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									Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Electric (Group) Company Profile

Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation is China's machinery industry
ranked first in sales of equipment manufacturing group. Shanghai Electric of
China's earliest predecessor dating back to the machine electrical industry.
After 1949, the main Shanghai Shanghai heavy machinery industry run by Council
(later known as the Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry Authority)
management. Established in 1985, Shanghai Electric United Company (later renamed
as Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation). Shanghai Mechanical &
Electrical Industry Authority in 1995, restructuring, and with the Shanghai Electric
(Group) Corporation, the assets and reorganized. The combined group named
Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation. March 2004, Shanghai Electric (Group)
Corporation for a mixed-ownership reform, Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd.
established. In April 2005 in Hong Kong listed H shares, changed its name to
Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd.. Shanghai Electric also has a Shanghai Prime
Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd., Shanghai
Power Transmission and Distribution Co., Ltd., Shanghai Highly (Group) Co., Ltd.,
Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. and other companies. Has with
Siemens, ABB, Alstom, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Carrier, Schneider and other well-known
multinational companies set up more than 120 joint venture.

December 30, 2008, the brand value of the world's authoritative research
institutions - the World brand value lab's "2008 World Brand
Lab Value Awards" selected activities, the Shanghai Electric industry
leader with strong brand recognition and brand public the knowledge that (a good
brand image and brand activity), crowned "the most competitive brand in
China" award, a strong brand mobile phone industry, consumers won
universal praise.

Shanghai Electric brand by 2007 Top Ten Influential Brands in China, while in Asia
and the world's largest brand 500 225 International Contractors list.
Shanghai Electric's products are mainly focused on power generation,
transmission and distribution equipment, heavy equipment, elevators, machine tools,
printing and packaging machinery, rail transportation equipment, environmental
equipment, machine parts, compressors, automation instruments and meters, textile
machinery and other fields, and the formation of the total package of equipment,
general contracting and provide modern equipment for the integrated services.
Shanghai Electric also has a strong research institutes and financial institutions to
upgrade the technical level of operations and financial capital provides strong support
and guarantees.

Shanghai Electric equipment industry has always been to revitalize national
responsibility, commitment to technology innovation, to create a large number of
industry standard equipment on behalf of the State, is the world's leading
products, some products have filled the domestic blank. China's first set of
6 MW thermal power, the world's first pair of water cooled generators, the
largest 12,000 tons hydraulic press, the world's first mirror surface grinding
machines, China's first set of 300 MW nuclear power plant, etc. come from
Shanghai Electric. Shanghai Electric through reform and development, continue to
enhance the core competitiveness, innovation capabilities continue to increase output
of thermal power equipment, ranks first in the world, lift a single plant yield in the
world, printing and packaging machinery, refrigeration and air conditioning, CNC
grinding machines and other products of domestic market share rate first. 90 years
from the last century, the company has sales of machinery industry in the
nation's first. Meanwhile, the company also undertakes a series of key
engineering tasks at home and abroad, has for the Yangtze River Three Gorges Project,
natural gas, Nuclear Power Station and other key state projects to provide quality
equipment and products, and has contracted 伊朗萨汉德 thermal power, Pakistan
wood bar cutting Ge Power Plant, Vietnam Quang Ninh power plant and a number of
landmark projects overseas. Create or break the world record of China Association for
a number of world records.

Shanghai Electric in the East China Sea, 10 square kilometers of heavy construction
equipment manufacturing base, with 1,400 tons of bridge crane, 8 m frame mobile
processing center, and can process the diameter of 22 meters and 12.5 meters high
vertical machining center , fully equipped processing the world's largest
marine diesel engines and heavy equipment, nuclear power capacity to the extreme
products. Heavy machinery and equipment in the world of these rare, unique to China.
Base in a 5000-ton heavy pieces of terminals, the railway line runs through the factory
in Pudong railway network connectivity, 110,000-volt substation, large open-air
assembly site, the new super world-class joint workshop, and the unified planning of
logistics, production, life services, to create first-class internationally competitive
industrial base.

Shanghai Electric adhere to the scientific concept of development, the development of
independent brands, to show international, modern, information of the new look.
Focus across the company to break through the high-end industries, automated
upgrade traditional industries and are actively building an extremely heavy equipment
base, concentration of highly skilled team of experts, to strengthen the advanced
equipment industry and the simultaneous development of modern service industry,
efforts to revitalize the equipment manufacturing to achieve the ambitious targets.

Power Equipment Industry

Shanghai Electric Power Group is the largest power plant equipment manufacturing
industry, one of the most powerful industry groups, more than 12,000 employees, has
first-class human resources and first-class equipment resources to the best modern
management and rapid integration into the world of international operation economy.
Since 2002, thermal power generation equipment, production, sales and orders remain
in the world.

