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					Si Ku Quan Shu What is it about ah
"Siku" in name, from Tang Dynasty, Tang Dynasty official
history books are divided into subsets by four stacks, known as "the four
library books," or "Si Ku Quan book." Set using the
four Confucian classics, history is the main method of classification of ancient books,
it contains basically all the ancient books, so called "book."

"Si Ku Quan Shu" is the history of China's largest
integrated set of book (followed by the Ming Dynasty Yongle Encyclopedia).
Thirty-eight years of Qing Dynasty (1773) began the compilation, the book took nine
harvest. Received a total of 3,503 kinds of books, 79,337 volumes, 36,304, nearly 2.3
million, about 800 million words. Entire book collection of the former from the Qin to
the Qing Emperor Qianlong most important ancient books (some are listed as banned),
covering almost all academic fields of ancient China.

Entire book is divided into classics, history, children, set 4, 44 classes, including the
"Analects of Confucius", "university" and
"Mencius", "Mean", "Book of
Changes",         "Zhou",            "Book         of
Rites" "Book of Songs," "Book of Filial
Piety,"            "Book               of          History,"
"Autumn,"             "Historical        Records",
"Ya Zhu Shu", "Shuo Wen Jie Zi",
"Historical         Records",          "Mirror",
"Art         of       War"          "Mandarin",
"Shui Jing Zhu", "Warring States",
"Compendium of Materia Medica", "Tea"
and other classics, as well as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, India and China a number of
European missionaries work, to future generations of scholars of ancient Chinese
culture to provide a more complete documentation.
"Si Ku Quan Shu" since the completion of two hundred years
after China unrest, "Si Ku Quan Shu" also experienced many
vicissitudes, and more copies were destroyed in the war. The Chinese sources in 1860,
this Court, the British and French troops capture Beijing, when fire burned the
Yuanmingyuan, master of literature, Wenhui Mansion during the destruction of the
Taiping Rebellion; Hangzhou Wen Lan House library building in 1861 in Hangzhou,
the Taiping captured when the second collapse , the possession of "Si Ku
Quan Shu" scattered the people, after the collection of books at home Ding
brothers clean up, sorting, fill notes, only a quarter of the rescue back to the original
book, in 1881, re-deposited into the restored Millan House. Millan House Republican
Period, this in a large-scale repair the majority of the content has been restored. So
"Gods" exist today, only four of them primitive Tibetan
Wenyuan Pavilion Palace Museum in Beijing, the latter via Shanghai, Nanjing,
re-exported to Taiwan, now in the possession of Taipei Palace Museum (also kept a
relatively intact). Wen Su Court of the nearly 1922 were sold to the Japanese, and
subsequently transported to the National Palace Museum in Shenyang, Lanzhou,
Gansu Province, Tibetan Library, Wenjin Pavilion is possession of the National
Library of China, and incomplete Millan House this is hidden in Zhejiang Province

October 1966, for the protection of "Si Ku Quan Shu" safe,
coordinated by the central authorities in Liaoning Province will Wen Su Ge
"Si Ku Quan Shu" secret transported to Lanzhou, hidden in the
mountains. Currently, Liaoning, have urged the return to "Book Club join
hands." Gansu has also built library building, to strengthen the protection.
Wen Su Ge "Si Ku Quan Shu" The ultimate ownership is still

