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Trainers, speakers, performers, motivators.

Roca (Tim Le), FOCUStrain & speaking (Fu Kesi training and speech
Consultants Ltd.) founder, a professional trainer and former Speaker and former
"Happy Family" general manager, management, family services,
domestic first foreign enterprise.

Mr. Le Armstrong University United States of Business Administration degree, to
enhance the appeal and expressive stage, after the Shanghai Theater Academy
learning performance and host professional. In addition to career fields, he still plays,
magic, yoga and so on square pan read materials; art, comprehensive training, so that
he can be easily integrated into their training performances and lectures which,
together with its innate passion, opening into a unique style and characteristics.

Roca: "FPA character color," founder, "written by
color having spotted the right person" for the Chinese best-selling book of
practical psychology.

Roca 21-year-old became active in the large lecture platform, to enhance the
penetrating power of the scene, he plays professional training, these experiences
enable him to stage performances of the appeal and influence into their own training
and lectures, combined with his natural passion , create a unique style and features.
The world, including in-depth human nature he has an accurate grasp of subtle
psychological; outside of the world, he has a shock of energy, he's content
to show dramatic approach to his audience.

As a maverick speakers and trainers, he interpreted profound psychological theory
easy to understand, easy to understand through the analysis of each character, truly
understand themselves and how others think and act, insight into the mystery of
personality. Founded in 2000 "FPA character color" course, he
has led the Chinese character color research center has been working to promote this
"red and blue yellow and green" identity of character analysis
tools, by understanding the personality differences to help people find relationships
and to gain happiness and harmony in life.

In the years of training in career management project from corporate training to
consulting, training to individuals from a social psychological counseling, he
successfully applied to character analysis from the organization's
leadership, management, sales, customer service, human resources, communication,
teamwork , extends to the life of the marriage relationship and children's
education and other fields, their advice and training over the long-term customers
from PepsiCo, the global international freight, DHL, Roche, Swatch, etc., 500
cross-border to Belle such a large market group, including well-known from the
Central European Business School to the National People's Congress, the
organization department of the government agencies that are involved. In the past 8
years, he personally speaking and training nearly 50 million students. He is currently
Fudan University, Jiaotong University, Tsinghua University, China Normal University,
Zhongshan University's Distinguished Visiting Professor at Northwestern
University instructors and regularly for the EMBA, MBA and various seminars,
president classes.

He created the character of the largest sites, because of its unique charm and appeal of
the stage, he often depth cooperation with television stations, and open a special
column in various magazines, the media widely hailed as "breaking the
color code of the magician character . "

Major works

"FPA character color - Roca said [1]"

The first lecture: an overview of character colors

Second Lecture: red character

Third Lecture: blue character

Fourth Lecture: yellow character

Fifth Lecture: Green character

Lecture: Color combat character guide

Color insights for people: FPA character color code interpretation

This is the Wonderful, you can really understand their interaction in the love of desire,
behavior 及其 根源 and begin to understand the limitation of the characters are
Ruhe Ziji inadvertently Pohuai the bonding between you; you also be able to see more
Ke Guan Di He began to understand that you had "no
understanding" of the behavior, motivation for him is so simple and natural,
simply because he and your "different"; and your mind the
small "?" will also be pulled one by one straight into a full

This is a useful tool in this book, readers can quickly clarify the mutual love
"love color." Simply, red is passionate love, red like when a
person will be dynamic, passionate, romantic but it is easier to move ideas variation;
blue is delicate and sensitive lover, a rich inner emotions, alienation cold surface,
once love is attentive; yellow is a determined and forceful love, full of responsibility,
Subtle emotional some negligence on the family but in the long term; green is a
modest and generous love, the most patient and caring listener and supporter,
reluctantly do not want to hurt his wife to suppress.

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