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									Reprinted: Rostropovich died at the age of 80 years old
 Rostropovich died at the age of 80 years old
Author: Tang Ruofu
Translator: Tang Ruofu
Time :2007-4-27 18:11:46

World-famous Russian cellist and conductor Mstislav 斯拉夫罗斯 特罗波维奇
(Mstislav Rostropovich) on April 27, 2007 at a clinic in Moscow in the death, at the
age of 80. He died of colon cancer. The announcement was made by his spokesman
Natalya Dolezhal published. This year in February, cellist was taken to hospital and
did a kidney tumor surgery. In his March 27 birthday celebration of 80 years,
Rostropovich Russian President Putin at the leading scorer in the TV looked pale and
Cellist's body will be buried in Moscow Cemetery 诺沃德维奇 the 16th
century, there are also many other Russian and Soviet culture and political master of
the burial place, such as Rostropovich's mentor and ally, composer Shaw
Shostakovich, bass singer and composer Scriabin, etc. Xialiyabin. After the
disintegration of the Soviet Union's first democratically elected president,
on April 25 death of Boris Yeltsin to be buried there. Rostropovich and Yeltsin are
friends. August 1991, a cellist on the fly to Moscow alone, to support Yeltsin against
the Soviet military power. That only a few months away from the Soviet Union.
Rostropovich people against the Soviet regime in the face KGB headquarters in
Moscow, held a solidarity concert 捷尔仁 斯基 Square. Duma building in the
background is a famous photo, Rostropovich and democracy supporters together,
holding hands is not the cello, but a rifle. In 1989, the cellist is also the night the
Berlin Wall fell under the Berlin Wall opened impromptu concert. The collapse of the
Berlin Wall marked the end of the Cold War.
Rostropovich is recognized in this century, after following the Casals greatest cellist.
His cello tone and expressive musical instruments to explore and practice so far
unmatched. In addition, he expanded on the cello repertoire also made a significant
contribution. Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Kabalevsky, Myaskovski, Luto Slavic
Wieniawski, Cancelli, Schnittke, Di Die (Dutilleux), Penderecki, composers such as
Pat and Britton both have creative cello music for him. Most of his recordings
published by EMI Classics and the DG.
Rostropovich March 27, 1927 Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, now a musical family. He
was born with absolutely discriminate sound, playing the piano since age 4, playing
the cello since age 7, 1940 when he was only 13 years old the first time as a concert
cellist, playing Saint - Saens Cello Concerto in A Minor. After he entered the Moscow
Conservatory of Music. 40's of last century gained the title of Music
Competition in Moscow two. 60 years he has reverberated through the river north and
south. In 1968, he was the first time on stage as a conductor, the conductor of the
Bolshoi       Theatre,    Tchaikovsky's          "Eugen       Onegin
leaves." October 31, 1970, he gave the "Pravda"
wrote an open letter in solidarity with the exiled author Alexander Solzhenitsyn.
Solzhenitsyn as a symbol of the West accepted the Nobel Prize for Literature has been
regarded as a thorn in the authorities. Decades later, when Rostropovich recollection
of events that: "I did the best story is not music, but that letter to
the" Pravda "of the letter. Since then I had a clear conscience .
"But never in the state closed the public media published, but appeared in
Western newspapers messenger Rostropovich become the target. He was the Bolshoi
Theatre, banned, prohibited to play overseas and do not permit direct Orchestra. In
1974, he used his wife and two daughters, two-year validity period of the same year
Pixia visa to travel to Paris to escape the Soviet Union, the United States after the
settlement. In 1977, he succeeded 安 泰 尔 多 拉 蒂 as the National Symphony
Orchestra music director positions, one thousand is 17 years. In 1978, Rostropovich
his wife were both deprived of Soviet citizenship. Used by the Swiss Government,
after they issued a special document for international travel. January 1990, musicians
couple were to resume Russian citizenship. Cellist in 2000 after the conductor Seiji
Ozawa and Zubin Mehta several times and came to China in master classes.
Cellist alive by countless reputation. He is Honorary Knight of the British Empire
Medal, Cross of French culture and art, the Greek Order of the Phoenix and the
Federal Republic of Germany Grand Cross Distinguished Service Medal winner. In
1987 he was a symbol of U.S. President Ronald Reagan took the hands of the United
States the highest level of civil Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States in
1992 was the highest level of the arts community's Kennedy Award medals.
He received the honor of the Soviet Union and Russia, including Lenin, Stalin Medal
in 1951, the Soviet Union in 1956 and 1993, the title of People's Artist of
Russia medal freedom fighters. In addition, he is still more than 30 universities
around the world has honorary degrees and titles, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton,
Oxford, Cambridge, Georgetown, Tel Aviv University, and Curtis's
He married the first wife in 1955, the famous Russian soprano 加琳娜维什 涅夫斯
卡娅 and their two daughters Olga and Elena are still alive. Cellist did last interview
before his death published in the "Gramophone" magazine April
2007 No..

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