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| Sichuan University (Logistics Engineering) Master of brochures |
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Choice for the 21st century, professional, modern logistics of the latest trends!
With the economic integration and computer communication technology constantly
Fazhan, the logistics industry has tremendous potential and fast becoming the new
development Kongjian service industry, and as a measure of a country or Diqujingji
development Shui Ping, industrial development environment, business
competitiveness of our Biaozhi of 1. Logistics is a logistics system works as the
research object, research logistics system planning, design and resource optimization,
logistics planning and control process and management of engineering. In order to
meet China's economic construction and social development of high-level
technical personnel, logistics management and logistics needs, Sichuan University,
College of Business Administration set up the direction of engineering
master's degree in logistics engineering classes, the professional degree
program designed to train application, compound Senior logistics management
Join elite schools, to lay the road for future success
Sichuan University was founded in 1896, to be the first state approved recruit and
train engineering master's degree granting schools in the right one.
Training project in 1997 will graduate with the qualifications, directly under the
Ministry of Education comprehensive national key university, the national
"211 Project" and "985 Project"
construction of the university. January 2008, the Chinese University Alumni Network
evaluation discussion group officially launched the "China University of
evaluation studies", Sichuan University, the top ten. Discipline-based
schools located in 30 colleges, graduate schools built, Overseas Education, Adult
Education and the network of Education. Subjects covering arts, science, engineering,
medicine, economics, management, law, history, philosophy, agriculture, education in
11 categories, there are 15 national key disciplines, 27 a school Cobo, master degree
programs, 213 doctoral, 330 master points, eight professional degree programs and
121 undergraduate programs, 21 post-doctoral research stations, 6 national key
laboratories and National engineering centers, 6 national personnel training and
scientific research and teaching base a Students Cultural Quality Education Base.
High level of teaching quality to meet your training to become China's
economic construction and social development needs of high-level logistics
management and logistics and technical personnel!
About Sichuan University, College of Business Administration
Number one business school in western China - Sichuan University Business School,
"Forbes" magazine in April 2007 China's fastest
growing business school graduates to pay the top eight.
Multi-level, multi-system research and teaching, two-level academic doctoral,
master's degree awarded 3 points, two professional master's
degree awarded points, nine undergraduate.
Excellent teachers, teacher of "name" Master Teacher Project,
the professors, associate professors, 90%, 30% have doctoral degrees.
Extensive international exchanges and cooperation, the College and North America,
Europe, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other countries and regions University Business
School has established extensive exchanges and cooperation, realize the integration
with the international management education.
Self-enrollment, self-crossed, self-acceptance, no plan to target limited
I take self-enrollment school, professional self crossed course, to take independent
audit into the qualifications, places and admission standards established independently
by the University.
GCT results valid for two years can apply for the following year swap (institutions /
areas of expertise). Our school GCT 2008 entry score: 192, 26 points English
Open admissions, total credits for the degree
Open admissions. Learning: a non-full-time study in the form of a monthly focus on
selected days or weekends. School system for two years to five years, during which
you can study and obtain corresponding course credits. Credits to retain five years,
five years effective. Completing my Master of Engineering graduate school to obtain
credits provided that the issuance of "Sichuan University, Faculty of
Business Logistics Engineering Masters Course Certificate of Completion."
Through the examination and thesis GCT achieved national recognition,
"Master of Engineering degree certificate."
The only value-added service features:
1. Free authority, professional exam guidance to help you pass the national entrance
To apply for project management to help staff successfully passed the
Master's degree entrance examination (GCT), Beijing teaching points,
specially invited for the student teacher free two-month Intensive Training.
2. According to students and adopt a flexible education system
Does not meet the conditions for a master's degree students can also
accumulate credits before enrollment, complete a credit to apply for places, greatly
shorten the learning period, the credits for five years.
3. Double instructor system, selection of practical courses, modular training
According to participants in different directions and practical needs of a pair of
mentoring (ie, senior professors and well-known enterprises both actual expert
guidance), to integrate theory with practice, cultivate the practice of professional
management talent direction.
