; Selected in 2007 on the Second Clinical College_ _amp;quot;An Taida Scholarship_amp;quot; notice
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Selected in 2007 on the Second Clinical College_ _amp;quot;An Taida Scholarship_amp;quot; notice


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									Selected in 2007 on the Second Clinical College, "An Taida
Scholarship" notice
   ?Grand strategy for the implementation of national rejuvenation through science
and promoting the development of higher education to train more high-quality
students and outstanding cadres of medical personnel in the new century, reflect the
social return on good corporate social noble sentiments, Taizhou and Wenzhou An
Taida Health Consulting Second Clinical Medical College Youth League on the basis
of friendly consultation, decided to establish special Second Clinical Medical College,
Wenzhou Medical College An Taida scholarships. Now in 2007 the Second Clinical
Medical       College,     Wenzhou       Medical    College,     "An        Taida
Scholarship" opinion, released the following issues:
Selection items:
An Taida Outstanding Student Leaders Scholarship, An Taida outstanding community
cadres scholarships An Taida party cadres outstanding scholarship, An Taida
Outstanding Youth Volunteer Scholarship, a total of 20 scholarships An Taida
self-improvement. Each scholarship award 500 yuan.
Selection object:
Second Clinical Medical College, Wenzhou Medical College all the student leaders
(students need to work in more than one year).
Student Leaders is holding any office of the party, group, school student leaders.
Specifically including the student branch secretary, Branch of CPC, college students
Communist Youth League members, the college student cadres at all levels (including
officers), Academy of various community organizations, youth volunteer organization
of cadres, the cadres of the Allied Mission School class, each class cadres .
Selection method:
1, support the leadership of the CPC, adhere to the four cardinal principles, care of
state affairs, and seriously participate in political theory, and abide by
"University Student Code of Conduct" and all rules and
regulations, good moral character;
2, law-abiding, optimistic, teachers and students can live in harmony;
3, the collective interest, helpful, concerned about the Institute's
development, with dedication;
4, love the specialty, hard to learn; results qualified elective courses meet the
requirements achievements, sports achievements meet the "Student health
5, work goals, plans, measures to carry out normal daily work, end of the semester to
work summary;
6, there is a holistic perspective, to actively complete the layout of the various tasks at
higher levels;
Selection procedure:
1, pursuant to request scholarship application, complete the application form (see the
public mailbox);
2, Management and Evaluation Committee under the assessed conditions were
3, according to assessment results to determine the scholarship candidates and
4, the results reported to School Youth League, the party committee, Taizhou An Taida
Health Consulting Board for review;
5, the award announcement;
Handed application deadline, location:
Students who are interested, please apply to the public mailbox to download the
application form, the form is completed send to the instructor's mailbox
(yulinwei@126.com). Deadline for the September 21, 2007 at 10:00 am until
Second Clinical Medical College, Wenzhou Medical College
                                   ?September 14, 2007

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