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									Shenyang Shenyang Trainer Corporate Trainer Liu Qiang Shenyang lecturer
Training center in Shenyang (outdoor CS Development) Tel: 15942342323. QQ:
86299333 host a variety of corporate training center training, develop training, CS
field training center, annual planning, personnel certification and training program.
Liu Qiang
After Graduation in the Liaoning People's lawyers engaged in legal affairs
office workers. Rich practical experience working as legal adviser enterprises. After
the training period in company participated in series of human resources, expanding
technical training, worked for several well-known companies to expand training, style,
poise, of diverse ideas to solve the problem, clearly, the team building insights.
Especially in large team training have performed well. Good communication and
people have rich practical experience of work, very good use of questioning
techniques to adjust team mentality, leading the team grow. Has a wealth of
experience based training experience and are familiar with team management training
skills, a wealth of management, organizational behavior and other
management-related knowledge, familiar with the modern adult learning theory, with
large scenes control, training, style of serious, responsible, affinity good, in training to
fully interact with students to create a pleasant learning atmosphere, capable of
participating in the training team of many types of experiential training. Skilled to
guide learners to think about, look at the issue can always hit the mark.

Talking about programs: business etiquette, sales skills, employment law students the
knowledge, network marketing, negotiation skills.
    ?Shenyang Zhuoyue Heng Feng Management Consulting Planner and
Development Trainer
    ?Foreign Enterprise Service Co., Ltd. Shenyang edifices total trainer
    ?Cultural Management Co., Ltd. Liaoning Jun helping business executives and
    ?Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Liaoning CIGNA Senior Trainer
    ?Shenyang Wei Shide Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Trainer
    ?Crane Bank Shenyang Qi Yang Enterprise Management Consultants, Senior

Teaching style: young passionate, lively, humorous, easy to understand.
Love life, promoting environmental protection, respect for nature.

     ?Shenyang Development Training Corporation (Outdoor Development)
     ?Senior Trainer: Liu Qiang 024-15942342323
       ?OICQ: 86299333
       ?Address: Shenyang Qipanshan training base expansion
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