4. Organizing large-scale social activities to enhance communication between
students, expand personal network
Organizing large-scale social activities, enhance their professional and management
quality, experience teamwork and collaboration in logistics management awareness.
Enabling fast connections to the logistics industry resources for career development
and career development to provide more development opportunities.
3, enrollment object
Logistics (including third-party, fourth party logistics), production companies or other
businesses, government departments at all levels, teaching and scientific research
units have more than two years experience, interested in engaging in relevant
personnel in logistics management; services in logistics (including three, fourth party):
the development of strategic planning in the logistics business, logistics operation and
management, logistics planning and design of enterprise logistics systems, logistics
solution design, logistics, project management, strategic planning, transport, inventory
strategic planning, international logistics management, etc. work; service production
company or other enterprise: in the procurement and supply of logistics strategic
planning, business logistics management, enterprise logistics planning, design and
layout, supply chain planning, organization and control activities.
4, admissions policies
All in accordance with the teaching requirements, completing the corresponding
courses, must pass the GCT
Self-enrollment, self-crossed, self-acceptance, no plan to target limited
GCT entry score: 2008, admission to 192 minutes, in English 26 hours (GCT score
two effective, apply the following year swap (institution / field))
5, application conditions
After a bachelor's degree and length of service for more than 3 years
Sequence with the national education non-university graduate degree is required for 4
years can also apply for (taking the number of our school year does not exceed 10%
of the total number of admission)
6, registration and opening hours
l students in Beijing and surrounding areas, who meet the entry conditions to the
Beijing University of Science and Technology conference centers.
l be the time of registration with valid ID, one inch, two-inch recent photo of all three,
education, and the original and copies of degree certificates, pay registration and
qualification fees 500.
l places over the opening (time to call us).
l Tuition: Current courses Course fee 25,000 / person, degree class tuition 35,000 /
7, interviews and admission
I proofread the first instance of the candidates through the interview (time to be
announced), interview in the form of an oral examination.
8, professional orientation and enrollment
Professional direction is the direction of the logistics project, 50 places.
9, professional settings: choose research directions:
● logistics operation and management of procurement and supply management ●
● ● warehousing and inventory control transportation and distribution
management ● Project Management
● manufacturing management ● operations ● logistics cost management of
logistics and supply chain management logistics information system ● ●
● ● Logistics International Logistics Management System Analysis and Design
10, admission and academic
Entrance examinations (school time to be announced). Learning: According to the
training program, working full-time study for Master of Engineering degree not taken
the form of learning. Select a month focused on four days or weekend classes. School
system for two years to five years, during which you can study and obtain
corresponding course credits. Credits to retain five years, five years effective.
Completing my Master of Engineering graduate school training programs in related
fields required courses to obtain credit requirements, you can get, "Sichuan
University, College of Business Administration Master of Engineering Logistics
Engineering Graduate Certificate direction." For students not to apply for a
master's degree can also be the first school to learn, accumulate credits,
apply conditions to apply for places.
11, degree application and grant
Those who apply for graduate students required to attend an exam review in the
National Graduate Entrance Examination (GCT) (including language, mathematics,
logic, foreign language) and Sichuan University, a professional organization based on
their own (written) and Specialty (interview) examinations. Examination of the
dissertation by qualified and who, by the dissertation committee for examination and
approval to grant nationally recognized Master of Engineering degree.
GCT Registration: Step 1. Every year in July to do a specified degree in the local
newspaper web site. Step 2. With Internet-related material reported to the local test
center on-site confirmation. Step 3. The scene confirmed the eligibility review form,
please print signed and sealed units and teaching points in time for Beijing. GCT test
of time each year in October; Sichuan University, the general professional
examination in December of each year.
12, Teacher Description:
Leader: Professor Wang Xianyu Ph.D.