The early Republic of China, Commercial Press copies of "Si Ku Quan
Shu rare early set." Taiwan Commercial Press published a photocopy of
the Wen Yuan Ge "Si Ku Quan Shu." Shanghai Ancient Books
Publishing House has been to the compact edition. Shanghai People's
Publishing House in 1999 and were published in the Chinese University of Hong
Kong, Wen Yuan Ge of the "Si Ku Quan Shu" electronic
"Si Ku Quan Shu" is the Official Compilation of the Qing
Dynasty Qianlong pool of large-scale book is the best preserved in China today,
copying the most uniform, the content of the most vast set of stacks. It is a systematic
and coherent way the importance of five thousand years of Chinese classics together
into one huge book encyclopedia industry.
"Gods," a collection of pre-Qin to the Qing Dynasty from the
ancient classics, to be included and the order, a total of 3,460 included a variety of
books, about 800 million words, more than 36,000 volumes, which in addition to
many familiar with the classic man, but also includes Many little-known works.
"Si Ku Quan Shu" points classics, history, children, set four, a
total of 40 four, 70 are. Covers a wide range, including philosophy, history, political,
economic, legal, military, medicine, astronomy, geography, literature, art, science and
technology, agriculture, fortune telling, it is five thousand years of Chinese history
and culture treasures.
"Si Ku Quan Shu" content is very rich. In accordance with the
content classification, including the four class of 66 is 44. The Department, including
the Yi, the book class, poetry class, courtesy class, spring type, Filial class, five
classes by the general meaning of the Four Books class, music class, elementary
school classes in 10 categories, of which class was divided Zhou Li, Miriam
ceremony, The Book of Rites, the total meaning of the three Li, Tong Li,
miscellaneous gift book 6 is a primary class was divided into exegesis, word book,
Rhyming Dictionary of 3 genera; History Department, including official history class,
chronological category of Major Events in class, mixed history class, other history
class, Dahir memorials class, class biography, history, class notes, set record type,
season type, geography class, official class, political book class, directory class,
history class in 15 major categories of assessment, which Dahir Memorials class was
divided Dahir, memorials two genera, biography category there are saints, celebrities,
general catalog, miscellaneous records, other 5 genera recorded, geography class was
divided into the palace sparse, the total Chi will counties, canals, border, mountains,
monuments, miscellaneous notes, travel notes, 10 are outside the mind, class is
divided Official Bureaucracy, government-chen 2 is, the political class is divided into
books through the system, the ceremony, state dollars, military, law, Kao Gong 6 is,
the directory category has divided by nationality, stone 2 is; philosophical, including
the Confucian class, military strategists class, Legalism class, peasant class, physician
type, astronomy and mathematics classes, divination classes, art classes, spectra
recorded in class, and miscellaneous classes, books category, novelist class ,
Buddhism class, Taoism class of 14 categories, including astronomy and mathematics
class was divided into push-step, operator 2 is a book, several types of surgery was
divided into mathematics, accounting for Hou, compared with the tomb house,
divination, life book with the book, yin and yang , 7, is a hybrid technology, art class
was divided into painting, sheet music, sculpture, acrobatics 4 is the spectral class is
divided into objects recorded, recipes, fish or plants and the animals belonging to 3,
and miscellaneous category was divided into miscellaneous learning, hybrid test,
miscellaneous said groceries, Compilation of Miscellaneous, miscellaneous series 6 is
a novelist category there are chores, different smell, 3 are trivial language; collection
department, including Songs of the South, special collections and anthologies, poetry
reviews, lyrics and other five categories, including lyrics Class sets another word, Ci,
Words, Words Words spectrum rhyme, song 5 is a north-south. In addition to novels,
dramatic works, the above categories, including basically all the social elite cloth
books. The author concerned, including women, monks, Taoist, eunuchs, soldiers,
emperors, all kinds of people, including foreigners and other writings.

Of course, the "Si Ku Quan Shu" content is also inadequate:
first, the importance of Confucian writings, the Confucian writings in a prominent
position. The four Confucian classics on the first, the general Confucian philosophical
writings on the first. Second, the contempt technology works. That Western modern
science and technology, is a "Heretic particular," can
"section whichever skills, ban pass their academic." In addition
to farming, medicine and the astronomy and mathematics classes included a small
number of scientific and technological work, the general scientific and technological
work is not included in the. Third, the No drama works and novels. Fourth, the book
text or abridged or digging change. Codification "Si Ku Quan
Shu" process, which is prohibitive in the process, that is Tai Hing literary
inquisition process. According to statistics, up to 10 years in the repair process of the
book, more than 3100 kinds of Banned books, more than 150,000. Income
"Gods" books, there are also many deletion or dig change.
In the compilation of "Si Ku Quan Shu" process, also made the
"Si Ku Quan Shu Hui should," "Si Ku Quan
Shu", "Si Ku Quan Shu concise catalog,"
"Si Ku Quan Shu research", "Jane version of the
palace together Series ", etc.. This compilation of several books can be
seen as "Si Ku Quan Shu" by-product. "Si Ku Quan
Shu Hui to" is "Gods," the essence of the book 473
kinds of income, 19 931 volumes. Folio size and binding form of "Si Ku
Quan Shu" the same. Qianlong 40 years (1778) were copied from two: one
on the palace, the Imperial Garden to wield algae hall, a wall on the East Summer
Palace park in Changchun Bookstore sweet taste. "Si Ku Quan
Shu" 200 volumes of "Si Ku Quan Shu" your book
and deposit book project the overall directory. The directory before the
"Legend", by the history of the first labeled subset of 4 total
order, category order until there are small, each book under the author has introduced,
summary, version, origin and other research text. As these research text for Ji Yun,
Dai, Yao Ting, Shao Jinhan the hands of such well-known scholars, which has
important academic values. "Si Ku Quan Shu concise catalog,"
20 volumes of "Si Ku Quan Shu" in this compendium, it does
not keep head out the book, just out, "Si Ku Quan Shu" your
book, a synopsis of each book is also written in simple . "Si Ku Quan Shu
research" 100 Siku Archives of the corresponding volume is copied,
collated words should be inscribed the book of records compilation, edited the book
for ancient books have a high reference value. "Jane version of the palace
together series" is printed in the type of wood. It consists of "Si
Ku Quan Shu" 138 "should be engraved" in the book.
Marking the series in 4, the host simply by comparing the money that the wood type
spend less, practical value, wooden movable type printing to publishing. Gold wooden
movable-type printing process simple to write, "the palace Imperial version
of the program gather treasure," a book, and income "Si Ku
Quan Shu", which is an important document in the history of the ancient
printing, has been translated into German, English and other streams the world over.

