Yamaha HTR-6240BL 525-Watt 5-Channel Home Theater Receiver by vaharaon2


									Yamaha HTR-6240BL 525-Watt 5-Channel Home
             Theater Receiver


                             Technical Details
                •  5-channel 525W powerful surround sound (105W x 5)
                             • 1080p-Compatible HDMI 1.3
     •   Bluetooth music streaming using Yamaha YBA-10 Bluetooth Audio Receiver
            • Connect an iPod using Yamaha YDS-10SL Universal iPod Dock

                          Product Description
          Yamaha HTR-6240BL 525 Watt 5-Channel Home Theater Receiver

                           Customer Reviews
                       "Great receiver at a great price!!" 2010-08-05
                             By M. Chamerlik (Chicago, IL)
  Was looking for a quality 5.1 receiver to replace my non functional 8 year old Sony
 receiver. Saw a similar unit like this at Best Buy and really like the sound. The unit I
   saw at BB was kind of high and same here until I saw this unit. Couldn't beat the
  $149 price on this unit for what it had to offer. Biggest selling points to me for this
product was all the latest sounds like True HD and DTS-HD. The 4 HDMI ports made
 my hooks ups a lot less clustered and now I can actually use the HDMI on my cable
 box to watch TV. Now I have the TV hooked up to the HDMI AV connection and my
    Blu-Ray player and set to box hooked up via HDMI, so no more component and
 extra audio cable not needed anymore. The YPAO microphone set up was a breeze
  for the most part. Had to tweek it a bit to get the subwoofer working, but I found
  out how to do that in the instructions. The menu on this unit is a bit confusing and
it's even more frustration using the manual. Not very easy to figure out at first, but I
       finally figured out how they explain the menus now. Sound is great testing
Transformers 2 and Avatar. Sounds way better than my older system and it's taking
                     advantage of all my JBL speakers now.

                             "Excellent Receiver" 2010-07-31
                                           By Bill
        My Yamaha receiver is hooked up to a Klipsch 500 system and it powers the
     surround speakers very well. There is plenty on connectivity on this receiver and it
                            has multiple sound output profiles.

                             "Rewrite user manual" 2010-07-23
                                     By sanman1973
                            manual that came with unit is crazy,

                               can"t make heads or tails of it.

                               surround sound sounds good.

                                    TOO COMPLICATED

     "Need better explanation in manual of what buttons to setup" 2010-06-24
                            By RichR49 (United States)
I bought this to replace a cheap Philips theater/dvd system that stopped working. I
  used the old 3 ohm speakers with this set, and bought a Yamaha YST-SW216BSL
 subwoofer. The sound is awesome. Setup is easy, but I could use help on when to
use some of the features, like direct, straight, and other modes. It is a crapshoot on
what button to push for what I am listening to. Great modest home theater system.

                             "I couldn't use it" 2010-06-08
                      By Leandro Lopes (São Paulo, SP Brasil)
I can't give an opinion about the product, because it's broken. The receiver exploded
  when i turned it on for the first time and how i took it to Brazil, the manufacturer
                                   "can't do nothing".



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