Singapore 2 Day Tour by fdjerue7eeu


									Singapore 2 Day Tour
Island of Singapore and India Niming Dan just came back feeling pretty good holiday,
although the last half-reluctantly, but they would not let go of this holiday for outside
play, I always think very open, and good planning.
Just a really hard journey, I remember last year, flew to Singapore to Bali is also the
time, 6 hours of flying I complained unbearable, though, that the Singapore Airlines
not bad, the aircraft seat is very comfortable, happens to have a place among us empty
with, so I read on the way Banshuibanwo three magazines, namely City Pictorial, see
the world and one forgot the name of fashion magazines after he then looked up at a
small one end of a long movie of 6 hours.
Middle of the night to reach the hotel has 12 points, the hotel near the famous Little
India, the spirit to the familiar environment of the travel mentality would then stroll
around a small circle, as is Little India, so many Indians and Indonesians, next to the
hotel back alley is also very sort of popular, middle of the night's still a lot
of great food stalls, can see them eat is no appetite, dry as fried rice covered with the
yellow color of the meat can not see to 711 bought fruit juices, next to the famous
24-hour I heard that a large supermarket, because no band toothbrush, stroll into a
circle, people really come out more quickly, but then the night before walking into
when looking for fruit, spices do not intend to pass , looking at cheap price ,2-3 the
price of Singapore dollars a bottle, equivalent to RMB 10-15 yuan, or less than half of
the domestic. Hastened to buy a lot of spices, herbs, lero, black pepper, curry, a big
bottle of a big bag of feeling good, when in Bali last year, because every day soak in
the CLUB MED so missed the local spice market, that really came back my heart and
I regret it for a while. This experience, of course not to be missed.
Back to the hotel at night to discuss the next day's itinerary, because the
company arranged unreasonable, we can only stay two nights in Singapore, in fact,
the only free time a day, this day, of course, was a good plan to go to go, eat the food
has always been the focus of my trip, especially at the local grocery market and the
morning market, is a journey I started the first destination. . .
After breakfast the morning rush to direct a taxi to the old Lau Pa Sat, which is a
friend had just finished Craig Au Yeung recommended Singapore tour where the
journey must go, according to the text in the description it should be a free market,
selling local ingredients and groceries, fresh fruit, vegetables, fish sauce and there are
many places where the local snack, looking at the map seems very far away, but the
car 6 Singapore dollars, but in fact very close. But now only a center of the restaurant.
Friends of the tour information is wrong, because just after breakfast, so that a
Singapore food stalls appetite, in fact, in my impression, the so-called Singapore
cuisine, as only the Hainan Chicken Rice, Bak Kut and pepper crab, in particular,
pepper crab, each of Tourism ad, it must be the most photogenic, so it is my
understanding of Singapore's first.
Well, casual stroll, morning, sun just, and much reflected in the high-rise, the road
sparsely populated, originally came to their white-collar office, similar to our CBD, it
seems this is not just for visitors to the old Lau Pa Sat, have asked the pedestrian has
finally come to our next destination: Hainan chicken rice. Hainan chicken rice for the
find, as I have done his homework, said in a famous hotel, is like asking Mandarin
Oriental, but colleagues said the most famous is called the local "Daily
Hainan Chicken Rice", similar to the food stalls where I naturally have a
good impression on the big gear, so flew to respond to this call. Stroll past the way
only 10 points more than in the Maxwell Road Food Center where we found that this
famous Hainanese chicken rice out of every day. Business people not the first nor
station told us that 11 again, well, continue to walk as the opposite to have a Bank of
China, looking exceedingly cordial, though along the way, are accompanied by
Chinese, are they not like to go abroad feel that their own side, but exchanging money
or reliable. But is not appropriate, especially with the U.S. for, well, name it currency
exchange, a new combined 4.77 yuan currency.
When finished changing the way the money to go down the inside of a small alley
in-depth, actually found inside the amazing, the Southeast Asian-style villa and much
to present a variety of colors, lemon yellow, sea blue, white. . . Like a fairy tale
incursion into the world. Busy to take pictures, random one, is the scenery. The dense
trees around the corner is open park, although the wet weather, but there are fresh and
tasty and inexpensive fresh juices ah, star fruit juice, lime juice, Mu Guazhi, lemon
juice, grass jelly juice, fresh water juice accompanied us along the way, a large glass
of 1.5 S, inexpensive.
Hainan chicken rice every day, really good, only 3.5 of a new currency, quite cheap.
Chicken is Huanen, not even the chicken skin is a little greasy, but I was spared the
chicken skin, chicken rice flavor just right, we are having a long queue had already
row, it seems that a reputation. Here are the other beef noodles and fried rice stall
have heard of a good article, unfortunately the way the water saturation could not be
Singapore is well-known restaurants across Chinatown, very close, but look at the
map it seems there are several junctions, so in Singapore, it can not distinguish
between near and far in Beijing, often away from home so we have a short subway
journey may is their one or two points to. But is such a small place in the financial,
economic, trade, etc., it actually had to gasp in admiration of their field of expertise
and strong.
Indeed, Singaporeans do not wave, it can be said that this is not a fashionable place,
even the famous Orchard Road shopping street, big shopping malls on both sides
gathered in the decoration is very common, all the big names here does not seem to
feel the domestic high above, no decoration less people unattainable luxury, where the
Holy Land like this trend in Japan, everywhere can see the influx of people,
Singaporeans are pragmatic and also follow the rules, even the Indonesians seem to
have changed in this habit, because fine here is severe, the streets can not be smoking,
chewing gum is already banned, so my colleagues here and smoking is very careful to
ask each other whether to smoke, thousands of fine or casual is a deterrent.
In Singapore to be a very short time, but Singapore's journey is also still
very rich, the night of Little India, attempted to find the fruit stand (because of late,
has been closed), inadvertently passing the cathedral at night, Merlion Park, East
coast long Tihai fresh, hidden bag bargains street, the supermarket giant bottle of
fresh juice (2 liters of 2.5 S). . . So I hit the supermarket to buy things just to spend a
long list a string of more than 20 new coins, including many spices, 2 boxes of fruit,
including a box of raisins (1.9 S), the local big box of litchi (2.5 S), a vat of
mangosteen juice, to the local purchasing power, you can imagine how rich the
people's livelihood there.
Really want to carry her drums of their juices back ah. . .

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