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					Shanghai       Jiaotong     University-the-job    postgraduate      education      mode
Churchman University of Education
Churchman University with a strict attitude toward research in a prestigious business
school in the forest of the United States come to the fore, and his MBA course for all
MBA courses in the United States is very unique, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Many IBM, BOEING and other multinational companies in senior management
participated in the course of the compilation, so the practicality of a strong
Churchman University's school board, is optimistic about the prospects for
distance education. And the United States, like other universities, Churchman
University degree certificates issued by a remote campus with their diplomas are
identical, a university professor, said Churchman University advanced online learning
system will ensure that children's learning even more than its campus
learning. For example: Remote access to a variety of information students can repeat,
repeat watch video tutorials, and students more in-depth online discussions, etc..

Churchman University campus located in Pennsylvania, California, Texas and other
places, including the establishment of branches of the first Churchman Business
School was established in 1911, nearly a hundred years of history, is the oldest
business schools in one of the train specifically for the U.S. financial industry
high-end talent in the U.S. MBA Ranking, this elite was the century number 17.
Churchman University awarded undergraduate, graduate and doctorate.

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