Group production of turbines, generators, power station boilers, auxiliary equipment
and other products, after the introduction of technology, joint development, joint
ventures and digestion, absorption, scientific research, independent development, a
breakthrough leap in power plant equipment design, manufacturing process with the
world advanced level of independent intellectual property rights. Group's
core business: power generation equipment manufacturing and complete; power plant
general contracting; power generation equipment and power plant construction-related
services. The main products: 1000MW, 600MW, 300MW thermal power and nuclear
power generation equipment levels, gas turbine, combined cycle units, hydropower
equipment, wind power generation equipment, power plant environmental protection
equipment, various types of utility boilers, auxiliary equipment and various types of
power plants and other AC and DC motors.

Power Transmission and Distribution Industry

Shanghai Electric Transmission & Distribution Co., Ltd. is
China's largest production base of electrical appliances, specializing in
transmission and distribution equipment and transmission and distribution engineering,
general contracting, has become the research, design, manufacture, marketing, general
contracting, international trade in one of the large enterprises. The company has a
state-level technology center, two laboratories by the National Accreditation Board
accredited test centers, two municipal enterprise technological centers, R &
D strength. 93 listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange, one after another with Siemens,
ABB, Areva, Schneider, Cooper, Hitachi, Matsushita Electric, Xi Endi and other
famous international companies jointly set up joint ventures. In Minhang, Qingpu,
Golden Bridge, port and other places have more than one type scale manufacturing

Our products cover the following 500KV power transmission and distribution areas,
the formation of a transformer, transformers, power capacitors and other 11 series
products. Products comply with IEC, BS, GB, DL and other technical standards, to
reach or approach international advanced level. The rapid growth of international
trade company in each of a large number of complete sets of electrical equipment
overseas sales, exports reached 80 million U.S. dollars each year. Contract, including
Shanghai Metro and Beijing Metro, Pakistan Chashma Nuclear Power Plant,
Myanmar Di Lawa International Container Terminal and many other domestic and
international projects, the construction of national power equipment such as the total
number of eligible contractors credentials.

Heavy Industry

Heavy Industry Group, Shanghai Electric is the largest production base of thermal
processing, is the most integrated with the main equipment of nuclear power
manufacturing capacity of nuclear industry group, is the largest portfolio of large
marine and a half crankshaft suppliers.

Minhang Shanghai Electric Heavy Industry Group and the port to support two
manufacturing bases, with a strong thermal processing and world-class manufacturing
capability extreme: Minhang Forging the production level can be achieved: the
biggest amount of water pouring 720 tons of steel, single the most important pieces of
450 tons of cast steel, dual vacuum ingot 600 tons of the heaviest and largest pieces of
forged steel 350 tons, has the world's largest 165MN forging hydraulic
machine; production scale can be achieved: steel output 250,000 tons / year,
large-scale steel casting production 40 thousand tons / year and 190,000 tons ingot
capacity / year. Port of heavy equipment base covers about 735,000 square meters,
construction area of about 220,000 square meters, the maximum lifting capacity of
1,400 tons, with the world advanced level in the extreme manufacturing equipment
and capabilities.

Heavy Industry Group, Shanghai Electric products to first-class Forging technology
support to nuclear power nuclear island equipment for integrated manufacturing as the
focus of development to large-scale marine and a half combined crankshaft and
marine mechanical and electrical accessory products for economic growth, to a large
hot and cold rolling mill and other metallurgical equipment for the technical level of
signs to have independent intellectual property rights of milling milling equipment
such as "Chinese famous brand" products for the market image,
to a large mechanical press and other "world first" features
heavy industry products, and dedicated equipment manufacturing and power plants
around the world (nuclear power), metallurgy, shipbuilding, mining, petrochemical
and transportation industries to provide complete sets of equipment and the special
needs           of          "end           product"          and

Elevator Industry

Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. is China's largest elevator
manufacturing and marketing enterprises, product technology, market share for years
to stay ahead of the Chinese elevator market position; now has all kinds of elevators,
escalators, moving walkways and other form of 36 Products more than 200 kinds of
different specifications of products, comprehensive coverage of different levels of
market demand; the same time building management systems to provide users with
the production, sale, installation and maintenance services.

Companies to technological innovation, adhere to both the introduction and
development, is the first fully computer controlled AC Variable Voltage Variable
Frequency (VVVF) technology, elevator manufacturers, and took the lead in the
medium and high-speed elevators Lingyushiyong permanent magnet synchronous
motor direct drive technology and energy feedback, and permanent magnet
synchronous motor direct drive technology, and energy feedback technology widely
used in low-speed elevators without machine room and small room areas.

