Shanghai _City open_ Group Wuxi Land Company Limited 2009 jobs

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					Shanghai (City open) Group Wuxi Land Company Limited 2009 jobs
Shanghai (City open) Group Co., Ltd. Wuxi home
Shanghai City to open by the Shanghai Industrial Holdings Limited and the Xuhui
District SAC joint venture, mainly real estate industry, commercial, trade, industry,
service industry as one of the Enterprise Group, Shanghai City to open its core
business (Group) Co., Ltd. is approved by the Ministry of Construction and
qualification of national-level real estate development companies, real estate
development process through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system
certification, "Shanghai City Open" won the Shanghai famous
trademark logo. Million in its existing source of Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Shanghai, Shanghai Universal City Investment and Development Co., Ltd., Shen Tai
Property Co., Ltd., wholly owned holding enterprises and more than 30 related
enterprises with total assets of 10.8 billion.
Shanghai City to open the spirit of "people-oriented, honest goodness, into
the market and create value" business philosophy, dedicated to urban
landscape change and improve the quality of life. In recent years the development of
healthy stars, Yi Shi Yi family, joy, Xuhui 99, Seattle, Fuyuan Department of Home
and other real estate brands in Shanghai by the Shanghai people's
enthusiasm for love. Shanghai Urban Development has grown in strength, and
gradually the country, Hefei, Changsha, Kunshan, etc. The real estate companies have
been established.
Meanwhile, the Shanghai Urban Development Qingli take corporate social
responsibility, building a harmonious community, advocate a healthy life, to culture
and education, dedicated charities, social returns. Efforts to strengthen the integrity of,
and actively carry out the eight commitments, properly handle consumer complaints,
the construction of credibility in the industry played a vanguard role. Shanghai Urban
Development awarded the "2004 - 2005 AAA grade credit contract, the
book publicity," and this year won the "Shanghai Real Estate
Development Enterprise" good faith commitment to advanced business
units. "
Shanghai Urban Development (Group) Co., Ltd. Wuxi home success in the November
2007 auction Wuxi Liyuan Development Zone Administrative Committee of the
original block, located in the large-scale high-end complex commercial real estate
projects covering the five-star hotel, apartment hotel, luxury office buildings, small
shops, etc..
Job Sector: Marketing
Recruitment Professional: Open
Number: 2
Job Requirements:
1, thinking, flexible, powerful insight, on a preliminary understanding of the real
estate market knowledge and love real estate industry;
2, strong learning ability, news, advertising, business management, engineering
expertise is preferred;
3, skilled use of office software, will use photoshop, IA, coreldraw software.
Sector: Engineering
Recruitment Professional: civil engineering related fields
Number: 5
Job Requirements:
1, familiar with real estate development process and relevant expertise;
2, outgoing, have good communication, understanding, good writing ability;
3, with an open mind, good sense of teamwork, working and responsible;
4, required skilled use of PPT, EXCEL, WORD, PROJECT, AOTOCAD and other
office software.
Interested parties please send resume to wx.kongy @