Yamaha RX-V863BL 735 Watt 7.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver

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					Yamaha RX-V863BL 735 Watt 7.1-Channel Home
             Theater Receiver


                           Technical Details
               •  7-channel 735W powerful surround sound (105W x 7)
                   • Upscaling from analog video to HDMI 1080p
                              • HD Radio tuner built-in
                     • Independent 2 Zone, 2 Source operation
    •   Bluetooth music streaming using Yamaha YBA-10 Bluetooth Audio Receiver

                         Product Description
 The Yamaha RX-V863BL 7.2-channel digital home theater receiver delivers 735W
 powerful surround sound over 7 speakers (105W x 7). Full support for HD audio
     formats ensures maximum enjoyment of all high definition sources. Other
advantages include full HD 1080p video upscaling with 3 HDMI inputs, an HD Radio
  tuner, as well as exclusive Yamaha features such as Pure Direct for the highest
possible signal purity, YPAO sound optimization and 4 SCENE buttons for quick and
         easy browsing, selection, and automated setup of audio sources.

                          Customer Reviews
                             "Great product" 2010-05-16
                       By John Darville (Nassau, Bahamas)
  I have been using Yamaha products for a long time, in my music, whether in my
 systems or keyboards. This unit replaced three components in my Theater setup. It
replaced my amp, preamp and surround processor amp. The only set backs are that
   there are not enough inputs for all my components.I can not use my Graphic Eq
anymore because there are not connectors to support it. If you did connect an EQ, it
     would have to go onto the MD inputs and outputs, which mean that only the
 component connected to the EQ would be fine tuned, which defeats the purpose of
                                        an eq.

  But in this units defence it has and built in 7 band eq, which is auto tuned during
setup and equalizes each speaker individualy, which sounds great. So each speaker
is auto tuned for listening possition, room acoustics and distance from your viewing
                  possision. Which gives you a great sounding room.

I had to connect my pre amp and eq back to the system, which by passes some of
  it's features, but I need this as i am digitizing my cassettes, records and reel to
                reels. Once this if complete I will remove them as well.

                        "Happy Customer" 2010-05-04
                            By Ferdinand Ortiz
 Awsome Reciver! I Recommand It To anyone. Only Problem Is With The HD radio
                            .Can't get it to work

                                       Buy It...

                                     Yours Truely

                                   Happy Customer

                 "Better sound than my old Kenwood" 2010-04-17
                         By R. Butler (Harrisburg, Illinois)
  I had a older Kenwood vr-2080 and replaced it with this Yamaha Receiver. The
Yamaha sounds much better. I am glad I bought it as it is 10 times easier setting up
                       and operating as my Kenwood was.

                     "Decent receiver, decent price." 2010-02-17
                           By John E. Klintz (Atlanta, GA)
I do affordable A/V installations and set-up for clients as a "hobby business," that is,
though I'm licensed and experienced, it's not my main source of income. As a result
  I can be open and honest with my clients. I'm very value oriented; that is, I try to
      recommend gear that will get the most bang-for-the-buck for my clients. I
 purchased this receiver for a long-time client whose equipment was unfortunately
  destroyed by a direct lightning strike. I receommended it due to past experience
 with Yamaha gear and the favorable price. It's strengths: adequate power supply
 and output; decent to above-average sound quality; "B" speaker output to drive a
switching box for other rooms; straightforward room EQ set-up using the supplied
  mic and instructions. Negatives/challenges: very difficult to understand owner's
manual, which is unfortunately common in this industry; a "learning" remote that is
nearly impossible for an end user to program and use; overly complex and onerous
   user interface with features that again will likely go unused by all but the most
                                  ardent A/V nerds.

  I would recommend a Sherwood Newcastle any day over this receiver if a model
  with similar power and features was available within $100 of the price of the RX-

            "The learning curve is a long and winding road..." 2010-02-07
               By bdgilfry@wildchildpublishing.com (California)
                            Think before buying this unit.

            Now think again; because you may not need this amp at all.

In the first place, even if you have the world's greatest Blu-ray player, you'll only get
     5-channel sound most of the time, because very few 7-channel discs exist.

 Second, I can follow intense architectural plans and build houses and offices from
them, but I can't fathom the instruction manual that Yamaha provides (even though
         the PDF version is indexed). Can you say obtuse and convoluted?

  Third, the only positive things I can say about this amp: The RX-V863 is big and
   powerful, and I got a great deal on it. If that's enough for you, then go for it.

I used the Yamaha HTR-5450 for years. Amazing amp! It was way ahead of its time
   when I bought it. It still matches today's technology, so I am using it with the
 second home theater system. However, I'm thinking of pulling it to use in the main
                                    system. Why?
  It is easy to operate. And, should I forget how to perform a certain operation, or
   want to learn something new, I consult the manual and there it is in black and
                   white. Also, the remote control is quite intuitive.

The RX-V863 is quirky. A setting that works in one "mode" will not work in another.
For instance, by pushing the "level" button on the remote, I can set the sound levels
 of the individual speakers in most modes... but not when playing a disc. If I hit the
"level" button in DVD/Blu-ray mode, the screen blanks, the sound cuts, and a menu
pops up on screen. Eventually, the sound will return, allowing me to adjust it, then I
 wait through another sound break after turning off the "level" adjust. That's not a
  pleasant experience when you're watching alone, and this will be a lot worse (for
                        you) if others are watching with you.

 Tonight, I watched a regular DVD. It was recorded in Dolby Digital, which the RX-
V863 should synthesize to 5 channels. It always does, always has since I set up the
  system. But tonight, it was stereo only, and nothing I could do would change it.

 Want more? There are several buttons on the remote that will cut off your sound,
and leave you with a menu that says only "not available" when you try to get out of
                     this dead end by pushing another button.

One more thing. If you buy even a moderately priced Blu-ray player, it will have DTS
decoding and all the latest sound processors built into it. You don't need to duplicate
          those decoders by having an amp that does those things, too.

  I realize that this amp also has many features, including iPod compatibility, Sirius
radio, HD radio... lots of good stuff. But it's supposed be a home theater amp, and it
                                      sucks at that.

 So, I can't really say I intensely dislike Yamaha products in general, because the
HTR-5450 has been a work horse (and a show horse). It's the best amp I have ever
                   owned for overall quality and ease of operation.

          I can say, however, that I intensely dislike the Yamaha RX-V863.
   By the way, if you need confirmation of what I've written above regarding the
    operation of this unit, go to the Yamaha website and see for yourself all the
questions that consumers write in about this unit. Then, read Yamaha's answers and
see if you can understand them. If this doesn't scare you off, then this might be just
                                the right model for you.



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