In recent years, accelerating the transformation of the Japanese company Mitsubishi
ELENSSA latest free room and small rooms, etc. NEXWAY energy-saving,
environmental protection, elevator technology, it is also has developed a completely
independent intellectual property rights have the advanced technical level of computer
communication network control VVVF HOPE series and Ling Yun (LEHY) Series lift,
successfully developed a 4.0M / S for more than LEHY-M in the high-speed elevators,
high-speed elevator to break the import of products and technologies by the long-term

Machine Tool Industry

Shanghai Electric Machine Tool Group is an important manufacturing base for
numerical control machine tools, in order to complete the main products cover various
types of CNC grinding machines, horizontal and multi-axis vertical machining center,
CNC milling machines and all kinds of CNC lathes, as well as the industry supporting
all kinds of special precision, CNC machine tools.

Group gathering domestic and foreign technology, brand, human resources, with the
leading domestic and international advanced machine tool design and manufacturing
techniques, and close to world-class product technology originality channels. Group
has a include China Academy of Engineering, senior engineer and senior technical
personnel from overseas two companies formed the elite team of technical innovation,
research and development of a variety of products with independent intellectual
property rights technology, has award-winning national technological progress awards,
and to fill the gap.

Printing and Packaging Machinery Industry

Shanghai Electric Jituan Printing Baozhuang Machinery Co., Ltd. is the largest and
most product categories in the printing and packaging machinery Qi Ye Quan Group,
is gradually becoming international cooperation to conglomerate and, as
China's leader in printer Xingye products cover the book, newspaper,
commercial web offset printing, leaflets offset printing presses, books and brochures
with page binding machine, packing, die stamping creasing machine, cutting machine,
special printing and other products, comprehensive coverage of pre-press, print
finishing area.

The company has world-class joint venture, with the advanced product with the world,
in Japan to establish a world-class R & D center. Tracking and control
through the industry's most cutting-edge technology and intelligence to
accelerate the pace of technological progress, increase product structure adjustment,
adhering to the "service users, and users of the development"
concept, and constantly innovative to meet customer needs, to seek common
development through cooperation, China the rapid development of the printing
industry to make a positive contribution.

Rail Industry

Shanghai Rail Traffic Equipment Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai rail transportation
equipment industry, as the development platform, the main city management, rail
transportation equipment manufacturing, sales, maintenance, service, technological
development, consultation, business investment and installation of electromechanical
equipment, Cong Shi Jin goods and technologies export business, building intelligent
design, urban rail transit, fire fighting facilities, anti-corrosion insulation, building
intelligent, environmental engineering contractor.

With renowned international companies such as Alstom, the domestic rail transit
construction, design, operation and other units to enhance cooperation, has formed a
rail transit vehicles and electrical and mechanical systems integration R &
D, vehicles and key parts, electrical and mechanical systems and construction
contracting Screen Door Systems , vehicles and electrical and mechanical systems
equipment maintenance, and project financing services, constantly provide users with
an advanced mass transit system a comprehensive solution. The first column has the
independent intellectual property rights of A-type subway train in September 2007
successfully off the assembly line to fill the subway train in China A-integrated
innovation gap.

Environmental Protection Industry

Shanghai Electric Huanbaojituan Jiang pollution control, recycling of resources, green
energy as Chanye of 发展 重点, has formed a solid waste disposal, Shuichu Li, Tai
Qi governance and solar PV power generation equipment manufacturing capacity and
project contracting Nengli as Quan Guo the backbone of the environmental protection
industry enterprise, is currently one of the few equipped to provide environmental
protection "package" services, large-scale integrated
environmental protection industry group.

Shanghai Electric Group to develop Chan Xueyan environmental protection as the
key to enhance the level of environmental protection technology, fostering self-core
technology, environmental protection; to EPC turnkey projects focus on the
promotion of engineering, equipment, system design linkage, all-round shape
Shanghai Electric green brand; to mergers and acquisitions, resource integration as the
means to play the comprehensive advantages of the Group, the rapid expansion of the
scale of the environmental protection industry, and actively create the leading,
world-class modern comprehensive environmental protection industry group. Also
possess the energy, industry, transport facilities, etc. qualifications and experience,
Wei buildings, air conditioning, power Zhan room, Gong Chang Tigong supply
infrastructure construction, Anzhuang and supporting electrical and mechanical
contracting services Shebeixiangmu Zong.
Machine Components Industry

Shanghai Prime Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing mechanical parts
based on large-scale enterprises, in April 2006 H shares listed in Hong Kong
International public company engaged in the design, manufacture, sale turbine blades,
bearings, cutting tools and fasteners five major kinds of products.