The number of Chinese Economic Association of Academic Committee, director of
Sichuan Provincial Institute of Systems Engineering. Scientific and technological
progress has twice received awards in Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province, a
philosophy and social sciences Award, three teaching achievement awards in Sichuan
Province. In the "Systems Engineering Theory and Practice"
and a number of authoritative papers published in academic journals and articles. The
National Natural Science Foundation of "internal resource-based Supply
Chain Risk Analysis and Risk Management"; "state-owned
enterprise management and enterprise market incentives"; "the
risk of financial investment decision-making and optimization." Published
"Game Theory and Its Applications" on the.
Teacher Team: Zhu Xinmin (Ph.D.), Zhong Sheng, Wang Rui, Jian-Guo Zheng, Hu
knowledge, Mou Man, Old Man Fu, Liu Xiaohong, Huang Yong, etc.
13, curriculum
Logistics Engineering Engineering Master Course
The nature of the module Course Name Hours Credits
[19 credits] required 362 Dialectics of Nature
603 Elementary Foreign Language Required
Foreign Language Required 362
Operational research required 603
Compulsory 362 Applied Statistics
362 Engineering Economics Required
Intellectual property rights required 362
Information Retrieval and paper writing required 181
362 Logistics Management Required
13 elective credits

362 Managerial Economics elective module
Human Resources Development and Management Elective 362
Marketing 362 electives
Strategic Management Elective 362
Accounting Elective 362
Financial Management Elective 362
362 Logistics Engineering Elective Modules
Supply Chain Management Elective 362
362 International Logistics Elective
Customer Relationship Management Elective 362
Logistics Cost Management Elective 362
Logistics operation and management of 181 elective subject
Elective 362 Logistics Management Information System
Logistics industry development project elective 181
Logistics planning elective 362
Compulsory part of the compulsory opening report
Paper work required mid-term report
Minimum 32 credits

Registration and Contact
1, Registration Time: 8:30 - 18:00 (Saturdays and Sundays without a break).
2, on-site registration: Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing, and 32 Ka
Shing Building, Room 1012, 10th floor (RDFZ opposite). Getting There: Take
Subway Line No. 10 Haidian Huangzhuang get off the southeast corner of the
intersection to take the 671,304,386,630,851,944 to Haidian Huangzhuang East
Station, Zhichun Road, west along the walk to the Zhongguancun Avenue to South
street, walk south 100 meters Road East is to the. Take the Express 205, Express 106,
especially 4,731, AMEX 105,699,365,814,717,355,718,697,320,322,801,732,653,
especially 6,683 to Haidian Huangzhuang North Station, walk south 100 meters away,
Zhichun Road, South Road, East is to the. Take 731,801,814, Haidian Huangzhuang
special 4,717,320,808 to South Station and get off northbound 100 meters Road East
is to the.
3, sent cards home: site service. Currently we only provide this service to Beijing
candidates, send cards range: within fourth ring road in Beijing and on the ground,
Wangjing, Jiuxianqiao part of the region, Beijing University, Tsinghua University,
Zhongguancun, Asian Games Village to the north along the only thing Datun Road,
West Ring Yuquan Road, just outside the north-south along the East Fourth Ring Road,
north and south along the long line outside the youth only, Yizhuang (restricted zone),
airport (limited to within the Capital Airport).
4, bank transfer:
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Name: Ai prime number: 6,222,020,200,030,403,345
Agricultural Bank of China
Name: Ai prime number: 6,228,480,010,424,939,212
China Construction Bank
Name: Ai prime number: 5,264,100,010,516,316
After the transfer you will be your real name, address, zip code, amount of remittance,
remittances, and the reported time and frequency of email sent to
5, the Advisory Tel :010-51666662 010-62569704 62569705
Website: E-mail:

Application Consulting :010-51666662 6,256,970,462,569,705
Address: Haidian District, Beijing Zhongguancun Avenue 32 and Room 1012, 10th
Floor, Somerset House,
Transportation: Subway Line 10 is under Zhongguancun Huangzhuang

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