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									Search Tips
Many people are now live on the Internet, and search the web for information is
necessary to do homework every day. Here to share with you some thoughts on search
skills and experience data, inappropriate, also hope you teach. To sum up the first
sentence: select search engine, with its benefits are, to avoid the poor! Specific
breakdown is as follows:
1, analysis of the situation, think about the Web search is not the fastest way to the
most appropriate
I guess a lot of people search things in general preferred Baidu, Google, Yahoo and
other search engines, direct input, a bunch of information influx. But in the massive
search results, remove and accurate results required, must have a certain skill. Is not
the most horrible mass screening, but did not search to what you want!
Baidu, Google and then supernatural powers, also found no less than the content of
the Internet, although some of the content online, but can not be punished. Therefore,
before using the search engine, spend a few seconds of the first think: I want my
online there? If so, where possible, look like? What kind of keywords?
Some of the information you do not need Internet access, such as a government
department to find a company phone, playing 114 queries easier way is much faster
than the search engines, you only know a phone number, you can ask a string of
related, why bother in the Online Feijin Er you find them?
Also some problems you may not think of a suitable keyword, or can not be directly
seized by search engines, you may wish to try to master the problem's
friends ask, or on this popular forum to ask users to believe that in Crouching Tiger
Hidden Dragon ah! This method is relatively provincial thing.
Remember, the network is not the only way you find the information you my friends,
teachers, journalists, other media colleagues are to some extent the library, database,
of course, do not forget the books, if necessary, run to the vicinity of Library.
Identified the information you're looking for through search engines to find,
you need to master is the skill of the.
2, according to the characteristics of various search engines, choose the appropriate
search engine
Choose not to search engines, like the election as a badly fitted shoes can walk, but
the hard pain, but also run faster to go far. Use the search engine must first understand
the characteristics of a variety of search engines, otherwise you may waste a lot of
time. The search, you should use Baidu or Yahoo? Google or Baidu? Analyze your
needs, look for the election based on the demand function has a corresponding edge of
the search engine. Here are some:
(1) starting from the industry to find, relatively easy to use is "Baidu
Products" (click the page "More" option): Industry
Report - the industry official reports, appraisals, expert interpretation, the industry
with a single brand market review, analysis, industry and individual brand data, past
news. Of course, this lack ad components, so it is necessary to identify, beware of
being cheated.
(2) to find people who understand the situation in specific areas, to find suitable cover
objects, such as experts and scholars, the older generation, want to know about a field
or a city, history, entry ... ... these more detailed things, can use " Baidu
Encyclopedia "contribution to the collective wisdom of users who are
infinite, and users of the material is endless, you can often have an unexpected bonus.
Also wikipedia (Wikipedia) is a huge database, and updates very quickly, if
sometimes not open, you can use the proxy server.
(3) Google has a useful search function is "College Search" and
to know the name of the majority a little less so-called experts no attachment at the
University, various research institutes, laboratories, government organizations, that
many are rooted in the University of , while the University is also an important
ideological and cultural positions created. Using this search, and a university can
catch all the stuff about.
(4) there are some newly developed search engine, they can page in the library of
specialized information for a particular type of integration. Some call: meta search
engine. This search engine is characterized by greatly reducing the time you integrate
Such as Bibi cat (Bbmao). The search engine features are: Automatic sorting,
automatic remove duplicate results, pooled results of the five major search engines.
Intelligent classification, you may find you in the category had not thought of
However, meta-search is not easy to use, you may see the wisdom the wise eyes of the
beholder, but as long to adapt to this new way, will bring you much convenience.
3, design Keywords
Design Key words like buying clothes, clothes shop, with Shopping guide you to say
"I want to buy clothes," which is nonsense, clothing stores also
sell computer implying. But if you say "I want to see the new winter
clothes," Shopping guide will take you immediately to see you want to see.
Here "new" "Winter" is key words. So,
use the search engine to avoid large and empty key words, it does not know what you
are looking for we get at a lot of strange results may be returned.
Habits needed more than keyword search, in general, the two key words search
enough, pay attention to key words and key words separated by a space between. You
can first test with a simple key words, not busy closer look at search results, and start
with the search results page in search of more information (if you use meta search
engine, note the "classification"), and then design a better key
term re-search, repeat this a few times, you can design a great keywords, but also can
search for satisfactory result.
4, learned to use the logical symbols
Search engines basically supports additional logical order inquiries.
Beijing + tour, said the search includes all of Beijing and travel the two phrases of the
page, but basically do not need this now, and usually knock a space on the OK of the
"-" To remove irrelevant search results to improve search results
relevance. For example, you are looking for "Qingdao" city
information, enter "Qingdao" but to find search to a pile of
"Tsingtao Beer" news, in the common features found in these
press is "beer", enter "Qingdao - Beer" to
search for, Beer will not bother you again.
Use double quotes, to check the website fully comply with keyword strings. For
example: type "Shakespeare's comedy," Shakespeare
comedy will find the phrase that contains a full page. This query method requires a
pair of half-width of the double quotation marks to include the keywords up.
5, farewell typos
Details determine success or failure, this old saying also applies to the search on.
Enter the key words there are typos, will affect the search accuracy. Light
"Jolin" Online there, "according to Ling
Tsai",         "Tsai         Yi-Lin",         "Tsai
Yi-Ling," and many other versions, you expect that the key word search to
more what? So you develop a strong foundation in Chinese it, do not let typos harm.
6, do not stay in the wrong place
The recent Winter Olympics, you do not want to see the latest news on a great effort
in the search engines, search engine information on the lag period ranging from one
week to January, so the content should look to find the latest news, use the search
engine can not find Latest content (refer to page). However, search for specific news
content available. In addition, the search engine dynamic content, such as forums,
database content and search pages with frame structure weak, so this information is
not suitable for search engines, but should be related to the site to find, of course, to
find relevant Web site search engine is the task of doing my part.
7, the preferred English search Google (note that the best is Google in English, rather
than the "Google" Oh), followed by Yahoo.
8, Chinese search priority to Baidu, the Chinese realize, Baidu still very seasoned.
9, the information becomes available, widespread, timeliness when push Google, but
also a massive Google search more depressed.
10, official website
11, to provide web site navigation with a familiar site: typically hao123
12, do not ignore the well-known power of the Forum, End of the World, West Temple
are the resources available.
13, the blog also do not forget. Especially the celebrity blog.
14, the last point is particularly important! Do not give up!
Sometimes you may feel that way, you have done the full search, but still did not find
an answer. Then do not give up, carefully review your search process, perhaps as long
as the amendments to a small error, a look hopeless search, is likely to change after
the success of search strategy. Determination, patience and confidence, you can be

For convenience, access, combined with the daily experience and references listed in
the following other ideas for consideration:
Foreign Search Engine: Search in English
General Information - Google, Yahoo, Live, Ask
Information concerning the areas are very rare - All The Web
Special information (when the other major engines are finding out) - Dogpile,
Vivisimo, Clusty and other multi-engine
Information on Wikipedia - Wikipedia
Products or services - Yahoo, Overture
Internal search engine: Search the Chinese
General Information - Google, Baidu, Yahoo
Ancient Chinese (poetry) type of information - Baidu (Baidu this case shows coming
Product or service - Sohu, Sina (high quality), NetEase (more full)
Aggregation, classification - Bibi cat

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