow Military
District in Tbilisi flown by a 68-member telecommunications companies, led by the
company commander Kerry Kong Dawei. It is because of the arrival of the links, so
that the General Staff Advisory Group and the Vietnamese troops can rely on secure
communications, and through to the front under the control of Soviet advisers live
theater forces, allowing leisurely issued combat orders.

February 19 the Chinese army occupied Street, March 2 occupied Gaoping, March 4
occupy Lang Son, Vietnam, Chinese troops also controlled the depth of 30-50 km
within the territory of 20 towns. In the meantime Paracel Islands (Paracel Islands) also
had the fighting; remnants of Pol Pot in Cambodia and Vietnam border stepped up
attacks; mountains in western South Vietnam National Front was set up Fuer Luo
rebels; withdraw Thailand Cambodian border, the Khmer Rouge regrouped six
divisions were fighting back; the Elephant Mountains and south of Kompong Som
Cambodia, Pol Pot forces resurgence. All of these circumstances could not have
consumed the attention of consultants and dispersed.

As the Vietnamese military leaders In a general, led the Soviet Obaturov assistance
consultants to take effective measures to combat command, as the Soviet armed
forces, the boundary line in the Soviet Union are engaged in large-scale strategic
mobilization, finally Poshi China Jundui stop moving forward. China announced on
March 5, "organized and planned the" withdrawal of troops, all
combat operations ended in March 18. According to Vietnamese statistics, the Chinese
army in the war lost 62 500 people, 280 tanks and armored vehicles, 118 artillery
pieces. Vietnam destroyed 45,000 farmhouse, 600,000 square meters of urban housing,
900 schools, 428 hospitals ... ...

Consultants have the expense of the Soviet Union. In March, a Vietnamese troops and
equipment transport in Hanoi airport security -24 landing crashed Soviet Air Force
Major General Malykh and six Soviet crew members.

Obaturov continue to work in Vietnam, to 1982.8, except for rebuilding the
Vietnamese People's Army, would also rebuild the Lao troops and
Cambodia      troops.    Austria     as     the    Frunze      Military  Academy
1982.11-1985.8 ,1985.8-1992.7 as President of the Soviet Union and the Department
of Defense Director of Defense military monitoring mission consultant.
Post-retirement memoirs of the Great Patriotic War Austria was "dangerous
road", but did not and released. 1996.4.29 Olympic died.

1979 Sino-Vietnamese War, Vietnam announced its losses

"As at the end of March 1979 could see the loss of some of the current
preliminary Tables"

Vietnamese "people ******" a statistical table published on
May 17, entitled" At the end of March 1979 can now see the loss of some
preliminary statistical tables ", are summarized as follows:

(A) destroyed the city: the destruction of the total number of four in four, accounting
for 100 percent.

(B) of the village was destroyed: the total number of 320 was destroyed in 320,
accounting for 100 percent.

(C) of the city was destroyed houses area: 600,000 square meters.

(D) the number of people losing their homes the city: 150 000.

(E) the destruction of housing in rural areas: 45 000.

(Vi) the number of losing their homes in rural areas: 200 000.

(7) was destroyed in the primary and secondary schools: the total number of 904 in
the 735 were destroyed, accounting for 81 percent.

(Viii) the number of students without school: 180 000.

(9) is damaged nursery: the total number of 691 has been completely destroyed

(10) loss of study places the number of children: 14 000.

(Xi) the loss of the number of teachers in schools: 5570.

(12) damaged hospitals and health stations: the total number of 430 in the 428 were
destroyed, accounting for 99.5 percent. One; the total number of four provincial
hospitals have all been destroyed, accounting for 100%; the total number of 26 county
hospitals in the 24 were destroyed, accounting for 92 percent; the total number of 400
village health posts are completely destroyed, accounting for 100 percent.

(13) is damaged forest: the total number of 42 of the 38 were destroyed, accounting
for 90 percent.

(14) is damaged farms and agricultural stations: 41.

(15) were killed or robbed of cattle: the total number of 260 000 of 157 000 were
killed or robbed, accounting for 60 percent.

(16) were killed or robbed of the pig: the total number of 305 000 of 244 000 were
killed or robbed, accounting for 80%
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