"Si Ku Quan Shu" compilation successful, why? First, a stable
social environment. During the repair the book, when Kangxi and Qianlong, the world
is nothing without the interference of the war. Siku sitting in the hall of the case
before the book, sit for 10 years, no worries. Second, the supreme ruler of the
attention. "Si Ku Quan Shu" from brewing to marble, Qianlong
Hong Li always Intervention in the case, by his meticulous planning. Books from the
levy, select Dibon, to the copying and transcribing, school books, Qian Hong Li are
all to intervene, personally arranged. Third, abundant sources of funding.
"Si Ku Quan Shu" voluminous, countless requirements, Qing Yi
Gai swept down. Fourth, the strict organizational system. Si Ku Quan Shu
Hall's top position is the president and vice president, more than the Dukes,
University of disabilities and six Shang, assistant minister part-time, Prime Minister
of the museum is responsible for all matters of consists Compiling Department,
Construction and Maintenance Department, Secretariat, and supervision. Compiling
Department is responsible for all school grounds to locate the books, and is also the
Calligraphists Campus Secretariat Shanxie books work; Construction and
Maintenance Department is responsible for the book and the collation of the book
Shanxie matters; supervision is responsible for the palace inscribed, printing, binding,
sorting books matters. Siku Archives of a total of 360 people, for some reason
dismissed, removed his death, calling it the incumbent, not the few. Fifth, the
exceptional talent recruitment. Si Ku Quan Shu museum called the treasure house of
talent, a large concentration of talented people, many of which are exceptional
recruitment, such as Shao Jinhan, I set, Zhou Yongnian, Dai Zhen, Yang Changlin,
who, before admission is not only not Hanlin, and Dai, Yang Changlin, etc. Scholars
are not even just jen degree. Personnel gathered for the compilation of "Si
Ku Quan Shu" create more favorable conditions.

"Gods" setting has been 200 years. "Si Ku Quan
Shu" the spread of situation? 7 among the Court of the source text, Man
Chung House this and Wenhui Mansion already gone, only the Wen Yuan Ge, Wenjin
Pavilion this, Wen Su and Wen Lan Court, the Court handed down this date. Wenyuan
Pavilion of the Taiwan Province of this reservoir, this reservoir Wenjin Pavilion of the
Beijing Library, Wen Su Court today possession of the Library of Gansu Province.
Millan House more than the residual in the war in Que, was handed up by copying the
basic padded, this possession of Zhejiang Library.

How        to    assess     the     "Gods"?         Although      the
"Gods" in the compilation process, there are omissions, change
content, and digging mistakes, but on the whole, should be greater than power over.
First, it saved a lot of ancient books, is a summary of ancient culture. "Si
Ku Quan Shu" compilation, for the promotion of ethnic culture, the spread
of ancient culture and made important contributions. 200 years, the delivery by the
war, if not all books in a set of "Si Ku Quan Shu", a large
number of ancient books will be lost, resulting in irreparable losses. Secondly, in the
Book of the method, especially in the Collenction, collation, bibliography, Books etc.
Health and carved and left behind many a lesson: in Collenction, the Siku Archives of
from the "Yongle" in a series and a lost revenue
"Gods" were a total of 385 kinds, not only many of the
Disappearing rare ancient books have been brought to light long, but for future
generations of Songs provided a good example; the collation, Siku enlist the public
hall of this to choose the source text and other practices, for the collation of future
generations and set a good example; in the bibliography, the "Si Ku Quan
Shu" in ancient Renhe Guan private academic value is unparalleled
bibliography, the compilation method of later generations had a profound effect; in
exchange engraved series, the Qing Dynasty to "Gods" for
example, set off a wave of books compiled moment. In recent years, "Si
Ku Quan Shu Cun Mu Series" and "Continuation of Si Ku Quan
Shu" publication, is carrying forward the national culture, to inherit and
carry forward the "Gods," the fine tradition of the great bear
fruits. All in all, "Si Ku Quan Shu" is the 18th century, 70 to 80
years of Chinese history and world history, a large cultural project in the history of
human culture, has written an important page in the