Yamaha YST-FSW150BL Advanced YST II Down-Firing Active Subwoofer by vaharaon2


									Yamaha YST-FSW150BL Advanced YST II Down-
          Firing Active Subwoofer


                            Technical Details
                               • Rack Mountable Design
                •   Advanced YST (Yamaha Active Servo Technology II)
                             • Down-firing active design
                            • High 130W dynamic power
                     • Linear port for minimizing extraneous noise

                         Product Description
  Yamaha YST-FSW150BL Advanced YST II Down-Firing Active Subwoofer is a new
  shaped subwoofer with Yamaha's latest technologies, including Advanced YST II,
Linear Port and down-firing Active design plus. The Rack Mountable Design matches
 the surround systems and micro component systems. This subwoofer both employs
a high performance and down-firing active design. Even though compact, it delivers
an impressive bass power and accurate sound reproduction. The down-firing design
radiates the sound efficiently in all directions. The Linear Port provides smooth bass
 response and minimizes extraneous noise. It also serves to boost the sound output
  from this compact subwoofer. Capable of handling high dynamic power of 130W,
this subwoofer ensures that you hear all bass sounds, even the loudest short bursts,
                          with fast attack and total clarity.

                          Customer Reviews
                        "Highly Recommended!" 2010-04-18
                           By PlusSizeModel (Atlanta)
 I bought this gem to integrate into my computer sound system, along with my M-
Audio AV-40 monitors, and I couldn't be happier. It fits perfectly under my bed and
    brings a full richness to the sound below the 85hz limit of my speakers. It can also
    pack a punch to rock the house if that's what you're looking for, which is surprising
      for a sub that's so small. The best part is it fits perfectly under my bed, which is
    right next to my computer desk, and the price is right for a quality component like

                               "subwoofer" 2010-01-07
                               By Joseph S. Massee
Purchased this subwoofer to supplement the Dell soundbar attached to my computer
monitor. Works exactly as I had hoped and, because of it's low height, fits nicely out
  of the way under my computer desk. Delivery from Amazon was on time and the
                             item was in perfect shape.

                                 "Wiring limitations" 2009-12-05
                                         By M. dubois
    The unit is provided with only single wire connections, which works okay in an A/V
    application, but if you're intending to use it with a stereo receiver (that has left and
      right output connections), you'll need to go to an electronics store to buy a "Y"
                        adapter because the unit doesn't ship with one.

        "an ugly duckling adds the right "quacks" to our system" 2009-11-27
                              By S. Pinkert (Tucson, AZ)
  Am not an "audio nut"....I just like good sound out of our system.... so pleae take
these words with an appropriate "grain of salt". This Yamaha sub woofer was a snap
    even for a novice like me to install...and it just fit into the space alloted to it.

                  The sound it puts out is as promised...very nice bass ....

    On the other hand, this unit would not win a "Miss AMerica" contest when it comes
    to looks and there are many more attractive sub woofers out there to choose from.

  However, I didn't buy this one for it's sleek and suave appearance...just for the
sound it puts out and the price point to achieve that sound. On that counts, this ugly
                             duckling "quacks" just right.

          "Good sub woofer for concealing under an end table" 2009-10-19
                              By P. Leggett (Atlanta GA)
Nicely designed to fit under an end table with solid bass and adjustable volume. The
      black color allows it to be visually concealed, but it is audibly impressive.



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