Shopping by fdjerue7eeu


   Tomorrow is the United States, Labor Day, I learned that shopping malls will be
discounted, we are a long drive to the famous factory shops DESERT HILL find a
   DESERT HILL is located east of Los Angeles, from there we drove to the residence
if no traffic jam was also an hour. Since getting up late, arriving almost noon when the.
I came to this place once, that something very full, that is, here, I am a little in love
with shopping.
   DESERT HILL OUTLET on a brand-name clothing at less than the price of brand
stores focus on selling the shopping area, away from urban areas throughout the store,
surrounded by barren hills, shops full of bungalows, the formation of several areas
along the street. If we are to a large parking lot when almost no parking places, seems
to really attract a lot of people today to be here.
   Here the price of each store generally Scatter with more than ten dollars, and also
has several hundred thousands, and only individual shop known as much, the price is
too high, fewer people inside nature, see today ARMANI a high grade shop almost no
one (what is his name forgotten), the other ARMANI EXCHANGE store as not much
like, a little free-market feel. CUCCI, GUESS, BOSS, CK, GAP, many, many, some
in the country to know, and some for the first time I heard, but out of knowledgeable
peers, tell me how much for this country, how much cheaper here than in China,
regardless of how he said that most of the time I was confused, but still feel
something good.
   Usually we stay at each shop for a long time, because only store things in front of
the price lower, we can study whether to buy one, shop which is not targeted at our
level of consumption, and some also fought off can not afford. Some T-shirts and
sweaters pretty good, generally in the 100 U.S. dollars less, plus discount is
acceptable, these things usually on the door. As the Labor Day discounts than usual, I
picked up a cheap considered, two led by GAP T 恤 only 10 dollars! I look back on
the invoice was written, clothes feel good in the U.S. can withdraw any GAP. Happy
while alone at night and found a number is XS, I was a little too small to wear do not
go in, think about also OK, ah, so go back to someone else, but can not tell them the
five dollars ah.
   My friend bought a pair of shoes BASS (domestic brands do have this?), More than
100 original price, today only 24 got my dollars, I figured, according to 1:8 ratio, the
value of China 192 yuan, the price in the country is can not buy this shoes.
   Here that are cheap, their use can, give as gifts to Nabuchushou up. To a face, it is
much more money, so there are many good things available.

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