The company has the largest power plant leaf production company, specializing in
long power station turbine blades and precision blade manufacture, possess expertise
in turbine blade manufacturing; bearing products are widely used in railway
transportation, automotive, shipping equipment, household appliances, aviation and
navigation equipment, was designated as the most successful recent Shenzhou V, VI
rocket suppliers and certified by the Ministry of Railways strictly one of a handful of
designated providers; have a tool industry in China, only state-level enterprises and
exporters, is the largest manufacturer of cutting tools; has the largest professional
manufacturer of standard parts and export company.

Compressor industry

Shanghai Hai Li (Group) Co., Ltd. consecutive 10 years to maintain the leading
position of China's air conditioner compressor, air conditioner compressor
in the industry Zhongshuai Xian Guo Nei complete Chanye transfer, has its own core
technologies, manufacturing base, market network and Zhu Ming brands, and Zheng
actively seek cross-border development.

Products annual sales break 10 million units sold in the world more than 160 countries
and regions, global market share of 15%, for 12 years in the domestic first three now
living in the world. Total sales in the domestic air-conditioning compressor, the
autonomous "sea established" brand accounts for more than
75%,     and     in    2007     received     the      Department     of    Commerce,
"China's most competitive brand".

Instrumentation and automation industry

Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. owns the largest and most complete
product categories, the system sets the strongest of the Automation Instrumentation
manufacturing capacity. The main products are industrial process control systems,
complete sets of equipment and instrumentation, programmable logic controller
(PLC), uninterruptible power (UPS) and instrument control cabinet, low voltage
electrical cabinet. A modern industrial process control are necessary to meet the needs
of different levels of distributed control system (DCS), decentralized control,
regulation, measurement, display, recording instruments and the implementing agency,
regulating valves and other products.

Textile Machinery Industry

Pacific Mechatronic (Group) Co., Ltd. is the former Shanghai Textile Machinery
Industry Corporation, Shanghai textile equipment and industrial companies and 33
affiliated companies established in August 1994 made. Subordinates Technology
Center, import and export companies, listed companies, 10 textile machinery and
equipment manufacturing companies are ripe for product development, design,
manufacture and service of the overall competence of large enterprise groups.

R & D system

Shanghai Electric's research and development system, the Group continued
to provide technical support for industrial development. Shanghai Electric established
the Academia Sinica, the Group's research institutes, composed of
Enterprise Technology Center and Technology Innovation System, specifically the
subject of scientific and technological innovation is the enterprise and its technology
center, Shanghai Electric is the support of technological innovation system through
Cooperative .

Shanghai Electric has five state-level technology center, Shanghai-class technology
center 15.

Financial Services

Shanghai Electric has approved by the PBOC in order to strengthen the centralized
management of enterprise group of funds and improve efficiency in the use of funds
for the purpose of the member units of the Group to provide financial management
services to non-bank financial institutions - Shanghai Electric Group Finance Co.,
Ltd., the overall strength has been Chinese financial companies among the top ten

Mixed full advantage of the company, set up a specialized, multi-function financial
services platform. The company needs the financial services conglomerate-oriented,
the savings and loan Yewujichu Shang Chuan Tong, gradually Pei Yu Qi asset
management, investment banking, leasing, insurance Deng variety of business and
work with other Jinrong agencies working together innovative products and new
services, efforts to provide effective corporate customers personalized financial

International Economic and Trade

Shanghai Electric International Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. Shanghai Electric
Group is the main international trade, international investment and joint ventures in
the core business, the Shanghai Electric Group and implementing the
"going out" strategy, platform, built a number of overseas
subsidiaries. Vigorously expanding overseas investment company, through
cross-border mergers and acquisitions, will have first-class core technology of foreign
companies into the Shanghai Electric's.

The company has comprehensive import and export functions, mainly engaged in
import and export of electromechanical products, processing trade, entrepot trade and
service trade, import and export volume in more than 200 million U.S. dollars.
Companies use a wide range of international cooperation to open up channels and
excellent ability to actively introduce foreign investment, joint venture launched to
create joint ventures, and on behalf of Shanghai Electric Group operates and manages
a number of high-quality joint venture subsidiary.

By Shanghai Electric International Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. established
wholly-owned "business and network", as the Shanghai Electric
Group, E-commerce policies for procurement and implementation of tools for
achieving the Group's information management services, enterprise
management integration has played a pivotal effect.

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