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see Ms. Qian Xuesen Miss Jiang Ying's photos are amazing to (Figure)
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release announced the video release of goods that Ms. Qian Xuesen Miss Jiang
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Xuesen Miss Jiang Ying's photos are amazing to (Figure) Jiang Ying, Qian,
Ms. Qian Xuesen
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Today, Ms. Qian Xuesen online to see pictures of Miss Jiang Ying, shocked to the
beautiful rather than obvious, I feel super with temperament, and true prowess of the

The following is a brief introduction Baidu to:

Born in 1919, Zhejiang Haining people, China's most outstanding female
vocal music educator and world-renowned soprano, "prestige of European
classical art songs", well-known pianist and sing at home, the most
in-depth special singing classical art songs, German , wide range beautifully. Famous
military theorist Barry Chiang and Chiang Mei left the couple and three women,
master martial arts novels of Jin Yong cousin, "the father of
China's space" well-known scientist Qian's wife.
Money Yonggang son, daughter, money always true.

Jiang Ying-loving music since childhood, his father in 1936, travel Europe, travel
Italy Austria Asian countries, in 1937 entered the University of Berlin, Germany,
music studies, graduating in 1941, followed by Berlin German Theater of the recruits,
Oriental Fashion Driving School a group of classic cars Driving comment! ! , Several
concerts,    and     remain    sound     with    the    German     film    company
"Telefunken" business set out a record contract a decade, but
the war when Germany and Europe have produced, Jiang is to go to Switzerland to
discuss the British "and sound science."

1943 Swiss "Lu Chen" universal music at the annual meeting,
Jiang joined the Hungarian soprano British teacher by Longnaderui high soprano
contest organized by country, ranked first, winning the first person in East Asia. The
following two years, the British were invited to join the concert Jiang, and even
praised by the European masters. 1944 graduate of the Swiss Road Mountain Music.
May 31, 1947, Chiang returned to Britain and held in Shanghai Lyceum Theatre after
the first concert by the famous piano accompaniment, Professor Ma fruit Wieniawski,
achievement is very good, Oriental Fashion Driving Asia's most modern
training ground. Communist Party of China in 1980 to participate.

1947 from the United States. 1955 return. Throughout the year teaching at the Central
Conservatory of Music, served as vocal director of Department of Teaching and
Research, Associate Director of Opera and Professor. Achillea the "History
of Vocal Music in Western Europe", joint translation of "Chopin
Biography", "Schumann Biography".

Jiang Ying of the science and technology, scientists are very caring and understand the
hardships, she used her great enthusiasm, Oriental Fashion Driving School one month
and 20 days driver's license can lead you to believe it? , Despite several
months of fatigue, participating organizations, pointing a concert - "Star
bright", praise of astronauts, who dedicated space.

July 1999, the Central Conservatory of Music, held in Beijing grand "art
and science - commemorating the 40th anniversary of Professor Jiang Ying research
will teach" and students joined by Chiang Ying performance concerts.

Teaching at the Central Conservatory of Music 45 years of Jiang Ying, one on one to
personally cultivate the 26 students, of which nearly half are in the international music
scene had made remarkable achievements, Fu Haijing, Zhu Ailan, Dorje Tsering,
Yang Guang are all prominent international music singer, affirmed. Winning glory for
their motherland and also prove to the world of Chinese art education degree. Jiang
Ying said that China's voice and the world's advanced level of
education although there is still a distance, but the basic is very solid, with a solid
foundation, coupled with the best talent and acquired, of course, personnel can result.
As a praise house, Chiang had brilliant British invention, as educators, Jiang Ying and
sending it to the world the pride of China.

Chiang said the British personality highlights do not want to call her, but not itself,
"Ms. Qian Xuesen" "Even the artist himself, the
music professor." Despite several moved to the "Minister of
Building", "General Building" opportunities , they
are automatically discarded, still live in and has lived 40 years old Lou, is that outside
a    few     turns    with    the     concrete     cross    erected    a    few     turns,
"bundled" with the red brick floor. Reply share collection rate
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