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									Sci-Fi and Network Intelligence
Sci-Fi and Network Intelligence
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Exaggeration to point that science fiction in its growth and development in the history
of the past, had predicted the number of subsequent scientific inventions, such as the
moon, space travel, satellites, atomic bombs, lamp, phonograph, submarines, aircraft,
ships, radio TV ... ... That is, before the advent of these real inventions, science fiction
novels or fictional things to text to show the readers, people often achieve things in
science, the control earlier fiction, can not help but admire the imagination of art
previous great, as the rise of computers and the Internet, but not completely described
by science fiction to be scanned within the range of forecasts, from becoming a
science fiction author whom.
Your grandparents home. May not understand computers, but life is inseparable from
the computer, unless all children and grandchildren to spend money, and he went to
ATM to get the money, you must know by password, know how to dialogue with the
ATM, can be successfully received money. Computers and networks everywhere, and
no one can escape.
Internet use and convenient, making global information integration, the future
everyone online, the address may not be sufficient to use, according to a recent United
Nations population experts report that 300 years later, life expectancy will reach 95
years, the Japanese life can be achieved 106 years old, to 2300, global population will
remain at 9 billion, India will surpass China as the world's most populous
country in the Mainland, Mainland China ranks second, U.S. third. With the
development of future information needs of mankind in the future of mobile
communications far and wide, to meet the maintenance of personal privacy.
The speed of light and electricity are the same, per second, 300,000 km, radio
communications between the Earth to the moon and back and forth for about two
seconds and a half, we can put the message delay, the Earth is between Mars and 20
minutes away, phone calls, then Once the "Kazakh duo" only 40
minutes to respond, as Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto will have to in order to
calculate the hours. If the future of human migration to the planets of the solar system,
interstellar communication, have efficient use of the Internet, though not immediately
responsive, but each time received an e-mail message content should be complete and
extensive, than through natural better than a lot of radio dialogue.
To say that science fiction is not entirely predict the rise of the Internet, not all,
slightly fuzzy point will be attached to it, in 1895 with "Time
Machine" and other books of philosophy known to the world famous
masters of science fiction to send Wells (HGWells, 1866 ~ 1946), who proposed the
idea in 1902, should form a "future discipline" working group,
so that people can detect or alert the next few years or decades later possible thing to
be light in advance. Wells of this an advanced, near-science fiction version of
"forewarned is forearmed" concept, with its 60 years after the
20th century, the rise of the "Futures" (Futuristicts), proved
worthy to compare. Wells also talked about the future in the 1937 Encyclopedia,
"to thinking of as a clearing house, a scientific repository."
Encyclopedia of institutions do not focus on one, can form a network to form a real
world think tanks, such a concept and foresight, not exactly today's global
information network (WWW) reflection? In fact, rather, is a science fiction writer on
the future development of technology may provide intuitive imagination. Earlier, the
famous 17th century British philosopher Bacon (Francis Bacon, 1561 ~ 1626) in his
utopian literature "New Atlantis" (New Atlantis, 1627) that the
establishment of institutions to solve all human problems, In broad terms, the Internet
is also providing information to solve the problem of human a good way. Since 1992,
since the advent of the global information network, almost a year to grow
exponentially, far more than before the telegraph, telephone, radio, radio, television,
the growth rate of all communications technologies.
Hit movie "The Matrix" depicts the ultimate development of
computer networks, was almost extinct and human slavery, anti-utopian future
presented to only play when the human role in providing energy for the machine only.
Anti-utopian film stirring, depicting nightmare and threat of technology, there is
tension in the plot of the conflict, but also easier to attract audiences; film theory of
structure and plot of the story, moved to Canada from the American writer William
Gibson (William Gibson, 1948 ~ ) of science fiction. 1984 to 1988,
Gibson's "Neuromancer" (Neuromancer) sci-fi
trilogy, created a "cyberspace" (Cyberspace) noun, a science
fiction works of modern children, the novel supposedly an "information
world of the cowboy," Kay here, he can use mind connected with the
computer network for the use of a company, became the network hackers, online
travel fantasy beautiful, dazzling, novel question the future of computer virtual reality
will be the only real, physical become a living anti-pain, like many landscapes of
cyberspace, the network of people around the world continue to stray, the network
includes not only people's thoughts, but also contains a variety of
man-made systems, such as Rengongzhineng and Virtual Reality, etc. .
Gibson's novel is science fiction to develop a "machine
control" of the new field for him to win all the awards of science fiction,
"Neuromancer," has become a super-modern science fiction
Network combined with AI Artificial Intelligence (Artificial lntelligence) will create
another new area for which a person's will "into the"
B to the robot, a "remote spot robot", this creative invention
already into science fiction topic . The progress of computer technology has brought
the wisdom of giving the direction of the robot, it is obvious tangle of science and
science fiction, examples of interaction, although still in development stage, the
application of the Internet combined with the robot, but the machine can achieve
wisdom The purpose of artificial human services. Household robots may be the most
popular     post-tech     computer     age,     there     are    already     known     as
"Virbot" (Virtual and Robot short) is a virtual robot software
can be used on the network.
Analogy. You were in New York, into the computer network, the operation as far
away as Beijing, Shanghai or Nanjing, home robot, you will be another
"identity" live saw and heard things that touched home, you use
the robot as for their feed the dog, watering plants, cleaning, housekeeping, and even
hug his wife and children, say hello.

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