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The joint entrance examination finance Suggestion
2009-03-09 00:27
I am also a financial exam students to attend the following two examples that I found
the really good from the Internet, want to help you
1. I Introduction

I graduated from Northwest University school of engineering a 211 professional,
because science is not very fond of his own professional interest in the same time, so
multi-disciplinary financial test finance, taking into account the fairness of the
financial exam, so I decided to test the financial exam, the first year (2006) applied
for Nankai University, did not on the line, after the signing in a research institute, the
Institute spent less than a week, reflect on, that can not give up, so he quit his job, take
the exam again, the second year (2007) successfully admitted to Nankai University,
and for publicly funded qualifications.

2. The purpose of this article

I first when preparing financial exam, suffer no guidance has been very difficult, also
take a lot of detours, so now I want two years of experience ready to write down in
the hope of a multi-disciplinary examination of those financial Joint Examination of
the later ones help. This is not for those in the undergraduate years of economic or
financial professional background of candidates, of course, may also candidates who
are not inter-professional help.

3. Examination of financial exams

Finance exam has been six years since 2002, after six years of development, the
financial aspects of the joint entrance examination has been gradually mature, the
question of style is gradually stabilized. 1. From the question of the overall direction
of view, the 2002 emphasis on theoretical knowledge questions, the subsequent shift
from 2003 to 2005, combining theory and practice, a brief return in 2006 the theory of
theory and in 2007 returned to reality, but the adjustment the actual proportion. It
should be said entrance examinations, the question to a focus on style, theory with
practice, but both the road. 2. In item difficulty from the point of view, created in
2002 because it is so easy to side, focus simply memorizing, to 2003 to 2005 is
gradually increasing difficulty of the stage, so this years exam scores are low because
of the reunification in 2006 so difficult to test theoretical knowledge, too easy, so this
year's scores high. Item 2007 is the most balanced one year, the overall
structure of the adjusted balance of theoretical and practical study, a relatively
moderate degree of difficulty to distinguish between degrees of good. 3. From
questions of distribution structure, the entrance exam the beginning focused on the
study of economics and macro finance in recent years gradually increased the
intensity of the micro-finance investigation, and finally formed the basis of economics,
macro-finance, micro- finance one-third of the world pattern.
Overall, I believe this year's exam will still continue in 2007 the title style,
the emphasis on theoretical knowledge of the case to take into account the actual
visits, there is not much difficult to adjust the distribution of questions will remain
stable, it is proposed candidates to concentrate more on mastery of knowledge,
without too many factors to consider the question.

4. Recommended information

Here are the recommended information is based on examination of financial exam
outline given, these books or reference materials are summed up my point with the
best knowledge of the outline or the most consistent data set, which in my opinion is
the most effective and targeted, but also to answer questions when the material is
relatively the best. Data are divided into essential information and additional
information. The so-called essential information that I recommend as a basic review
of pro forma financial information on the joint entrance examination, entrance
examination of these data cover most of the knowledge points. Supplementary
information is addition to the information in the ba

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